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The Best Ice Barrel Discount & Promo Codes


Cold plunges and ice baths have become popular recovery tools for athletes and gym enthusiasts alike. Ice Barrel is a UV-insulated ice bath that can also be hooked up to a water chiller to create and easy to use outdoor cold plunge. Although Ice Barrels can be expensive home additions, readers of The Guy’s List have access to our discount code. When you use code “GUYSLIST” at check out you will receive $150 off of your first order.

Get $150 off your Ice Barrel order with the coupon code below:


How to Use Ice Barrel Discount Codes

Be sure to follow the steps below when you go to use your Mugsy jeans discount code at checkout

  1. First choose the either the Ice Barrel 300 or 400 and add it to your cart
  2. Click checkout
  3. Click the add discount code text
  4. Enter code GUYSLIST and click apply
  5. You’re done enjoy your savings!

Ice Barrel Discount Code applied on page


Other FAQ’s About Ice Barrel Coupon Codes

How do I get a valid coupon code?


At The Guy’s List we work with each brand to ensure that we have an evergreen discount code for you to use. That is true for our Ice Barrel dicsount code and all the other codes found on our discount codes page.

Are promo code websites legit?


Often times promo code websites have out-of-date codes or codes that just don’t work. Luckily, The Guy’s List is not a promo code website, we simple work with the brands we love and feature in our reviews and articles to get our readers the best savings.


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