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Electrolytes like sodium, calcium, and potassium are minerals used to fuel your body. These electrolytes get depleted from your body during intense or strenuous workouts via sweat. This is a problem for athletes and gym goers alike looking to get the most out of their workouts. But, how do you replenish your body’s electrolytes in the healthiest and most efficient way possible? LMNT claims to be the answer. They are a peel-and-pour electrolyte supplement that can be taken anywhere and simply added to water to fuel your workouts. The supplement industry is full of posers however and it can be hard to distinguish real products from fakes. In this review we’ll cover LMNT’s origins, their formula, their customer service, answer some common FAQs, and finally answer the question, is LMNT the best electrolyte powder?

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5 Star Rating
Summary: LMNT is the best electrolyte powder on the market for avid gym goers and athletes. While their sodium is high for sedentary individuals on the standard American diet, there is no better powder for intense dieters or gym goers.
  • Formula: 5 stars
  • Recovery: 5 stars
  • Taste: 4 stars

What is LMNT


LMNT is a modern supplement brand that, unlike many other supplement brands, has honed in on perfecting one thing: high-quality, great-tasting electrolyte mixes. They offer multiple flavors in conveniently packaged tear-and-pour packs that make it easy to bring hydration on the go.

Their journey began when Co-Founder Robb Wolf’s training was suffering despite being on a healthy low-carb whole-food diet. Through much research and discussion, he discovered that he was lacking in salt. Salt is essential for remaining hydrated during strenuous workouts since sodium is the most secreted electrolyte in sweat. While many drink brands promise high-quality electrolyte blends they actually deliver sugar-heavy blends focused on flavor rather than performance. LMNT set out to be different from these brands by offering science-backed formulas to help hydrate you during strenuous workouts or throughout the day.

LMNT Electrolyte Mix Review

LMNT’s electrolyte mix claims to be the best hydration supplement on the market but what exactly goes into it? More importantly, does it actually work? How does LMNT taste? These are all important questions to consider when choosing the best electrolyte mix to buy. We cover all this and more in the sections below!

LMNT Formula Review

LMNT’s formula is based on science and although at first may seem sketchy, as it goes against FDA guidelines on salt intake, there are good reasons why. Firstly, independent studies have shown that the actual amount of salt needed for an optimal diet is a little less than two times as high as what the FDA recommends. This is especially true for athletes and avid gym goers who exert energy regularly and need to replenish sodium loss or those on low-carb, whole-food diets. While those with pre-existing heart conditions may need to consult a doctor before upping their salt intake, the average person can do this with no fear of increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

LMNT also features 200mg of potassium per serving. This 5 to 1 ratio of potassium to sodium is not an accident. LMNT finds that this ratio allows individuals to most easily achieve the 3:2 sodium to potassium ratio that is essential. The reason the ratio is not 3:2 in the supplement is because potassium is more regularly consumed through diet and sodium tends to be a much bigger issue for low-carb dieters, intermittent fasters, and athletes.

Finally, they feature 60 mg of magnesium. This is because up to 30% of the population is deficient and it is an essential mineral for sleep, strength, and managing anxiety, and depression. Without proper magnesium, your recovery will suffer leaving performance and gains on the table.

Thats it! LMNT’s formula is simple with no added sugars and contains only what is necessary. It is a lot more refined and science-based than competitor brands and is a great formula to fuel your physical endeavors!

LMNT Flavors

LMNT Citrus Salt

LMNT offers a ton of flavors so you can always find something to fit your personal taste or cravings. Personally, I like their grapefruit salt for a cold drink or their chocolate salt for a hot drink. They offer drink and popsicle recipes on their site for even tastier ways to get your electrolytes in. While they may not be as sweet as the competition, it is certainly worth the sacrifice for a healthier more natural formulation.

If you are still on the fence don’t forget that you can use our LMNT discount code to get a free sample pack with your first order.

LMNT Customer Service Review

LMNT has been making its electrolyte powder for years now and has substantially grown its team while maintaining the passionate employees and dedication to quality found at smaller companies. Their team is great and they seem to care a lot about what they do. All though I am doubtful that you will have any problems with their products, if you do I am sure they will be more than willing to help.

LMNT Customer Testimonials

LMNT is not some secret new up-and-coming brand. They have been slowly building a dedicated fan base through great product design and customer service for years now. See what some of their happy customers have to say!

LMNT Review Customer Testimonial 2 LMNT Review Customer Testimonial 1

LMNT Pricing and Value

While a single purchase of an LMNT pack is a bit on the higher side, you can purchase your favorite flavor as a subscription and save money on each order. Not to mention you can check out our LMNT discount page to save even more. In terms of value though LMNT is great. Cheaper brands have more artificial additives and less optimized formulas. Basically, you get what you pay for.


How Often Should I Take LMNT?

For healthy individuals, once per day before or after a workout should be perfect to help you recover. For those who have pre-existing conditions that need intensely measured salt intake, however, you should speak with your doctor before starting use.

What Does LMNT Do for Your Body?

LMNT helps to rehydrate and replace your missing electrolytes, which are lost through strenuous activities such as running, cycling, or weight lifting.

Is LMNT Too Much Sodium?

LMNT’s formula is based on the most recent scientific studies to provide ample amounts of sodium to fuel workouts and recovery. Although it is more than what the FDA recommends many people, especially athletes, require additional sodium.

Is It Okay to Drink LMNT Everyday?

Yes, drinking LMNT every day, especially if you work out, is okay.

LMNT vs. Competitors

LMNT vs. Propel

Propel is a giant in the sports drink industry and their electrolyte drinks and powders are all over grocery store shelves across the U.S. This is certainly a benefit since it is easier to get in a pinch and also tastes amazing. This is really where the comparisons end though since their formula has many additives and is not nearly as refined or as useful as LMNT’s. If you’re in a rush though or run out of LMNT propel will do for the time being.

LMNT vs. Liquid I.V

Liquid I.V. has certainly been in the talk over recent years with its seemingly endless marketing budget and constant sponsorship of so many top podcasts. While Liquid I.V. is certainly a great hydration powder they are not nearly as hyper-focused on creating the best hydration powder around. They lack the amount of sodium that LMNT has and have branched off to create energizing blends and sleep blends. They are a good option if you require less sodium intake or if you are looking for additional supplements, otherwise, we still see LMNT as the superior supplement, especially for athletes.

Overall Impression of LMNT

LMNT is one of my favorite brands, they identified a problem and focused on creating a great solution. They aren’t too worried about offering a lot of products, instead, they specialize in bringing you the most pure and science-based electrolyte formula around. Their team is also great and truly cares about their customers and bringing you a great product. Overall I believe that LMNT’s founders and team believe in what they do and put a lot of work into delivering the best electrolyte mix on the market for athletes and nutrition nuts.

Is LMNT the Best Electrolyte Powder?

Simply put, yes! If you are a regular gym goer, athlete, low carber, or faster then LMNT is the best electrolyte powder on the market. While the salt may be high for those on the standard American diet and who live a sedentary lifestyle, that’s not who LMNT is for. In terms of healthy, active individuals this is the best option to replenish your electrolytes lost during intense activity.

Marc Megna, the fitness guy, is the Co-Founder and Chief Body Architect at Anatomy Fitness. Marc is a leading authority in the fitness industry and has offered his expertise to our readers through each of his articles for The Guys List. Be sure to also check out his socials on his author page!

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