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No Days Wasted packets next to a box and plant

No Days Wasted

  • Night-Out Recovery
  • Good Price
  • Additional Gear
Menlo Club clothing laid out on the table

Menlo Club

  • Affordable
  • Expertly Curated
  • High Quality
Beam dream powder in a mug Infront of the bag it comes in


  • Better Sleep
  • Tastes Great
  • Science-Backed and Athlete Approved

Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post

The possibilities are nearly limitless when you sign up for Bespoke Post. Each month, the NYC retailer introduces a covetable selection of new boxes, ones that cover everything from gourmet finds to bar cart essentials to outdoor gear and menswear. And once you sign up for Bespoke Post, you get access to those boxes for under $50 – yet the value is often well over that market.  Whatever you can dream up, from a cozy flannel shirt-and-beanie combo to a new set of home bar tools or a new EDC pocket knife, Bespoke Post certainly has you covered.

Menlo Club

Menlo Club

If ever you’ve struggled to find a personalized style that fits your daily life – no matter the occasion – Menlo Club is a highly effective, efficient solution. Start your journey with a quick style quiz to hone in on what you like to wear (and indeed, need to wear) the most, then style experts from Menlo Club will get to work putting together your first customized box. Each month onward, you’ll receive 2 to 3 pieces tailored to your life and your style preferences, all at one agreeable $60 monthly price. How can it get easier (or more stylish) than that?


Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix notes that it goes beyond the typical clothing subscription service, and they’re certainly correct in that assessment. Your Stitch Fix journey starts with an expertly curated personal style quiz, then a careful assortment of clothes – often a full outfit, from chinos to stylish button-down shirts, sweaters, and shoes, is then sent your way. The kicker is that you only pay for you what you keep, and it gets more customized from there: You can set up delivery frequency precisely to your liking, and they also have an on-demand store packed with dozens of casually cool pieces from top menswear brands. If you want a wardrobe to revamp in a hurry, and in a premium fashion, Stitch Fix just might be your ticket.

The Winston

The Winston Box

Dressing in style as a bigger guy can be a bit of a taxing affair – not every place caters to stylish needs for athletic guys, and subscription boxes are certainly few and far between, too. That’s no longer the case with The Winston Box, designed specifically to offer a stylish subscription service for athletic and big and tall guys. A quick style profile gets the process started, with as many as three items arriving at your doorstep days after, and from there, pay $75/month and choose your delivery frequency to upgrade your wardrobe in a hurry.


Watch Gang

Watch Gang calls itself the “world’s #1 watch club,” and at a time when the watch market seems to be booming at an ever-more-increasing rate, that’s lofty praise. They can certainly back it up though, as any watch enthusiast will recognize when sorting through its impressive selection of luxury timepieces. The key here is the fact that you’re saving bucketloads of cash compared to traditional retail prices for timeless luxury watches from brands like TAG Heuer and Rolex. For good measure, you can enter to win those grail-worthy timepieces weekly, and you can select from monthly or on-demand plans, too.

MeUndies Underwear Subscription


Sometimes, the benefit of shopping for some of the best subscription boxes for men comes in the way that they fill a need in your wardrobe, one you might not even recognize yourself. Take your underwear drawer. Now, you needn’t think about when or whether it needs a refresh – if you sign up for MeUndies, that is. Get access to a wide variety of styles, plus vivid and bold patterns. You can customize your delivery completely to your liking, and you can set it up to arrive monthly, right when you need it. Better still is the fact that you can get socks, too.

Best Wellness Subscription Boxes for Men

Organifi Wellness Bundles


It can be tough enough to maintain a workout routine in the midst of your 9-to-whenever grind (tell us all about it). But no matter how much time you’ve got on hand to hit the gym, you can always ensure you’re fueled up properly in the meantime with Organifi’s ultra-handy, superfood-focused subscription bundles. Organifi covers all the basics in terms of wellness supplements and superfoods – and then some – targeting everything from energy to rest and rejuvenation. These handy kits can do everything from boast your immunity to helping you sleep better, and all you need to do is sign up for monthly delivery of your new favorite superfoods.

Beam Sleep

Beam Organics

How you fuel your body, and how your body rests and recovers, is like a swinging pendulum at times – and yet, you don’t want to get thrown too far out of rhythm by pushing yourself too hard. Stay level-headed, rested, rejuvenated, and relaxed with an eye-popping array of Beam Organics supplements targeting every lifestyle need imaginable. From hot cocoa designed to help you sleep better, to supplement pills designed to boost vitality, Beam Organics focuses on natural ingredients and the approach of a former athlete to fuel your body in the best way possible.


Whether you consider yourself a weekend warrior or hit the gym or your rec league as often as possible, consider GainzBox your one-stop shop for workout-ready, performance-minded gear for the guy on the go. GainzBox is curated to your lifestyle (based on your size and gender), then packed with gear that spans every possible fitness category. We’re talking workout apparel, snacks, supplements, accessories, and more – 7-to-10 items in total, each personalized to your unique needs. It’s a stellar value that’s enough to make anyone want to hit the gym.

No Days Wasted

No Days Wasted

Enjoying a night on the town is a celebration all its own, and yet, the next day can be a difficult affair if you’ve overdone it. Reclaim the next day after a night out with No Days Wasted, a groundbreaking detox supplement designed to speed up the recovery process in an innovative way. It’s a system backed by science, delivered in some cool packaging for good measure. Best of all is the fact that you can secure a nice discount on the company’s proprietary DHM Detox Recovery Blend when you sign up for its subscription service.

Best Drink Subscription Boxes for Guys



Flaviar is like the gift that keeps on giving, quite literally, for the whiskey lover in your life. That might be yourself or someone else, but one thing’s clear: The whiskey aficionado will be delighted at the consistent ways in which Flaviar helps you ramp up your bar cart and your love of the good stuff. Here’s how it works: Sign up for one of three membership options, from one month on up to one year,  and then make space for the delivery of as many as 8 products of your choice (with the yearly subscription, that is). Everything from tasting sets to sample full-size bottles is on offer, and the selection is arguably the best on the planet in terms of whiskey subscription services.


Box on the Rocks Cocktail Kit

Box on the Rocks Cocktail Kit

If you think you’ve already built out the perfect home bar cart, think again: Box on the Rocks is making it easier than ever to whip out restaurant and mixology bar-quality cocktails from the comfort of your home. Each kit comes complete with proprietary ingredients, three standout recipes per delivery, and a range of helpful other touches to really take your home mixology game to the next level. The subscription service is priced at less than $50 per box, yet offers plenty of value beyond that (and the chance to make drinks for as many as 10 guests). We’ll raise a glass to this women-owned business.



Can’t get enough ice-cold, sudsy goodness in your beer fridge? Or know someone who’s consistently psyched about the world of craft beer? BeerDrop.com is the answer as you scour the market for one of the best subscription boxes for men – men who love the wide world of craft beer, that is. Join BeerDrop and customize your delivery of six, eight or ten beers (with a ten-beer shipment, for instance, you’ll receive five unique beers). It’s an ideal way to discover the fast-moving world of craft beer, which is frequently packed with new styles and new breweries to try. With agreeable pricing per beer, it sounds like a fun way to indulge your way passion for delicious hops – we’ll raise a glass to that.

Best Subscription Boxes for the Home Cook

iGourmet Subscription


Know a foodie who just can’t stop trying the latest and the greatest in the culinary world? And if that foodie is yourself, then iGourmet is all the better as you sort through the best subscription boxes for men. For special occasions and any time at all, iGourmet offers a seriously cool array of delivery options (including monthly or as infrequent as twice a year). Those options run the gamut from delicious international cheeses to charcuterie options and even the incredibly cool “World Connoisseur” kit.

Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Like the world of craft beer, hot sauce inspires a similar level of joy and devotion among those who love adding a spicy kick to, well, pretty much everything. Accordingly, the world of hot sauce has tons of different variations, spice levels, and recipes – it’s intoxicating, often heat-inducing stuff, so why not dip your tastebuds into something a little different with a bold range of hot sauces delivered at a cadence of as often as once a month? The hot sauce lover in your life – yourself included – is bound to find a flavor they love with the aptly named Hot Sauce of the Month Club.

Grill Masters Club

Grill Masters Club

Can’t wait for spring and summer grilling season to arrive in full force? Fancy whipping up some BBQ from the comfort of your home any time of year? The exquisite Grill Masters Club is quite literally the answer to your prayers if you fancy yourself an expert behind the grill, and they’ve made it easier than ever to take your grilling game to the next level. That might seem like quite the endeavor, but it’s the range of dry rubs, grilling essentials, and premium BBQ sauces (five-plus items in every delivery) that makes this one of the best subscription boxes for men.

Best Subscription Boxes for the Tech Guy


 Breo Box

We weren’t kidding when we said the world of subscription boxes is about as vast as you can possibly imagine, as best evidenced by Breo Box. If you’re into groundbreaking tech gear or always in search of the latest and greatest products for your everyday carry, Breo Box just might blow you away. With an emphasis on innovative gadgets that make your daily life easier, from home goods to handy phone hacks, there’s a very good chance you’ve never seen anything quite like what Breo Box delivers four times a year. 

Best Subscription Boxes for Outdoor Men


The ManBox

The Man Box bills itself as the ultimate gift for any man, and while that’s lofty praise, its action-packed boxes certainly live up to that billing rather handsomely. As with a company like Bespoke Post, the offering changes every month as The ManBox, from EDC gear to tactical tools to all-purpose gear, like shades or snacks or handy outdoor-themed items. Each box, each month is sure to surprise and delight even the guy who thinks he’s got it all, and prices start under $25 a month.

Best Subscription Boxes for Mens Grooming

Hawthorne Skincare


Finding your perfect scent, one that can become a signature just for you, is an elusive affair at times, yet Hawthorne is taking some of the guesswork out of that equation. No more cheap drugstore cologne or overpriced designer scents: Hawthorne works with you to develop your specific scent profile and preferences, and they also work with you to develop a personal care routine based on your needs and lifestyle. It’s all delivered in stylish packaging, and it all starts with a simple, personalized quiz to set you on the path to grooming perfection.



Harry’s made its name with some of the best shaving essentials for men, and it helps that they do so in a simple, highly affordable, stylish way. Its line of excellent razors pairs nicely with a full set of shaving and skincare essentials, and to get your Harry’s Starter Set, it’s just $5. From there, we think you’ll likely want to subscribe to get that perfect shave every time, as often as possible. 

Dollar Shave Club


Another competitor in the crowded race to be crowned one of the best grooming subscription boxes for men? That’d be the aptly named Dollar Shave Club, which offers a full line of grooming products (including serum and a terrific under-eye gel). The real winner, though, is its highly affordable shaving subscription service, which is useful if you appreciate a clean shave day in and day out. Consistency is key, and Dollar Shave Club delivers that consistency.

Oars + Alps


There’s lots to love about Oars + Alps, starting with the fact that the brand is athlete-approved and rigorously tested by guys like NFL star DeAndre Hopkins. Beyond that, the brand focuses on all-natural ingredients, and they’ve got scents all guys (not just dads!) will love. This three-item kit covers body care and facial care, all in one, and all for a nice sub-$50 price.

Fresche Box


If you prefer some variety in your grooming routine, then the best grooming subscription boxes are an easy way to get that variety month after month. Take Fresche Box, which offers both a low cost ($18/month), and covers a range of helpful grooming categories. Be it face wash, shampoo or beard balm, Fresche Box quite literally shakes up the options month in and month out, and these picks just might become staples of your daily grooming routine.

Best Subscription Boxes for Coffee Fans

Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee

There are plenty of us who prefer a bit of a jolt in the form of a cup of joe to start the day, and if you know someone who’s always on the hunt for some fresh java, Trade Coffee’s subscription service is nearly unmatched. It’s the brand’s most popular gift, delivering six high-quality and exceptionally unique bags of beans to the door of the lucky recipient (or perhaps,, your door). Better still is the fact that it can be personalized to taste preferences, and it ships free. A great cup of coffee really is the gift that keeps on giving.


Image of Ethiopian coffee from Atlas Coffee Club subscription

Atlas Coffee Club

At Atlas Coffee Club they focus on more than just coffee, they also focus on stories. After you have filled out their unique quiz to specify your coffee taste, grind preference, brew style, and frequency of delivery you will get your first box. In that box will be more than just high-quality coffee, it will come with tasting notes and a postcard specifying your coffee’s journey. If you are interested in more than just getting a bag of coffee and want a truly unique tasting experience then atlas coffee club is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Subscription Boxes

What Should I Look for in a Subscription Box?

The world of subscription boxes is vast and ever-growing: No matter what you love or what hobbies or passions you have, there’s a good chance there’s a subscription box designed to suit your needs. A subscription box should be efficient, it should be effective at hitting the mark – whether you love craft beer or whiskey or menswear – and it should ideally be customized to exactly what you need. 

That goes for delivery speed and frequency as well as quality, and it should also ideally be filled with products you don’t necessarily already have, but can always use more (be it stylish socks, new whiskey samples or grill-ready sauces).

What’s the Best Overall Subscription Box?

The best overall subscription box, in our humble opinion, is the one you look forward to receiving the most every month. But in all seriousness, for versatility and variety, Bespoke Post is tough to top in a crowded field of the best subscription boxes for men. The company excels at curating a selection of top brands in categories ranging from menswear to athleisure to fitness and EDC gear, plus essentials for your home bar cart, and they do it so well every month, it’s hard not to look forward to your next Bespoke Post box. 

How Often Should I Receive My Subscription Box?

This is all a matter of personal preference, but the majority of subscription boxes tend to arrive every month. Some services, like Stitch Fix, give you the option to customize delivery cadence to allow for shorter or longer time periods in between deliveries, while other services ship out at a relatively set time every month. 

For essentials you use often, be it BBQ sauce, underwear or your favorite flannel shirt, the best subscription boxes for men tend to arrive about every month – invest in your favorite option wisely. 

What’s the Best Product to Get in a Subscription Box?

There are, as we’ve said before, all sorts of subscription boxes you can look forward to opening every month, with a stunning array of products across every category. For our money’s worth, products that you use the most – like your go-to shirt or pair of chinos, or underwear – subscription services work particularly well. 

And services like Watch Gang, which provide incredible deals on the world’s finest watches, offer up something covetable and exciting, too. When in doubt, the best men’s subscription boxes provide goods that are both “essential” and “wish list-worthy,” and that’s a winning approach in our book. 

What’s the Best Subscription Box For Whiskey Lovers?

Whiskey is a category that’s not all that easily accessible – it can be intimidating to see high prices, complex tasting notes and bottle after bottle at your local watering hole – but Flaviar makes it easier than ever to get into the world of whiskey. 

The best subscription boxes for men are, after all, ideal at turning the complex into the relatable, and Flaviar also offers helpful tutorials, online videos and whiskey education up there with the best resources on the market. Before you raise your next dram, sign up for Flaviar. 

What’s the Best Subscription Box for Men’s Style?

There are plentiful options on the market when it comes to men’s style subscription boxes, be it Stitch Fix or Bespoke Post, or the workout gear-focused GainzBox. For purely men’s style purposes, Stitch Fix delivers the best customized menswear options from a plethora of premium brands, and while you do indeed pay for what you keep, it’s a customized approach that ensures you’re always wearing something you enjoy from Stitch Fix. Dive on in with a personalized style quiz, then see what works for you.

Beau Hayhoe, the fashion guy, is our expert in all things men's fashion and grooming. Over the years Beau has written for some of the largest men's magazines and gained a deep understanding of the best brands, styles, and products for guys. You can catch Beau on his social media listed on his author page or by reading the rest of his catalog here on The Guy's List.

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