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Need a men’s Easter Sunday outfit? You’ve come to the right place. Whether heading to church or spending time with family, it’s all about striking the right balance between style and tradition. From classic shirts and pants to fashionable accessories, there is something to suit every style. Dive into our guide, featuring some of our favorite brands, to curate the perfect ensemble that honors Easter’s significance while embracing the start of the Spring season.

What is the Best Men’s Outfit for Easter?

Men's solid white athletic-fit, button-down shirt with a collar

Best Shirt: State and Liberty “The Springer” Dress Shirt

  • Crafted from Performance Stretch Fabrics

  • Lightweight and Wrinkle-Free

  • Versatile and Timeless Look

Men's black straight-leg jeans made of stretchy, comfortable fabric

Best Bottoms: Mott & Bow Straight Staple Jeans

  • Relaxed Fit

  • Dynamic Stretch

  • Soft, Italian Demin Fabric

Men's dark blue lightweight jacket with diamond-shaped padding and two front pockets

Best Jacket: Twillory Performance Coat

  • Performance Stretch Fabric

  • Tailored Fit with Trim Detail

  • Fleece Lined for Reliable Warmth

Men's tan Chelsea suede boot

Best Shoes: New Republic Sonoma Suede Chelsea Boot

  • Classic Tan Color

  • Durable Flat-Welt Construction

  • Easy to Wear

True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Best Sunglasses: Tomahawk Shades Longshots

  • Sleek Design

  • Lightweight for Extended Wear

  • Affordable, Yet Fashionable

Men's Fossil watch with brown leather strap and stainless-steel case

Best Watch: Fossil Fenmore Multifuction Brown Leather Watch

  • Timeless Design

  • Practical for Everyday Wear

  • Single Prong Strap Buckle

Dime Voir Le Bon cologne

Best Fragrance: Dime Voir Le Bon Cologne

  • Suited for All Skin Types

  • Woodsy and Citrusy Scent

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

Best Shirt for Easter: State and Liberty “The Springer” Dress Shirt

Men's solid white athletic-fit, button-down shirt with a collar

The Springer from State & Liberty is the perfect choice for Easter festivities. While it comes in multiple colors, its wrinkle-free fabric ensures a crisp and polished look throughout the day, and its lightweight construction keeps you cool and comfortable during gatherings and celebrations. With a tailored fit that accentuates the physique, this shirt strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort, making it ideal for Easter brunches, family gatherings, or church services.

Best Bottoms for Easter: Mott & Bow Straight Staple Jeans

Men's black straight-leg jeans made of stretchy, comfortable fabric

Mott & Bow’s Straight Staple Jeans are a must-have addition to any stylish wardrobe this Easter. The soft, dynamic stretch denim not only offers comfort but ensures a flattering fit. Whether paired with a tailored blazer for a formal affair or a crisp white shirt for a more laid-back look, these jeans are a blend of sophistication and timeless style.

Best Jacket for Easter: Twillory Performance Coat

Men's dark blue lightweight jacket with diamond-shaped padding and two front pockets

With its visually appealing color and tailored fit, this performance coat is a must-have for its sophisticated style. Its performance stretch fabric ensures both comfort and movement, while the water-repellant properties protect against unpredictable weather. If you want to make a statement about Easter occasions and events, this is the jacket to wear. 

Best Shoes for Easter: New Republic Sonoma Suede Chelsea Boot

Men's tan Chelsea suede boot

Crafted with superior-quality suede and designed for style and comfort, these boots are ideal for all-around footwear this Easter. The classic tan color effortlessly complements any Easter outfit, while the casual yet sophisticated design adds a touch of modern elegance. Paired with jeans or a suit, these boots are the perfect finishing touch for a polished and refined ensemble.

Best Sunglasses for Easter: Tomahawk Shades Longshots

Sunglasses with gold frames and smoke-colored lenses

Step up your eyewear game this Easter with Longshots. With their sleek black shades and gold rims, these sunglasses blend timeless sophistication and style. Designed to be light for extended wear, they offer both comfort and affordability without compromising quality or design.

Best Watch for Easter: Fossil Fenmore Multifunction Brown Leather Watch

Men's Fossil watch with brown leather strap and stainless-steel case

This watch by Fossil is a necessary accessory for anyone this Easter. With its design and timeless appeal, this timepiece elevates any outfit. Its multifunctionality and comfortable leather strap make it a practical and fashionable choice for special occasions and everyday wear.

Best Fragrance for Easter: Dime Voir Le Bon Cologne

Dime Voir Le Bon cologne

Do you want to leave a lasting impression wherever you go? This fragrance is a captivating blend of Anise and mixed citrus, creating an aroma that appeals to various preferences. Formulated with clean and non-toxic ingredients, it is gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types.

Men’s Easter Sunday Outfit FAQ’s

What are the best colors for men to wear on Easter?

Pastel colors are a good choice for Easter attire. Light blue, soft pink, lavender, mint green, and soft yellow are all shades that can effortlessly elevate a man’s ensemble, capturing the essence of the season. Whether opting for a tailored suit or a more relaxed ensemble, incorporating these pastel hues will ensure that every man is stylish this Easter.

What do men wear to church on Easter Sunday?

When attending church, a clean and wrinkle-free outfit is preferred. A white or light blue dress shirt paired with darker-colored pants can make you look modest yet distinguished. Don’t forget to pay attention to your footwear as well. It’s best to opt for a pair of loafers or dress shoes in a complementary color to complete your outfit and showcase your style with confidence.

Is it necessary to wear a tie for Easter?

When it comes to Easter fashion, the choice to wear a tie is entirely up to you. For a classic and sophisticated look, consider pairing a pastel-colored tie with a tailored suit. However, if you prefer a more laid-back and casual vibe, ditch the tie and opt for a crisp button-down shirt with rolled-up sleeves.

Can you wear jeans for Easter?

Yes. You can wear jeans for Easter, particularly if the event is more casual or outdoors. However, for formal gatherings or church services, opt for dressier attire. Ultimately, wearing jeans depends on the specific context and dress code of the event.

Are you not supposed to wear white on Easter?

There is no rule against wearing white on Easter. Wearing white clothing is a common tradition that symbolizes renewal. Some people wear white clothing on Easter Sunday to reflect the holiday’s spiritual significance. It is considered a fitting color choice for the occasion, particularly for church services and festive gatherings.

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