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Every guys needs to own a few well-fitting and comfortable dress shirts. Dress shirts are a necessity for the office, date nights, weddings, and so much more. The problem is that many dress shirts aren’t made to fit muscular or athletic guys. Most brands either make a classic fit which is loose and baggy or a slim fit which is too tight and uncomfortable. But recently a number of brands have come out to address this issue by creating athletic fit dress shirts or sometimes called performance dress shirts. Athletic fit dress shirts are made to fit guys who have an athletic and/or muscular build. If you have a strong upper body and thin waist then these shirts are for you. They typically use performance fabrics, similar to a workout shirt, so that the shirts can fit closely to your body without being restrictive. If you are looking for an athletic fitting dress shirt then check out the list of my favorites below!

What are the best athletic fit dress shirts?

State and Liberty Athletic Fit Dress Shirt

Best Overall: State & Liberty

  • Accentuates the V-Taper

  • Darts in Back to Pull in Fabric

  • Stretchy and Breathable Material

Twillory Athletic Fit Dress Shirt Performance Blue

Twillory Tailor Fit Performance Shirt

  • Durable Resin Buttons

  • Reinforced Seams

  • Non-Wrinkle Material

Tapered Menswear Athletic Fit Dress Shrit

Tapered Menswear Tapered Fit Shirt

  • Hugs the Arms

  • 10″ Drop from Chest to Waist

  • Great Price  

Rhone Athletic Fit Dress Shirt

Rhone Commuter Slim Fit

  • Machine Washable

  • Hidden Button Collar

  • Anti-Oder Fabric

True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Proper Cloth Albini Performance Shirt

  • Solid Non See-Through White

  • Complimentary Size and Style Adjustments

  • High Quality Fabric

Mizzen and Main Athletic Fit Dress Shirt

Mizzen & Main Leeward Dress Shirt

  • Tapered Waist and Arms

  • Lots of Styles

  • Athletic Material

Butter Cloth Athletic Fit Dress Shirt

Buttercloth Long Sleeves

  • Buttery Soft Fabric

  • Built-in Collar Stays

  • 6-Way Stretch

Mugsy Athletic Fit Dress Shirt

Mugsy Oxford

  • Affordable Price

  • Lots of Room

  • Casual Design

Ministry of Supply Athletic Fit Dress Shirt

Ministry of Supply Slim Fit

  • Temperature Regulating Cloth

  • Sweat Wicking

  • Great for Active Commutes 

Best Overall: State & Liberty

State and Liberty Athletic Fit Dress Shirt

When it comes to premium athletic fit clothing, no brand does it better than State and Liberty. Founded by two athletes looking for dress clothes that fit them they started a new line of clothing that would shake up the industry. State & Liberty makes everything from athletic fit suits to chinos, and of course dress shirts. Their shirts have more room in the arms, chest, and shoulders with a tapered waist to help give you that v-shape taper. They also have darts in the back to help pull in excess fabric to ensure it hugs your body the exact way you want. These are some of my favorite shirts to wear and their stretch material makes it so I never feel restricted. They have tons of colors available as well so you can get a shirt that fits any outfit.

Twillory Tailor Fit Performance Shirt

Twillory Athletic Fit Dress Shirt Performance Blue
Twillory’s performance shirt was built with two things in mind, durability, and convenience. With reinforced seams and durable resin buttons you can buy a size to small, hit a PR in it and never tear a stitch. Their innovative non-wrinkle material makes this also one of the most convenient options on the market and will eliminate the need for ironing boards and dry cleaners. They have multiple fit options but I’m a fan of their tailored fit which gives you room in the arms and shoulders but cuts in at the torso. If you want something more fitted to the arms though you can always try out their extra slim fit.

Tapered Menswear Tapered Fit Shirt

Tapered Menswear Athletic Fit Dress Shrit The tapered fit shirt from Tapered Menswear is another great option. Their design features a 10-inch drop from shoulders to chest giving you an extreme taper from top to bottom. Their luxe cotton material is super comfortable and mobile as well so you don’t have to be worried about being restricted with such a tight-fitting shirt. One of the worst parts about buying fitted clothing is when it shrinks after the first wash. Tapered Menswears blend is designed to avoid this issue and although it does shrink slightly, they loosen up while being worn and after ironing.

Rhone Commuter Slim Fit

Rhone Athletic Fit Dress Shirt Rhone’s commuter slim fit shirt is great, not only for its fit but also cause it is machine wash friendly. They have brought their active wear technology to this shirt making it odor resistant and lightweight with a stretch fabric. While the shoulders may not be as broad on this cut as some of our other options this shirt certainly hugs the torso. Meaning if you have a narrower build with a ripped core this shirt is great for you!

Proper Cloth Albini Performance Shirt

Proper Cloth Athletic Fit Dress Shirt

If you are looking for a solid white shirt option I love Proper Cloths Albini shirt. Unlike most brands, their fabric is not see-through and is clearly high quality. They offer plenty of sizing options but if you get a size you feel doesn’t fit your needs you can get a complimentary resize free of charge or return it within 90 days for a full refund. Although you will have to pay for the quality its definitely worth it!

Mizzen & Main Leeward Dress Shirt

Mizzen and Main Athletic Fit Dress Shirt The Leeward Dress shirt from Mizzen and Main has a unique trim fit. Unlike most brands’ trim fits which only taper near the waist, their trim fit also slims up the arms and forearms while leaving room in the shoulders and chest. Their performance fabric is wrinkle-free and easy to care for.

Buttercloth Long Sleeves

Butter Cloth Athletic Fit Dress Shirt If you think you’ve heard of this brand, you’re not wrong, they were featured on and received and investment on the show Shark Tank. They have some of the most comfortable, stretchy, and easy-to-take-care-of fabrics I’ve ever experienced. They are super breathable and their slim fit is truly great for those who want a tighter more fitted look. The built-in collar stays are also a nice addition!

Mugsy Oxford

Mugsy Athletic Fit Dress Shirt If your looking strictly for comfort from your athletic fit dress shirt than Mugsy is a great option. They are affordably priced with lots of color options to match anything you can think of. They are made of a premium stretch material and have tons of room making them the perfect casual wear athletic fit dress shirt. Wear these untucked or tucked in for a comfortable and great-looking dress shirt. 

Ministry of Supply Slim Fit

Ministry of Supply Athletic Fit Dress Shirt If you tend to get hot in standard dress shirts than this is one to look at. With “NASA-grade temperature regulation” this shirt is bound to keep you cool and comfortable even in the most uncomfortable situations. They are also sweat-wicking so if you do happen to sweat this shirt won’t show it and will dry fast,

Athletic Fit Dress Shirt FAQs

What does athletic fit dress shirt mean?

In order for a shirt to be considered athletic fit is usually has one of or multiple of these three attributes. It is slimming through the torso with room in the shoulders and chest, it is made of performance material, and it is super comfortable to wear.

What is a performance dress shirt?

A performance dress shirt is a dress shirt that is made of stretchy performance material that is often moisture wicking and is perfect for long active commutes to work such as in a city. They are great to remain cool while looking professional.

What is the difference between slim fit and athletic fit dress shirts?

The primary difference is that slim-fit shirts tend to be tighter through the shoulders, chest, arms, and torso. Athletic fit shirts tend to be only slim through the torso since larger more muscular builds need room in their arms, shoulders, and chest.

How do I wash athletic fit dress shirts?

Any athletic fit shirt can be dry cleaned but some are also able to be machine washed. In this case always wash on cold and let hang dry or tumble dry depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

How to iron an athletic fit dress shirt?

Ironing and athletic fit dress shirt is the same as ironing any other dress shirt in your closet, except you should need to do it way less often. If you have a routine you like, stick to it, no need to change.

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