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White shoes are white hot right now, pun very much intended. It’s hard to walk around and not see people wearing some version of white kicks. Whether it be white converse or white leather sneakers they are certainly trending…and for good reason, they look super clean and go with just about any outfit. However, it can be difficult to pick out the right pair of white shoes. First off, you have to make sure they fit the occasion and secondly, you need to make sure you pick the right brand. Certain brands can be too cheap and make you look bad while others are so expensive you’ll basically be burning your money. Don’t worry though, I put together the ultimate guide to buying white shoes here so stick around to find the perfect pair (or pairs) for you!

Our Favorites

Nike Free Run 2018 White Running Shoes

Nike Free Run 2018 Men’s White Running Shoes

  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • On Sale
New Republic Kurt White Leather Sneaker

New Republic Kurt White Leather Sneaker

  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
TOMS Men's Baja White Slip On Sneaker

TOMS Men’s Baja White Slip-On Sneaker

  • Brand that Gives Back
  • Casual look
  • Convenient

Best White Sneakers for Men

New Republic Kurt White Leather Sneaker

New Republic Kurt White Leather Sneakers

I love a nice pair of white leather sneakers. I wear them almost every day because they pair well with pretty much any outfit and you can beat them up on a Friday night and simply wipe them clean on Saturday morning and you’re ready to go for the next outing. You won’t find a better pair of white leather sneakers than the Kurt all-white sneakers by New Republic, they’re an absolute masterpiece. They literally hit all the boxes and then some. They have a very clean and aesthetically pleasing design, they’re incredibly comfortable, they last seemingly forever, and they are one of the most affordable white sneakers on the market. I’m told they are actually made in the same factory and are essentially the same shoe as a brand of $300+ white leather sneakers that you find at the mall. The only issue with the Kurt is they sell out fast so do yourself a favor and order two pairs at a time.

White Premium Leather/Ice Sneakers by Cariuma

Vallely White Premium Leather/Ice Sneakers by Cariuma

I’ve been a big fan of these white leather sneakers from Cariuma. They have a pretty clean and cool design which has garnered me a lot of compliments. I think the logo is pretty sharp and unique so that has definitely been a driver of the compliments and curiosity from others. Outside of the style though these shoes have a lot of other pros. The insole they use is very comfortable so you can walk all day in these. They use a cork and bio-based foam which is very uncommon. The brand as a whole is all about sustainability and being environmentally conscious which I absolutely love. The one con to this is that, on the back of the shoe, there is a small green logo signifying this which I don’t like because I feel like the green stands out too much and limits my outfit options with these shoes. Other than that, these shoes are fire.

Best White Dress Shoes for Men

Bruno Marc Men's White Dress Shoes

Bruno Marc Men’s White Dress Shoes

Out of all the variations of white shoes, I would say white dress shoes are going to be the least common. In many cases, you can pull off a nice pair of white leather sneakers for a casual look with a suit or blazer. But if you have a white suit or tux and need a pair of legit white dress shoes then these right here are a solid option. You’re probably not going to wear them too often so it’s nice to find a pair like these that look nice but also don’t break the bank. I would just recommend investing in some memory foam soles as well to make sure the dogs aren’t barking 20 minutes into the event.

Best Off-White Sneakers

Out of Office OOO Off-White Sneakers

Out of Office OOO Off-White Sneakers

Typically, I would advise against spending a lot of money on sneakers but sometimes for the right occasion, you might need to flex and bust out a pair of luxury sneakers. If you really want to flex and make a good impression then you have to get a pair of the all-white Out of Office Sneakers. If you are going to a high-end event with pro athletes, celebrities, or influencers you’ll definitely earn some quick street creds rocking these. 

Best White Adidas Shoes for Men

Adidas Nizza Low ADV White Shoes for Men

Adidas Nizza Low ADV White Shoes

I love a fresh pair of Adidas white sneakers. There is just something about the iconic three stripes that just hits different. This pair right here is a great find. They have the signature stripes in white coupled with white soles and laces which make them super clean. For $85 these are a steal.

Best White Slip On Shoes for Men

TOMS Men's Baja White Slip On Sneaker

TOMS Men’s Baja White Slip-On Sneaker

Slip ons are the ultimate shoe choice for casual outfits. Whether you are headed to the grocery store, traveling, or going to the beach they are a very comfortable and convenient choice. And the beauty of white slip-ons, as with any other white shoe, is they typically go with anything so that’s one less decision you need to make. The canvas Baja Slip On from TOMS is one of my favorites. They look great, have quality material, and best of all come from a great brand. If you weren’t aware TOMS is one of the few footwear brands that donates a good portion of their profits.

Best White Running Shoes for Men

Nike Free Run 2018 White Running Shoes

Nike Free Run 2018 White Running Shoes

I absolutely love my Nike Free Running shoes. They might be from 2018 but these have not gone out of style at all. They are incredibly light and flexible which I love. I wear them to run and train of course but also find myself wearing them out all the time just to run errands or anytime I’m wearing athleisure clothing. They are less than $80 which is the best part. I’d go get a pair of these before they stop selling them.

Best White Basketball Shoes for Men

Nike Impact 4 White Basketball Shoes

Nike Impact 4 White Basketball Shoes

If you’re looking for a simple, reliable, and affordable pair of basketball shoes these are it right here. You can’t go wrong with Nike basketball shoes. The Impact 4’s have Max Air cushioning and come in plenty of sizes from 3.5 up to 18 so they are pretty versatile for all types of ballers.

Men’s White Shoes FAQs

Why do people like white shoes so much?

I can’t speak for everyone but I absolutely love white shoes. I rarely wear shoes that aren’t white anymore. I think my love for white shoes started in high school when I started wearing white cleats. At the time most people wore black cleats so I liked how the white made me stand out. Also, I always thought that white cleats made me look faster lol. I think people like white shoes because they have such a clean look and can be worn with almost any outfit and look great. It can be difficult to try to match shoes, belts, shirts, pants, etc. so by simply choosing white shoes it takes one element out of the equation.

Can I wear white shoes to formal occasions?

Yes, you definitely can wear white shoes to formal occasions given the right circumstances. If you’re going to a black tie event then it’s probably best to get a black tux and black dress shoes. However, if it’s more of a business casual event or summer wedding you can pull off a nice clean pair of white sneakers with a blazer. White Nike running shoes won’t cut it though.

When should you not wear white shoes?

If it’s raining or you know you are going to a place where you’d have to walk through grass, sand, or dirty streets you might want to leave your white shoes behind because they can get ruined easily. I always own at least two pairs of white shoes so that I can keep my newer pair for nicer occasions and nicer days and wear by beat-up pair when I’m going out or the weather isn’t great.

How do I clean white shoes?

Cleaning white shoes is something that you have to do frequently. I clean my white shoes almost every time I wear them. There are different ways to clean white shoes based on the fabric. White leather sneakers are the easiest to clean. All you have to do is get a microfiber rag, rinse it in some warm water, ring it out and then wipe the leather clean. Once the leather is clean take that same rag and scrub the soles. Make sure to have a clean towel to dry them immediately after to help preserve the quality of the leather. You can do this with canvas and suede shoes as well but it doesn’t work quite as well.

Can I wear socks with white shoes?

Yes, you can definitely wear socks with white shoes but you have to follow some guidelines. White running shoes should have white low-cut socks. White high tops should have white crew-cut socks. Low-top white sneakers should have no-show socks. You should always wear white socks with white shoes.

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