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There is nothing like being at an authentic Irish pub! The great Guinness pours, traditional Irish fare, and local crowds always make for an amazing experience. If you are someone who enjoys this type of environment then you’ll likely enjoy being in Chicago as the city is packed with tons of great Irish pubs. But among them all, there are always a few that stand out. Check out my top 5 favorite Irish pubs in Chicago and make sure to stop in to support your local pubs.

What are the best Irish pubs in Chicago?

Best Irish Pub in Chicago, fadó pub

Best Overall: fadó Irish Pub

  • Very authentic
  • Great Guinness Pour

  • Friendly Staff

Cork & Kerry at the Park, Best Irish Pubs in Chicago

Cork & Kerry

  • Southside Pub

  • Close to Sox Park

  • Good Value

Celtic Crossing, Best Irish pubs in Chicago

Celtic Crossings

  • Fantastic Ownership

  • Best Pour in the City

  • Intimate Atmosphere

Corcoran's Grill & Pub, Best Irish Pubs in Chicago

Corcoran’s Grill & Pub

  • Great Food

  • Amazing Patio

  • Fun Atmosphere

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The Kerryman

  • Nice Bar

  • Big Drink Menu

  • Clean and cozy pub

Best Overall: fadó

Guiness Pour from Fadó Irish Pub

Guinness Pour from Fadó Irish Pub

Located in the heart of Chicago’s River North neighborhood, Fadó is a not-so-hidden gem. This place is an excellent place to enjoy a pint of Guinness. They had an excellent pour and a great atmosphere. The waiter we had was very friendly and incredibly accommodating. He helped us get the basketball game on that we were trying to watch, despite the difficulty The game was on ESPN+ so we didn’t think they’d be able to pull it off but sure enough he got it done for us. The bar was playing some good music and had a nice friendly atmosphere. It wasn’t packed on a Saturday but if you go during soccer matches or Rugby matches it can be extremely crowded. They do have live music from time to time which is a fantastic touch. This place is just an absolutely great place to hang out and enjoy some drinks with old friends and new friends alike.

Cork & Kerry at The Park

Anybody from Chicago knows that the southside is the home of the Irish. So you can’t truly have a list of the best Irish pubs in Chicago without including a southside pub, particularly Cork & Kerry’s. The original Cork and Kerry is in Beverly, a very Irish-dominated neighborhood. I am a huge fan of Cork & Kerry at the Park though. Cork & Kerry’s at the Park is the unofficial pre-game destination of the Chicago White Sox. There aren’t a ton of bars nearby Guaranteed Rate Field but there doesn’t need to be as Cork & Kerry is the go-to spot. This is a great establishment close to the ballpark which features a long bar inside with small tables across and a nice patio outside that is perfect for summer game days. Sox park has some of the best food in any baseball stadium in the country however you can find some pretty good food outside the park at Cork & Kerry. They have a nice roster of burgers and sandwiches and the pricing is very fair. If you’re looking for a southside pub you gotta check out Cork & Kerry at the Park.

Celtic Crossings Irish Pub

Celtic Crossings Guinness Pour

Celtic Crossings Guinness Pour

Celtic Crossings is an absolute beauty! I was referred to Celtic Crossings by my friends Nick & Connor the founders of @ChicagoPubs on Instagram. I’m very glad they made this recommendation as this is definitely one of the best Irish pubs in Chicago. We walked in and found a nice table in the back that fit 6 people comfortably. The place was pretty quiet but had a very authentic Irish pub feel. There was a nice little fireplace going and the TV had sports on. The bartender, PJ, right away knew that we were looking for some pints and he was not wrong. He then proceeded to bring out six of the most perfectly poured Guinness pints I’ve ever seen. The taste was just as good as the pour and went down very quickly. I learned that they had the Guinness rep come there three times before they were satisfied with the pour. These guys know exactly what they’re doing and don’t mess around. If you are looking for the best pour of Guinness in Chicago Celtic Crossings is your spot. Also, the Touchtunes system is always a fan favorite after a few pints so bonus points for that! 

Corcoran’s Grill & Pub

I’m a huge fan of Corcoran’s Grill & Pub located in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood. This neighborhood is known for having a fun and lively crowd as there are tons of great bars on Wells street. There are a couple of Irish pubs in Old Town but Corcoran’s is the best. Not only does Corcoran’s pour a nice pint of Guinness but they have a great food menu. They have the Irish classics like corned beef and Irish curry chips but it’s the buffalo chicken wrap at Corcoran’s that does it for me. What’s also nice about Corcoran’s is they have a ton of outdoor seating. They have a pretty nice indoor bar but they also have a huge patio out back and seating outside in the front and on the side of the building which makes it a great summer hangout. Finally, Corcoran’s is the official sponsor of our softball team and always hooks it up for us so big-time bonus points for that move!

The Kerryman Irish Bar & Restaurant

Guinness Pour from The Kerryman Irish Bar & Restaurant

Guinness Pour from The Kerryman Irish Bar & Restaurant

If you haven’t been to The Kerryman then you are certainly missing out. This is just an overall great establishment. Super clean and aesthetically pleasing building design. The bar is a great place to watch sports as they have a pretty nice-sized TV. If you’re into Irish whisky this is your spot. They have a massive list of Irish whiskeys. They’ve got multiple versions of Jamesons and other staples like Tullamore Dew but also have some whiskeys you don’t see every day like Redbreast 12, Roe & Coe, and Connemara. Plenty of space in this bar too as they have a pretty big upstairs section. If you live in River North you’ve gotta check out The Kerryman.

Questions about Irish Pubs in Chicago

How Many Irish Pubs are in Chicago? 

I’m not sure exactly how many Irish pubs exist in Chicago but Forbes reports that there are roughly 4,000 Irish pubs in the United States. If I had to guess I’d say there are probably close to 50 or so Irish pubs throughout the Chicagoland area.

What is the closest Irish pub to Millennium Park?

One of the closest pubs near Millennium Park is Miller’s Pub. I didn’t include Miller’s Pub on this list as I’m not sure that it totally qualifies as an Irish Pub as the owners are of Greek descent. However, you can’t go wrong with Miller’s Pub if you are looking for a spot near Millennium Park. My family has been frequenting this place for years and it definitely holds a near and dear place in my heart. If you go to Miller’s you’ve gotta sit at the bar and if you are lucky you’ll get Beeker as your bartender, he’s a legend. Order the Sanfilippo family’s famous order Wings, Rings, and Things (things typically being the baby back ribs) and you won’t be disappointed.

Do I have to order a Guinness at an Irish Pub?

Every pub has a wide selection of beers, wine, and cocktails but if you’re getting anything but a Guinness you’re not doing it right. 

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