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There are but a few menswear staples that have a true sense of cool about them, like the denim jacket or the lace-up work boot. These pieces are functional and essential for the well-dressed guy, but they’ve also got that “It” factor. And aviator sunglasses have also long had that “It” factor, which is precisely why you need a pair in your rotation. Trusted by everyone from real-life pilots to stylish guys to Tom Cruise in Top Gun, they’re a bold, timeless eyewear selection – lucky for you, we picked out our favorite pairs here.

What are the best aviator sunglasses for men?

Tomahawk Shades Troopers

Best Overall: Tomahawk Shades Troopers

  • Extremely affordable price
  • Made with polarized lenses
  • Frames are crafted from durable stainless steel
Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Best for Classic Style: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

  • Timeless style known across the world
  • Available in multiple lens and frame combinations
  • Affordably priced for their quality and history
Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

Best for Authentic Looks: Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

  • Style worn by the military and later produced for the general public
  • Highly durable frames made with quality materials
  • Frames are made in America
Sunksi Shoreline Sunglasses

Best for Everyday Casual Style: Sunski Shoreline Sunglasses

  • Highly affordable, sub-$50 frames
  • Durable design made for the outdoors
  • Produced with highly UV-resistant lenses
True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Best for Unique Personal Style: Opolis Optics Champlain Sunglasses

  • Bright blue frames offer distinctive look
  • Contrasting lenses deliver unique style, too
  • Design is lightweight and durable as well as stylish
Maui Jim PolarizedPlus Sunglasses

Best for Polarized Performance: Maui Jim Kaupo Gap PolarizedPlus Aviator Sunglasses

  • Standout style from a long-running brand
  • Made with next-level polarized protection
  • Protects from plenty of UV rays
Oakley Latch Beta Sunglasses

Best Aviator Sunglasses for the Outdoors: Oakley Latch Beta Sunglasses

  • Made with Oakley’s renowned performance DNA

  • Suitable for most outdoor pursuits, like hiking

  • Designed with exceptionally lightweight frames

Gresso Titanium Sunglasses

Best Aviator Sunglasses for Innovative Design: Gresso Falcon Titanium Sunglasses

  • Futuristic design that improves upon the classic aviator

  • Engineered to be nearly weightless

  • Made with a no-slip fit and 100% UV protection

ROKA Falcon Square Aviator Sunglasses

Best Square Aviator Sunglasses: ROKA Falcon Square Aviators

  • Square design is a stylish change of pace

  • Fairly priced either on sale or at a discount

  • Made with plenty of performance features, including lightweight frames

GUCCI Aviator Sunglasses

Best for Luxury Style: GUCCI Eyewear Aviator Sunglasses

  • Instantly recognizable designer style

  • Bold look that sets your #OOTD apart from the pack

  • Premium quality at a lower luxury price tag than expected

Best Overall: Tomahawk Shades Troopers Sunglasses

  Tomahawk Shades Troopers The best aviator sunglasses should ideally be the total package, so to speak. That is to say, if you can find aviator sunglasses for men that offer up sleek, classic style at an affordable price, using quality materials, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Tomahawk Shades delivers aviator sunglasses for well under $100 and uses sharp gunmetal frames and “Smoke” lenses for an impossibly cool, modern look. These are year-round aviator shades to wear with everything from a henley to a flannel shirt.

Best for Classic Style: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator SunglassesIt wouldn’t be a guide to the best aviator sunglasses without mentioning Ray-Ban, right? The same frames as worn famously by Tom Cruise in Top Gun have absolute legions of history behind them, with style that’s lasted through the decades. They’re also available in a wide range of frame and lens color combinations for the ultimate in personal style. And they also retail for less than $200 at full price, a savings rate that’s hard to beat.

Best for Authentic Looks: Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

Randolph Aviator SunglassesWhile Ray-Ban sunglasses and other styles of the best aviator sunglasses are worn consistently by stylish guys, Randolph frames have truly authentic military pedigree. The company was contracted decades ago to produce military-spec sunglasses, and they’ve done so using USA-made production processes. They’re now a trusted brand for fashion aficionados as well as real-world pilots. And its frames remain incredibly recognizable, durable and incredibly well-crafted. That alone makes them worth the higher price tag.

Best for Everyday Casual Style: Sunski Shoreline Sunglasses

  Sunksi Shoreline SunglassesSure, the best men’s aviator sunglasses are a tried-and-true pick you can wear just about every single day, with about anything in your menswear rotation. But sometimes, you want something ultra-casual and even a touch rugged, particularly for days at the beach. Sunski designs its aptly named Shoreline Sunglasses with those pursuits in mind, using polarized 100% full-spectrum UV protection lenses and lightweight polymer frames. These are sunglasses you can knock around a bit without worrying too much about them, and we appreciate that sort of value and durability.

Best for Unique Personal Style: Opolis Optics Champlain Sunglasses

Opolis Optics Sunglasses Aviator sunglasses offer up timeless, utterly versatile style that works as hard as you do, but it’s sometimes nice to shake things up from the norm. Accessories are an essential part of that equation, including aviator frames that deliver variety in spades. Opolis Optics uses a thicker frame, a straight nose bridge and vivid colors in its highly distinctive pair of aviators. Plus, the lenses are scratch-resistant for all manner of pursuits on the water.

Best for Polarized Performance: Maui Jim Kaupo Gap PolarizedPlus Aviator Sunglasses

Maui Jim PolarizedPlus Sunglasses Each pair of the best aviator sunglasses in your consideration set should have additional bells and whistles that make ‘em worth wearing. Take polarized lenses, which shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. Those sort of lenses are practically a must these days, and Maui Jim goes the extra mile with this functional, stylish set. These are ready for the beach, for BBQs and for days on the ocean, all without missing a beat in terms of style points.

Best Aviator Sunglasses for the Outdoors: Oakley Latch Beta Sunglasses

Oakley Latch Beta SunglassesAviator sunglasses, aside from their aviation roots, are more so known for their role as a style icon than a pair of shades made for rough-and-tumble performance. That changes in the hands of Oakley, which makes a lightweight, rugged pair of frames you can wear all throughout the great outdoors. While you should wear more classic Oakley sport sunglasses for running and sports like cycling or beach volleyball, these high-bridge frames feature lightweight, comfortable, go-anywhere design for the trail to the town.

Best Aviator Sunglasses for Innovative Design: Gresso Falcon Titanium Sunglasses

Gresso Titanium SunglassesThe aviator silhouette, with its oversized lenses and easy visibility from side to side, proved extremely useful in stressful in-flight situations (to say the least). GRESSO took that functionality to hear with its Falcon Sunglasses, which use Japanese titanium and an impressive near-weightless design. Its ZEISS lenses offer 100 percent UV protection, and the nose pads and temple tips provide a no-slip fit. These sunglasses are some of the most innovative men’s aviator sunglasses on the market, and they’ll last you for years to come.

Best Square Aviator Sunglasses: ROKA Falcon Square Aviators

ROKA Falcon Square Aviator SunglassesAviator sunglasses are best known for their circular, teardrop design, but ROKA produces a pair that swerves from the norm ever so slightly. The square aviator is somewhat less common in the market, but no less essential for the stylish man to consider. And ROKA designs its frames with performance in mind, going so far as to turn the aviator into a no-slip design you can even wear while running. The ultra-lightweight frame and lenses are about as good as it gets as you search high and low for the best aviator sunglasses – at least, that’s what we think.

Best for Luxury Style: GUCCI Eyewear Aviator Sunglasses

GUCCI Aviator SunglassesThe aviator frame has hard-working, hard-wearing roots, but some designers have turned the silhouette into a luxe wardrobe addition over the years. The list goes on and on, but GUCCI produces a fairly reasonably priced take on the aviator frame (at least, as far as GUCCI is concerned). These are sleek, premium and refined in every way possible. Wear them with your finest suit all day long.

Aviator Sunglasses FAQ’s

What face shape is best for aviator sunglasses?

Aviator sunglasses work best with most face shapes, but oval face shapes tend to work best with aviator sunglasses. The wider frame style and large lenses suit oval face shapes nicely as far as the best aviator sunglasses are concerned. 

What brand of aviator sunglasses do pilots wear?

Pilots tend to trust many brands of aviator sunglasses, but pilots wear aviators from companies like Randolph Engineering. The brand makes its shades in the USA and had a military-spec contract for producing the style through the years. 

Are aviator sunglasses in style 2023?

Aviator sunglasses are definitely in style in 2023. There are many types of frame designs that come and go, but the teardrop lens and wide frame of aviators works well with many face shapes. Plus, the design can be dressed up or dressed down just about any day of the week. 

What is the best color for aviator sunglasses?

Aviator sunglasses are at their most stylish in shades like gunmetal and gold, with dark lenses. Dark grey or blue lenses work especially well with gold or dark bronze-colored frames. Black frames and gunmetal lenses are also a stylish choice for the best aviator sunglasses. 

Who can pull off aviator sunglasses?

Aviator sunglasses can be pulled off by just about anybody, but they work well with rugged picks like a bomber jacket and a henley, or else dressy styles like a navy or khaki suit. Aviator sunglasses are a timeless choice that can be worn by younger or older guys in equal measure. 

How do I choose a pair of aviator sunglasses?

The best aviator sunglasses are all about finding the right size for your face shape. Most aviator sunglasses come with different lenses sizes, including small, medium and large (up to 58mm lens size, usually). Large lenses work well with wider or oval faces, while smaller lenses work well with less round or oval faces. 

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