Didn’t think a new pair of jeans could literally change your life? Just wait.

Jeans have been the same since your dad was a kid. Stiff, sandpaper-esque denim that is wildly uncomfortable & lacks any type of performance.

Sure, if you’re going out to chop wood & paint a shed, go wear some thick and rough wranglers and get a wedgie. But for the rest of us, jeans just don’t make sense.

Lululemon reinvented khaki pants… so why hasn’t anyone taken on jeans?

Enter Mugsy– the guys who have revolutionized denim & created a line of performance jeans that are stretchy, soft & long lasting. They’re the Lululemon of jeans.

I’m sure most of you gave up on jeans, opting for Lulu ABC pants because they’re just that much more comfortable. Honestly, I hadn’t worn jeans since middle school until I discovered Mugsy. Now, when I’m deciding what to wear between the two… it’s an insanely tough choice… and I’m usually going with Mugsy.

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