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Hydration is a key aspect of physical and mental health; staying hydrated every day can be a challenge but is essential to muscle growth, maintaining your energy levels, and staying alert. In today’s world so many things distract us from our hydration, coffee, soda, and work can all take away from us getting in the water and electrolytes we need to function and thrive. Hydration supplements are easy to add to water to help replace lost electrolytes and keep you hydrated without needing to constantly down waters the size of milk jugs. Many brands promise to have the best hydration supplements but which ones actually are? And for what reasons? In this article, we will look at 7 of the most popular hydration powders available and determine what each is best for so you can find the one that suits your lifestyle.

What are the best hydration supplements?

No Days Wasted Hydration Replenisher 2

Best Overall: No Days Wasted Hydration

  • Vegan and Natural
  • Subscribe to Save
  • Natural Pink Himalayan Salt
LMNT Citrus Salt

Best for Athletes: LMNT

  • 1000mg Salt
  • Lots of Flavors
  • Simple Formula
Liquid IV

Best Sugar-Free Option: Liquid I.V. Sugar Free

  • Boosts Performance
  • CTT Technology
  • Sugar Free

Best tasing: Propel

  • Tastes Great!
  • Easy to Find
  • Cheap
True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Best for Lifters: BPN Electrolytes

  • Trusted Brand
  • 500mg Sodium
  • 3 Flavors

Best for Runners: Nuun Electrolyte Tablets

  • Plastic Container

  • Dissolvable Tablets

  • Great Price


Best for Dehydration: DripDrop Electrolyte Mix

  • Quick Hydration

  • Unique Flavors

  • Low Sugar

Best Overall: No Days Wasted Hydration

No Days Wasted Hydration Replenisher 2 No Days Wasted is the perfect hydration brand for the everyday guy and athlete alike. They are an up-and-coming company that was founded with the goal of helping guys recover from nights out. This sparked their first creation, DHM Detox, but they quickly spawned into a full everyday health supplement brand featuring sleep aids and hydration replenishers. Their hydration powder tastes good and has ample salt content for everyday use and athletes. Their blend is also all-natural and vegan with no GMO’s so you can trust you are getting high-quality ingredients that fit your diet. You can take a packet every day and you are sure to experience less cramping and improved hydration, that is why they top our list.

Best for Athletes: LMNT 

LMNT Citrus Salt Athletes are the people who can benefit most from proper hydration supplementation. This is because they are constantly pushing their bodies to the limit and need proper sodium, and other electrolytes, to fuel workouts and aid in recovery. Unfortunately, most brands do not offer the amount of sodium necessary for those who are constantly sweating and getting in intense workouts. LMNT is the answer. Their simple blend offers 1000mg of sodium to help replace the large amounts lost through sweat and combines that with a powerful 200mg of potassium to help maintain the proper ratio of potassium and sodium necessary to fuel your body! Check out our LMNT review for our deep dive on this brand.

Best Sugar-Free Option: Liquid I.V Sugar Free

Liquid IV Liquid I.V is a brand that has encapsulated the world recently with their seemingly endless mention on major podcasts and youtube videos. If you somehow haven’t heard of them yet they are the brand that started the craze of readily available hydration packets that can be added to water to make it taste great and help you stay hydrated. Their recently released sugar-free option is great for those watching their carbs and still features their incredible formula, which is perfect for everyday use!

Best Tasting: Propel

Propel I’m sure we all have memories of drinking propel in high school gym class or varsity sports. While Propel’s electrolyte mix may not be the most scientifically backed, what they lack in formulation they make up for in taste. If you are looking for a readily available, great-tasting electrolyte powder then look no further. Their formula is sugar-free and features enough sodium to aid in hydration, although others on this list feature more. It is hard to knock the taste and convenience of this classic brand.

Best Lifters: BPN Electrolytes

BPN electrolytes tub next to watermelons with green background BPN is a brand that any long-time lifter is bound to recognize. Their focus on producing high-quality supplements to support lifters and runners has made them on of the most trusted brands in the industry. Their electrolyte blend stays true to this standard. It is a naturally sweetened blend that comes in 3 flavors that come in 30 serving tubs or single serving packets. Regardless of how you chose to order it you will get a full electrolyte blend featuring 500mg of sodium.

Best for Runners: Nuun Sport Electrolyte Tablets

Nuun Unlike most other electrolyte water additives Nuun has created theirs to be in dissolvable tablet form. This makes them the perfect choice for distance runners who need lightweight, easy-to-carry ways to replenish their electrolytes. Nuun tablet design makes them perfect for this. Although they only feature 300mg of sodium you can simply add two or take a second one during your run. This also makes them a great option for people who want a lower sodium daily electrolyte supplement.

Best for Dehydration: DripDrop

DripDrop DripDrop has specifically formulated their electrolyte mix to hydrate you, fast! If you find yourself in the middle of a workout or just in life realizing that you definitely didn’t get enough water in for the day, DripDrop can help. They have tons of flavors, that taste great, and are the perfect quick relief option.

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Mens Electrolyte Powders FAQs

Is Hydration Powder Good for You?

Yes, if you are not getting in enough electrolytes in or drinking enough water than hydration powders can help to boost the amount you get in with one glass of water. They can also help fuel workouts and prevent cramping.

How Often Should You Drink Hydration Powder?

This largely depends on the amount of exercise you get in and how much water you drink, but for most people one serving once per day of your chosen electrolyte powder should be enough.

Is There a Downside to Drinking Electrolytes?

So, long as you are taking normal amounts of electrolytes you should be fine. However, too much of a good thing can always be bad and electrolytes are the same. For example, if you already get a lot of sodium in your diet then drinking more water would be better than drinking water with additional electrolytes.

How do You Know if You Have Low Electrolytes?

I highly recommend checking out the Cleveland Clinics article on the topic but some of their top symptoms listed are constipation, confusion, irritability, and diarrhea. 

How Lond Does it Take Electrolyte Water to Work?

Usually about 15 – 30 minutes but it can vary from formulation to formulation.

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