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The older you get the harder it becomes to find excuses to hang out with the boys on a Saturday with a couple beers and have a great time. Many men find golf to solve this age-old problem, not only is it a fun competitive game with a great community but it gives you and the boys a reason to meet up, go on a trip, and just have an all-round great time. Unfortunately, golf is a sport with many rules and how you dress is at the top of the list and will impact how other golfers and clubs see you. Luckily golf apparel can be broken down into 5 simple categories polos, pants, shorts, shoes, and hats. Below are some of the best brands around for each category to create the indisputable best golf apparel for men list online.

Our Favorites

Mugsy Jacks Golf Shorts


  • Comfortable Fabric
  • Holds Shirt In
  • Stretch Material
State and Liberty Golf Polo

State and Liberty

  • Athletic Fit
  • Subtle Designs
  • No Sweat Stains
Lululemon ABC Golf Pants


  • Sweat Wicking
  • Great Pockets
  • Stretch Fit

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Best Golf Pants

Mugsy Jacks Golf Pants

Mugsy Jacks Golf Pant

When it comes to comfortable men’s apparel, Mugsy is one of the best in the menswear industry. They’ve now brought their expertise to golf with the launch of their golf apparel line in an effort to make the most comfortable and best-looking golf pants around. These pants are built using Mugsy’s premium stretch material for a comfortable and flexible fit. They are odor-resistant and water-resistant, and have a really cool tee holder as well as a pocket for your golf ball. I love the innovation here and will be wearing these quite often out on the links.

State and Liberty Golf Pants

State and Liberty Tech Chino

If you are a golfer who also doesn’t skip leg day then you are going to love the tech chinos from State & Liberty. State and Liberty specializes in creating upscale men’s apparel for athletic guys. So if you need an athletic-fitting pair of golf pants then these are for you. Their golf pants fit me great and I love that they are moisture-wicking so sweat doesn’t stick around for long. One of their best qualities is how low maintenance they are. The wrinkle-resistant fabric makes them super versatile for travel because you can wear them out on the course and once again for dinner.

Lululemon ABC Golf Pants

Lululemon ABC Pant

Lululemon is known for their athletic wear but few people know just how good their golf pants are. They feature a tapered yet comfortable fit and a moisture-wicking stretch material. They are easy to take care of since they can be washed and dried at home. They have additional zip pockets to help hold balls and tees. If you have any experience with their joggers I’m sure you’ll love these.

Under Armour Golf Pants

Under Armour

Under Armour UA Drive golf pants are another favorite of mine, especially for the price. They feature a stretch waistband to help keep your shirt in place throughout your swing and a breathable fabric with moisture-wicking tech to prevent sweat stains and allow you to play in all weather.

Best Golf Shorts for Men

Mugsy Jacks Golf Shorts


No surprise here that Mugsy makes a return. Take everything great I said about their pants above, cut them in half, and you have some of the best golf shorts on the market. I chose to highlight their Jacks golf shorts here since they feature a slightly shorter inseam than typical golf shorts without being to tight around the thigh. 

State and Liberty Golf Shorts

State and Liberty

State and Liberty’s athletic fit shorts feature the same 8” inseam as Mugsy but with a more tapered fit so they will hug your thighs. Luckily, their stretch material means that they don’t hinder your swing. They are breathable and will last forever, I highly recommend a pair.

Lululemon Golf Shorts


Lululemon’s classic 9″ WovenAir shorts are some of my favorites to play golf in. They are breathable with a longer inseam to give you room and comfort to swing freely and hit absolute bombs out on the course. They are made with large secure pockets to hold your tees, balls, and ball markers for quick access out on the course. They are also sweat-wicking and quick drying making them perfect for all-day wear. Be sure to add a pair of these to your closet, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Travis Mathew Golf Shorts

Travis Mathew

The Bermuda short by Travis Mathew is a wrinkle-resistant, comfortable, and modern take on their classic golf shorts. Their name is synonymous in the industry with some of the best golf apparel around and these shorts certainly hit that mark. They give off fun vibes and come in plenty of colors so you can by a couple of these and be set for the rest of the year. 

Best Golf Polos for Men

State and Liberty Golf Polo

State and Liberty

So far Mugsy has topped our list but when it comes to polos, no one does it better than State and Liberty. Their athletic-fit golf polos will have you looking and feeling good on the golf course. If you’re a regular gym goer these are the polos for you they hug your arms and have a tapered fit to keep you looking jacked. They are breathable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight. In my opinion, you must have at least one of these in your wardrobe.

Mugsy Fairway Golf Polo


Although they specialize in pants they are experts in material selection and you can easily see this in Mugsy’s polos. For those who maybe don’t want something as fitted as State and Liberty and want a more comfortable fit, these are a great option. Their super soft and their designs are unique making them a great option for the golf course.

Psycho Bunny Golf Polo

Psycho Bunny

Psycho Bunny is making dad style cool again and they make some of the most unique polos I have seen on the market. They hug your biceps nicely and have a soft and breathable fabric that is maybe the best I have felt and certainly worth the money. If you can I highly recommend giving this brand a try for something a bit more unique than what others will be wearing out on the course.

Rhoback Golf Polo


Rhoback is another name in golf that everyone knows and is always wearing. They are constantly updating their designs to be unique and fun for the course. They have built-in sun protection and are low maintenance making them a great all-round option. 

Best Golf Hats for Men

Bad Birdie Golf Hat

Bad Birdie

Bad Birdie hats can be spotted all over golf courses and are probably regularly worn by your favorite golf pro or influencer. Their designs are simple and go with nearly any golf fit. This is great since golf polos can get quite wild. They are easy to take care of and don’t show sweat stains easily making them some of the best golf hats in the game.

Good Good Golf Hat

Good Good

The golf brand and subsequent influencer group have been growing at and exponential rate over the last 2 years and their hats are one of their most popular pieces of apparel. The come in many colors with a simple design and are a great talking point if you meet someone who is a fan of Good Good.

Birdie Boss Golf Hat

Birdie Boss

If you’re looking for pop culture golf references, fun designs, and breathable materials then Birdie Boss is your spot. Their designs are unique and tend to reference movies and music with fun wordplay that relates specifically to golf. They also have a perforated back on each of their hats to help you keep a cool head even when you’re slicing it out of bounds. This Happy Gilmore-inspired hat is one of my favorites but they have plenty of options to choose from to fit your game day fit.

Vice Golf Hat

Vice Golf

Vice is known for being one of the trendiest brands in golf. They create some of the best-looking golf balls and premium limited edition merch in the industry. While their golf balls, ball markers, and limited drops are well-known and sought after, people often forget they have apparel and accessories as well. They make everything from beanies to baseball caps and their designs are unique with an upscale flare.

Best Golf Shoes for Men

True All Day Knit II

True All Day Knit II

Featured in our best gifts for golfers under $100 article the True All Day Knit II’s are an amazing feat by True Golf. They have managed to put the same level of comfort and convenience in a golf shoe as there would be in a gym shoe. They look great and are one of the best spineless shoes on the market, perfect for the course and the rest of the day!

Addidas SG2 Golf Shoes

Addidas SG2’s

Addidas golf shoes are some of the best on the market. Their spikeless design means that you can wear them before arriving at the course without any discomfort while their tight fit helps you get the grip and feel you need to swing hard and stay grounded.

Under Armour Golf Shoes

Under Armour HOVER Fade

The Under Armour HOVER fades have a sleek and secure design that I love. They match nearly anything I wear on the course but still provide enough stability to swing as hard as possible. Even though these are again spikeless shoes, the standard now day’s, they have ample grip in all conditions to really put power behind the ball.

Nike Infinity Ace Golf Shoes

Nike Air Infinity Ace

Every time I see an infinity ace I always think they look like someone just wore their gym shoes onto the course, in the best way. Nike have managed to pack the functionality needed in a golf shoe into a show that looks like you could wear it just about anywhere. Nike also has a long history in golf including sponsoring the goat, Tiger Woods, making these shoes perfect for those who love golfs historic significance. 

Best Golf Underwear for Men

Lululemon Golf Underwear

Lululemon Always In Motion Boxer

The Lululemon always-in-motion boxer is perfect for exactly what its name would suggest, active guys who want to feel comfortable and secure during workouts, hikes, and of course, playing golf. They have sweat-wicking technology and 4-way stretch material with a secure pouch to provide support and flexibility where needed. Pick up a 3 pack of these and I’m sure you’ll never look back!


2 UNDR Golf Underwear

2UNDR Swing Shift

2UNDR has created the best underwear for golf in 2 ways. Firstly, the designs on the outside bring good vibes and I’m sure that once you shoot your best ever with one it will become your pair of lucky golf underwear for a long time. Second, they are super comfortable and are made out of fabric to prevent from shrinking so they won’t ride up after their first wash. With the 2UNDR swing shift, you’ll be able to shoot lower in comfort and style.

Travis Mathew Golf Underwear

Travis Mathew Taqueria Boxer

Travis Mathew doesn’t just make some of the best golf shorts they also make the best underwear to go underneath them. Their design is simple and the material is comfortable, made of easy to care for fabric so they last you years.

Mack Weldon Airknit Underwear

Mack Weldon Airknit

Mack Weldon is known for having some of the best active wear fabric around with moisture and odor resistant tech that keeps you cool and smelling good regardless of the conditions. This is especially noticeable in their underwear, which is great out on a hot sunny day on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Golf Apparel

How do you dress cool for golf?

Dressing cool for golf is important and can be a daunting process, but, there are a few things you can do to help. Make sure your a wearing well-fitting and breathable clothing with a stretch material to help keep you loose and cool. Also, wear moisture-wicking tech clothes and short socks to avoid sweat build-up and hot ankles/feet.

Is Adidas a good brand for golf?

Yes, Adidas has a huge amount of resources and it shows in their golf apparel. They have some of the best golf shoes around and, although they did not make this article, a great selection of polos and pants to choose from.

Do you have to tuck your shirt in for golf?

It is not always required that you tuck your shirt in while golfing but wearing polos is often expected and many people like the look of them tucked in as opposed to out. It is also worth checking with your specific course to make sure there are no dress code requirements.

Is it better to fold or hang golf shirts?

Golf polos, like the ones on this list, are typically designed with wrinkle-free fabrics and can be tossed around quite a bit. They are completely fine to fold but you can hang them as well if it is more convenient for you.

Should golf shirts be tight or loose?

This is totally my personal preference. Tight golf shirts need to be made of extra stretchy material though since you need to be able to move. They can also help to keep you cooler. State and Liberty is my favorite spot for tight-fitting golf apparel.

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Chris Hogan is a former NFL veteran who won 2 Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. Chris was the 1st ever professional athlete to play in the NFL and Premier Lacrosse League within the same season. Chris is now pursuing a career in professional golf and recently played in a LIV Golf Pro Am.

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