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When it comes to versatility a quality pair of jeans goes a long way for guys. Whether it’s going out with the boys, date night, casual Friday, or even formal events you can wear jeans for almost any occasion if styled appropriately. Denim jeans can be tough though for some guys. Particularly guys who have an athletic build. If you don’t miss leg day and have big thighs and a larger seat many jeans are either too loose and baggy or too tight and uncomfortable. That’s the beauty of athletic-fit jeans. They’re typically stretch jeans using performance fabrics and are tapered so that they both fit and look great. I only wear athletic-fit jeans these days so I have spent a lot of time finding the right brands and now I’m sharing them with you!

What are the best athletic fit jeans for men?

Mugsy Jeans Fulton Jeans

Best Overall: Mugsy Jeans Fulton

  • Stretch Fabric
  • Unique Mugsy Fit
  • Universal Color
Mott and Bow Slim Stone Jeans

Mott & Bow Slim Stone Jean

  • Medium Weight Breathable Fabric
  • Neutral and Edgey Color
  • Slim Thighs
DUER Athletic Fit Jeans

DU/ER Athletic Straight Fit Jean

  • Straight Leg Fit
  • Athletic Stretch Material
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric
Revtown Taper Fit Jeans

RevTown Taper Fit

  • Roomy Waist
  • Hugs Thighs and Calves
  • 4-Way Stretch Material
True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

The Perfect Jean Athletic Fit

  • Over 10 Colors
  • Tight Calves
  • Many Different Sizes
Levis Slim Fit Jeans

Levis 511 Slim Fit

  • Super Durable
  • Made Using Recycled Polyester
  • Machine Washable

Mugsy Jeans Fultons

Mugsy Jeans Fulton Jeans My absolute favorite pair of jeans is the Fultons by Mugsy. If you aren’t familiar with Mugsy then definitely check out our Mugsy Jeans review. TLDR… they basically are the OGs of stretch-fit jeans and make the most comfortable jeans in the game. The Fultons are the perfect colorway to go with pretty much anything. They aren’t a light wash but not quite a dark wash just that perfect everyday wear pair of jeans. Stretchy, fit great, machine washable, and reasonably priced. Get yourself a pair of Fultons and you won’t be disappointed.

Mott & Bow Slim Stone Jean

Mott and Bow Slim Stone Jeans Mott and Bow’s Slim Stone Jeans are great for those who don’t want the typical blue jeans look and instead want something more neutral and edgy. They are made, partly, of an elastic material so their slim fit will hug thighs helping to make your legs look jacked without restricting movement. They have a medium-weight fabric which helps to make them breathable so you can even wear them on hotter days. They are pricy but that’s what comes with quality so if you want a great pair of grey jeans that will slim you up, these are for you.

DU/ER Athletic Straight Fit Jean

DUER Athletic Fit Jeans DU/ER is a brand focused on making great fitting and looking apparel for active men. Although all of their jeans are great I chose to highlight their athletic straight jean for men who want the movement and stretch material of athletic jeans with the classic straight-leg fit. These are roomy and comfortable, without being too baggy or loose in the waist. They come in two shades of blue and black so no matter what top you want to wear DU/ER’s athletic jeans have a color that will match.

RevTown Taper Fit

Revtown Taper Fit Jeans It is an important aspect of athletic fit jeans that they hug your thighs with a nice taper but also give you ample room in the thighs and waste to move comfortably. RevTown’s taper fit jeans where designed specifically with this in mind. It has a 4-way athletic stretch material that makes these jeans feel extra comfortable and ready for anything.

The Perfect Jean Athletic Fit

The Perfect Jean Athletic Fit While many brands have one or two jeans that could be classified as “Athletic Fit”, The Perfect Jean has an entire section on their site dedicated to this fit with 10+ different colors and styles to fit your taste. These jeans are perfect, no pun intended, for large thighs to give you room where needed and tight calves to help show off your gym gains. 

Levis 511 Slim Fit

Levis Slim Fit Jeans Levi is not new to the jean game, in fact, they invented them. With literally hundreds of years of experience at their back, they know what people want in a jean and my personal go-to is the 511 slim fit. Their slim fit is noticeably different from skinny jeans, which they also make. Since they still feature a straight leg and stretch material giving you the movement you need and the durability of a jean. They come in plenty of colors and taper but the straight leg takes the cake for me, give these a try!

Athletic Fit Jeans FAQs

What is athletic fit in jeans?

Athletic fit jeans typically feature a fitted waste that is tapered around the calves. What sets them apart from skinny jeans is that they have room in the thighs and typically a stretch material so you can retain active while in them.

What is the difference between regular and athletic fit jeans?

Typically regular jeans are very roomy, can be stiff, and don’t have the same tapered fit. Athletic jeans provide the same room through the thighs but a more tapered fit with a stretchier material.

Are athletic fit jeans looser than slim fit jeans?

It mostly depends on the brand. With some brands slim fit and athletic fit are interchangeable terms but for clothes athletic fit jeans are much looser. Be sure to look at the size requirements before purchasing an be familiar with the brands offerings to see if they offer slim and athletic fit.

Is athletic fit the same as relaxed fit jeans?

No, absolutely not. Athletic fit jeans are very different from relaxed fit jeans. Athletic fit jeans are made for athletic body types with big muscular thighs and glutes. Relaxed fit jeans are typically looser and wider and aren’t tapered the way athletic fit jeans are. Another key distinction is that most good athletic jeans will utilize performance fabric blends so that they offer a stretch fit for added comfort.

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