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Clean energy is a hot topic nowadays on all fronts. What people use to fuel their bodies is changing rapidly with a more health-conscious public and constantly evolving information about what is healthy for our bodies. The days of Monster Energy and Red Bull are gone and a new era of naturally caffeinated and sweetened energy drinks is on the rise.

EBOOST is one of the foremost brands leading this shift. They use a dual blend of natural caffeine with natural sweeteners in their Super Fuel to create a low-calorie, natural, and healthy energy drink. The same dedication seen in their SUPER FUEL can be seen in their pre-workout, SUPER FUEL sticks, and recovery blend. But, is it really the best on the market or are there better options available to you? Find out below in our EBOOST review where we will cover each product, what people are saying, and how they relate to their competitors!

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5 Star Rating
Summary: Eboost is a great brand for all types of energy supplements. Their unique formula is healthier than the competition with all-natural ingredients and lower calories.
  • Strength: 4 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is EBOOST?

Eboost Founders

EBOOST was founded by Josh Taekman and John McDonald with the goal of creating a new-age energy drink to fuel workouts and life. They took out all artificial sweeteners and colors, natural caffeine, 10 vitamins and minerals, and 3 nootropics to help with your focus. After seeing large amounts of success the brand decided to move into other supplements for energy and recovery. Today EBOOST offers 4 different products for energy and recovery.

EBOOST Product Reviews


Eboost Super Fuel

EBOOST SUPER FUEL is their most popular product and their most versatile one. This is not specifically a pre-workout so it can be used for energy for non-athletes and workaholics. It’s a totally non-GMO product and is packed with nootropics to help you focus. Also, the product has no artificial sweeteners but rather uses a small amount of honey to provide a sweet yet natural flavor. It’s actually kind of mind-blowing how good this tastes with only 1-2 g of sugar.

Compared to other popular energy drinks Eboost has far fewer calories, with only 10-15 calories per bottle depending on the flavor. They also are the only non-GMO energy drink of any major energy drink brand. I love using EBOOST to fuel my day and workout and you should definitely give it a try.


Eboost Super Powder

EBOOST’s SUPER FUEL Sticks are everything great about their SUPER FUEL cans rolled into one convenient packet that you can mix with water to fuel your day. They recently updated their formula to create a better-tasting natural sweetness and add additional vitamins and minerals to maintain consistency with FDA guidelines and create a great all-in-one package.

Again, this blend gives you enough energy to get through the day or fuel a light workout without too much of the anxiety or jitters that come with coffee or higher caffeinated energy drinks. I also love that they are open about when they change their formula and they are focused on maintaining a healthy standard.

EBOOST Pre-Workout Review

Eboost Pre Workout

EBOOST’s pre-workout powder (aka POW) has all the aspects of a normal major brand pre-workout such as beta-alanine and caffeine to help boost muscle performance, energy, and focus. However, they also added in things like beet juice and L-theanine to help with circulation and stress relief. I encourage you to look at their page and check out all the ingredients and benefits this pre-workout can bring to your workouts.

EBOOST Recovery Review

Eboost Recovery

BCAA’s, branch-chain amino acids, are crucial for muscle repair and recovery post-workout. If you have a high-meat diet, it is often quite easy to get all the BCAA’s you need from food but if you are vegan or even vegetarian it can be much harder. EBOOST solved this issue with a blend that gives you 5g of BCAA’s in a vegan-friendly package that works great for both men and women.

Although it only comes in one flavor, watermelon, it mixes well and tastes great. In addition to promoting protein synthesis and muscle recovery, it has powerful antioxidants to promote cardiovascular health.

EBOOST Sample Kit Review

EBOOST sample kits are a great way to get you introduced to the brand and get a sampling of many different flavors of the product you’re most interested in. I highly recommend picking one up as your first purchase and then repurchasing your favorite flavors and products.

EBOOST Customer Service Review

EBOOST has been in the game for over 10 years now and it shows with their customer service. They have a very responsive team that has been a pleasure to work with. They have an extensive FAQ page and beyond that, their team has the answers to nearly any question you can ask!

EBOOST Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for how great EBOOST is, below are some of their reviews from all over the web on why people love the brand!

Eboost Customer Review 1 Eboost Customer Review 2 Eboost Customer Review 3

EBOOST Pricing and Value

EBOOST is priced slightly above mass-produced brands like Red Bull or Monster but is equally priced to brands like Alani Nu. The main difference that sets EBOOST apart is the value you get for your money. With EBOOST you are getting natural caffeine with no artificial sugars so the quality of ingredients far exceeds that used by other brands and is certainly worth the price.

EBOOST Shipping & Delivery Review

EBOOST has fast shipping times all over the U.S. They also offer free shipping on orders over $40 or with no minimum spend if you sign up for their rewards program. As for returns, you can return your product anytime within 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eboost

What are the ingredients in EBOOST?

Primary ingredients in many of their energy blends include natural caffeine from green tea, vitamins, honey, and other important nutrients. I highly recommend checking out their page and selecting the product you’re most interested in to find out if they have what you are looking for.

Are EBOOST energy drinks good for you?

EBOOST energy drinks are all-natural and create a healthy blend that is good for you and can help you maintain focus during work or give you energy for your workouts.

Who is the CEO of EBOOST?

Josh Taekman is the founder and CEO of Eboost. He is most known for being the husband of Kristen Taekman a regular on the show The Real Housewives of New York.

Does EBOOST have fake sugar?

No, EBOOST uses natural sweeteners (primarily honey) to sweeten their products. They specifically stray away from artificial sweeteners to help create a healthier blend.

How much caffeine is in EBOOST SUPER FUEL?

110mg of caffeine is contained within EBOOST SUPER FUEL and it comes from a blend of green tea and green coffee seeds.

EBOOST vs. Competitors

EBOOST vs. Alani Nu

You have probably heard of Alani Nu since their energy drinks are in nearly every box store and gym in the nation. They are a full-scale supplement and snack brand that promises to help its users reach any goal they set out to achieve. Their energy drinks taste great and have 200mg of caffeine, about 100mg more than EBOOST. However, whether or not this is a good thing is up to the user, personally I like a little less caffeine since too much can make me anxious and jittery. EBOOST also features more vitamins and is made with natural sugars.

Although I do prefer EBOOST, Alani is no slouch and I would recommend giving their products a try if you like extra caffeine. We even featured their pre-workout alongside EBOOST in our best pre-workouts for men article.

EBOOST vs. Zoa

Zoa energy drinks promise to be much more than that. They feature electrolytes, amino acids, immunity boosters, and vitamins. They also feature the same blend of caffeine that EBOOST does, all be it in a higher dose. Personally, I enjoy having specialized supplements for each of my bodies needs but if you are looking for an energy drink that can also give you recovery benefits, muscle-building benefits, immunity boost, and energy then Zoa might be worth trying.

Overall Impression of EBOOST

EBOOST is true to its word when it comes to making high-quality healthy products to help give you a boost to get through your day or workout. I love their SUPER FUEL cans and powder. They are a uniquely modern energy drink brand that strives to boost your performance in every aspect.

Conclusion, Is EBOOST Worth Buying?

Artificial sweeteners and high-calorie drinks currently run the market when it comes to getting energy to fuel your day. EBOOST stands out as the best amongst the small group of brands trying to fight this trend. Their full sweet of products are healthy, FDA approved, and taste great. While they do cost more than some of the more artificial alternatives if you regularly hit the gym or closely monitor your diet, then picking up their super fuel, pre-workout, or recovery formulas will take your performance to the next level without making you feel jittery or hurting your overall health. EBOOST is absolutely worth buying and I hope you will try one of their sample packs!

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