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Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re like me, every single year you struggle to find unique, fun, or easy outfit ideas for each holiday party and get-together. This year, I worked hard to find some of the most creative and easy options that will garner compliments as well as save you time and money. The list below has everything from the best couples Halloween outfits for men to last-minute options that are quick and easy. Check out each of my picks for the best Halloween costumes for men.

Best Couples Costumes for Men

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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

This one is simple and if your girlfriend hasn’t already told you you’re going as Travis Kelce then are you guys even a couple? Truth is this is a great option, it’s simple and cheap, and if you’re already a Chiefs fan then you probably have a Travis jersey lying around. Pair that jersey with a great pair of mugsy jeans, or whatever you have, a Kansas City Chiefs jersey, and some sunglasses and you have a great, cheap, and trendy Halloween costume.

Barbie and Oppenhiemer

I have seen a lot of people suggesting Barbie and Ken Halloween costumes for couples but honestly, as a guy, I would not want to go as a doll for Halloween. Since Barbenhiemer was such a big deal this year why not combine the two for Halloween as well? She gets to go as Barbie and all you need to do is buy a hat and wear your best black suit with some suspenders and you’re basically set.

Super Bowl Rihanna and her performers

Rihanna rocked the Super Bowl last year with one of her first performances in decades. Which of course made her performance and outfit that much more memorable. If you are looking for a couple outfit that is a bit more understated and really highlights your significant other then this is the option for you!

Mario and Peach

A classic duo, some may even say the most iconic duo ever and with the mario movie releasing earlier this year now is the perfect time to break out this classic costume. This costume can be ordered relatively cheaply with the link below or easy to find in stores near you. Also, everyone will know exactly who you are, you won’t be bogged down constantly explaining your costume choice to others at the party.

Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Men

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Shiv and Tom from Succession

Succession blew up this year as one of the most popular shows to air on HBO Max. Power couple Shiv Roy and Tom Wambsgans were a feature of the show. One of the things that makes this costume idea so great for the last minute is that everyone has a suit they can throw on. After that all you need is some quick hair dye or a wig and you’re pretty much set. In the event that you don’t have a suit, one of my favorite brands for athletic fit suits is down below. This is a great option for couples who need a last-minute idea. great, cheap, and trendy Halloween costume.


This is one of the simplest ideas and can literally be thrown together the day of. Simply get some boots, jeans, a flannel, and an axe and you’re all set. I am a big fan of this option for a last minute costume cause it fits the fall season so well and lumberjacks have been featured in tons of horror movies due to the secluded nature of their job.

Waldo from Where’s Waldo

Waldo is a character that everyone who grew up in the early 2000’s knows and is bound to recognize. It’s a simple outfit that can be thrown together for super cheap. Unfortunately, this outfit can’t really be used to pair with someone else but if it’s just for you then I love this option.

Tom Cruise from Top Gun

Another one that follows a recent trend which is the release of the fil Top Gun Maverick. Tom Cruises’ reprise of his iconic role was loved by audiences and so will this Halloween costume. A simple bomber jacket, some jeans, a watch, and of course a pair of aviators will have you looking ready for top gun school.

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Men

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Joel from The Last of US

For gamers, the popularity of The Last of Us show was no surprise but a welcomed deviation from the previous sting of poorly made video game shows and movies. Joel, the main character, is an obvious pick for any gamers or show lovers who want a simple costume that is still topical and modern.

Eddie Munson from Stranger Things

Eddie Munson may not be loved by the people of Hawkins or fans of the show at the start of the season. But in the end, he had the hearts of everyone watching. The theme of stranger things is perfect for Halloween and going as Eddie is a cheap and easy way to embody a great character and the spirit of the show!


Sports fans world wide know that the refs are the most hated and infamous parts of any game. Going as one is bound to garner laughs and help to spark conversations with other dudes at any Halloween party. This concept can also be expanded on easily with ideas like being a crooked ref with some fake money stashed in your pockets and a gambling vizor or a blind ref with sunglasses on. Have fun with this one!

Remote Worker

Something most of us already are, simply grab a tie and a nice shirt to wear up top and sweats with slippers to wear below and your set. This is a great option for the guy who doesn’t want to work too hard, pun intended, or take Halloween too seriously. It’s the perfect easy and comfortable outfit that is bound to get a few laughs.

Best Scary Halloween Costumes for Men

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Plague Doctor

For me personally, there is nothing creepier than a plague doctor mask. So when it comes to scary Halloween costumes this one tops that list. It’s also relatively cheap and easily locatable. Simply buy the mask an accessory and some black robes and you’re set!


The IT movie’s have been some of the biggest horror movies to come out in recent years. Couple that with the fact that one of the number one fears people have is clowns and you have all the ingredients for a super scary Halloween costume.

Freddy Kruger

I had to include one of the classic horror movie characters on this list and to me, when it comes to slashers, Freddy Kruger was always the creepiest. This is one you unfortunately can’t put together yourself self but once you get the mask and the glove you almost there, and personally I would just by they full costume set we linked from Amazon.

Billy from Saw

Coming in at the end of my favorite scary Halloween costumes for 2023 is Billy from saw. The final movie in the franchise was just released making it the perfect time to break out this classic character for this years halloween.

Best Funny Halloween Costumes for Men

TheGuysList Aug2023 EDM ConcertOutfit 5

Variant from Loki

Loki was one of my favorite shows from last year and the new season is releasing over October. I’m sure it’s something people will be talking about and going in the TVA variant outfit as the main character is a great way to show your love for the show and spark conversations at parties.

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso from Apple’s hit series by the same name captured people’s hearts with his southern charm and awkward yet genuine extreme positivity. Countless quotes came from this show and it is a great pick for anyone especially those who break into character every now and then by using those classic Tedisms from the show.

Guy Fieri

No introduction is needed, Guy Fieri has been a stable Halloween character and an American icon for the past decade. The outfit alone is bound to garner some laughs and if you’re the one making food for the function then this couldn’t be a better fit.

Pizza Delivery Guy

If you need something last minute and funny going as a pizza delivery guy is a great option. It’s a simple outfit that won’t bring much attention but could also get a few laughs from your friends, especially those who may take Halloween a little too seriously.

Best Adult Halloween Costumes for Men

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Going as the Mandolorian from the hit Disney plus series is a great option for fans of the show or the larger star wars universe. The Mandalorian, and baby Yoda, have fallen into the zeitgeist of public knowledge and are some of the most memed and talked about characters of the last five years. Pulse the costume just looks badass!

Lionel Messi (inter Miami)

For soccer fans, busting out and Inter Miami jersey and going as Lieonel Messi is a great choice. His recent move to the MLS was a historic change for the league and amazing for any American soccer fans. All you need is a jersey, a hairstyle change, and some facial hair and your set.

The Bear’s Main Character “Carmy”

For those who want to go as a chef but Guy Fieri was a little to comical going as The Bear’s main character Carmen Berzatto “Carmy” is the best choice. The show has blown up recently and his chef outfit is much more modern than the classic white coats of old. Give this one a try if you are looking for a unique idea. Simply throw on a well-fitting white tee some black chinos and the apron below.

Jordan Belfort

Rounding out our list is a classic. Jordan Belfort’s story has captured audiences for years now and going as a young, wild, multi-millionaire just sounds like a great time. This costume can easily be turned into a couples costume as well making it great for singles and duos. Get yourself some nice khaki pants, a white polo, some black sunglasses, and a fake nice-looking watch, or a real one if you have it and your set!

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Halloween Costumes

Is Halloween Getting Bigger?

With social media growing more and more, along with an increase in the growth and popularity of things like cosplaying, Halloween has seen massive popularity growth, especially among adults. This makes it extra important to be prepared with a great costume!

Do They Sell Halloween Costumes at Costco?

Yes, Costco does have a selection of Halloween costumes however for more selection shopping online still offers a great price with more variety.

How Much Should I Pay for a Halloween Costume?

Some people spend hundreds of dollars, I assume because they have endless cash and love Halloween. However, I would not spend more than 50 dollars and great costumes can even be found on places like Amazon for as low as 20 bucks.

Is it cheaper to make or buy a costume?

This entirely depends on how much of the costume you already own. If you only need to buy a couple of additions and have the rest in your wardrobe than making your own can be much cheaper. If not it can actually be far more expensive.


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