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Puffer jackets are one of my favorite types of jackets because they are both fashionable and functional. I’m from Chicago and it gets cold here so it’s crucial to own a jacket that can keep you warm when the temperature dips below freezing and puffer jackets do just that. There are a lot of different puffer jackets out there though and most of them aren’t cheap so you need to do some research to make sure you are investing in the right puffer jacket for you. But fortunately for you, I’ve done the liberty of researching all the best puffer jackets for you and have summarized the pros and cons of my top 5 favorites for you below.


What are the best puffer jackets for men?


DOWN PUFFER COAT - BLACK by State and Liberty

Best Overall: Down Puffer Coat by State & Liberty

  • Stylish

  • Comfortable

  • Athletic Fit

Slim Broome Stretch Jeans by Mott & Bow

Best North Face Puffer Jacket: Men’s Hydrenalite™ Down Puffer Jacket by North Face

  • 7 Colorways

  • OG Puffer Brand

  • Good Value

Lawrence Puffer Jacket by Canada Goose

Best Luxury Puffer Jacket: Lawrence Puffer Jacket by Canada Goose

  • Built for Extreme Cold

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Fre Shipping & Returns

Military Green Puffer Jacket by True Classic

Best Affordable Puffer Jacket: Military Green Puffer Jacket by True Classic

  • Affordable

  • Easy to Pack

  • Great for Layering

Mens AlpLight Down Red Puffer Jacket

Best Red Puffer Jacket: Mens AlpLight Down Red Puffer Jacket

  • Bold Color

  • Sustainable Brand

  • Slim Fit

Best Overall Puffer Jacket: Black Down Puffer Coat by State and Liberty

DOWN PUFFER COAT - BLACK by State and Liberty

Once again State & Liberty comes through with a fantastic product. They did an outstanding job at bringing together the perfect combination of style, warmth, and comfort in this puffer coat. This black puffer jacket will look great with pretty much any outfit. And because it is made by State & Liberty it features their signature athletic fit and utilizes stretchy performance fabrics so that you can have a snug fit while still being extremely comfortable and flexible. They use a technical down which will keep you warm in any weather condition.

Best North Face Puffer Jacket: Men’s Hydrenalite™ Down Puffer Jacket

Men’s Hydrenalite™ Down Puffer Jacket by North Face

The North Face is the OG maker of puffer jackets in my opinion. When I was in high school it seemed like everybody had a coat from North Face and while other brands have become more popular North Face is still a very stylish and quality brand. I have owned a North Face puffer for almost 10 years. It’s still in great shape and I wear it all the time. Investing in a North Face puffer jacket is a great investment as you know it will stand the test of time. I particularly like their Hydrenalite puffer because it is filled with goose down and can keep you warm in very cold conditions. And $250 for a goose-down puffer jacket is a pretty good deal if you ask me, especially from a name brand. I love the Navy blue color here because I think it is bold and unique but it’s nice that they have 6 other colorways as well.

Best Luxury Puffer Jacket: Lawrence Puffer Jacket by Canada Goose Lawrence Puffer Jacket by Canada Goose

Owning a Canada Goose puffer jacket is the ultimate status symbol. This jacket will cost you almost $1,200 making it a clear luxury purchase. The price point might be high but it is justified. Canada Goose jackets are very high-quality coats. They are built to last and can handle extreme cold. This particular jacket is able to keep you warm in sub-zero weather. It also comes with a lifetime warranty which is hard to find elsewhere. So while you may be spending around four times as much as other coats you are investing in a quality product you will have for life. The jacket also has cool features like internal backpack straps that allow you to carry the coat on your back if it gets warm as well as internal zip-up pockets to store belongings securely.

Best Affordable Puffer Jacket: Military Green Puffer Jacket by True Classic

Military Green Puffer Jacket by True Classic

If you’re looking for a lightweight puffer jacket at a great price this True Classic puffer jacket is perfect. This jacket is light and easy to pack for traveling and can also easily be layered with a hoodie like in the image above. This is great for late fall, early winter, or spring when you it’s cold but not quite freezing. It also comes in 4 colorways and you can save money by buying a 2 or 3 pack. This is an awesome deal if you want to mix and match to create many different outfits!

Best Red Puffer Jacket: Mens AlpLight Down Red Puffer Jacket

Mens AlpLight Down Red Puffer Jacket

Looking for a bold red-colored puffer? Check out this two-tone AlpLight Down Jacket from Patagonia or Pata “Gucci” as I’ve heard it called in my travels out west. Funny joke on the brand but there is a reason they’ve become so popular. Their designs are crisp and the products are very high quality. On top of all that the company is all about reducing waste and doing things right ethically which you love to see. This jacket specifically was made with recycled fishing nets helping reduce ocean pollution.

Men’s Puffer Jacket FAQ’s

What is a puffer jacket?

Puffer jackets are coats that have a quilted design and are filled with down or other types of insulation. This design gives them a puffy look which is why they are commonly referred to as puffer jackets. They typically are heavier winter coats but sometimes some in a lighter design for warmer weather. 

How do you wash a puffer jacket?

Washing a puffer jacket is not always an easy process. To wash a puffer jacket you are going to first want to check the tag or the manufacturer’s care instructions as wash instructions will vary depending on the type of puffer jacket you have. In most cases, it’s best not to wash your puffer jacket but to simply spot-clean it by soaking a towel in warm water and either dabbing or wiping any areas that are dirty. If you do need to wash your puffer jacket in a washing machine here I’d recommend a cold setting and gentle cycle.

How do you dry a puffer jacket?

I would not dry a puffer jacket with heat. I would tumble dry only and then hang it up to air dry. It’s not going to be a quick process so if you need to wash your puffer jacket I would plan not to have it available for a couple of days.

Are puffer jackets waterproof?

Most puffer jackets are highly water resistant but aren’t fully waterproof. Many puffer jackets will absorb and hold water but it depends on what type of jacket you have and what outer material they use. For example, the Canada Goose Lawrence Puffer uses 100% recycled nylon and is highly water repellant but not waterproof.

Are puffer jackets good for men?

Puffer jackets are great for men! Puffer jackets are often very warm, stylish, and comfortable which makes them a great winter coat for guys.

Are puffer jackets in style in 2023?

Puffer jackets are definitely still in style in 2023 and will continue to be in style in 2024 and likely for many years to come.

How do you style a puffer jacket?

If you have a bigger puffer jacket then that pretty much is going to be your main style piece when you are outside in cold weather. If you only can afford to buy one heavy puffer jacket it’s important to get a style you love as you’ll probably be wearing it a lot if you live in cold weather conditions and ideally, you’ll be wearing it for years to come so make sure you choose wisely as they are expensive. But generally speaking, you can wear puffer jackets with jeans, chinos, and pretty much any top. You can wear boots, leather sneakers, or dress shoes. Puffer jackets are very versatile when it comes to styling. 

Why are North Face puffers so popular?

North Face puffers are popular because they were one of the first brands to make a great puffer jacket. They have a cool brand and make quality products that are stylish, warm, and relatively affordable.

What is the best brand of puffer jacket?

Personally, I think the State & Liberty down puffer coat is my favorite jacket because I think it is the most stylish and comfortable.

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