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Modern fashion is defined by well fitting high quality apparel that not only looks good, but also shows off your physique. Although many traditional formal clothing manufacturers have not caught up to the trend, modern fashion houses have popped up to cater to the modern mans style tastes. These brands have managed to merge the elegant look of high end fashion norms, with the modern slim fit designs of todays popular clothes. If you are regularly hit the gym and hat how formal attire hides your physique then these brands are definitely worth a look. Check out what, in my opinion, are the best athletic fit suit brands on the market below!

What are the best athletic fit suits for men?

State and Liberty Black Athletic Fit Suit

Best Overall: State and Liberty Athletic Fit Suit

  • Built for Athletes
  • Flexible Stretch Material
  • Slimming Fit
Proper Cloth Suit

Proper Cloth

  • High Qutality Material

  • Unique Fabrics

  • Classic Designs

SuitShop Suit


  • Affordable Price

  • Unique Colors

  • Eco Friendly Material

Indochino Suit


  • Custom Tailored

  • Fast Shipping

  • Great Customer Service

Best Overall: State and Liberty

State and Liberty Black Athletic Fit Suit State and Liberty’s athletic fit stretch suits absolutely top the list and for good reason. Firstly, their made of a high stretch material that manages to look just as good as any traditional suit, but offers the additional benefit of having the same ease of movement as most sweatpants and hoodies. Their suits are specifically tapered to cut in at the torso while giving room in the chest and thighs, for the athletic build. I personally love the way the hug my biceps without restricting my movement. They do offer tailoring services with ample room in each suit to customize it specifically for your build and taste. Although they may not have been around as long as traditional brands they easily match their quality without the stuck up heritage and unwillingness to change their ways. If you are an athlete or regular gym goer looking for a new suit definitely check out State and Liberty.

 Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth Suit Proper Cloth is probably the closest thing on our list to a classic, heritage suit brand. They use extremely high-end materials like merino wool to ensure high-quality suits with superior comfort. They also have unique color options and fabrics like corduroy suits, which can help you stand out. Although they are one of the more expensive options on this list, if you need a very high-end suit, that is also going to show off your physique this is one of my go-to brands!


SuitShop Suit If you are looking for a great suit on a budget SuitShop is my number one pick. They offer both traditional looks and unique modern colors that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Their modern fit would be my choice for muscular guys but if you have a slimmer appearance you can purchase their slim fit for a more tailored look. Their suits are made with an eco friendly stretch material which makes them not only one of the most comfortable male suits around but also one of the most ethical. If you are on a budget definitely check this brand out!


  Indochino Suit Indochino popped up a few years ago and completely changed the way men shop for formal clothing. They made finding bespoke fitting suits affordable and easy. They only sell tailored suits both online and in store. You can either shop online and get measured using their specialized online system or go to a store near you and get fit by a tailor. Since each suit you buy from them is custom fit they are perfect for athletic builds looking for suits that fit well without restricting movement.

Athletic Fit Suit FAQ’s

What is Athletic Fit Suits?

Athletic fit suits are the answer to all the issues with modern slim fit suits. Slim fit is great if you are skinny but what if you are a guy with a muscular build? This is the question that athletic fit suits answer. They have more room in the thigh, chest, and arms while still being cut through the torso to give a slimming look.

Is a $200 Suit Worth It?

If you can find a $200 suit you like, that is a great deal. Most suits start at $400+ and can go to insane prices from some of the most famous fashion houses in the world. Most of the time $200 suits are limited use and will be of questionable quality.

What is a muscle fit suit?

Historically, suits are not very freindly for bodybuilders and gym goers. The muscle fit suit is a new suit cut that highlights muscular bodies without being to restricting.

What is a Modern Fit Suit?

Modern fit suits are typically slightly slimmer than traditional fitting suits but not quite as tight as slim fit suits.

Is Athletic Fit the Same as Slim Fit?

Athletic fit is not the same as slim fit. Slim fit offers a much more tight fitting suit. It is perfect for those who are super skinny but more muscular men will want an athletic fit suit. It still offers a slimming look but provides room where necessary.

What Suit is Best for a Muscular Man?

My favorite brand for muscular men is State and Liberty. They not only have great suit options but, in fact, their whole suit of clothing from over coats to button ups is built for muscular men. They have a great flex material that is super comfortable and perfect for muscular builds!

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