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Crossfit is the most popular fitness movement to ever sweep the nation or even the world. That popularity has created more than just a health movement but a combined diet and fashion movement to fit the all-encompassing lifestyle that CrossFit promotes. This can leave newcomers wondering what the best CrossFit apparel is. One of the most important clothing items for CrossFit is a great shirt. After years of doing CrossFit, below are my top 5 picks for the best CrossFit shirts for men.

What are the best crossfit shirts for men?

WOLACO Crossfit Shirt

Best Overall: WOLACO Clinton Long Sleeve

  • Breathable Material
  • Natural Fiber
  • Set Back Shoulder
Twillory Performance Tee

Twillory Men’s Performance Tee

  • Moisture Wicking
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Tailored Fit
SAXX Crossfit Tee

SAXX All Day Aerator Short Sleeve

  • Unique Pattern
  • Athletic Fit
  • Flat Out Seams
Rogue Crossfit Tee

Rogue Basic Shirt

  • 50-50 Cotton/Polyester Blend
  • Classic Design
  • Signature Rogue Branding
True All Day Knit Golf Cleats


  • Reflective Logo
  • Flatlock Seams
  • Lightweight Fabric

Best Overall: WOLACO Clinton Long Sleeve

WOLACO Crossfit Shirt There is a saying in the fitness industry “Look good, lift good” and with WOLACO’s Clinton Long Sleeve you have no excuse to not have a great lift. Their featherweight fabric is super breathable and flexible to give you all the range of motion you need despite being a long-sleeved shirt. I am also a big fan of their setback shoulder cut which helps to define your upper body and makes your arms and shoulders look jacked even pre-pump. If you have never bought anything from WOLACO, this shirt is a great way to experience why I love this brand so much!

Twillory Men’s Performance Tee

Twillory Performance Tee Twillory doesn’t get caught up in some of the nonsense other brands do to try and stay ahead of the competition. Instead, they focus on making the best simple clothing you can buy for an affordable price, and they do it better than anyone. Twillory’s Performance Tee comes in multiple colors and has a tailored fit that is slimming and cut to help you really show off your pump in the gym. They are moisture-wicking and wrinkle resistant making them one of the easiest “throw on and walk out the door” options for anyone looking to squeeze in a workout into an already busy schedule.

SAXX All Day Aerator Short Sleeve

SAXX Crossfit Tee SAXX is a brand mainly known for creating some of the most comfortable underwear for men. What many people don’t know is that as they have grown they have taken all of their knowledge on creating comfortable and breathable fabrics and put it into some amazing tee shirts. The All Day Aerator is called that for a reason it is super breathable and can be worn all day long as one of the most comfortable shirts in your wardrobe.

Rogue Basic Shirt

  Rogue Crossfit Tee Rogue is a brand that simply knows what guys want in the gym, from equipment all the way down to clothing. I am a big fan of the brand and their Basic Shirt is an affordable way to get a great shirt from a trusted brand. I am a big fan of the all-black but they have lots of color combinations to fit whatever style you want in the gym. I am also a big fan of the way they cut their sleeves to really hug your biceps right at the end of your shoulder which helps make your shoulder and biceps look bigger. Definitely check out Rogues Basic Shirt, especially if you are on a tight budget.


NOBULL Crossfit Tee Built specifically for cross-fitters, NOBULL has a full suit of clothing and accessories meant to help you elevate your performance and confidence. Their NOBULL TEE features flatlock seams to reduce chafing and reflective branding for late-night runners. I am not sure I have ever worn a shirt that feels just as solidly built as this one either. I feel like I could wear it for years and it would be just as good as day one. If you are super active and need something that will hold up, I highly recommend you check out NOBULL.

Crossfit Shirts FAQ’s

What is the best material for CrossFit shirts?

Crossfit is a fitness trend that is defined by it intensity. As such, it is crucial to have a shirt that is light weight, breathable, and moisture wicking to give you your best bet at working our in comfort for hours on end.

Is Nobull a CrossFit brand?

NOBULL is a Crossfit brand. Although recently they have started expanding to cater to more than just crossfitters, they were founded to provide Crossfit specialized shoes and apparel.

What do CrossFit people wear?

This can vary from person to person quite a bit but there are a few similarities and things to look for to make sure you workout in comfort. Purchasing tough shoes with semi-flat souls, breathable shirts and lined shorts are all a great buys.

How are CrossFitters so fit?

Crossfit is more than just a workout routine, it’s a lifestyle. Many Crossfitters not only partake in Crossfits intense workouts but also make athletic friends and eat healthy, all part of the Crossfit ecosystem. This combination leads to a healthy lifestyle that is bound to help you look your best.

What do CrossFitters call their gym?

Crossfit gyms are usually just called gyms or Crossfit gyms.

Does CrossFit shape your body?

Yes! As with any workout Crossfit can shape your body when done in combination with a healthy diet routine.

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