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Convenience, comfort and style can sometimes be tricky things to find in the world of men’s pants. Gone are the days, though, of uncomfortable chinos or dress pants – in fact, Birddogs has changed the game in terms of men’s style, especially on your lower half. Best known for pants and shorts with a built-in liner and a ton of comfortable stretch, our Birddogs review takes a deep dive into what makes the brand tick. 

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4.8 Star Rating
Summary: Birddogs makes wildly comfortable, fun stretch pants, shorts and swimwear for the guy who’s always on the go.
  • Quality: 4.5 stars
  • Style: 5 stars
  • Comfort: 5 stars

What is Birddogs?

What is Birddogs?

Birddogs specializes in stylish, comfortable stretch pants, shorts and swimwear with a fun, effortlessly cool approach. The brand takes traditionally preppy styles, like the khaki chino, and gives them a ton of stretch for ease of movement on the links, at the office or at Sunday brunch. The brand is particularly known for pants and shorts with a built-in liner for a secure fit and moisture-wicking comfort on your lower half. The brand also has fun with its product names, its advertising and its social media presence: They’re a game-changer in the world of modern comfort menswear. You might have heard of Birddogs through Shark Tank, where founder and CEO Peter Baldwin noted that an “annoying wedgie” spurred his quest to develop a more comfortable solution for both underwear and more comfortable gym shorts in one package.

Birddogs Product Reviews

Birddogs Khaki Shorts Review

Birddogs Khaki Short - Uncle Bucks

Birddogs is perhaps best known for its seriously comfortable stretch khaki shorts, which look like regular khaki chino shorts on the surface, but perform in an entirely different manner. Made from a blend of nylon and khaki, they’re some of the most comfortable shorts we’ve ever tried. Thanks to the built-in liner, they’re breathable, moisture-wicking and incredibly easy to wear. The shorter inseam is also flattering for guys who want a more streamlined look, as opposed to traditional, more baggy khaki shorts.

Birddogs Gym Shorts Review

Birddogs Gym Shorts - Lunchman Larrys

With its expertise in making soft liners and using ultra-comfortable nylon and spandex fabric in its tailored shorts, it makes perfect sense that Birddogs would do a high-quality job at making some of the best gym shorts on the market. From the massive array of colors and prints (from classic navy to bright floral patterns), there’s an option for every taste with Birddogs gym shorts. They feature 11 percent spandex for stretch and 89 percent nylon for extreme moisture-wicking. And like the rest of its famed assortment of shorts and pants, these feature a built-in liner for all the gym-ready performance you could possibly want. 

supportive, size-inclusive brand are still there, from ultra-soft stretch fabric ot playful colors and patterns. Where things get even better, though, is the use of a 9-inch inseam for added coverage, plus a helpful no-roll design and a useful fly feature. Why not add both styles to your top drawer?

Birddogs Oxford Shorts Review

Birddogs Oxford Shorts - Slick Rickys

Want a look that’s even more polished and stylish than classic Birddogs shorts? Our Birddogs review found that the brand’s Oxford shorts might be your best bet for slightly dressier occasions. They still feature that signature Birddogs comfort and stretch, naturally, but in a stretch Oxford fabric. Of course, they also still feature the brand’s spandex liner for comfort and confidence. These shorts are stylish enough for brunch, sporty enough for the golf course and ready for a spring or summer BBQ in a wide range of vibrant colors. 

Birddogs Bathing Suit Review

Birddogs Bathing Suit - Archibald’s Bathing Costume

What better way to round out your rotation of warm-weather style essentials than with Birddogs swimwear? The brand offers three inseam lengths, including a 9-inch inseam for taller guys, and as our Birddogs review found, these trunks are as comfortable and colorful as can be. They’re also built with a helpful liner that’s even more comfortable than a mesh liner you’d find in a typical pair of swim trunks. The nylon-spandex fabric is waterproof, while the lining on these trunks is made from soft polyester. Your next day at the beach or pool just got even more stylish.

Birddogs Stretch Khaki Pants Review

Birddogs Khaki Pant - Phil Gates

Don’t overlook Birddogs’ foray into stylish, stretch-filled pants. Khaki pants were traditionally made from thick and sometimes uncomfortable chino fabric, but this pair from Birddogs changes the game entirely. Colors like Navy and classic Khaki provide the versatility and crisp style you need on the daily, but its Birddogs’ signature stretch fabric that separates them from the pack. You’ve got the choice to add the same built-in underwear liner found in Birddogs’ shorts, too. And the tailored fit is classic and modern, perfect for any situation that calls for a dressy look.

Birddogs Joggers Review

Birddogs Joggers - Gabe Ruths

Whether you’re hitting the road and looking to travel in comfort, or else in search of ultra-comfortable, laidback loungewear, Birddogs has you covered there. Its joggers are a more casual addition to your weekend style rotation, for instance. They’re also made from durable warp-knit polyester fabric, featuring a streamlined jogger-style design. The elastic drawstring waistband is exceedingly comfortable, while color options like navy or light grey deliver classic sportswear style.

Birddogs Polo Shirt Review

Birddogs Polo - Jerk du Soleil

The best way to round out a look that’s both stylish and easygoing yet sharp? All the while staying incredibly comfortable on the go? That’d be a Birddogs polo shirt, at least according to our Birddogs review. Take your pick from more than a dozen cool, fashionable and vivid color and pattern options, and be sure to make note of the ultra-soft, silky smooth performance fabric that’s become a staple of the brand. The flattering spread collar also gives these polos the feel of a dressy-yet-athletically inclined performance polo. Wear one on the links, to the 19th hole and beyond.

Birddogs Customer Service Review

Birddogs has as keen an eye for design as they do for customer service, right down to how they encourage their customers to interact with them – the brand will even respond to customers via Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM. Helpfully, the company lists an extensive FAQ section covering everything from shipping to returns to order tracking. Elsewhere, they send out a weekly dispatch covering everything from the world of Birddogs, and frequently engage with customers on social media.

The brand’s attitude and approach is witty, sharp and fun, all of which makes it easy to interact with and shop a company (at least, in our opinion). Birddogs also encourages easy interaction via a dedicated Help E-mail, another positive in our book. There’s a great chance that if you’ve got a question, Birddogs has an answer, which is a major plus for customer service in our book.

Birddogs Customer Testimonials

There are some brands out there that make it tricky to find reviews or even offer feedback – not so with MeUndies. The brand has packed each product page with customer reviews, most of which point out hallmarks like ultra-soft fabric and a cozy, high-quality fit and feel. Many MeUndies customers also buy products for their partners, and think that the brand’s array of matching colors and patterns are fun, adorable and cute.

MeUndies customers especially love the brand’s classic boxer briefs, and its loungewear also receives rave reviews. Beyond that, the brand also offers shoppers the chance to ask questions in real-time on each page, offering valuable insight into the brand and its design processes.

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Birddogs Customer Testimonial 2 e1709314162442

Birddogs Pricing and Value

Birddogs has an eye for the right blend of quality and value, at least in our humble opinion. Its khaki shorts, for example, retail for under $70 – although pricier than traditional cotton chino shorts from some brands, these shorts feature performance fabric and a breathable built-in liner, which is a major step up from heavier cotton shorts.

Its pants retail for $100-plus, also a competitive price compared to other stretch chinos, but the use of performance stretch fabric gives them a leg up (pun intended) on the competition. And we also appreciate that the brand’s performance polos, for instance, retail for just under $100 – this is competitive compared to other performance polo brands. While Birddogs aren’t the most highly affordable company, they’re delivering some bang for your buck with performance fabric and clean, stylish silhouettes (plus that famous built-in liner).

Birddogs Shipping & Delivery Review

Birddogs looks to make the shipping and delivery process as seamless as possible, at least in our experience. Notably, Birddogs provides free standard shipping on all orders over $50, with delivery between four to eight business days after an order. And notably, if your order is placed before 2:30 p.m. Eastern on a weekday, it ships out that same day – a reliable and nice-to-have option for speedy delivery.

Note that Birddogs doesn’t ship beyond the US, Canada, UK, Australia or Tuvalu at this time, but the company covers a broad spectrum in terms of quick shipping within the United States.

Birddogs also offers free returns via its Happy Returns partner, which provides an address for buyers to drop off product, where it’s then packaged and shipped out separately. Helpfully, Birddogs offers a 45-day return and exchange policy on paid-for products.

Birddogs FAQs

Who is the owner of Birddogs?

The company is privately owned by its founding team. Birddogs was founded by Peter Baldwin and Chris Mason.

Who invested in Birddogs?

Although Birddogs appeared on “Shark Tank,” the company walked away without an investment. The brand was initially started, however, by Peter Baldwin and friends searching for a more comfortable gym shorts solution with a built-in liner. 

Can Birddogs be worn as swim trunks?

Birddogs shorts, although made with a built-in liner and stretch material, aren’t designed to be worn as swim trunks. Helpfully, Birddogs actually makes its own line of swim trunks for the beach and pool. 

What are Birddogs pants made of?

Birddogs pants are made from a blend of cotton, nylon and spandex. They also feature a built-in stretch liner for a comfortable, secure fit. 

Where do Birddogs ship from?

Birddogs ship from Newark, Delaware to across the country and other regions. 

What is the best alternative to Birddogs?

A company like Chubbies, with its focus on stretch shorts and bottoms in multiple inseams, colors and styles, is the best alternative to Birddogs. Other companies that specialize in stretch pants, like Lululemon, could also be a worthy alternative.

Birddogs vs. Competitors

Birddogs vs. Mugsy

The market for comfortable men’s stretch pants continues to grow seemingly by the season. Those in search of stylish stretch pants might also consider Mugsy. Unlike Birddogs, Mugsy focuses heavily on comfortable stretch blue jeans, which blend cotton denim with plenty of stretch fibers.

Mugsy also focuses on stretch chinos, jackets, T-shirts, shorts and even golf apparel, covering a wider range of categories than Birddogs. And unlike Birddogs pants, Mugsy jeans, shorts and chinos don’t offer a built-in liner or features like side zip pockets. However, Mugsy offers more variety in terms of apparel categories, including polos, henleys and T-shirts.

Birddogs vs. Chubbies

Chubbies very well might be the top competitor for Birddogs. Both brands take a stylish, bold approach to design, incorporating colors and patterns across a wide range of shorts and bottoms. Chubbies shorts are mostly known for their shorter inseam sizes and vivid patterns, while Birddogs is known mainly for its built-in liner pants and shorts. Both companies offer swimwear and shorts in a range of inseam lengths and colors for the modern man.

Chubbies also focuses on stretch fabric and bills its shorts as the “world’s most comfortable shorts.” Both are worthy of consideration if you’re in search of stylish stretch shorts, but if you’re seeking a pair of shorts with a built-in liner, Birddogs is a one-of-a-kind option.

Overall Impression of Birddogs

Birddogs has carved out its own niche in the menswear world. A simple problem led to a surprising solution that’s won over legions of fans. The company has kept its product focus fairly streamlined, focusing on joggers, pants, shorts and swimwear (and a range of polos), rather than adding on a ton of different categories. Birddogs is also responsive to its customers’ needs and feedback, with an engaging and fun social media presence. 

Its products are innovative in their fit, fabric and feel, and for those who value more traditional style, its slim khaki and navy pants are especially effective. From stretch shorts made for the gym to khaki stretch shorts made for the links, right through to supremely comfortable office-ready chinos, Birddogs continues to focus on fit, comfort and style in impressive fashion. 

Conclusion, Are Birddogs Worth It?

In our book, Birddogs are certainly worth it. The brand’s performance fabric, although somewhat pricier in some cases than other brands, provides a stellar fit and value. The built-in liner on its shorts is a comfortable and breathable game-changer for guys looking for a change of pace from traditional shorts. Its stretch chinos and polos are also modern and sleek enough for either the office, the golf course or a tailgate. And its swimwear delivers the same mix of stretch, comfort, style points and quality.

There aren’t quite any other brands offering a mix of innovative comfort, style and a tongue-in-cheek sense of fun like Birddogs. Between fast shipping, an easy return policy and product innovation, Birddogs checks plenty of boxes the next time you need to refresh your pants or shorts rotation.

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