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As a big guy myself, it has been a lifelong struggle for me to find a shirt that fits me well without being too tight, overly baggy, or of terrible quality. Once I got my first NFL contract, I made it my mission to find a great-fitting shirt that I could wear at all sorts of press events, business events, weddings, and any other outing that required a nice button-down. Below are my top 5 picks for the best big shirts for guys. If you have struggled the way I have, each of these brands has solutions ranging from athletic fit stretch material to just high-quality larger fits focusing on larger gentlemen. After this article, I’m sure you’ll never struggle to find a great-fitting button-down ever again.

What are the best dress shirts for big guys?

Stae and Liberty Dress Shirt for Big Guys

Best Overall: State and Liberty “The Von” Solid Black

  • Stretch Fabric
  • Moisture Wicking Material
  • Extreme Comfort

Mugsy Dark Navy Big Guy Button Down

Most Comfortable: Mugsy Darkest Navy Chambray

  • Relaxed Fit
  • Lightweight Fabric
  • Dark Navy Color
Polo Big and Tall Button Down

Best from a Classic Brand: Polo Garment-Dyed Oxford

  • Big and Tall Sizes
  • Many Color Options
  • Recognizable Brand
Bonobos dress shirt

Most Unique Designs: Bonobos Desk to Dinner Shirt

  • 5 Different Fit Types
  • 3 Length Options
  • Unique Patterned Designs
True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Best Budget Option: Jos A. Bank Collar Stripe Dress Shirt

  • Traditional Style
  • Break Resistance Buttons
  • Machine Washable

Best Overall: State and Liberty “The Void” Solid Black

Stae and Liberty Dress Shirt for Big Guys One of my favorite brands in recent years has got to be State and Liberty. These guys came on the scene almost 10 years ago with the goal of building a brand dedicated to helping built guys show off their work in the gym. Their shirts are an absolute game-changer. They use a stretch fabric that makes them breathable and has zero restrictions. Plus, they are moisture-wicking helping you stay dry and comfortable all day long. They used to only cater to skill position athletes but now you can get custom fit in store which I would recommend if you are my size. For reference, I’m 6’4″ and about 300 lbs so I had to get my shirt custom fit from State & Liberty but my dad is 6 foot tall and 210 lbs and the 3XL fits him perfectly. If you’re a big guy with an athletic build you’ve got to check out State & Liberty, these shirts will change the way you feel about dress clothes.

Most Comfortable: Mugsy Darkest Navy Chambray

Mugsy Dark Navy Big Guy Button Down In my opinion, Mugsy has some of the softest and lightweight materials I have ever felt. Their shirts come in sizes all the way to double XL and are some comfortable it’s like wearing a high thread count blanket. They are machine washable and easy to take care of with a rich vivid color that does not fade over time. If you can make the 2XL work these shirts are great for casual events or going out on the weekends.

Best from a Classic Brand: Polo Garment-Dyed Oxford

Polo Big and Tall Button Down Everyone knows about Polo Ralph Lauren, but I am almost certainly not the one introducing you to this brand. What many people don’t know is that they have an entire leg of their men’s division which caters to big and tall men. They come in sizes all the way from 6X big to 5XL tall so no matter how big or tall you are, you can find a size that fits you. This is one of my favorite options since you can get the name brand recognition and style with the comfortable and stylish fit every guy deserves.

Most Unique Designs: Bonobos Desk to Dinner Shirt

Bonobos dress shirt Bonobos has some of the most unique styles and patterns of any brand I have ever experienced. They have managed to make fun styles both popular and professional. If you like to wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to your clothing this is a great option. They offer 5 different fit options an 3 length options so that not matter what size you choose you can find a combination that fits your specific style and body.

Best Budget Option: Jos A. Bank Collar Stripe Dress Shirt

Jos A. Bank Big and Tall Shirt Jos A. Bank rounds out are list. I love this brand cause they give you the best bang for your buck. They offer classic styles, which you can try on in-store, in big and tall sizes perfect for any occasion. If you don’t want to break the bank by buying a dress shirt that you will only wear every now and then, Jos A. Bank is a great choice, otherwise I would invest the money in one of the previous brands.

Dress Shirts for Big Guys FAQ’s

What type of shirt is best for chubby guys?

I like something lightweight, breathable, and flexible. This allows me to stay cool and not limit my mobility, otherwise I feel restricted and it ruins my mod and performance.

How should a dress shirt fit on a big guy?

Dress shirts are one of those things that many men are conflicted. In my opinion, a dress shirt should be loose enough so I can still move but cut in a bit at the torso to remove extra fabric to prevent a baggy look.

What shirts make big guys look slimmer?

Shirts from brands like State and Libert help to make big guys look slimmer buy removing extra fabric from the mid section and leaving more room in places like the arms. This is the opposite of many heritage brands and helps to maintain mobility by giving room in areas that won’t make the shirt poof out or show any extra fabric.

How big is too big for a dress shirt?

Dress shirts come in all sizes and whatever size is most comfortable for you and you feel confident in is great! As long ass it is not falling off you or obviously oversized or too small, go for it!

What should I wear to an interview if I am overweight?

Although size shouldn’t matter when it comes to getting hired or not, looking great can help boost your confidence. A simple white or black shirt with a nice sports coat will fit the occasion and slim you up to give you that extra boost you need to nail your interview!

How to dress business casual as an overweight man?

Dressing business casual as an overweight man is not any different from dressing business casual for any other guy out there. A nice pair of chinos, a belt that matches your shoes, and your favorite button-down shirt will do just fine.

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