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No matter how you choose to incorporate matcha into your diet, there’s no doubt that doing so will provide you with a variety of health benefits. Matcha is simply the powdered form of green tea – but with higher levels of caffeine and antioxidants. Matcha powder is incredibly versatile, and there are countless ways that guys can incorporate it into their diet on a daily basis. One of the easiest ways to get your matcha fix is to shop for it on Amazon, but with so many brands available, how will you know which one to choose? At The Guy’s List, we have you covered – check out our picks for the best matcha on Amazon below!

What are the best matcha tea options on Amazon?

kyoto dew

Kyoto Dew

  • Ceremonial-grade matcha
  • Fine texture, bright green color, and subtle sweetness
  • 100% organic with no additives or fillers
jade leaf culinary grade matcha

Best Culinary-Grade Matcha on Amazon: Jade Leaf

  • Culinary Grade

  • Strong Flavor

  • Certified Organic

aiya matcha for baking

Best Matcha for Baking on Amazon: Aiya

  • Perfect for baking

  • Provides a rich flavor and vibrant green pop of color

  • Ideal for cookies, cakes, frostings, glazes, and more

chamberlain matcha

Best Affordable Matcha on Amazon: Chamberlain Coffee

  • Great Price

  • Unique Tin

  • Comes in Multiple Flavors

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Best Matcha for Lattes on Amazon: Encha

  • Sweet and Earthy

  • Great for Lattes

  • Natural Energy Boost

ujido matcha

Best Matcha for Smoothies on Amazon: Ujido

  • Perfect for smoothies

  • Provides natural superfood nutrition

  • Gluten-free and keto-friendly

aiya to go matcha

Best Matcha for Traveling on Amazon: Aiya To Go

  • On the go Packaging

  • Mixes Well

  • Great Source of Fiber

ippodo matcha

Best Versatile Matcha on Amazon: Ippodo

  • Versatile Flavor Profile

  • Unique Packaging

  • Great for New Matcha Drinkers

Best Ceremonial-Grade Matcha on Amazon: Kyoto Dew

  kyoto dew When talking about matcha, it makes sense to start at the top. Ceremonial-grade matcha is the highest-quality grade of matcha, designed to be used in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha powders labeled as ceremonial-grade will typically have a very fine texture, along with a bright green color and subtly sweet taste. Ceremonial-grade matcha doesn’t have to just be used in tea ceremonies, though! Our pick for the best ceremonial-grade matcha on Amazon is Kyoto Dew, which is 100% organic and contains no additives or fillers. This matcha is grown and harvested in Uji, Kyoto, Japan and provides increased energy as a great coffee substitute.

Best Culinary-Grade Matcha on Amazon: Jade Leaf

jade leaf culinary grade matcha Culinary-grade matcha is the younger sibling of ceremonial-grade matcha. This type of matcha is made with leaves of later tea harvests than ceremonial-grade, giving it a slightly darker color. Culinary-grade matcha also has a more bitter flavor, making it an ideal choice for lattes, baking, and other culinary creations. Jade Leaf culinary-grade matcha comes straight from Japan – the company has partnered with the best organic farms in Japan to deliver high-quality, organic matcha to their customers. Give your next batch of cookies a boost with this great matcha choice.

Best Matcha for Baking on Amazon: Aiya

aiya matcha for baking No matter what type of recipe you want to try with matcha, you’re going to want a powder with a bold flavor that will stand out among your other ingredients. Baking with matcha will give your final product a rich green tea flavor and a natural pop of color. It’s great for giving familiar recipes a new twist, and can be used for cookies, cakes, frostings, glazes, and more. Our pick for the best matcha on Amazon for baking is Aiya culinary-grade matcha. This product has been specially blended for food and beverage ingredient purposes, with a flavor that will stand out no matter what you are baking.

Best Affordable Matcha on Amazon: Chamberlain Coffee

  chamberlain matcha Although matcha isn’t necessarily something that will break the bank, we’re always on the lookout for affordable choices on Amazon. Our pick for the best wallet-friendly matcha on Amazon is matcha from Chamberlain Coffee. This matcha is made from 100% Japanese green tea and is vegan, gluten-free, and USDA certified organic. Chamberlain Coffee also offers their matcha in several different flavors on Amazon – original, vanilla, mango, and chocolate. Each tin of matcha makes 30 cups – and who can argue with less than $1 per cup?

Best Matcha for Lattes on Amazon: Encha

encha matcha Starting to make matcha lattes at home is a great way to incorporate a delicious drink into your morning routine, while also avoiding overpaying at the coffee shop. Matcha lattes are super easy to make and can be boosted by any of your favorite drink ingredients, like coconut or almond milk. Our pick for the best matcha for lattes on Amazon is Encha ceremonial-grade, organic matcha. This matcha offers a perfectly balanced palate for your latte – it’s sweet and earthy, with a smooth and velvety consistency. With help from Encha, you can enjoy pure matcha flavor to give you a boost of energy in the morning.

Best Matcha for Smoothies on Amazon: Ujido

ujido matcha Beyond baking and lattes, matcha is a super popular choice for smoothies. Ujido’s ceremonial-grade matcha is an antioxidant superfood – stone-ground to persevere the natural superfood nutrition of L-Theanine, catechins, EGCG, and chlorophyll. This gluten-free and keto-friendly matcha is great for blending into smoothies, providing a rich and vibrant flavor. Ujido also states that their matcha’s high levels of L-Theanine help to reduce physiological and psychological stress and relax and refresh the body. We can’t imagine a better smoothie ingredient than that.

Best Matcha for Traveling on Amazon: Aiya To Go

aiya to go matcha We’re giving Aiya two spots on this list because of one of their more unique products – ceremonial-grade to-go sticks, so you can get your matcha fix on the go. Toss a stick or two in your suitcase or backpack next time you’re heading out and you’ll have easy access to your new favorite drink. This variety of Aiya matcha has been specifically blended for whisking with hot water and drinking in its purest form, and is a great source of fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamin C.

Best Versatile Matcha on Amazon: Ippodo

ippodo matcha No matter how you’re looking to use your matcha powder, Ippodo is an excellent choice. Their matcha combines rich flavor with a smooth sweetness, making it perfect for both major matcha fans and matcha newcomers alike. Combine it with hot water for fragrance and sharpness, or with cold water for a misty, rich flavor profile. This matcha powder also makes a great gift for anyone you want to share your love of green tea with.


What are the Health Benefits of Matcha? 

Matcha is known to have a variety of health benefits, whether you make a cup of matcha tea or use it for baking. Matcha can help protect liver health, boost brain function, promote heart health, and can even enhance weight loss. The health benefits of matcha come from matcha’s high levels of antioxidants. With that being said, it is best to consume matcha in moderation, as it contains more caffeine than green tea. 

What Should I Keep in Mind When Shopping for Matcha on Amazon?

Shopping for matcha on Amazon is similar to shopping for other nutritional products. You should be sure to read the product’s description so you can avoid matcha products that contain additives or fillers. The ingredients should be simple; 100% pure matcha. We also recommend matcha that was grown and produced in Japan, as Japanese matcha tends to be the highest-quality. 

Is it Cheaper to Buy Matcha on Amazon?

Online shopping can often offer you cost savings compared to shopping in store, depending on where you usually shop for groceries. We definitely recommend grabbing your matcha from Amazon because it saves you the hassle of heading to the store or, even worse, overpaying for a matcha latte at Starbucks. You can also save on matcha products on Amazon using their Subscribe & Save program – select the schedule and quantity that works for you, and Amazon will take care of the rest. 

What Does “Climate Pledge Friendly” Mean on Amazon?

When shopping for matcha on Amazon, you might notice that several products are accompanied by a “Climate Pledge Friendly” label. This means that the product has trusted sustainability certifications. These certifications can include organic, Fair Trade certified, and/or Rainforest Alliance Friendly. With this in mind, you can make a matcha choice that tastes great and is also environmentally friendly!

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