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Chinos are, without a doubt, a workhorse in your wardrobe. They’re more polished and office-ready than most pairs of jeans, they’re perfectly suitable for date night, and in the right fabric, they can feel as light and breathable as just about any pair of pants you wear regularly. The best black chinos for men will do you one better, though. Black is a sleek, dressy color you can wear with practically anything else in your wardrobe, from a pocket tee to a chambray shirt or a navy blazer.

What are the best black chinos for men?

State and Liberty Athletic Fit Black Chinos

State and Liberty Tech Chinos

  • Designed for guys with athletic legs
  • Made with technologically advanced stretch fabric
  • Dressy enough for the office or date night
Mugsy Brooks Black Chinos

Mugsy Brooks Chinos

  • Super-stretchy fabric
  • More than 1 thousand positive reviews
  • Available in waist sizes up to 44”
Lululemon ABC Trousers in Black

Lululemon ABC Chinos

  • Designed with extra room in the seat and groin for comfort
  • Made with a hidden zipper pocket for EDC functionality
  • Features stretchy, trademark Lululemon performance fabric

Best Overall: Mugsy Brooks Black Chino Pants

Mugsy Brooks Black Chinos

Mugsy chinos are a revelation for all guys who want the polished style of chinos with plenty of comfort built right in. And there’s a reason why these chinos are so well-reviewed: It all comes down to the ultra-stretchy fabric, which moves with you and holds its shape through plenty of all-day wear. 

The washed black color here is also a nice bonus, since it’s visually interesting and also closer to charcoal: That makes it as versatile as any pair of pants in your wardrobe, so consider picking up a Mugsy polo or blazer for the ultimate in business casual or date night style.

Best Athletic Fit Black Chino: State and Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Tech Chinos

State and Liberty Athletic Fit Black Chinos


State and Liberty very nearly has the market cornered when it comes to clothing made for athletically built guys. Its suits are polished and ready for the office or a wedding, and its chinos can go just about anywhere you need them to go, too. The key is the four-way stretch performance blend fabric, designed to keep you cool while breathing easily. They’re also wrinkle-resistant and built with handy pockets to hold your EDC essentials on the go.

Best Slim Fit Black Chino: Lululemon ABC Slim Trousers

Lululemon ABC Trousers in Black


Lululemon likely has you outfitted for the gym or for the open road with ease, as its performance gear works well for training or travel. For all those times you’re back home and want a sense of comfort and polish from a trusted brand, Lululemon steps up for your 9-to-5 with its trademark technology. The key is the super-durable yet stretchy Warpstreme fabric, plus handy features like a zipper pocket for your EDC. Even better is the fact that they’re cut with room to move in the seat and groin (hence the “ABC” tag).

Best Everyday Black Chino: Flint and Tinder 365 Pants


Flint and Tinder 365 Pants

Flint and Tinder, part of the Huckberry lineup, designed its 365 Pants with all-day, every-day versatility in mind. The style splits the difference between chinos and jeans, but makes use of a stretch cotton blend for durability – and a soft touch, of course. There are also more colors and sizes than you can shake a stick at, each priced just below $100. Washed Black tends to sell quickly, but the brand’s Charcoal option is also right at home in the same way you’d wear a pair of the best black chinos for men.

Best Durable Chinos: On Explorer Pants

On Explorer Pants


Now, is a chino-style pant going to be your first choice in terms of adventure pants? Not always, but chinos have a rich history as a pant made for action (chino fabric was used to make cotton twill pants for the military). For times when you want to pack light by bringing only a minimal pair of black pants, reach for a pair made from durable performance fabric. They even feature side slash pockets, not unlike traditional chinos, and the black color makes them suitable to wear back in town, off the trail, too.

Best Performance Black Chinos: Nordstrom CoolMax Performance Chinos

Nordstrom Slim Fit CoolMax Chinos


You can trust Nordstrom to design gear that looks good on lots of guys, including chinos made with performance fabric. Chino fabric used to be heavy and uncomfortable, but Nordstrom has lightened things up considerably by using a moisture-wicking twill material. The design is comfortable and polished enough to wear on the golf course or at the 19th hole, but these would also be a nicely tailored pair of pants to wear on a weekend day date or at the office.

Best Skinny Fit Black Chinos: Open Edit Skinny Fit Stretch Chinos

Open Edit Skinny Fit Chino Pants


There’s something about the best black chinos, or black pants in general, that gives off a vibe as edgy as it is classic. The right pair of black chinos matches up with just about anything, but when worn in an ultra-skinny fit, they can even be dressed down with a black leather moto jacket. It’s a look perfected by rock stars, but if you’re tall and slim enough to pull it off, you can make it your own. And the even better part is, with this pair from Open Edit, you can do so while saving some serious cash.

Best Elastic Waist Black Chino Pants: Treasure & Bond Elastic Waist Twill Chino Pants

Treasure _ Bond Elastic Waist Pants


Comfort is king these days, especially for days when you’ve got to return from the office after some time spent working from home. No matter the case – on the road, at the office, back at home – you can still nail down some sharp style by way of the best black chinos. The secret here? If you’re able to wear a polo or a well-fitting shirt you can rock untucked, no one will be any the wiser that your black chino pants in fact have a super-comfortable elastic drawstring waist. Not a bad style hack, right?

Best Workwear Black Chino Pants: Carhartt Work In Progress Sid Chino Pants

Carhartt WIP Black Chino Pants


Who said chino pants are only suitable for meetings at the office? If your job, or any of your off-duty pursuits, take you to job sites and factories, then maintaining a sense of polish with added functionality is crucial. That tricky balance is the name of the game for Carhartt, which used its trend-forward Work In Progress line to craft a durable yet cool-looking pair of cotton twill chino pants. The material can stand up to just about anything, and these also feature classic Carhartt features like added stitching reinforcement.

Best Classic Black Chino Pants: J. Crew Classic Chino Pants

J. Crew Black Chino Pants

It’s like we’ve said before: No matter what your wardrobe needs, there’s a very good chance that J. Crew can help fill that space in your closet. The famed American menswear brand offers up a massive array of styles in every category, from slim-fit chinos to more timeless options like these aptly named Classic Chino Pants. For under $100, these offer up some serious bang for your buck, from the relaxed-classic fit to the deep black color and soft fabric.

Best Casual Black Chino Pants: Madewell Slim CoolMax Chino Pants

Madewell CoolMax Chino Pants

Chino pants are naturally dressy by nature, but the market for the best black chino pants features some options these days that are more laidback. This Madewell pair is a fine example of a slightly more easygoing pair of chino pants, all thanks to the faded black wash. They’re still loaded with performance details, like a CoolMax fabric for lightweight breathability, plus plenty of stretch for when you want to move comfortably from the office to post-work happy hour – no change of pants required.

Best Black Selvedge Chinos: Todd Snyder Relaxed Fit Selvedge Chinos in Black

Todd Snyder Black Selvedge Chinos

Todd Snyder has, over the years, turned his experience and expertise at J. Crew and Ralph Lauren into one of the country’s finest menswear brands, but hopefully, you knew that already. If not, be prepared to be amazed at the splurge-worthy quality that Snyder & co. have put into these stylish Japanese selvedge chinos. The key is the durable yet supple Japanese selvedge fabric, which is made on a traditional loom in a nod to vintage production techniques. The end result is a pair of stylish black chinos worth the higher price tag.

Best for the Office: Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos

Bonobos has long had plenty going for it in terms of its chinos – they’re the style that the New York company was founded on, after all. Its Stretch Washed Chinos quickly grew to become the stuff of legend, with a flattering fit that all guys could stand to use in their wardrobe. They still offer a huge range of fits and sizes for every body type, and the fabric is now even softer – while still looking polished and plenty ready for the office. You very well might want a pair of Bonobos pants for every day of the week.

Best Value Black Chinos for Men: Save Khaki Straight-Leg Drawstring Black Chinos

Save Khaki Black Drawstring Chinos


What makes these Save Khaki black chinos such a great value? There’s plenty. While they might be priced similarly to other pairs of our favorite black chinos, Save Khaki specializes in chino pants, and they’re made from a soft, high-quality cotton poplin fabric. The fabric is next-level, but details like a comfortable drawstring waist make them even more of a steal. Plus, these chinos would wear well with everything from a grey pocket tee to a crisp Oxford shirt at the office, and that’s the sort of value every guy needs.

Best Throwback Black Chinos for Men: Abercrombie ‘90s Modern Straight Fit Chinos

Abercrombie _90s Modern Straight Chinos


The ‘90s called, and they want their chinos back. Or rather, Abercrombie is more than happy to let you rock its straight-fit chinos in a fit that nods to the ‘90s. The key here is the flattering straight-leg cut, which works well with rugged work boots, chukka boots or even when rolled up atop high-top canvas sneakers. The fabric blend is 60 percent cotton that’s finished with plenty of stretch, so most guys should feel more than comfortable wearing these super-sharp, versatile black chinos from day to night.

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Who Makes the Best Overall Black Chinos? 

If we had to put money on it, we’d say Mugsy makes the best overall black chinos on the market.  The fabric is super-soft and stretchy yet durable, while the fit is flattering on every guy. Plus, its chinos wear as casually as jeans, but can be dressed up with a polo or Oxford shirting. 

Who Makes the Best Slim Fit Black Chino?

Fit is crucial with chinos, especially as you look for a pair of black chinos with a flattering slim fit. In that case, Lululemon’s Slim Fit ABC Chino – featuring proprietary stretch fabric and a tailored look – is the best slim-fit black chino on the market. 

What is the Best Athletic Fit Black Chino?

When athletic fit menswear is the name of the game, it’s got to be State and Liberty. The company’s athletic fit tech chinos are made for guys with bigger thighs, and the black version of its athletic fit chinos is sure to fit just about everyone who could use it. 

Which Black Chinos are Best for the Office?

Black chinos are one of your secret weapons as you dress in style for the office. Bonobos makes the best black chinos for the office, in our opinion, using stretchy yet durable fabric and a wide range of flattering fits. 

Do I Need a Pair of Black Chinos?

We certainly say that yes, every guy could use a pair of black chinos. They’re a style upgrade from casual black jeans, they can work well on date nights or when styled correctly at the office, and they come in a range of technical, soft, stretchy fabric for the modern man. 

How Should I Style Black Chinos?

Styling black chinos doesn’t have to be boring or intimidating – we think the best black chinos are some of the most versatile pants a guy can own. Style your black chinos for the office with a simple blue Oxford shirt and white sneakers for a mix of high-low style. Feel free to wear your favorite black chinos with a grey T-shirt, tan boots and a casual quarter-zip or crewneck sweater for breezy fall weekend style.


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