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There is no better time to shop for the upcoming holiday season than on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. In the effort to continue our mission to bring readers of The Guy’s List the best deals on the market, we have rounded up all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals you can use from some of our favorite brands. Just know that, unlike our other deals on the site, these will expire, so act fast! If you found this article after these glorious shopping days then check out our coupons page for evergreen savings on great brands!

Best Clothing Black Friday Deals

Clothing is one of the most popular things to shop for around the holidays. I’ve found that many premium apparel brands don’t discount their product except for during Black Friday and Cyber Monday so it’s definitely a good time to take advantage of these deals and stock up on clothing for the year while it’s on sale. We have partnerships with a lot of the best men’s clothing brands in the market so you can rest assured we have all the details on hot Black Friday apparel deals for you. Check the links below to scoop the best deals on clothing you will find this year!

Mugsy BFCM Deal – Up to 40% off site-wide

Best Shoe Deals for Black Friday

Shoes are one of the most important accessories that complete a look. They even have their own culture nowadays. BFCM is the perfect weekend to get great deals on high-quality sneakers to wear on all sorts of occasions. 

New Republic BFCM Deal –  Up to 80% off site-wide

Best Black Friday Tech Deals

There is nothing better than a new piece of technology, it makes your life easier, works better, and can oftentimes even be a symbol of status. The only thing that might be better is a deal on a great new piece of tech. This time of year, many tech giants and giant tech retailers offer their best deals of the whole year, check them out below.

Best Buy BFCM Deal –  100’s of dollars off of select products in time for the holidays!

  • Therabody BFCM Deal – Get up to $250 off Theragun Products, $70 off the Theraface Pro, and more great steals at Therabody.com! Valid 11/17-12/2
    • Additional Promos: 
      • Up to $50 Off Wave Products 
      • Up to $70 Off Powerdot Products 
      • Up to $300 Off Recovery Products 
      • Up to $30 Off Smart Goggles 
    • Cyber Monday: All of the above & 35% off accessories

Best Black Friday Supplement Deals

Over the past year, the health and fitness industry has been booming. Fitness influencers have been on the rise and podcasts like Huberman Lab are dominating the space. This has led to tons of new brands seeking to help people who have a newly found passion for fitness meet their goals. With the holidays coming up many of these brands are offering great deals! Check them out below!

GNC BFCM Deal –  BOGO 50% off on over 300 items offered on their website.

  • Onnit – Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 (Valid November 20th – December 4th)
  • KAGED – Get 25% off all items on kaged.com + free shipping with discount code HOLIDAY25. Offer valid 11/14/2023 thru 11/28/2023 
  • Sculpt Nation – Get 30% off now with our code TGL30

Best Amazon Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

Amazon is one of the most convenient places to shop especially when it comes to the holiday season. Their extraordinarily fast shipping times mean you can always rely on them to deliver your product on time and in good condition. Many brands offer deals exclusive to their Amazon shops during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush. Below are our favorite deals on Amazon!

Kitchenaid BFCM Deal –  Up to 30% off items offered through their Amazon store.


Best Furniture Black Friday Deals

Looking to change up your home environment? You will not find a better deal on furniture than the deals being offered this week, which is great if you’re in the market. Furniture and home decor can often be one of the priciest additions to any home and it’s such a hassle to get home and build/assemble, the last thing you want is to regret the purchase price. Check out some of our favorite brand’s offerings and great deals on home decor this season!

Plunge Logo

Plunge Black Friday Deal – Save $150 using our code TGL150

Best Black Friday Golf Deals

Golf is one of the most expensive sports there is so anytime you can get a deal on golf gear you need to capitalize. Now is the time of year for picking up some new golf apparel, clubs, accessories, and more. Not only is peak golf season coming to an end but golf brands are looking to get rid of inventory during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you are an avid golfer there is no reason not to purchase some new stuff from the golf brands below.

State & Liberty Black Friday Deal – Get up to 20% cashback sitewide

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals FAQs

How long is Amazon’s Black Friday sale 2023?

Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are true to the name and will end after Cyber Monday on the 27th of November 2023

Is Cyber Monday after Black Friday?

Yes, Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday. Nowadays many brands will simply offer deals through this time frame giving you four days of deals, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday as opposed to just 2.

Is Amazon Black Friday only for Prime members?

Although Amazon does offer 1-day advance access to Black Friday sales for Prime members they do not have exclusive access for the whole weekend. Regular shoppers can shop on Amazon 1-day after Prime members.

Is Black Friday or Cyber Monday cheaper?

This is entirely brand dependent. Many online brands will offer their biggest deals on Cyber Monday however in-store brands often will offer their best deals on Black Friday. This often means that more expensive items like furniture have their biggest deals on Black Friday while cheaper products like clothes will have better deals on Cyber Monday.

What day is Black Friday sales 2023?

November 24th is Black Friday for 2023 and Cyber Monday is the 27th of November.

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