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Cold therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years for its benefits on mental and physical health. Cold water therapy has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, inflammation, and soreness and improve your recovery post-workout. With this recent boom in research and popularity, it is no surprise that the market has been flooded with plenty of options to choose from for at-home cold therapy tubs also call “ice baths”. They got their name from the simplest form of at-home cold therapy, throwing some ice in a bathtub and staying in there for 3-5 minutes, but this can be a hassle since you need to constantly buy ice, and it’s hard to get consistent temperatures. The best ice baths are simple to use, sleek looking, and have tons of features to track and improve your recovery. We have compiled a list of the top 5 best ice baths on the market today so you can find one that fits your needs.

What are the best ice baths?

The Plunge ice bath

Best Overall: Plunge

  • Cools to 39 Degrees 

  • Indoor and Outdoor Functionality

  • Phone Holder

Ice Barrel Cold Plunge

Best Minimalist Option: Ice Barrel 

  • Minimalist Design

  • UV Insulated

  • Ultra-Druable

Redwood Outdoors Cold Tub

Best Looking: Redwood Outdoors

  • Natural Wood Exterior

  • Deep Tub

  • Bluetooth Control

Ice Pod Ice Bath

Best Budget Option: Ice Pod 

  • Portable

  • Affordable

  • Compact  

The Polar Pod Chamrr

Best Hot and Cold Tub: Polar Pod Chambrr

  • Magnetic Pickup
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Unbeatable price
True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Best Luxury Option: Renu Siberian Cold Plunge

  • Energy Efficient

  • Long Base

  • Quiet

Best Overall: Plunge

  The Plunge ice bath If you think you recognize Plunge then you probably do. They were featured on the show Shark Tank and received an investment from Robert Herjavec. Since then, they have become the most notable brand in the ice bath industry. Their tub spares no expense and comes with a spa cover and a 20-micron filter. Plunge works both indoors and outdoors. It also can easily be transported fairly easily when emptied. The Plunge gets down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit pretty quickly and, if you buy the Hot & Cold Plunge, it can double as a hot tub. Their sleek design matches nearly any home and is large enough to fit everyone from NBA athletes to jockeys and everyone in between. If you’re willing to invest nearly into a premium ice bath, we’re sure you’ll love the cold plunge tub by Plunge. And if you’re looking to save some money on your purchase check out our Cold Plunge discount code page to find our exclusive deals.

Best Minimalist Option: Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel Cold Plunge

The Ice Barrel is perfect for the minimalist looking for a simple-to-use, subtle design cold tub. The all-black design with an embossed logo sits in the corner of any outdoor space and is nearly unnoticeable. When ready to use simply hop in and you’ll be greeted with a comfortable and ergonomic upright seating position. The UV insulation helps to keep the tub cold so you don’t need to continually fill it with ice and also protects you from any sunlight. There is also a hookup for a water chiller if you don’t want to fill it up with ice each week. Be sure to use our Ice Barrel discount code GUYSLIST at check out to save $150 on your order. 

Best Looking: Redwood Outdoors Cold Tub

  Redwood Outdoors Cold Tub Redwood Outdoors makes all manner of outdoor accessories from saunas to cold tubs all with natural wooden exteriors that act as functional centerpieces or additions to any outdoor space. Although they sell many different cold plunge tubs and ice baths we like their Alaskan cold plunge the most since it fits in most spaces with its unique circular shape. This also makes it deeper than most cold plunges, perfect for taller individuals who want to fully submerge themselves in the cold water.

Best for Budget Option: Ice Pod

Ice Pod Ice Bath

The Ice Pod has one goal, to be the most affordable and transportable ice bath on the market. In its cheapest form, the Ice Pod does need to be filled with ice cubes in order to fill it. It does come with an insulated cover so you can use the same ice for a period of time and a cooler can be purchased and hooked up to remove the need for ice entirely. If you are tight on space or are not able to commit to a tub location for a permanent ice bath set up, then the Ice Pod is the perfect solution.

Best Hot and Cold Tub: Polar Pod Chambrr

Man sitting in the Polar Pod Chambrr The Polar Pod Chambrr can also be purchased with or without their CHILLR addition to remove the need for ice. It has double-insulated reinforced walls to keep the tub at temperature with or without the CHILLR. If you do opt to purchase the CHILLR water cooler in addition to the polar pod you will not only get easily cold temperature-controlled water but also cleaner water and hot water if you want heath therapy as well. The CHILLR filters through an ozone and UV layer to keep your tub clean after each and every use. The only reason it does not come in as our best over all is because the Plunge offers all the same benefits in a much sleeker package.

Best Luxury Option: Renu Siberian Cold Plunge

Renue Cold Plunge If you are looking to pull out all the stops and spare no expense on your ice bath then the Renue Siberian is the way to go. They have thought of everything. The Siberian is their longest tub and can fit anyone up to 6 foot 6 without their feet touching the other end. It also comes in multiple color options with your choice of wood. It’s more than just design and length that sets this tub apart though, its high-flow chiller is quiet and efficient all while pumping an impressive 20-gallons per minute. Everything is built and assembled in the USA and the quality of this tub is unmatched if you truly want the best, this is it.

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Ice Baths FAQs

Are ice baths good for you?

Yes, ice baths have been proven to have countless health benefits for mental and physical health. They have been shown to reduce cortisol levels and inflammation to help aid in your mental well-being and muscle recovery.

How often should you ice bath?

Taking ice baths daily has become very popular but since there is no recommended limit, so long as your are healthy and limit your time in the ice bath to 3-5 mins at a time, then you can take ice baths as often as you like.

How long after ice bath can I shower?

There’s no danger to taking a shower immediately after and ice bath, however, it may reduce or eliminate some of the recovery benefits gained from taking and ice bath. Waiting 2 hours or more to take a shower after and ice bath will prevent this issue.

Should you stretch after ice bath?

Do not stretch immediately after an ice bath. Instead, wait for your body to heat back up prior to stretching to prevent injury.

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