Our Why

As primarily online shoppers, we’ve been searching the internet for years trying to find new brands and product reviews that we like. Through this research, we started noticing that a lot of the men’s product round-up lists weren’t always suited for us which made the process incredibly long and painful.

We feel there are a lot of guys who are similar to us. Motivated, health conscious, and fiscally conservative. Guys like us are looking for comfortable and affordable clothes that make us look great and feel even better.

Most guys aren’t attending New York fashion week or spending countless hours reading GQ’s latest fashion trends. So why do so many online men’s publications suggest products catered to this niche audience?

That’s why we started The Guy’s List. We want to make it easy for successful guys to find cool, comfortable, and quality products. Our lists are made for the everyday guy by the everyday guy. Our mission is to help you find what you’re looking for in one place without having to do multiple Google searches and read 10 different lists.

Meet The Guys

Beau HayhoeStyle Guy
Beau Hayhoe is a fashion writer known for his expertise in menswear, providing insightful content on fashion and style trends.
Brock HoffmanBig Guy
Brock’s a pro football player who knows what the big guys need!

Chris HoganAthlete Guy
Chris Hogan is the only pro athlete to win 2 Super Bowls and play in the Premier Lacrosse League. He is now pursuing a golf career.
Marc MegnaFitness Guy
Marc is a former pro football player who transitioned to a successful fitness entrepreneur, renowned coach, and motivational speaker.
Joe SanfilippoBusiness Guy
Joe is always working and knows all the best products for the modern entrepreneur!

John ShackletonWellness Guy
Coach Shack is our expert when it comes to anything health, fitness, or nutrition related.

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