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At The Guy’s List, we think it’s paramount to put your best foot forward at all times. While you dress in style for the office or for date night (especially for date night), take another page out of our playbook and step up your off-duty style when heading out for a concert. The quest for truly rockin’ style never stops, right? Every genre of music has a unique flair and sensibility, and every type of concert setting calls for an #OOTD that’s slightly different from the next. It’s a great way to show off your personality and to put an extra level of care into your look – and hey, who doesn’t love getting dressed to the nines, grabbing a cold one and turning up the volume?  We’ve put together a chart-topping road map covering the best men’s concert outfits for all genres, so score your tickets now and plot your next look for a night of live music. 

Mens Country Concert Outfit

Best Country Concert Outfit for Men

Levi’s Classic Fit Western Shirt

A country concert is the best possible time to lean into the Western style so closely associated with the scene. A rugged Western shirt looks great in a lot of settings, but it’s the go-to uniform for many a country superstar – why not you, too? Levi’s makes one in a roomier fit you can wear on its own or layer atop a T-shirt, and the light wash color in particular wears nicely with dark denim for a true Cowby-esque vibe.

Mugsy Jeans Squid Ink Black Jeans

Can you wear a denim shirt and denim jeans? We say you certainly can, particularly if the shirt and the jeans are in a different color. We can’t help but love the deep black color of these stretchy Mugsy jeans – and that comfortable stretch and trademark “Mugsy Fit” make them a great choice for hours of standing on your feet at a country concert. Plus, denim-on-denim is another tried-and-true style staple for country stars of all ages.

Tecovas Cartwright Goat Cowboy Boots

If you’re going to be wearing a Western shirt and heading to a country concert, it’s practically a requirement that your footwear fall in line – so, opt for a pair of stylish, modern cowboy boots. Tecovas has changed the game as far as cowboy boots are made, using ultra-premium leather and heritage detailing in plenty of color options. The brand makes classic cowboy boot styles with ornate detailing, just like you’d see onstage at a country music festival. It helps that the Texas brand’s boots are fairly priced for the quality.

Cody James Longhorn Berry Edge Buckle Belt

No Western-themed #OOTD is complete without the right belt – you might say the belt is one of the more important parts of the look, in fact. Make an authoritative statement with this eye-catching, ornate longhorn belt. It’s also crafted from rich, long-lasting leather, so it’ll last you as long as your new favorite cowboy boots. Color-wise and in terms of looks, we think the belt and boots on display here are about as good as it gets as you look for insight on how to dress for a country concert for men. Don’t you agree?

Stetson Rawlins Cowboy Hat

There’s no one in the country style world doing Western hats quite like Stetson, and that’s been the case for generations. It’s a given that if you want to look the part at a country concert – and who doesn’t? – then a stylish cowboy hat is a must-have. This particular option is made exclusively for rugged gear purveyors Huckberry, and it’s also made in the States. As we said about your boots, hat and belt, it’s the kind of piece you have for years – long after the final curtain drops at your next show.

Taylor Swift Concert Outfit Ideas for Guys

Taylor Swift Concert Outfit Collage

BDG Relaxed Fit Denim Jacket

Taylor Swift concerts are just about the most popular thing on the planet right now, and it’s not hard to see why. The superstar puts on a concert that quite literally spans eras (and hours), so it can seem intimidating for guys looking for tips on how to dress for a T-Swift concert. But fear not: Keep it mostly simple, starting with your jacket.  A lightweight denim jacket shields you from the evening sun and late-night breezes, with storage space for a portable charger, your wallet and more. Plus, the distressed look is on-trend and simply super-cool.

Jungmaven Basic Tee in Rose Quartz

It’s like we said: It can be tough to pin down just one era of Taylor Swift’s show, as the pop star changes outfits at the drop of a hat (literally). But a well-fitting tee in a vibrant color is a safe bet in plenty of situations, especially in a cool Rose Quartz color that could pass for multiple T-Swift eras.  It’s the kind of super-soft tee that looks good enough to wear on its own, yet stands out nicely beneath your distressed denim jacket. It’s also just casual enough for a concert, since a live show is all about living in the moment (without worrying whether you’re over or under-dressed). If you’re really feeling it, you could swap in a true Taylor Swift tee instead.

Mugsy Jeans Rusties Jeans

Once again, we’re here to say you can confidently wear denim on denim to a concert, especially as you plot out how to dress for a Taylor Swift concert for guys. Long hours on your feet waiting in line (and waiting for Taylor herself) lend itself nicely to a pair of super-stretch denim. The light blue color works well with both the light pink shirt and the darker, distressed denim jacket. It’s also part of a look that’s just a tad fun and not too serious (even if T-Swift does have some emotional bangers in her catalog). Don’t overthink it – just enjoy the night.


New Republic Kurt Leather Sneakers

Crisp white sneakers are a reliable way to finish off many a look, including one that sees you heading out for an evening show by a global superstar. These white leather sneakers are polished and versatile, as ready for pre-concert drinks as the show itself. They’re also priced wildly affordably at under $100, while the low-top design should offer both comfort and style points in equal measure – song after song after song.

Mens Rock Concert Outfit

Mens Rock Concert Outfit

Thursday Boots Moto Jacket

If there’s one thing synonymous with a rock concert, it’s a sense of edgy, devil-may-care style born from counterculture staples. The flannel shirt is one (more on that shortly) as is the moto or biker jacket. Thursday Boots makes a fairly affordable version in a  cool-as-can-be black color, and they even make rugged boots to go along with it. The combination of tough boots and a badass moto jacket is a rock n’roll match made in heaven, and this piece of outerwear is a mighty fine, rockin’ start.


Proof 72-Hour Merino Henley

Now, a moto jacket is a men’s style move that’s plenty rugged in its own right. The ideal shirt to pair with such a hard-rocking jacket? It might just be a henley, which has sporting roots but now works perfectly as a shirt that gives every guy a bit of rock n’roll edge (thanks to guys like Ryan Gosling). This option is also made from moisture-wicking, anti-microbial merino, so it keeps you cool in style all night long, right through the encore. If the grey color isn’t quite your speed, Huckberry also has options aplenty to outfit you in leading man fashion.


Mugsy Jeans Mags Jeans

You might have picked up on the fact that this guide on what to wear to a rock concert for men definitely leans into the darker territory – in terms of color and style, that is. There’s a reason for that, starting with the fact that rock n’rollers helped bring dark jeans into the mainstream in a way – and then, bands like The Ramones and The Clash helped solidified dark denim as the unofficial uniform of rock concerts everywhere. This time around, you’re recreating that look in modern fashion with some of the most stretchy, most stylish black jeans on the market. Mugsy jeans even feature some sleek pre-distressing and contrasting hardware for an ultra-fashionable yet classic touch.

Thursday Boots Captain Matte Grey Boots

There are plenty of reasons rugged, tough boots became a go-to for concerts and other hard-wearing pursuits – after combat boots proved their mettle in the field, of course. The right pair of lace-up boots can stand up to just about anything, including a roaring rock concert. Thursday Boots makes a pair that’s reinforced with captoe stitching and a sturdy rubber lug outsole. Both touches lend these boots an air of hard-wearing appeal, while the Matte Grey color is a smooth move alongside a matte black moto jacket.

Hip Hop Concert Outfits for Guys

Hip-Hop Concert Outfit for Men

Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber Jacket

The right piece of outerwear can make or break any look, and that goes double for a night of hip-hop (it’s the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, after all). Camo is as cool a pattern as any, particularly when you look at a heritage brand like Alpha Industries – this is a bomber jacket made to be worn with plenty of other style staples every night of the year. In this case, it makes a cool statement (and keeps you warm if the night gets chilly or if the sun sets on an outdoor show).


Urban Outfitters Mac Miller Portrait Tee

Mac Miller is a certified hip-hop legend, yet one that was gone too soon – consider this tee a fitting homage to the famed rapper. His music seems to be even more popular now than at the height of his fame, so this tee is definitely of the moment. It’s also a cool-looking tee, period, with a color and design that fits in stylishly with your camo bomber. The details make the difference, and if you can do that while staying current and paying tribute to an icon, that’s all the better.


Cuts Clothing Concorde Joggers

Keeping this look streamlined is the way to go, and since your bomber jacket is a touch more sporty than, say, a rugged denim jacket, then joggers fit right in for your bottom half. Cuts Clothing is also a brand famous for its soft fabrics, sharp designs and a nice balance of quality for the price – these joggers work plenty well outside of hip-hop concerts, too. And since you’re going to be rocking some fresh sneakers (more on those in a minute), tailored joggers let your kicks do the talking.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid ‘07

It’s not too much of a stretch to say you can wear Nike sneakers like the Air Force 1 with practically anything – short of a suit, let’s say. That makes these famed mid-top kicks a wise choice with crisp and clean black joggers, since a fresh pair of white Nike sneakers are a statement all their own. The look is comfortable, casual and effortlessly cool, which are all things you should search for as you plan out what to wear to a hip-hop concert. If you like, you can even opt for an all-black pair for a touch more edge in this sporty, stylish, hip-hop show-ready look.

Mens Summer Concert Outfit

Mens Summer Concert Outfit Collage

Mugsy Jeans Tropics Terry Shirt

It sometimes feels like the world is at your fingertips during a summer concert. Be it an evening show at an amphitheater or a late summer afternoon as you ease into a four-band bill, there’s a warm buzz in the air – and you can meet the moment with how you dress, too. Take a touch of summer style and lean into it, taking the terry towel polo away from the beach and into the GA section. We love the vivid green colorway and the soft terry fabric of this Mugsy option, and you can either wear it on its own or rock it unbuttoned atop a grey or white henley.

Tomahawk Shades Rondos Sunglasses

Those summer concert tickets you’ve had tucked away, and that date you’ve had on your calendar for months? Well, when it finally rolls around, the last thing you want to worry about is what to wear – and the last thing you want to forget during an outdoor evening concert is your sunglasses. They’re the sort of essential you might not realize you’ve left behind until you reach for ‘em in your chest pocket. Fear not: Your classic-yet-modern pair of Tomahawk sunglasses will never be far out of reach, seeing as they blend exceptional quality with mind-blowing affordability. These tortoiseshell frames are as timeless as it gets, and you can wear them to show after show all summer long.

Abercrombie Linen Blend Pull-on Shorts

Those cargo shorts you wore from Abercrombie and Fitch years ago are now grown up – they’re in a shorter, more flattering cut and better material, for starters. Both of those touches make them very well-suited to wear to a summer concert. The 6-inch inseam is on trend without being too short, and the elastic waistband provides comfort from day into night on hot summer days. The fit is also relaxed without being overly baggy, so you’ve got the right mix between a laidback buttondown and these linen-blend shorts.

SeaVees Hawthorne Slip Ons

Unlike a music festival – where wind and rain might be mere minutes away – a summer concert experience is usually a little more pleasant and (possibly) a touch more laidback. That’s where the SeaVees slip-ons come into play. They’re built on the brand’s traction-ready waffle outsole, but it’s the richly crafted brown leather upper that separates them from regular slip-on canvas sneakers. They also match up nearly perfectly with a terry towel buttondown and effortlessly cool shorts.

Timex Standard 40mm Fabric and Leather Watch

A watch is one of those accessories that can elevate an outfit ever-so-slightly, even in more casual situations, and even when you might not be thinking about it. If you’re used to wearing a watch to the office, yet haven’t quite found the perfect timepiece for off-duty pursuits, Timex is your best bet. 

The key here is the combination of classic leather and somewhat rugged fabric on the strap itself,, which gives this watch a useful sensibility. It’s certainly the kind of watch that works especially well to stay up to speed as you check set times during a summer concert. It’s also the sort of watch that looks great in a subtle way, so you can focus on the evening of music ahead.

Mens EDM Concert Outfit

Mens EDM Concert Outfit

UO Slim Mesh Singlet Tank Top

An EDM concert, from Las Vegas to Miami to Ibiza or a crowded festival in a rural field, is an experience that has to be seen to be believed. There’s the size of the crowd, the movement in unison, the groundbreaking music – and the vibrant fashion, of course. A mesh tank top serves a worthy purpose: It keeps you cool in large crowds, it’s easy to move around in and of course, it’s a trend of the moment in terms of men’s T-shirts. Add a camp collar shirt or denim jacket atop if things cool down, although all signs point to the volume climbing higher through the night.

StreetX Outdoor Patch Shorts

Showing off a touch of flair and personality should be on your to-do list for your next EDM concert – feel free to try out a style that’s distinctive and yet supremely comfortable. These patched outdoor shorts, made from a light 100 percent cotton, are breathable in humid, crowded conditions, while the outdoor patches are distinctive – and unlike any other pair of shorts you’ll see at an EDM show (we bet, at least). The drawstring waistband offers ease of movement, while a few handy pockets offer critical storage space as a headlining set approaches.

Converse Chuck 70 Marquis Sneakers

EDM concerts are a marathon, not a sprint, and ultra-comfortable footwear is a non-negotiable part of the experience. Converse sneakers have long been a staple among concertgoers, providing support through the ankle with a snug lace-up fit, and the Chuck Taylor has even been upgraded with better, more supportive technology through the years. That means you can safely rock these iconic lace-up sneakers for hours on end. And in terms of style points, the off-white design and contrasting sole pair seamlessly with your off-white tank top for a touch of monochromatic style.

Jaxxon Woven Bracelet

The right building blocks make or break your outfit, even at an EDM concert – that much we know to be true. Your tank top keeps you from overheating, those patched shorts offer a sense of comfort and personal style, and even your high-top sneakers provide bouncy support. But what about your supporting cast? Yes, accessories can take an #OOTD from good to great, and we think a woven bracelet in a sharp red color is a small touch meant to be appreciated.

Jaxxon makes some of the best men’s bracelets in the business, and this is a piece you can even pair with some of our other men’s concert outfit guide suggestions.

Mens Music Festival Outfit

Mens Music Festival Outfit

Five Four Robbins Camp Shirt

In the high heat of summer (a prime season for music festivals), a short-sleeve shirt is a surefire way to look polished and stylish while staying cool. Throw in some unexpected color and pattern, and you’ve got a shirt set to stand out all day long. The breezy camp collar design will keep you plenty cool, as will the authentic 100 percent Rayon fabric. You can even wear this shirt unbuttoned over a crisp white tee for a look that’s a bit retro and still fresh.

Birddogs Slick Rickys Shorts

Music festivals are, more often than not, as hot as can be, so comfort is of the essence. As is style, of course, and these Birddogs shorts do a little bit (OK, more than a little bit) of both. For the heat, they’re made with an intensely stretch cotton-spandex blend. For comfort and ease of movement, they feature a built-in liner for a breezy yet supportive finish. And in terms of style, the cool grey color wears well with any shirt of choice (including the patterned camp collar shirt we’ve recommended here).

Huckberry x Coors Banquet Corduroy Hat

Keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes in style with this retro-leaning hat. The corduory material is perfectly vintage and comfortable in all sorts of conditions, but it’s the throwback Coors logo we really love. This hat was also made exclusively with Huckberry, so it’s more unique than other hats you might see at a festival – never a bad thing to have in your style rotation.

Vans Classic Slip-on DX 98 Sneakers

A music festival means many things: A long day outdoors under a beating sun, the chance to hear lifetime songs by your favorite artists, and a few unexpected adventures along the way. Vans sneakers are ready for all of the above and then some – the OG Vans sneakers were trusted by skaters and SoCal creatives first and foremost. The canvas upper is tough and durable, and it can withstand dust and a scrape or two with ease. 

And since these are so fairly priced, they’re not a pair of sneakers you have to be too precious about. In fact, they probably look a bit better the more you wear ‘em – starting with your favorite music festival.

Kpop Concert Outfit Ideas for Men

Mens K-Pop Concert Outfit

Fear of God Essentials Denim Jacket

Among many picks in our guide to the best men’s concert outfits, there’s a sense that you should be able to mix and match pieces – a few choice pieces, that is. And regardless of the type of concert you’re attending, a crisp black denim jacket is a surefire, winning style move. In this case though, the ante is upped: Fear of God makes some of the coolest designer menswear on the planet, and this all-black version is worthy of a second look, as subtle as it might seem. It’s the underrated star of the show as you look at dressing for a K-Pop concert.

Keith Haring Heart T-Shirt

K-Pop bands are wowing audiences worldwide, and plenty of fans have an artsy sensibility. A graphic tee that pays homage to an iconic artist is a tasteful way to stand out in the stadiums and festivals where K-Pop bands command large crowds. And you might say no one makes cooler art than Keith Haring, which lends itself to some pretty distinctive T-shirts – like this one. Offset your top layer with this pop of color and cool.

Hudson Jeans The Blinder Distressed Biker Jeans

K-Pop is a genre and a live music experience deserving of its own statement and sense of style – K-Pop bands are at the cutting edge of fashion, so your look should reflect that accordingly. And while a classic pair of black or grey jeans at a concert is never a bad move, moto jeans bring your look to another level entirely. There’s a throwback edge to moto jeans, yet there’s also a functional touch, too. The moto style was originally popular among bikers and racers, but it’s ready for the big time these days.

VEJA Esplar Leather Sneakers

If you’re up on K-pop music, or any kind of chart-topping pop music, then following along with sneaker trends is second nature, right? To put it all together into the perfect look for a concert is of the essence, and there might not be a sneaker brand right now seizing the moment more than VEJA. The one-of-a-kind “V” logo tends to pop up everywhere, and the clean black-and-white combo is as versatile and subtly stylish as can be.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Concert Outfits

What Should a Guy Wear to a Concert?

What to wear to a concert can be a tough decision for a guy and depends heavily on what type of concert you are going to. Generally, you will want to go with something relaxed, casual, breathable, and fits the theme of the music being played. We have some popular options above for all types of concerts that will be perfect for any guy.

Is It Okay to Wear Casual Clothes to a Concert?

Yes, casual clothes are a great option to wear to a concert and even expected. This does not mean that you cannot be stylish at the same time. A great pair of jeans, some quality sneakers, a cool shirt, and a light jacket are all great options to include in a casual concert outfit.

What do Guys Wear to Outdoor Concerts?

What you should wear to an outdoor concert depends heavily on the temperature. If it is a day time music festival you will want something super breathable, possibly even a tank top, where you can rage all day long and stay as cool as possible. For more causal concerts or night time venues you will want a good pair of pants, a shirt, and a light jacket or hoodie to stay warm.

What not to Wear to a Concert?

Make sure you do not wear too many layers or clothes that are too thick and will keep you too warm. Concerts are usually packed venues and oftentimes indoors. Either way people are packed in, constantly moving, and it can get hot very quickly. You can find some great stylish yet breathable options above.

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