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Whether you’re making yourself at home in a new house, bachelor pad, or shared apartment, every corner of your space should perfectly reflect your tastes. Curtains can elevate any room in your home, but unfortunately, curtains are often overlooked when guys are styling their living space. Curtains don’t just look great – they can add functional and practical features to your home, such as blocking out sunlight or heat. With endless options all in one spot, Amazon has become the go-to place for any guy looking to upgrade his home’s style. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite curtains from Amazon – including everything from the best budget finds to the best minimalistic design. We can guarantee that the options on this list will look great in your home!

What are the Best Curtains on Amazon?

best curtains on amazon

Best Overall Curtains on Amazon

  • Set includes two blackout curtain panels

  • Triple weave fabric balances room temperature

  • Machine washable

budget curtains on amazon

Best Budget Curtains on Amazon

  • Energy-efficient design

  • Thermal properties keep out summer heat and winter chill

  • Reduces outside noise by up to 30%

velvet curtains on amazon

Best Velvet Curtains on Amazon

  • Adds a warm and elegant feeling to any room

  • Blocks sunlight

  • 26 different color options

Best Overall Curtains on Amazon

best curtains on amazon

These curtains from NICETOWN are the #1 best seller in Window Curtain Panels on Amazon! They are available in 38 colors and 22 different sizes to fit any window and match any room of your home! Prices vary depending on color and length, but most of the options from this brand cost between $25 and $30. There may even be promos available for some additional savings when you shop. These curtains have a rating of 4.7 stars and over 111k reviews. Customers rave about the quality, wrinkle-free texture, and soft fabric.

Best Budget Curtains on Amazon

budget curtains on amazon

These Amazon curtains will pull together any room without breaking the bank! These curtains start at only $8 and are available in 19 different colors. No matter which color you choose, your chosen room will get a style boost when you choose these curtains. Additional features include blackout technology, noise reduction, and an energy-efficient design. These curtains have a 4.4 star rating and past customers have left positive reviews about the quality, texture, and look of this budget-friendly Amazon find.

Best Velvet Curtains on Amazon

velvet curtains on amazon

These velvet curtains from Amazon can give your home a luxury feel without having to pay the luxury price. Picking a deep, jewel-toned color can add an amazing pop to any monochromatic or neutral room. These curtains are available in 27 color options and they have a rating of 4.8 stars. Although they are not blackout curtains, these curtains also provide a great blackout effect due to the thickness of the fabric. These velvet curtains can make any room look expensive!

Best Minimalist Curtains on Amazon

minimalist curtains on amazon

These Amazon curtains are perfect for any man with a minimalistic style. They’re available in 18 neutral color options and they have 4.5 star rating. These curtains offer soft light, semi-sheer filtering, and a linen-looking fabric that offers a casual, minimalistic aesthetic. Reviews mention the privacy offered from a lightweight curtain and the great quality of this design!

Best Blackout & Temperature Control Curtains on Amazon

best blackout curtains on amazon

If you’re in the market for a new set of blackout curtains, these are definitely the best! These KOUFALL curtains from Amazon offer amazing light-blocking and heat-blocking performance to any room you hang them in. These curtains are equipped with thermal insulation so their heat-blocking shield will keep your chosen room cool during hot months. The blackout effect also makes these curtains perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and more. They’re available in 26 color options and according to reviews, even the lighter shades still provide an amazing blackout effect. The final price will vary based on the curtain size you need.

Best Textured Curtains on Amazon

textured curtains on amazon

Looking for a way to make your space more comfortable and welcoming? These textured curtains from Amazon are your solution! The waffle-textured fabric is very popular right now and adds a very cozy feel to any room. These would be a perfect option for any bedroom, guest room, or living room. They’re available in 5 neutral colors to fit any style, with customers raving about their quality, elegance, and eye-catching texture.

Best Patterned Curtains on Amazon

best patterned curtains on amazon

Many people keep it simple when selecting curtains for their home, but patterned curtains are a unique way to elevate your home’s style. These patterned curtains from Amazon have an ombre look, which can help compliment the natural night coming into any room of your home. There are 29 different ombre color combinations available with 17 different length options to fit any size window. These curtains have a 4.7 star rating, and we definitely recommend that you check out the customer images to see how great these curtains look once they’re hung up. Customers love the quality of these curtains, and many reviews mention that they’re perfect for blocking light from your chosen room.

Best Luxury Curtains on Amazon

luxury curtains on amazon

If you’re looking to splurge on a more luxury curtain option, TWOPAGES linen curtains are a great choice. These curtains have a full and long look, complimented by their pinch-pleated drape design at the top. They’re available in 15 different colors and have a rating of 4.6 stars. No matter which color you choose, they’ll give any room in your home a more luxurious feel. Customers have raved about the amazing quality and beautiful finish of these curtains, with some even comparing them to custom-made curtains!

Amazon Curtains FAQs

Do all of these items include Prime shipping?

Almost all of these options do include Prime shipping! The only curtains that do not have Prime shipping available are the ‘Luxury Curtains’ option. All of the other items in this list include Prime shipping and will be at your doorstep before you know it.

Do any of these options require me to purchase additional curtain rings/hooks?

No! None of the curtains in this list require additional purchases in order to hang them. As long as you have a curtain rod at home, these curtains will be ready for installation upon arrival. They are all designed with built-in grommets or they come with curtain hooks that you can use to hang them in your home.

Are the curtains on this list sold individually or in pairs?

Most of the options we’ve listed above are sold in pairs, meaning that you’ll get one curtain for each side of your window. If you’re buying curtains for more than one window, you’ll have to buy multiple sets of pairs. The ‘Luxury Curtains’ that we’ve listed above are sold by panel instead of in pairs, so for this option, you would have to purchase two for one window, but all of the other options listed above are sold in pairs.

How do I clean and maintain curtains purchased from Amazon?

Cleaning instructions for curtains can vary based on the fabric. Most curtains listed above can be machine-washed or dry-cleaned, but it’s essential to follow the care label instructions provided with the product.

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