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One of the things that has always annoyed me about men’s jeans is that they are meant for winter weather, yet they never seem to keep me as warm as I would like them to. Their fabric gets stiff in the cold and doesn’t block wind or insulate. Luckily, a few great brands have come to the rescue by offering jeans with an internal flannel lining. This means you can now have jeans that feel like sweats and will keep you warm even in the harshest conditions. The problem is how can you find the best brands selling these jeans to ensure you get a quality pair that will last for years to come? I have done the research and below are my top 5 picks for the best flannel-lined jeans for men, buying any one of these will be sure to convert you to a flannel-lined jean wearer, at least for the coldest months.

What are the best flannel lined jeans for men?

Mugsy Fleece Lined Jeans

Best Overall: Mugsy Jenas Artics Fleece-Lined

  • Comfortable Fleece Interior
  • Slim Fit
  • Stretch Fabric
Bonobos Fireside Flannel Lined Jean

Bonobos: Fireside Flannel Lined Jean

  • Available in 5 Different Fits

  • Lightweight Flannel Lining

  • Contour Waistband

Wrangler Flannel Lined Jeans

Wrangler: Cowboy Cut Flannel Lined Jeans

  • Relaxed Fit

  • Budget Price

  • 100% Cotton

Todd Shelton Flannel Lined Jeans

Todd Shelton: Dark Flannel Lined Jeans

  • Pre Washed to Prevent Shrinkage

  • Offer Custom Fit

  • Machine Washable

True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Madewell: Flannel Lined Carpenter Jeans

  • Light Wash

  • Baggy Fit

  • Cotton Flannel Lining

Best Overall: Mugsy Jeans Artics Fleece-Lined

  Mugsy Fleece Lined Jeans Mugsy is one of our favorite brands here at The Guy’s List, and for good reason. Their premium stretch fabric already makes for some of the most comfortable best-looking jeans on the market. Now, with their fleece-lined Artics, they are even more comfortable and warmer than ever. These are by far the best jeans for the winter since they feel like you are wearing a fleece blanket underneath, what looks like, a high-end pair of well-fitting jeans. If you are outdoors regularly during the winter or just don’t find jeans to be warm enough in colder months definitely pick up a pair of these.

Bonobos: Fireside Flannel Lined Jean

Bonobos Fireside Flannel Lined Jean Bonobos is one of those brands that has completely revolutionized the fashion industry in the past few years. They have positioned themselves as a premium men’s semi-formal/formal fashion brand that still manages to have fun with their designs. Their fireside flannel-lined jeans are no exception to this rule. They are super comfortable and fit just like any other pair of jeans with a fashionable and comfortable flannel lining on the inside. Although they are a bit pricier than some of the other options on this list, they are definitely worth the price and your consideration.

Wrangler: Cowboy Cut Flannel Lined Jeans

Wrangler Flannel Lined Jeans Wrangler is one of the original jeans manufacturers and focuses on making the most comfortable and useful jeans for the working man. Their cowboy cut flannel-lined jeans are roomy and comfortable so you are ready for whatever the day might throw at you. These are some of the most durable on this list so if you work outdoors a lot in the winter and want a great pair of jeans to help keep you warm, these will do that and hold up over time.

Todd Shelton: Dark Flannel Lined Jeans

  Todd Shelton Flannel Lined Jeans If you are more in the market for a pair of flannel-lined jeans made for fashion rather than hard outdoor labor, Todd Shelton is worth a look. Their dark flannel lined jeans are slimming and look like a classic pair of dark wash jeans with a secret extra layer of warmth underneath for your comfort. These are certainly a pretty penny in terms of cost but if looks are your only goal it’s hard to beat these.

Madewell: Flannel Lined Carpenter Jeans

Madewell Flannel Lined Jeans Madewell’s flannel-lined jeans are a bit baggier than the others on this list but that is not a bad thing. Baggy jeans are in style and these not only have a fashionable baggy look but a light wash that matches with most modern apparel. They are affordable, warm, and are a great option for any casual night out during the winter season. I could easily see myself wearing these to a holiday gathering or a night out with friends. If you are on a budget and want something simple to go with everything these are a great flannel-lined jean option.

Flannel Lined Jeans FAQ’s

What do Flannel Lined Jeans Do?

Apart from being another layer of fashion added to your wardrobe. Flannel-lined jeans keep you far warmer than regular jeans will in cold weather. If fact they feel less like wearing jeans and more like wearing a plush flannel blanket.

What are Fleece Jeans?

Fleece jeans are even more comfortable and warmer than flannel jeans. Instead of having a flannel lining, they have a fluffy fleece interior which is much more similar to a warm coat than a jean.

Which is Warmer Fleece Lined Pants or Flannel Lined Pants?

Fleece-lined jeans tend to be far warmer than flannel-lined jeans in my opinion. The only reason you would choose flannel-lined jeans over fleece-lined jeans is if you either don’t need to be as warm or want a slightly slimmer look since flannel jeans will typically add a few inches in diameter down the length of the jeans.

How Warm are Flannel-Lined Pants?

Flannel-lined pants are much warmer than their counterparts and even most thick joggers I have worn. There have been many times that I have worn flannel-lined jeans in the winter and felt warm and comfortable without even harsh winds or snow able to be noticed for short periods of time outdoors. 

How do you Wash Flannel Lined Jeans?

You do have to be slightly more careful when you wash flannel-lined jeans. Simply wash them on a cooler temperature and dry on low or air dry in order to maintain the fit of the jeans and the quality of the material.

Will Flannel Lined Jeans Shrink?

Flannel-lined jeans will shrink slightly but no more than regular jeans. They will also stretch as you wear them. If you are on the fence about sizing up I would advise against that and instead buy your standard jean size.

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