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If it’s what’s inside that really counts, then it’s what’s underneath in your #OOTD that also makes a big difference. The best underwear for men absolutely counts in more ways than one (plenty more ways). The best men’s underwear offers comfort, a secure fit and helpful details like performance capabilities, moisture-wicking properties and even a dash of confidence. Colors and patterns add style points, while options like long underwear prove critical in the colder months. The list goes on, and for date night or everyday wear, the best underwear for men can make a major difference – these are the pairs we love here at The Guy’s List.

Our Favorites

DAYTRIPPER 2-PACK Boxer Brief / Black/City Blue


  • Useful, comfortable poly-blend fabric for daily performance
  • Versatile color options for daily style
  • Helpful, easy-access front fly pouch


WOLACO North Moore Compression Shorts


  • Easily wearable at the gym or on the road
  • Sweat-proof fabric for foolproof comfort
  • Moderate compression for a blend of comfort and performance
18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief

Mack Weldon

  • Made from durable, long-lasting fabric
  • Available in a wide range of colors and patterns
  • Specifically placed mesh cooling zones for added comfort

Best Boxers for Men

Ralph Lauren Classic Woven Cotton Boxers

Ralph Lauren Classic Woven Cotton Boxers

If you’re anything like us here at The Guy’s List, perhaps your first pair of boxers was from a trusted brand like Ralph Lauren. They’re a trusted, iconic style move for a reason, with comfort and quality at the forefront (and the price for a set of three isn’t all that bad, either).
Boxers should absolutely be up for consideration as you round out your rotation of the best underwear for men: The roomier cut works especially well for pants with more room through the thigh. Plus, the best boxers are a great sleeping solution in place of pajama pants. And the array of classic colors and patterns at Ralph Lauren is a nice touch, too.

Nordstrom Classic-Fit 3-Pack Boxers

Nordstrom Classic-Fit Boxers (3-pack)

It’s ideal that in recent years, Nordstrom has taken its considerable design expertise in-house and launched a full line of menswear for the stylish guy (that’s you). That means things like stretch chinos and Oxford shirts, sure, but its classic-fit boxers are a terrific addition to your rotation of loungewear and basics. The three-pack gives you easy options based on mood and style. Two buttons at the elastic waistband is a classic detail, and the fact that the waistband is elastic itself ensures supreme comfort.

Tommy John Relaxed Fit Boxers

Tommy John Relaxed Fit Boxers

As you scour the market for the best underwear for men, you’re going to run into some of the same brands time and time again – that’s not a bad thing though, rather a marker of quality. And Tommy John puts that same attention to detail into its Relaxed Fit Boxers as its long underwear, boxer briefs and more. These boxers are a reliable choice if you want more room to move or a more comfortable cut. Plus, they feature the brand’s proprietary horizontal fly, ultra-soft fabric and signature supple waistband.

Subset Men’s Organic Cotton Boxers

Subset Men’s Organic Cotton Boxers

It’s one thing to shop for the softest boxers on the market, but it’s another thing entirely to find a pair that’s both ultra-soft and sustainable at the same time. Subset takes on a crowded market with these high-quality boxers, which are available in subtly stylish colors to function as loungewear, sleepwear or a base layer. The waistband is thick yet supple and won’t fold over, and the relaxed fit makes for tons of comfort day in and day out. These are pricier than other options, but worth it all the same if you want some of the best underwear for men in your rotation.

Best Boxer Briefs for Men

18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief

Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs

Plenty of brands start big, and then add the smaller product details from there. Not Mack Weldon – the brand’s core lineup at the start focused on some of the best boxers and boxer briefs for men, and they’ve only gotten better over the past decade or so. Its 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs are a splurge compared to other underwear, but once you’ve tried the soft, high-quality fabric (with cooling mesh zones), you’ll surely recognize the difference.

DAYTRIPPER 2-PACK Boxer Brief / Black/City Blue

SAXX Daytripper Boxer Briefs

The best underwear for men delivers next-level fabric, comfort and classic style all in one package – and yes, some brands are making it easier than ever to hit the mark, although it might be a high bar to clear. At The Guy’s List, we love SAXX for the company’s commitment to durability and comfort at the same time, and the best-selling Daytripper is a prime example of how it all comes together. The poly-elastane blend offers moisture-wicking, lightweight comfort, the easy-access front fly pouch is a must for the modern man, and crisp colors like black and navy make it easy to wear a pair of SAXX every single day, for every single occasion.

Bonobos Supersoft Underwear

Bonobos SuperSoft Underwear

Some of our favorite brands here at The Guy’s List started off doing one thing, then expanded and became masters in other critical areas. That certainly includes Bonobos, which first developed some of the best chinos on the market, then rounded out your wardrobe with buttondown shirts, T-shirts, blazers, suiting and more. Add some of the best men’s underwear to that list, and rest easy knowing this pair was practically made to pair with Bonobos chinos. The 5-inch inseam works well for pairing with pants or shorts, while the moisture-wicking fabric should prove very soft to the touch – and the range of color options is ideal to suit every style preference.

Men's Buck Naked Boxer Briefs

Duluth Trading Co. Buck Naked Pattern Boxer Briefs

Duluth Trading Co. doesn’t cut any corners across the board with its brand – that is, unless you’re actually using its gear to get down and dirty in the woodshop. Its work pants and shirts are tough as heck, but they’ve come up with a near-perfect pair of the best underwear for men to amp up that comfort even more. These boxer briefs are thin and supple but highly durable, made with smooth fabric that wicks away tons of moisture (we should know: We’ve tried them). They’re also odor-fighting and quick-drying, but the coolest part might be the colorful array of fun patterns to add some personality to your next #OOTD (and your top drawer in general, since we bet you’ll want more than one pair).

Best Briefs for Men

Lululemon Always In Motion Brief

Lululemon Always In Motion Briefs

Briefs for men these days are a grown-up man’s move if ergonomic design and easy movement is the name of the game. That makes them among some of the best men’s underwear you can buy now, especially if the performance masters at Lululemon have anything to say about it. They’ve used an ultra-soft modal fabric for a comfortable feel against your skin, while the ergonomic design (particularly the front pouch) offers key support. Consider them a perfect complement to stretchy, comfortable Lululemon pants.

Tommy John Second Skin Briefs

Tommy John Second Skin Briefs

The best underwear for men should really, at times, feel like a second skin – and Tommy John knows how to perfect the proper specs to give you some of the softest, most comfortable underwear you’ve ever tried. They’re a personal favorite of ours here at The Guy’s List, especially when you’re searching for a brief with a more streamlined cut. The non-piling modal fabric is also a major innovation, and a horizontal fly allows for easy access. Plus, they’ve even eliminated the tag for a comfortable feel all the way around.

SAXX Ultra Briefs

SAXX Ultra Briefs

The best underwear for men quite literally requires a cut above in terms of performance and fabric, and this is certainly a difference you can feel if ever you’ve skimped on the basics in your top drawer. We’ve all been there by opting for something more affordable, but if ever you’ve tried the performance-engineered fabrics developed by SAXX, you’ll know that the best briefs are worth the extra investment. The black camo is a nice style move in terms of pattern, but it’s the company’s use of proprietary, soft stretch fabric that elevates these from the rest. They’ve even used recycled and repurposed materials throughout, while flat-cut seams deliver a secure fit.

Bombas Cotton Modal Briefs

Bombas Cotton Modal Briefs

Perhaps you know Bombas for the brand’s high-quality socks for dressy scenarios, work or play. Get ready to step up your basics drawer in another way, as its Cotton Modal Briefs are as comfortable as (you guessed it) a second skin. The key is the use of Modal fabric, which is actually derived from tree pulp for softness, sustainability and breathability. Spandex adds stretch and durability, while you can score these in a 3-pack for efficient shopping. Soon, you might not want to wear another brand of underwear.

Best Long Underwear for Men

SAXX Quest Long Underwear

SAXX Quest Tights Long Underwear

Extreme conditions call for the right layers from top to bottom, and that certainly includes the best long underwear for men. The best brands on the market today are also stepping things up from old-school, thick thermal fabric. Although useful in extreme cold, some situations call for fabric made from similar performance materials as compression shorts or even your daily boxer briefs. That’s where SAXX comes into play, using a moisture-wicking blend of nylon and elastane for improved durability and stretch. Wear these under canvas work pants for added warmth and mobility, or use them as training tights – or as a plain old base layer when it’s insanely cold during outdoor pursuits.

Tommy John SleekHeat Long John Bottoms

Tommy John SleekHeat Long John Bottoms

Adding the best long underwear to your rotation for outdoor pursuits means striking a tricky balance: You want to stay warm, but not overly warm, and you certainly don’t want to overheat. That goes for whether you’re on the slopes, on the trail or in the park (or anywhere else). It was also the problem at the core of Tommy John’s development of this innovative pair of long underwear. Stretch fabric with rayon and spandex controls your body temperature, while the slim fit layers easily under snow pants, work pants and joggers for winter training.

Ron Dorff Long Johns

Ron Dorff Long Johns

Your lower half has particular needs in terms of comfort, support and performance, so why not trust a brand that’s made it something of a specialty? That goes for some of the best swimwear in the game, but when the occasion calls for comfort and warmth, you can also trust Ron Dorff’s modern take on the long john. Modeled after Nordic ski underwear with modern features like a low rise and a cotton-elastane blend, these are an ideal way to start your next winter slope session. A two-button fly is easy to operate, and the pouched front also delivers ideal support.

L.L. Bean Long Underwear for Men

L.L. Bean Double-Layer Underwear

If you’re going to be battling extreme cold, the kind that might cause you to lace up your trusty L.L. Bean boots and reach for an extra thermal shirt beneath your L.L Bean flannel, you might as well gear up the right way. By that, we mean reaching for some trusty double-layer long underwear, the kind that’s crafted for extreme cold. The double-layer fabric is warm when you need it the most, and the front and fly are built like traditional underwear. For days in the field or on the trail, L.L. Bean is a brand you can trust (yes, even when it comes to making some of the best underwear for men).

Best Compression Shorts for Men

WOLACO North Moore Compression Shorts

WOLACO North Moore Compression Shorts

Not all pairs of the best underwear for men need to be made out of standard cotton – some pairs go the distance and meet the demands of performance training. In fact, that’s what we love so much about WOLACO – the brand’s gear is designed for the gym and built for the open road. Take these compression shorts. Wearable underneath joggers or other WOLACO shorts, or wearable when you need to add performance features to your next travel look, they boast a moderate amount of compression. They also feature a special thigh cuff that won’t ride up, sweat-proof fabric and a durable waistband offering a secure fit.

Under Armour HeatGear Compression Shorts

Under Armour HeatGear Compression Shorts

Spend any time in the gym or pounding out miles on the pavement and you’ll get used to the high-performing nature of Under Armour gear – that much is a given. It goes beyond just workout tops though, and it follows that the famed brand also makes some of the best compression shorts on the market. They’ve added extra mesh ventilation panels for easy cooling, while the fabric is moisture-wicking and made to perform without adding extra weight. You very well might want to pick up multiple pairs for all your training needs.

Nike Pro Dri-Fit Compression Shorts

Nike Pro Dri-FIT Compression Shorts

The list of benefits with the best men’s compression shorts goes on and on, but support and performance rank at the top of that list. The right pair wicks away sweat, keeps you cool without missing a beat and keeps you in check – in the gym, on the treadmill, on the court… you name it. Nike’s compression shorts are a crucial base layer alongside moisture-wicking Nike basketball shorts and tops, for instance. Its Dri-FIT fabric is also best in class, and this pair is also made with recycled fibers for a sustainable touch.

No Bull Seamless Compression Shorts

No Bull Seamless Compression Shorts

With compression shorts, comfort is key, sure, but so is a secure, snug fit that won’t get in the way of your training pursuits (or your training shorts, for that matter). At The Guy’s List, we appreciate that No Bull thinks things through with tons of precision in mind – witness the fact that these compression shorts are made without seams. The 9-inch length is ideal if you prefer to wear compression shorts on their own, but also performs well as a base layer. And like other No Bull training gear, we’re willing to bet these compression shorts can handle just about anything you put them through, thanks to the tough, stretchy nylon and spandex blend.

Best Underwear for Running Men

Mack Weldon Stealth Boxer Briefs For Running

Mack Weldon Stealth Boxer Briefs

Training, particularly when it comes down to hitting the road and pounding out some miles, shouldn’t mean complicating things too much in terms of your routine or what you’re wearing. How to keep things as simple as possible? Shopping the same brand that makes your favorite daily underwear, since they’re also adept at making some of the best performance underwear on the market. That brand would be Mack Weldon, and its Stealth line was designed specifically with training top of mind. Made with seamless construction and a bonded waistband that won’t move around as you move, these also feature crucial body-mapping technology components.

Adidas Performance Boxer Briefs

Adidas Performance Boxer Briefs

You’ve likely laced up some Adidas sneakers or thrown on Adidas joggers to knock out a training session, but don’t skip over a crucial base layer – a pair of the best running underwear. The ideal thing about this pair from Adidas is the fact that it mimics the same comfort and cut as your go-to boxer briefs, but with tons of moisture-wicking technology built right in. These should slide easily under running shorts or joggers. Note that they feature the famed sportswear brand’s comfort fit, which is neither too snug nor too loose.

Arc'teryx Motus SL Boxers for Running

Arc’Teryx Motus XL Boxers

We’d wager that you haven’t yet tried a pair of the best underwear for men quite like this set from Arc’Teryx, especially as performance is concerned. These are made with super-soft, silky fabric that’s unlike any other on the market. But beyond that, the famed technical brand gave them the proper specs to work for “high-output activities,” which means they’re made with super-lightweight materials and quick-drying technology. Think of them like a splurge that makes them the best running underwear for men in your top drawer.

Reebok Compression Briefs

Reebok Compression Briefs

Finding the best underwear for running is, like most other things in building out your proper training kit, a matter of balance. You don’t want to rely on the same laidback boxers you’d wear for sleepwear or lounging, after all. Reebok solves the gap between performance and comfort with these compression briefs, which use helpful materials like recycled polyester for sustainability, plus useful running details like an inner gusset for ease of movement. They’re long enough to provide extra coverage beneath shorter-length running shorts, and can also function nicely beneath joggers as you churn out extra miles.

Men’s Underwear FAQs

What material is best for men’s underwear?

The best material for men’s underwear is usually a blend of cotton and spandex. Cotton offers classic comfort, while spandex delivers stretch and moisture-wicking performance. Some underwear is also made of fibers like Modal, which is derived from tree pulp, making it soft and sustainable.

Should guys wear tight or loose underwear?

The type of underwear a guy chooses comes down to the scenario and the type of outfit he’s wearing. Close-fitting pants work best with tight underwear to avoid baggy fabric, while looser pants and shorts – and warmer weather – can work well with loose underwear. Performance activities that involve shorter shorts and close-fitting joggers work well with tight underwear and compression materials.

What is the most luxurious men’s underwear?

The most luxurious men’s underwear comes from everyday brands that prioritize quality fabric, fit and performance. We appreciate a company like Tommy John for making accessible, luxurious and soft underwear at fair prices, although many of the top designers on the market make their own ultra-soft, luxe underwear for men.

Should men wear underwear to bed?

Debate exists on the market, but men should usually wear some form of underwear to bed. Research shows that looser underwear can promote better airflow and less bacteria and moisture than tight underwear, so boxers are a popular sleepwear choice for men.

What is the healthiest material for underwear?

For the healthiest material for men’s underwear, men should opt for cotton. Cotton, especially organic cotton, doesn’t contain harmful synthetic materials that other fibers might contain. Cotton is also breathable and allows for circulation at night.


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