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Jeans are an everyday staple in the wardrobe of modern guys. There are a lot of jeans options out there to choose from and everyone has their own claim to fame. Mugsy Jeans claim to fame is that they are the most comfortable jeans around. As someone who loves great style and great comfort, I had to put this claim to the test. In this article, I’m going to walk you through my experience with Mugsy jeans and let you know if they are worth your hard-earned money

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Mugsy Jeans
5 Star Rating
Summary: Mugsy is a really really good jean brand that we like a lot. They offer many benefits like stretch material, great color options, and high quality. Check them out if you want to be cool like our reviewers.
  • Selection: 5 stars
  • Quality: 4 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

The Table of Contents below gives an overview of what we looked at when evaluating Mugsy. You can click on any section to jump to what is most important to you.

What is Mugsy Jeans?

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Mugsy Jeans brand and culture are very aligned with everything we stand for here at The Guy’s List. They are all about comfort, great style, and affordability, and even add quite a bit of humor into their marketing brand messaging. The brand was started by Leo Tropeano after he was sick of trying to make ill-fitting jeans work. Straight-leg baggy jeans are ugly but comfortable while skinny jeans are uncomfortable and also can be ugly at times. Mugsy created the ultimate middle ground. A pair of jeans that fit great for athletic body types and are also extremely comfortable thanks to their jegging-like fabrics

Mugsy Review: Why Wear Mugsy Jeans?

Mugsy is an awesome jean company for many reasons but they don’t make just jeans anymore. While jeans are certainly still there staple product line they also offer some really great chinos, tops, shorts, and swim trunks. We took a look at a few of their products below.

Stretch Fit Jeans

Mugsy Jeans Studio StudioBlues1

The product that made Mugsy famous is definitely their jeans. What we love about these jeans is definitely the fit

Stretch Fit Chino Pants

Mugsy Chinos Studio Teddys3

Chinos are the perfect in-between for casual and business casual. Super versatile not quite jeans but not quite dress pants. Nobody does chinos better than Mugsy. They have a clean elegant and athletic fit but also the same stretch the we’ve come to love from Mugsy. They pair well for going out with friends but can also be worn to church on Sunday.

Chambray Shirts

Mugsy Chambray LightBlue4

You gotta love a nice Chambray shirt. This stone-washed light blue shirt in particular is the perfect shirt for many different settings.

Stretch Fit Shorts

belmonts 5 pocket shorts lifestyle r summer 22

Being from Chicago there is nothing better than shorts weather for me. The second it’s nice enough to rock shorts instead of jeans you can guarantee I’m strutting around in some casual shorts and showing off the valves. A nice pair of khaki-colored shorts are any guy’s best friend for the summer. They can be paired with a t-shirt, dress shirt, or even throw a hoodie over the top if it gets a little chilly


MugsyBigBear 01061 Retouch

Having a quality pair of joggers is a staple in your wardrobe. Joggers are becoming increasingly popular and are the ultimate work-from-home, Sunday stroll, or grocery trip pant. Mugsy joggers are definitely top-notch. They have all of the same comfort that Mugsy jeans provide but provide a slightly more casual look. When I go out for the weekend or am meeting with people you will often find me in Mugsy jeans but outside of that I’m in their joggers 80% of the time.

More From Mugsy

We didn’t get a chance to cover every single item Mugsy offers but they definitely have other stuff worth checking out as well. We assume everything else is top-of-the-line quality and hope to review their other items soon.

Conclusion: Is Mugsy Worth the Investment?

If you are a guy who is looking for incredibly comfortable jeans without sacrificing style then Mugsy Jeans are 100% worth the investment. I think spending a couple hundred bucks to get one pair of light wash, one pair of medium wash, and one pair of dark wash jeans is the way to go. Mugsy’s jeans can be worn over and over again so having these three colors in your wardrobe will give you endless possibilities in terms of the outfits you can create.

What do customers say about Mugsy?

The word about State and Liberty has gotten out and some of the most popular figures in sports media have shared their opinion. More State and Liberty reviews can be found on their site here but we have picked a couple of our favorites!

“Mugsy is pioneering the bigger-dude skinny jean. My wife said they even make my butt look good..

My fultons are Super comfortable, they keep shape and color between washes (fluff em in the dryer if needed), and give off that tailored vibe I’ve been searching for. They seriously look sharp.

I’m on pair number 2 of the fultons… they are my spirit trouser. Yep, I went there.“

Britten W., Verified Buyer

“These are so dang comfortable that I’m not only back for more… I’m going to try sizing down to see if that’s still comfortable. No complaints here. I think I have found the only spot I’ll ever need to go for jeans.”

David U., Verified Buyer

Mugsy Alternatives

Mizzen & Main

Mizzen and Main offer a great alternative to State and Liberty with a few things to note. One of the number one reasons to shop Mizzen and Main over State and Liberty is their large selection of quarter zip jackets and flannels. These are options not offered at State and Liberty, at least, not at the scale they are offered at Mizzen and Main. This makes them a go-to destination in the fall and winter months.

The downside to choosing to shop with Mizzen and Main, in comparison to State and Liberty, Is that Mizzen and Main don’t sell suits. this is the main appeal of a brand like S&L. This means that although they offer great options for those seeking casual or business casual athletic fit clothing Mizzen and Main is a great option, but for more formal events you will have to look elsewhere.

Overall, we think that Mizzen and Main are definitely worth a look. You can click the link below to browse their catalog.

Butter Cloth

Butter Cloth is a brand that offers a slightly different value proposition than State and Liberty. Instead of focusing on the fit of the clothing, they focus on the feel. Making the most comfortable clothing possible is their game. This makes them a great alternative to those drawn to State and Liberty for their flexible-fit clothing. They are a relatively new brand blowing up after a $250,000 investment by Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank and an endorsement from Jay Leno. Although their fits are also great, if comfort is your goal then we highly recommend you take a look at Butter Cloth.

Mugsy Jeans FAQs

Can I ONLY buy Mugsy jeans online?

No, Mugsy does have two physical locations. One is in Chicago off Armitage Avenue and the other is on 2nd street in Austin. Check out Mugsy store locations to see hours and exact addresses.

Does Mugsy Offer a Military Discount?

No, Mugsy does not offer a military discount but you can find the best Mugsy Jeans discount codes here.

Does Mugsy Jeans Offer Discounts?

Mugsy typically doesn’t discount their products because they sell premium products but they hooked us up with the best discounts you will find. Check out our exclusive Mugsy coupon codes here.

Can I Wash my Mugsy Products?

Mugsy recommends washing their jeans inside out with like colors on a cold cycle. They recommend hang drying but if you are going to put them in the dryer then do low heat only.

Who Owns Mugsy Jeans?

Mugsy Jeans was founder by Leo Tropeano.

Does Mugsy Offer Free Shipping?

Yes! Mugsy always provides free shipping and free returns so you are guaranteed to find the right fit for you without any extra costs!

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