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T-shirts are timeless classics that can be worn in countless casual settings. A good-looking t-shirt can even be worn in certain workplaces, but you have to have the right fit. If you’re a guy like me who eats relatively healthy and hits the gym regularly then you probably have faced the same problem when picking out the right t-shirt, they don’t always fit right. For men with athletic body types aka strong upper body and thin waist, you need an athletic fit t-shirt that is designed accordingly. Certain brands are still making tees that are boxy or baggy and don’t fit your body the way you’d like. That’s why I’ve put together a list of all of my favorite athletic fit t-shirts for men. These shirts will have you looking great in any setting.

What are the best athletic fit t shirts?

Twillory Athletic Fit T-Shirt

Twillory Performance Tee

  • Wrinkle Free Fabric
  • Tagless Design
  • Perfect for Travel
State and Liberty Athletic Fit T-Shirt

State and Liberty “The Taylor” Athletic Fit T Shirt

  • Breathable Stretch Fit
  • Opaque Colors
  • Hugs the Arms and Waist
Mott & Bow Classic Crew Diggs Athletic Fitting Tee

Mott & Bow Classic Crew Driggs Tee

  • Fits Like a Glove

  • Comfortable

  • Tons of Colors

Tapered Menswear Athletic Fit T-Shirt

Tapered Menswear Tapered Fit T-Shirt

  • Super Fitted Waist
  • Brand Tag on the Side
  • Stretch Material
Cuts Athletic Fit T-Shirt

Cuts Clothing AO Curve-Hem Tee

  • Unique Fit
  • Minimalist Logo in Bottom Left

  • Lots of Colors
Bylt Athletic Fit T-Shirt

Bylt Basics Drop-Cut LUX

  • Signature Drop Cut Design
  • Great Price
  • Cool Touch Fabric
True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Rhone Element Tee

  • Rich and Versatile Colors
  • Crew and V-Neck Options
  • True to Size Fit
Rhoback Athletic Fit T-Shirt

Rhoback “The Stinger” Performance T Shirt

  • Unique Lines on Back of Neck
  • Great for Golf
  • Get Softer With Each Wash

Mugsy washed knit athletic fitting canvas tee

Mugsy Black Sand Skyline Tee

  • Front Pocket with Unique Design
  • Oversized Athletic Fit
  • Neutral Colors

Twillory Performance Tee

Twillory Athletic Fit T-Shirt If there are two things I hate about a shirt it’s wrinkles and tags. I am always on the go and shirts that wrinkle easily are a headache that I don’t want to worry about. Twillory has solved this with their wrinkle-free stretch material and the removal of tags from their tees. Although they are limited in colors, they have all the essential neutrals you need to match nearly any pants and shoes you already have on hand. These are great for travel or something quick when heading out to grab a cup of coffee or hit the grocery store. Right now you can get $18 off orders over $139 using our exclusive Twillory discount codes.

State and Liberty “The Taylor” Athletic Fit T Shirt

State and Liberty Athletic Fit T-Shirt The king of the athletic fit clothing game is State & Liberty. Founded by former athletes (hockey players), these guys absolutely crush it when it comes to all things athletic fit clothing, and t-shirts are no different. These t shirts hug your arms around the bicep and are perfectly snug through the chest with a slimming yet breathable torso to help give you that v-shape definition every guy wants. Their crew necks are made from a blend of spandex and cotton that makes them incredibly soft and they provide a good amount of stretch so you don’t feel immobilized like you do in a tight cotton t shirt. Having one of these in your wardrobe is an absolute must and can even be paired with their athletic-fit chinos for a complete look perfect for weekends and informal gatherings.

Mott & Bow Classic Crew Driggs Tee

Mott & Bow Classic Crew Diggs Athletic Fitting Tee
The Classic Crew Athletic Fitting Tee by Mott & Bow is just an all-around solid purchase. These tees are very soft and comfortable and fit like a glove. They offer 21 different colors so you will never run out of styles. You can buy them as a single unit or in packs of two or three which will get you a discounted price per t-shirt. If you are looking for a classic cotton athletic fit tee then Mott & Bow is a great choice. Also, we have an exclusive Mott & Bow discount code (TGL10) that will save you 10% on your order!

Tapered Menswear Tapered Fit T-Shirt

Tapered Menswear Athletic Fit T-Shirt The fellas over at Tapered Menswear are sneaky good with their tees. This brand flies under the radar a bit but I’ll tell you they do a pretty solid job. These shirts are pretty comfortable and are quite form-fitting. They seem to fit my body pretty well. They have even more of a fitted waste than even most other athletic fitting brands, which is a plus for those on the super lean side. The one thing I don’t love is the tag on the side and shipping times can be a bit long for those outside of the UK but everything else is tough to beat.

Cuts Clothing AO Curve-Hem Tee

Cuts Athletic Fit T-Shirt Cuts is another brand that is very athlete-focused. You’ll see pros like Patrick Mahomes, Chris Hogan, and plenty of others rocking their gear. I have had the pleasure of wearing both their long sleeves and short sleeves and I would say that Cuts t-shirts are definitely a bit more tapered than some of the others I’ve found. Almost to the point where they are a little too much. This is especially true with the lighter colors which can sometimes be a bit see-through and show your gut, which is great if you have a six-pack but if you’re the average gym goer with 14-15% body fat you may want to avoid lighter colors. I’m six foot tall and fluctuate just above 185 pounds and purchased the medium size with the classic fit. I wear these all the time when going out with friends.

Bylt Basics Drop-Cut LUX T Shirt

Bylt Athletic Fit T-Shirt Bylt is definitely one of the more affordable options in this category and they have been absolutely blowing up over the last few years. Some of my best friends swear by this brand and it’s easy to see why. Tons of colorways, great prices, and quality materials. If you’re looking for a good deal then you gotta check out Bylt. They are known for their “drop cut” design, which helps accentuate your torso to make it look longer and leaner, but few know they also sell a classic cut called their “signature” cut that is also a great choice for more traditional men.

Rhone Element Tee

Rhone Athletic Fit T-Shirt I’m a big fan of the Rhone brand, I have been buying their products for years. They come in a little bit higher in price than some of the others on this list but it’s clear to see why. Their colors are rich and versatile and won’t fade for years to come. They really highlight the arms well but are not as fitted in the midsection as some of the others on this list which is nice. They can be purchased in both crewneck and v-neck to fit your style and with all the color options this shirt is easily one of the most versatile on this list and one of my favorites.

Rhoback Performance T Shirt

Rhoback Athletic Fit T-Shirt Many golfers have already heard of this brand and can already attest to the quality of things like their polos and quarter zips. Few people know just how good their t-shirts are though. They are again tagless and I absolutely love the two lines at the back of the neck. It’s one of those little design details that just helps you stand out from the crowd but doesn’t prevent you from matching it with regular clothing. They seem to get softer with each wash and it’s almost addicting to wear them. Again they are short on colors but you need at least one of these in your wardrobe, especially for more casual tee times.

Mugsy Washed Navy Canvas Tee

Mugsy washed knit athletic fitting canvas tee

Never sleep on Mugsy. Just don’t do it. These guys never miss. The Mugsy comfort across all products is unmatched and their stretch-fit t-shirts are bomb. They have an unbelievably buttery soft feel that not only hugs your arms but is comfortable to wear all day long. While they only offer this shirt in one color it is unique and very versatile so I had to include it on this list for all the Mugsy fans who love supporting this brand!

Athletic Fit T Shirt FAQs

What does athletic fit t shirt mean?

An athletic fit t-shirt is one that highlights the aspects of the male physique that most guys try to achieve in the gym. This means it hugs your arms to help show them off and make them look big, it also is tight fitting around the chest and torso to help create the v-taper.

Is athletic fit tighter than slim fit?

Athletic fit shirts are typically tighter than slim fit shirts but are also designed to be more breathable so they may feel less tight especially while working in them.

Are athletic-fit shirts supposed to be tight?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that athletic fit shirts should be tight but they certainly should be snug and not baggy. Typically they are made with a blend of performance fabrics that are stretchy, moisture-wicking, and comfortable so you can have a snug fit without feeling restricted.

What is athletic body type?

Athletic bodies are not simply the bodies of athletes. This body type is typically characterized by a wide back, thick arms, and a slim torso to help create a v-shaped body. They are typically between 12-15% body fat.

Am I slim fit or athletic fit?

The main difference between slim and athletic bodies is the amount of muscle. If you have the v-taper and regularly go to the gym, then you probably have an athletic body type.

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