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Ahh St. Patrick’s Day…one of my favorite days of the year! There’s nothing like waking up before 8 am to slam Guinness and listen to The Dropkick Murphy’s on repeat. One of my favorite parts of the day every year is planning the outfit. I’ve gone with a lot of different St. Patrick’s Day outfits over the year and can say with confidence the shirt is the staple piece. Weather is a factor where I live (Chicago) so you have to layer accordingly. So whether you’re going for a warm shirt, stylish shirt, funny shirt, or something in between I’ve got you covered with a list of all my favorite St. Patrick’s Day shirts.

Our Favorites


Best Stylish Tee: Carhartt Shamrock Graphic Tee

  • Clean design
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Cream color with green graphic
Illinois Fighting Illini St. Patrick's Day green t shirt

Best for Sports Fans: FOCO Green College Tees

  • Multiple teams
  • Officially licensed
  • Showcase school pride

Best Long Sleeve: Green Corduroy Shirt by Mugsy

  • Unique
  • Warm & Cozy
  • Comfy AF

Best St Patricks Day T Shirts

Paddy's Irish Pub men's St. Patricks Day tee

Paddy’s Irish Pub

If you’re an Always Sunny fan you can’t pass up on this one right here. Representing the gang is the best way to show off your Irish pride. You’re guaranteed to get a lot of compliments with this shirt…and maybe even get into some debates on Bird Law.

Illinois Fighting Illini St. Patrick's Day green t shirt

FOCO College Logo Green T-Shirt

For those trying to relive the glory days of college FOCO has you covered with their officially licensed green St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts. The University of Illinois is where I first discovered how fun St. Patrick’s Day can be…well at U of I it was called Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day but nobody knew the difference. U of I, Virginia Tech, and Mizzou are a few of the teams they have in this style but click the link below to see if they have your alma mater.


Shamrock Graphic T-Shirt by Carhartt

If you’re going for the subtle stylish look this St. Paddy’s Day then check out this Carhartt Shamrock Tee. I love the faded look here and the green-on cream goes great with a pair of blue jeans and can be layered well with a bomber jacket, zip-up hoodie, or heavy coat depending on the weather.

Best Funny St. Patrick’s Day Shirts


Big Pat Energy St. Patrick’s Day Funny T-Shirt

If you’re coming in with that Big Pat Energy you’ll surely get some laughs. And, if not, at $18.99 it was worth a shot. That’s the cost of an Irish Car Bomb at some places so at least this will be your least expensive purchase of the day.

I'm Not Irish But I Drink Like I Am T-Shirt St.Patricks Day

I’m Not Irish But I Drink Like I Am T-Shirt St. Patrick’s Day

For all you non-Irish folk out there who like to party, this one’s for you. Straight to the point and available on Amazon…what more can you ask for?

St. Patrick's Day You Look Like I Need A Drink Beer Shamrock T-Shirt

St. Patrick’s Day You Look Like I Need A Drink Beer Shamrock T-Shirt

Trying to insult some people this St. Patrick’s Day? Welp…here’s the perfect shirt for you. Pretty funny shirt but definitely will need the right personality to be able to handle the sensitive folks out there who you may offend so wear with caution.

Best St. Patrick’s Day Long Sleeve Shirts


Green Corduroy Shirt by Mugsy

This long-sleeved green corduroy button-up shirt is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. If it’s 50 degrees or above you can rock this shirt open with a white tee underneath and you’ll look great and should be fine temperature-wise so long as the wind isn’t crazy. On a windier day or colder conditions toss a jacket or vest over the top and you’re good to go. Either way, you’re going to look and feel great with this shirt as it has the signature Mugsy stretch fit and is made with ultra-soft and velvety corduroy which will have you standing out from the crow.

Old Glory St. Patricks Day - Shamrock Flag Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Old Glory St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Flag Adult Long Sleeve Tee

I like this long-sleeve shirt from Old Glory. It’s solid dark green all around with a shamrock graphic with the Irish flag colors. Very simple and clean look. Also, it’s affordable at less than $25 and available on Amazon so you can get it quickly.

Guinness Official Merchandise Black Trademark Label Long Sleeve Mens Shirt Ireland Shirt | Irish Shirts for Men

Guinness Official Merchandise Black Trademark Label Long Sleeve

You can’t go wrong with an officially licensed Guinness long sleeve. The signature harp logo and Guinness text are an all-time classic. There is nothing to dislike about this shirt other than the fact that they only carry Large and XL on Amazon right now.

Men’s St. Patrick Day Shirts FAQ’s

Should you wear orange shirts on St. Patrick’s Day?

Although orange is in the Irish flag it wouldn’t make sense to wear it on St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s a quick history lesson about the Irish flag. The green in the Irish flag represents the Catholics and the orange represents the Protestants with the white in the middle representing peace between the two groups. That is why most people wear green on St. Patrick’s Day because green is the color for the Catholics who celebrate the saints while the Protestants do not.

Where is the best place to shop for St. Patrick’s Day shirts?

There are plenty of great places to shop for St. Patrick’s Day shirts but my personal favorite green shirts are from FOCO, Mugsy, and Carhartt. But if you explore Amazon you can find plenty of options or in early March most retail stores will have St. Patrick’s Day shirts for sale.

What pants should I wear with a St. Patrick’s Day shirt?

Typically, I go with a pair of dark blue jeans to pair with pretty much any St. Patrick’s Day outfit. My favorite jeans are from Mugsy because they are the most comfortable jeans on the planet.

Can I wear green pants on St. Patrick’s Day?

Yes, you can absolutely wear green pants for St. Patrick’s Day. However, if you’re going with green pants I’d recommend a white shirt. Green on green is definitely not it so don’t be that guy looking like a fool. Here is a list of our favorite green pants for men if that’s the vibe you’re going for.

What type of shoes should I wear with a St. Patrick’s Day shirt?

I love a pair of white leather sneakers for St. Patrick’s Day outfits. They go well with a green shirt and jeans or can work just as well with a white shirt and green pants. Also, the leather is clutch because it will keep your feet dry and warm plus if the weather is not great or if you are getting a ton of beer spilled on them it should wipe off pretty easy.

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