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What is The Guy’s List?

The Guy’s List is exactly as the name suggests… a list of all the best stuff for guys! Many men are uncomfortable going to stores to make purchases and would rather do their shopping from the comfort of their couches while watching sports. However, we have found that online shopping can actually be more time-consuming than going to stores due to the plethora of options out there. While there are a lot of other publications out there making product suggestions, we feel many of them don’t speak to the common guy. So we set out to do just that. We brought together our network of both common guys and experts to compile and share all of their favorite products and services. Our mission is to help you find your new favorite brands and products in as little time as possible.


Whether you’re looking for style tips, gift ideas, or local hot spots we’ve got all the best stuff for guys covered.

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Meet The Guys

Beau HayhoeStyle Guy
Beau is an expert in men’s style. From fashion to grooming, Beau has got you covered!
Brock HoffmanBig Guy
Brock’s a pro football player who knows what the big guys need!

John ShackletonWellness Guy
As the Head Performance Coach for Villanova Men’s Basketball, Coach Shack knows what it takes to live a championship lifestyle.

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