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If you are planning a trip to the east coast Philadelphia is a town that has to be on your list of east coast cities to visit. Philly is a great city packed with historical landmarks, awesome food, and fun bars/restaurants. It’s no wonder the city has been growing in popularity. It’s close enough to New York City and Baltimore yet still totally unique. And, if you didn’t know already, the sports fans in Philadelphia are some of the most passionate in the world. The city isn’t massive but can be hard to navigate if you’ve never been here. That’s why we partnered with Jordan Magee who is a Philadelphia resident and member of Temple’s football team to provide you with a list of all the best things to do in Philly. In this guide to Philadelphia, we cover all the essentials for a guy’s trip to Philly including the best hotels, retail stores, barber shops, bars, and of course where to get the best Philly cheesesteak. So whether you are just visiting, already live in Philly, or are planning to move hopefully we can help you enjoy your time in the city of brotherly love!

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Best Cheesesteaks In Philly

Cleavers Sign


Traveling to Philly and not getting a Cheesecake would be a sin and Cleavers is on nearly every list. They have been serving Philly visitors and residents with high-quality authentic Philly cheesesteaks for years and are definitely worth checking out.

Johns Roast Pork

Johns Roast Pork

Johns Roast Pork has some of the juiciest cheesesteaks around. I mean you don’t put “roast pork” in your name if it isn’t worth bragging about. Be sure to check out this local Philly staple!

Eggs Ale

Eggs Ale

If you’re near china town this is a spot worth checking out. They have a ton of breakfast options including a cheesesteak omelet to switch things up on an old classic.

Waterfront Cafe and Deli

Waterfront Gourmet Cafe and Deli

Anything on the water is worth checking out is worth it no matter where you travel and this gourmet cafe and deli is no exception. They are right on the river, near many hotels, and have a great selection of food and drink items to kick your day off or get a quick meal in, including a quality Philly Cheesesteak.

Sonneys Famous Steaks

Sonneys Famous Steaks

Our last entry on this list is surely not the least. Sonneys famous steaks has possibly the largest selection of cheesesteaks on our list, so if you are in the mood for something a little less typical, this is definitely your spot. If you look at the reviews all of Philly seems to love this place and we do to, Sonneys has been around for years and you would be missing out if you didn’t stop by.

Best Clothing Stores for Guys in Philly

State & Liberty, Best Places for Guys to Shop in Philly

State and Liberty

State and Liberty is one of our favorite brands to feature cause before they began dominating the market it was a challenge to find athletic fitting, comfortable, and fairly priced men’s formal wear. Now it’s easy and luckily they have a store right near Rittenhouse Park in Philly.

Bonobos, downtown Philadelphia location


Bonobos has really changed the game when it comes to men’s high fashion by creating fun yet sophisticated colors and patterns. They sell many types of clothing and are priced competitively. Definitely worth a look for those looking to stand out in a crowd.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Philly

No need for an introduction here. Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest accessory brands around for good reason. Since 1854 Louis Vuitton has been creating the highest quality men’s fashion accessories and in recent years pushing their designs further than ever while still remaining loyal to the brand. Louis definitely comes at a price, one we believe is worth paying, but even without a purchase going to a Louis store should be a staple of any shopping trip and if it’s in a mall the other stores are bound to be quality!



Looking for a more upscale formal wear shopping experience with help from experts? Then Boyds is definitely the place to go. Their store feels more like a dream closet than a shopping experience in the best way.



Indochino has been a popular brand in recent years as the premier online retailer for affordably priced custom-fit formal wear including everything from suits to bomber jackets. While thy are usually tagged on to an existing store to do fittings an pickup orders, in Philly they have a full store for you to check out and get fitted.

Best Date Locations in Philly

Franklin Institute Philadelphia, best dating locations in Philly

The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute is an interactive science-based museum that can be fun for couples especially those who need something to entertain the children while they go off on their own.

Philadelphia Museum of Art, one of Philly's best date locations

Philly Museum of Art

Art museums are a great date option and the Philly Museum of Art is a great one. They have a large selection of pieces and are in a great location with plenty to follow up activities like meals, bars, or walks in the park, it’s really a jumping point for a great date!

Royal Boucherie

Royal Boucherie

Looking for an authentic french inspired restaurant and bar in Philly? Then look no further! Royal Boucherie is a bar and terrace that is near the river and has a fantastic classical atmosphere. If you’re looking to wow a date this is certainly one to think about.

T Cafe

T Cafe

If you haven’t had a mochi doughnut we highly recommend it and you can get one at T Cafe along with other Asian-inspired pastries and drinks. Their cozy atmosphere and location in the heart of the city make them a great place to start date.

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is the one thing in Philly you can see anywhere else and for historical fanatics, it may be the reason they came to the city. Be sure to check it out with your significant other and grab a few photos while you are there.

Best Restaurants in Philly

Talulas Garder

Talula’s Garden

Talula’s Garden is a unique upscale restaurant experience that merges fine dining with a botanical atmosphere and expertly crafted dishes that are great tasting and looking.

Verti Cucina

Vetri Cucina

Verti Cucina is a high-class authentic Italian experience you won’t want to miss out on. They serve fantastic dishes that take simplicity to the next level and their unique atmosphere just adds to the great vibes this eatery already had going for it.



Owned and operated by celebrity chef Jose Garces’ This modern restaurant, located in the Kimmel Center, hosts some of the most talented up-and-coming chefs with a constantly changing menu. Eating here is more than just a meal, it is an experience, one unique to Philly that you must check out while you are in town!



For the vegetarians and vegans reading this list, or those simply looking for a healthy option. Vedge is a vegan and vegetarian-only restaurant that goes out of its way to make meatless and animal products food taste and look fantastic, something, not all cities have.

Spice Finch

Spice Finch

This place is a must-try for those who are fans of Mediterranean food. They serve fantastic and healthy Mediterranean dishes year-round. Be sure to stop buy and trying some of the foods that make up, what some people consider the world’s most nutritious diet.

Best Hotels for a Philly Guys Trip

Fitler Club

Fitler Club

Fitler Club is a unique one-off hotel sandwiched perfectly between central city west french quarter and Drexel University giving a perfect blend of college town and upscale shopping. They have a modern industrial design language that is stark yet comforting. It is certainly pricy but worth it if you and the boys can afford it.

Live Casino

Live! Casino and Hotel

If you’re going on a trip with the boys, gambling has to be included and this is ideal what way is better than living above the casino? It’s close to the football stadium and affordable so if it’s anytime in football season and you and the boys are Philly fans there really is no better option.

Home 2 Suites

Home 2 Suites by Hamilton

Home 2 is a great line of hotels for good affordable pricing. It is near the center of the city and the institute of fine arts making it a great place for people really looking to explore the city.

Rittenhouse Hotel

Rittenhouse Square has a lot of activity around it with great shopping and restaurants making this hotel a great option since, as its name suggests, Rittenhouse Hotel is right near Rittenhouse park in the center of the action. It has great amenities but does fall on the pricy side.

Hilton at Penns Landing

Hilton at Penn’s Landing

Hilton is a staple of the hotel game and they are always a good choice in any city. This particular location is right on the river with great views, including an indoor pool that has full glass windows overlooking the water. It also has an eco-friendly rating on google so you can be sure you travel responsibly.

Best Barber Shops for Guys in Philly

Barber on 24th

Barber on 24th

Barber on 24th is your classic old-school barber shop. Located close to Drexel University this is a great option for students looking to get a fresh cut or those who just like the vibe of old-standing barber shops.

Nic Grooming

Nic Grooming in Chestnut

Nic Grooming was founded by 3 generations of Philly-based barbers and had true passion and love behind the brand. They have four locations making them great for those all over the city but we recommend the one in Chestnut since it is the best option that way. They are walk-in only so you never have to worry about keeping an appointment but it also makes it difficult to get seated for a cut if it’s busy.

DAPR Grooming

DAPR Grooming

Specifically focused and built to be the perfect haircut destination for men DAPR Grooming is perfect for all men. It is also near the center of the city so it is rare and inconvenient if you live anywhere in the greater Philly area.

The Mens Salon

The Men’s Salon

While the others on our list have more of an old-timey feel, which may be preferred, for those who want more of a modern and open feel The Men’s Salon is for you. The elevated feel and spacious design make the whole experience that much nicer.

The Blind Barber Shop

The Blind Barber Shop

This is truly one of the most unique barbershop experiences you could have, in fact, you could go, not get a haircut, and still have a good time. The Blind Barber is business in the front and a party in the back, literally! The front is a full-fledged barber shop where you can get a haircut or beard trim and the backroom is a full-fledged bar and restaurant. Whether or not you are in need of a haircut, this speakeasy is an experience worth checking out!

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Jordan Magee is a Linebacker for the Temple University football team in Philadelphia. Jordan is a monster on the field but off the field he cleans up nicely! He has a great sense of style and knows all the best spots to shop in Philly.

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