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A great pair of blue chinos is an essential mens clothing item that every guy must have. When an occasion is too formal for jeans yet not formal enough for a full blown suit, blue chinos sit right in the middle and offer a comfortable and sophisticated look that will help you stand out from the crowd. Finding a brand that offers a great color and fit can be difficult but after years of searching, I believe I have found the answer. Check out my top 5 picks for the best blue chinos for men below.

What are the best blue chinos for men?

Mugsy Blue Chinos

Best Overall: Morgans by Mugsy

  • Supreme Comfort
  • Super Flexible Material
  • Classic Look
State and Liberty Blue Chinos

State and Liberty: Athletic Fit Stretch Tech Chino 

  • Designed for Athletic Builds

  • Stretch Fit

  • Hidden Zip Pocket

Lululemon Blue Chinos

Lululemon: ABC Slim-Fit 5 Pocket Pant 34″ Utilitech

  • Abrasion-Resistance Fabric

  • Reflective Inner Stitching

  • Slim FIt Cut

Bonobos Blue Chinos

BONOBOS: Stretch Washed Chino 2.0

  • Available in 5 Fits

  • Vibrant Blue Color

  • Moisture Wicking Fabric

True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

AG’s: Everett SUD

  • Unique Sued Fabric

  • Premium Muted Color

  • Super Breathable

Best Overall: Morgans by Mugsy

  Mugsy Blue Chinos There’s a lot to love when it comes to the Mugsy Morgans chino pants. I can tell you with confidence that you will not find a more comfortable pair of chinos than these. They feel like they were tailored just for me. They’re incredibly soft, flexible, and the fit is spot on featuring a slight taper without being too constricting. These blue chinos are the kind of color that pairs effortlessly with almost anything in your closet and can transition through every season. They’re definitely my go-to choice when looking for pants that are both comfortable and effortlessly stylish.

State and Liberty: Athletic Fit Stretch Tech Chino 

State and Liberty Blue Chinos These athletic-fit stretch tech chinos from State & Liberty nail the balance between polished and relaxed, keeping you comfortable while impressing effortlessly.
State & Liberty makes it possible to showcase the hard work you put in on leg day, without sacrificing your comfort in these athletic-fit navy chinos. These chinos are incredibly versatile and can take you from the office, to happy hour, and to the green on the weekends. They are made using State & Liberty’s signature performance – stretch, moisture-wicking fabric and are the perfect tailored fit – offering more room in the seat and thigh while tapering at the ankle. These chinos also come with excess fabric in the hem, allowing you to choose your perfect length.

Lululemon: ABC Slim-Fit 5 Pocket Pant 34″ Utilitech

  Lululemon Blue Chinos I like these blue chinos from lululemon because they have a nice crisp navy gocoor. Goes well with a lot of different outfits, They have abrasion resistant fabric which is great for those nights out when you are being reckless. When spending on a quality pair you want to make sure they are going to lat and these definitely will.

BONOBOS: Stretch Washed Chino 2.0

  Bonobos Blue Chinos These Bonobos chinos stand out from the other options with their light blue color, offering a different look. They stand out not only because of their light blue color, but also because they are offered in five different types of fit; tailored, slim taper, slim, athletic, and straight allowing the customer to choose what style suits them best.

AG’s: Everett SUD

AG Blue Chinos AG is on a simple mission, create some of the best pants on the market. In my opinion, they are living up to that goal. They have some of the most comfortable chinos I have worn to this day. I love their sued material but they also have options for those who like more traditional chinos. They have super vibrant colors, with many blue colors to choose from. I like the darker blue but if you want a light blue pair they have those as well. Unfortunately, I can’t only sing their praises cause quality comes with a cost. These are some of the most expensive chinos you can purchase short of a boutique Italian dealer, but if you have the cash, they are definitely worth it.

Blue Chinos FAQ’s

What color shirts to wear with blue chinos?

Keeping a neutral color is always my go to when I am wearing pant colors that are not black or white. I love a white or brown shirt with matching shoes to let the pants do most of the work.

What color shoes to wear with blue chinos?

Make sure that your shoes match your shirt, belt, or pants. That is always a good rule of thumb. I also like to wear either loafers or boots with my chinos, just depends on your taste.

What brands make the best blue chinos?

Mugsy, State and Liberty, and AG are just a few of my favorite brands, each of them are listed above. But check out the rest of the list and brands to find which suits your taste.

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