We sometimes receive free products to create brand reviews. Our team recommends products that we love and feel you will too. If you click through links we provide, we may earn a commission. Sports are more than just a pastime, they are an extension of our personality, pride, and community. This love for teams and players has led to a market flooded with brands offering endless products to fans to help them display their team spirit. This can make it hard to determine where you should purchase your game-day merchandise. FOCO is one of these brands and is one of the most popular options for those on a budget. This has led to the question, is FOCO a reputable retailer or another low-quality brand trying to profit off of dedicated fan bases? Our FOCO review will help you answer this question, check it out below!

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5 Star Rating
Summary: FOCO is a brand that offers an incredible selection of officially licensed products for all major competitive teams and leagues. This is great however sometimes quality can sacrifice. Overall we give FOCO a great rating and think they are a great stop for cost-effective unique sports merchandise and home goods.
  • Selection: 5 stars
  • Quality: 4 stars
  • Value: 5 stars


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What is FOCO?

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Sports merchandise has been around since the inception of sports in popular culture. It serves as a way to help fans display their team spirit, add to their community, and make the game day that much more fun all around. FOCO began with the goal of “helping people let their inner fan shine like a beacon of hope” and ever since their founding in 1998, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing. Starting as a small community FOCO has now grown into one of the largest hubs of sports merchandise online. Over the years they have accumulated access to most major sports and entertainment licenses meaning they are always able to offer relevant and unique products that can’t be found anywhere else. The large selection FOCO offers has brought in new fans, old fans, collectors, and any other sports enthusiasts looking for a great deal on products for their home, closet, or fan cave. The sheer amount of selection offered by FOCO and the complimentary low prices have led many site visitors to question if FOCO’s products are actually legit. It is easy to say one thing and do another so does FOCO walk the walk or are they another addition to the long list of brands that promise brands one thing and deliver something entirely different? We set out to answer this question as well. In our review below we will talk about some of FOCO’s most popular products and how they stack up to what else is available.

FOCO Review: What Products Are Worth It?

Although all of FOCO’s products serve some purpose to everyone, we have chosen to review the most popular options they offer. Check out their full site to find more options better suited to your home or personal needs!

Floral Sports Button Down

Bengals Floral Button Down

One of FOCO’s most commonly sold products, we thought it was important to give you our opinion on their floral button-downs. Firstly, they are available for nearly every team on FOCO’s site, in all leagues. So no matter what your sport or team is, there is a button-down for you. Obviously, these are meant to be ironic button-downs to wear to parties, games, and bars with your boys but not as a serious clothing option every day or for dress-coded events. In their element, they are a slightly comical and affordable way to show pride in your favorite team. However, keep it strictly to those places as these are not as comfortable or fashionable as traditional button-down shirts.

Team Hoodeez

Celtics Hoodeez

If you can’t be at the game, then there is nothing better than sitting in the comfort of your own home routing for your favorite team. One of our favorite products offered by FOCO, their team hoodeez, helps you do just that. Made out of a comfortable plush-like material wearing one is like wearing your favorite childhood blanket with your favorite team on it. They serve as a great gift for any sports fans you may know and even made it in our list of best gifts for sports fans. Keep them on display in your house for guests to use or just as a throw blanket substitute. Newer designs from FOCO, like the one pictured, are reversible for multiple design options. Not many negatives to mention with this product, great price, insane comfort, and team spirit. What more can you ask for?


Cubs All Star Bobblehead

Collectors are also commonly sports fans and thus the hobby of bobblehead collecting was born. A fun way to display your team spirit, bobbleheads come in limited edition runs with all sorts of players, mascots, stadiums, and more. FOCO’s bobblehead audience is huge. They are constantly releasing new limited edition bobbles so there is always more to collect. If you are already an experienced collector their bobbleheads make great cheap additions to fill out your collection, however, you will need to look elsewhere for antique, signed, or super rare bobbles. Other than that minor drawback for those in need of the most exclusive bobblehead options, FOCO’s bobblehead selection is fantastic for entry-level collectors.

Straw Hats

Washington Nationals Floral Straw Hat

A straw hat certainly makes a statement. Popular in the days of old these hats have fallen mostly out of fashion which makes them the perfect option for the sports fan in need of an ironic way to show support for their team. These hats from FOCO are a great option for house parties, tailgating, and game day outings. They are certainly not the most comfortable hats in the world, no straw hat is, but they are a great way to show support for your team and a top-notch conversation starter!

More From FOCO

The products listed above are some of the most popular items sold on FOCO’s site, however, it is certainly not their full offering. If you thought any of the products above sounded interesting we highly encourage you to give the brand a look for yourself and check out their full product offerings for your favorite teams!

Conclusion: Is FOCO Worth It?

For the casual fan or novice collector, we absolutely think that FOCO is a worth while brand to shop with. They offer great prices and sports merchandise that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A great combination for game day fits and house parties. However, if you are looking for sports memorabilia or highly limited items then FOCO is not the brand for you. Check out some alternatives below for brands that may be more suited for those purposes.

What do customers say about FOCO?

We think it is important to hear from more than one source so check out what FOCO customers are saying about the brand below!

“Mugsy is pioneering the bigger-dude skinny jean. My wife said they even make my butt look good.. My fultons are Super comfortable, they keep shape and color between washes (fluff em in the dryer if needed), and give off that tailored vibe I’ve been searching for. They seriously look sharp. I’m on pair number 2 of the fultons… they are my spirit trouser. Yep, I went there.“
Britten W., Verified Buyer
“These are so dang comfortable that I’m not only back for more… I’m going to try sizing down to see if that’s still comfortable. No complaints here. I think I have found the only spot I’ll ever need to go for jeans.”
David U., Verified Buyer

FOCO Alternatives

NFL Shop 

FOCO’s largest selection of options and most popular products come from its football merchandise. As the United States’ most popular sport, it is easy to see why this would make up the majority of their items and why the NFL’s official shop would be a great alternative for football fans looking to shop with FOCO. The NFL shop does have the advantage of being not only officially licensed, like FOCO but also from the league itself. They offer higher quality options for some items but their items are very limited and cost far more than similar options from FOCO.  

Overall, we feel that the NFL Shop is a great alternative for football fans but if you are looking for other leagues or simply don’t want to spend 100 dollars on a quarter zip, FOCO is still the way to go!

Fanatics Outlet

Fanatics Outlet falls on the other end of the spectrum they offer a large selection, like FOCO, and cover many different leagues, like FOCO, but their prices are insanely cheap! This is definitely the perfect location for the budget shopper only looking to use their merchandise once. Fanatics’ prices are reflected in their quality so we recommend you look elsewhere for long-lasting items, otherwise, they are worth a look!


Is FOCO Legit?

Yes, FOCO is one of the top online retailers for officially licensed sports merchandise online.

Does FOCO Offer Discounts?

FOCO will occasionally offer discounts around holidays or extraordinarily special events and busy times of the year. However, The Guy’s Lists readers can get savings anytime with code TGL50 for 50% off every product on their site!

What is FOCO’s Return Policy?

FOCO will accept returns of unused and unworn products for up to 30 days after the shipping date

What Sports Do FOCO Products Cover?

FOCO products cover all major leagues including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and college sports.

Does FOCO Offer Free Shipping?

Occasionally FOCO may offer free standard shipping with a promo code but for the majority of the year, shipping charges will be applied to all orders. for more shipping questions check out FOCO’s FAQ page




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