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When the thermostat climbs, when summer weather finally rolls into town, there’s already plenty to sort out. Summer plans aside, make sure your rotation of men’s summer outfits is already well squared away in terms of style and comfort. For everything from summer weddings to date nights, these are all the very best men’s summer outfits to rock all season long. Find your favorite brands, match them accordingly and then get ready for your best summer yet. 

Men’s Casual Summer Outfit

Casual Summer Outfit Collage - The Guy's List

There’s a proper balance between casual and comfortable, and a bit too casual this summer. Think of this look as one that uses all your old reliable favorites, yet does them ever so slightly better. Instead of opting for a standard white T-shirt, reach for a Rugged Flint and Tinder Henley with some texture. Step into some Taylor Stitch shorts with a crisp cut, yet ditch the belt in favor of an ultra-comfortable drawstring waistband. And in many cases, you can’t go wrong with some all-time classic Vans Canvas Sneakers. And for park strolls and boardwalk beers, upgraded Sunski Shoreline Sunglasses for well under $100 are a winning move, no matter what.

Men’s Summer Wedding Outfit

Men’s Summer Wedding Outfit - Men's Summer Outfits

Summer surely means beach hangs and BBQs, but wedding season continues full-speed ahead. Versatility and sharp looks are the name of the game, whether you find yourself at a classically styled wedding or an outdoor country affair. That being said, a stretch suit in a handsome, summer-friendly color can work wonders for your look in the heat, and State and Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Suit is designed with the more well-built guys in mind. In the same way a crisp suit helps any guy look his best, a timeless Tie Bar white dress shirt – paired with a navy tie, both from The Tie Bar – represents a near-perfect pairing. Leave your office dress shoes at home this time: Beckett Simonon Refined leather loafers at a fair price show that you’re here to dress well and have a great time in the process.

Men’s Summer Country Concert Outfit

Men’s Summer Country Concert Outfit- Men's Summer Outfit


Western-style and Western-inspired menswear is all the rage right now, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. It also helps that you can make stylish Western menswear a part of your rotation of men’s summer outfits, and what better place to get in on the action than a summer country concert? Go with the best of the best all around, starting with an iconic Levi’s Western shirt, which nods to the brand’s heritage as well as modern style. Jeans from the famed Western-inspired brand Lee help round things out, but it’s your perfectly crated Tecovas cowboy boots that show you know your stuff when it comes to how to dress for a country concert. The finishing touch is also as good as it gets, as a legendary Stetson hat will fit right in at a rip-roaring, fun-as-can-be country concert.

Men’s Summer Date Night Outfit

Men’s Summer Date Night Outfit - Men's Summer Outfit


For as nerve-wracking as potential dates (especially first dates) can be, wearing the right outfit – one that truly boosts confidence while serving up a dash of personal style – can go a long way. Heck, that’s true if it’s not a first date: Summer style is all about casually cool, breezy looks that showcase how you carry yourself. Feel free to mix and match as you please, but an eye-catching short-sleeve patterned shirt in a flattering fit, like this Taylor Stitch option, is a safe bet. If the occasion calls for something a touch more classy, like a speakeasy visit or a rooftop soiree, tailored chinos by Mugsy makes a great pair with incredible stretch, comfort and a flattering fit. 

And when it comes to sunset strolls, fashionable frames are a must, particularly at a fair price, and that’s what Tomahawk Shades delivers with an utterly classic silhouette. Since first impressions mean everything – from the ground up – Amberjack elegant loafers are a touch cooler than standard dress shoes, and more formal than sneakers. Leave it to Amberjack to take care of the rest in terms of comfort and technology, then worry about picking the perfect spot next. 

Men’s Old Money Summer Outfit

Men’s Old Money Summer Outfit - Men's Summer Outfits

The concept of “old money” is a time-honored one in the world of the best men’s summer outfits. Think of preppy, classic clothing worn well and in a timeless manner, often by generations of family members who stick to traditional ways of dressing. Add a little personal flair, especially in the Southern United States, and you’ve got one of the best old money summer outfits around. 

The key is using the all-time classics, like a seersucker sport coat from Haspel the brand that originated seersucker, along with a crisply cut Oxford shirt and chinos from Brooks Brothers – those two pieces are also utterly legendary in terms of style and great looks. Add a knit tie and pocket square of your choice, but just ensure your footwear stays on point with dressy, prep-inspired and yet comfortable brown leather loafers. Day to night style in the world of one of the top “old money” summer outfits awaits with this guide handy.

Men’s All White Summer Outfit

Men’s All White Summer Outfits - Men's Summer Outfits

There are plenty of different themes that call for one of the best men’s summer outfits, and sometimes, they can each be more specific than the last. There’s no time quite like the present to embrace the bright nature of the season and wear an all-white summer outfit. Using white across different items (and even in different shades of white – yes, it’s a thing!) is a fun exercise that allows you to stretch your menswear skills a bit. In this case, trade in a standard polo for a breezy terry cotton polo from Todd Snyder with a button-down design, just like the style favored by James Bond. 

Then, slim jeans from trusted denim company PAIGE provide reliable quality in a fit you know and love. And since every guy should have a pair of the best leather sneakers, then Oliver Cabell’s premium offering is a wise (and yet comfortable, and stylish) move. To drive home the all-white theme while staying on time, a watch with a white band – and an eye-catching, contrasting dial – is the right way to go.

Men’s Hiking Summer Outfit

Men’s Summer Country Concert Outfits - Men's Summer Outfits

When hitting the trail – and when making your way through rocky trails and quick-moving streams – only the best will do, so consider a hiking summer outfit a true must-have for any rotation of the best men’s summer outfits. It starts from the ground up with ultra-lightweight, traction-filled sneaker boots from Hoka one of the best footwear companies on the market at the moment. 

Since those shoes are made for on and off the trail for a smooth ride, reach for a moisture-wicking T-shirt from a famed outdoor gear retailer like Patagonia. Merino wool will regulate your temperature, while the long sleeves protect you from the sun – your trusty moisture-wicking cap from Ciele Athletics serves the same function. And because a day hike can offer up just about anything, Filson’s most dependable hybrid shorts make for a fine companion to one of the best hiking outfits on the market – feel free to kick off your sneaker boots and swim to cool down on a grueling hike. 

Men’s Summer Beach Outfit

Men’s Summer Beach Outfit - Men's Summer Outfits

Even when stepping out for something as seemingly cool and easygoing as the beach, style should remain a top priority. That’s true for pieces like your flip-flops – in this case, OluKai makes a streamlined pair in versatile grey using sneaker technology – as well as your tank top. It’s hard not to love the flattering fit of Reigning Champ athletic gear, and this lightweight tank top gets the job done. The real star of the show might be the colorful printed swim trunks from sustainable menswear masters Wellen (via Huckberry). They add color, performance and a secure lined fit to everything from beach beers to beach volleyball. Meanwhile, Tomahawk Shades delivers some of the most affordable, best men’s sunglasses on the market for timeless beach-going style. 

Men’s Business Casual Summer Outfit

Men’s Business Casual Summer Outfit - Men's Summer Outfits

It can be tough to dress your best for the office in the summer heat, but tips and tricks abound when it comes to the best men’s summer outfits, especially the very best men’s business casual summer outfits. Opt for a stretch blazer by State & Liberty in a comfortable fabric, and then select one in a classic color for maximum versatility (lucky, State and Liberty checks off both of those boxes). And leave it to one of the country’s best menswear designers, Todd Snyder to create the perfect lightweight business casual dress shirt for all your 9-to-5 needs. 

It wouldn’t be one of the best business casual summer outfits without lightweight, stretchy yet timeless chinos you can wear with anything, as Bloomingdale’s has designed. And since traditional dress shoes might be too heavy or uncomfortable in the heat, dress sneakers from iconic company Allen Edmonds fit the bill perfectly to round out one of the best men’s summer outfits. 

Men’s Summer Outfit FAQs

What are some key wardrobe essentials for summer outfits?

Key wardrobe essentials for summer outfits come down to functionality and style. Sunglasses lightweight shoes and a hat (based on the type of outfit) are all useful wardrobe essentials, but summer-friendly items like loafers, stretch chinos and lightweight shirts and blazers are even more essential. 

What are some versatile pieces that can transition from day to night during the summer?

Versatile pieces that can transition from day to night this summer include a lightweight Oxford dress shirt, stretch chinos or lightweight stretch jeans, as well as white sneakers or brown leather loafers. Mix and match these pieces to wear to the office, then remove picks like a navy sportcoat to get a more casual, happy hour-ready look. 

Where should I shop for cheap summer clothes?

There are plenty of places to find cheap summer clothes as you compile a roster of the best men’s summer outfits. Retailers like Uniqlo and Tommy Hilfiger offer stylish, fairly priced pieces, including everything from lightweight outerwear to stylish shirting and even chinos. Cheap summer clothes can also be found through retailers like Vans, H&M and Bespoke Post, especially when on sale – look for short-sleeve shirts, shorts, canvas sneakers and more. 

What are the best fabrics for summer?

The best summer fabrics are the ones that breath with you, keeping you cool while helping you stay polished. Fabrics like seersucker and lightweight cotton or cotton chino – or cotton blends – can be helpful in the summer heat, while fabrics using cotton and polyester blends can provide stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities in the heat. 

What are the top men’s fashion trends for summer 2024?

This summer, the top men’s fashion trends will run the gamut. Western wear for men remains extremely popular, as do outdoor outfits like the best hiking gear – both in and out of the city. Look for hybrid styles, like dress sneakers, to remain popular, as well as casually cool, classic selections like henleys and chino shorts. 

What are the best accessories for summer outfits?

One of the best summer outfits isn’t complete without a stylish rundown of the best accessories for summer outfits. Since the summer sun will be high in the sky, a pair of essential sunglasses – particularly classic styles like the Aviator and Wayfarer – are crucial. And for long days and nights, a durable shoulder bag or tote bag is essential for carrying supplies and your EDC haul. A hat can also prove handy for keeping the sun off your face.

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