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This guide is dedicated to all my athletes out there. I don’t know why but for some reason nobody has truly catered to the athletic body type for years. Growing up it seemed like everything was a one size fits all approach to clothing, especially with dress clothes. Still to this day legacy clothing makers barely cater to the market of athletic fit clothing for men. It has taken young innovative brands to arise and carve their name in the space and build clothing that fits well for the men who take care of their bodies and want clothing to show that. So for all of those athletes out there welcome to the ultimate guide for men’s athletic fit clothing. Enjoy!

Our Favorites

Athletic Fit Jeans by Mugsy Jeans

Mugsy Jeans

  • Unmatched Comfort
  • Proprietary Mugsy Fit
  • Lots of variety
Athletic Fit Dress Shirts by State & Liberty

State & Liberty

  • Manufactured for Athletes by Athletes
  • Great Value
  • Extreme Comfort
Cuts Athletic Fit Curve Hem T Shirt

Cuts T Shirt

  • Tapered fit
  • Soft fabric
  • Lots of color options

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Best Athletic Fit Jeans

Best Athletic Fit Jeans, The Fultons by Mugsy Jeans

Fultons Athletic Fit Jeans by Mugsy Jeans

When it comes to athletic-fitting jeans nobody does it better than Mugsy. Mugsy Jeans is one of the pioneers in the stretch-fit jean category. After witnessing the growth of the jeggings trend in 2010, Mugsy founder, Leo Tropeano, decided to create a similar product tailored for men, the stretch-fit jeans. Being an early player in the space it’s no wonder that Mugsy tops our list as they’ve spent the most time perfecting their product. Mugsy advertises their jeans as the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever wear and I honestly would have to second that statement. Mugsy’s stretch-fit jeans are unlike anything I’ve ever worn before. I’ve always had to sacrifice comfort with rigid, tight-fitting jeans but Mugsy has changed the game here. They have a tapered and flattering fit yet are incredibly stretchy and comfortable. The Fultons by Mugsy are the staple pair offered by Mugsy. The Fultons offer a classic denim blue color that every man needs in their wardrobe.

Studio Blues Athletic Fitting Jeans by Mugsy Jeans

Studio Blues Athletic Fit Jeans by Mugsy Jeans

Once you have a pair of classic blue denim jeans the next color that you absolutely must have is dark wash indigo. Dark-wash jeans like the Studio Blues are perfect for pretty much any occasion. They can be worn casually with white sneakers and a t-shirt or you can dress them up with a blazer and Chelsea boots. You can’t always get away with light blue jeans for more formal events so the versatility on these is clutch. And, once again, you need a pair that provides the perfect combination of tapered athletic fit and superior comfort and Mugsy provides just that.

Performance Denim Slim fit jeans by DU:ER

Performance Denim Slim Black by DU/ER

In many cases, slim fit is much different than athletic fit but I would qualify these slim fit jeans by DU/ER as an athletic fit. An athletic fitting jean typically has a little more room in the thighs and trunk but if they are slim-fitting jeans that offer a stretchy performance fabric I think they can pass for an athletic fit. The Performance Slim Denim jeans by DU/ER are great for some of the skinnier athletes out there, or for retired athletes like myself who aren’t putting up massive numbers on the squat rack anymore. This pair is made of 70% cotton, 28% Coolmax All Season Polyester and 2% LYCRA Spandex so they will offer plenty of stretch for those guys who want a nice slim fit but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. Once you have the standard blue and a dark wash blue then black is the next color you need to own. These are a little bit more expensive than Mugsy but are a pretty nice option if you’re looking to try a different brand.

Best Athletic Fit Dress Shirts

Best Athletic Fit Dress Shirts, The Springer by State & Liberty

The Springer Solid White Athletic Fit Dress Shirt by State & Liberty

Where Mugsy is the king of athletic-fit jeans, State & Liberty is the king of athletic-fit dress clothes. State & Liberty is another trailblazer where the company was built specifically to address the need for quality athletic-fitting performance dress clothes for men who take care of their bodies. State & Liberty’s signature athletic fit dress shirt, The Springer, is the one that started it all. This classic white dress shirt has a tapered fit where there is more room in the chest and shoulders but a narrow waist. This shirt looks great tucked or untucked. Once you wear State & Liberty dress shirts you’ll never shop anywhere else. Their dress shirts fit me perfectly and the best part is how comfortable they are. The performance fabric is incredibly breathable and moisture wicking so you don’t have to worry about sweating through your shirt as you do with other brands. Also, their innovative fabrics are wrinkle-resistant and machine washable. I have almost never ironed my State & Liberty dress shirts and I’ve never even thought about dry cleaning them which is a perk as it saves me time and money. Did I mention they are also very durable? Guys…spend the $95 to try one of these…you won’t regret it and will come back for more, I guarantee it.

The Bellamy Business Blue Athletic Fit Dress Shirt by State & Liberty

The Bellamy Business Blue Athletic Fit Dress Shirt by State & Liberty

Extremely comfortable, moisture wicking, wrinkle resistant, machine washable, great fitting , and super durable…what else needs to be said? State & Liberty is the full package and a great value. Now that you’re sold on getting their staple white dress shirt make sure you throw this guy in the cart too. The business blue is a must-have classic color that is super versatile. I wear this with dark wash jeans and white sneakers all the time. It’s the perfect business casual look that I love for happy hours, networking events, or even date nights. It also is a great color to have to pair with suits for many different formal occasions. 

Leeward Trim Fit Dress Shirt Blueprint Gingham

Leeward Trim Fit Dress Shirt Blueprint Gingham by Mizzen + Main

If you’re looking for some different style options or State & Liberty is sold out of your size then Mizzen & Main is a similar option you can explore. Mizzen + Main also offers a trim-fitting shirt with stretchy performance fabrics. They use 88% polyester and 12% spandex so these shirts will have a lot of the same qualities as State & Liberty’s performance dress shirts. I think the main difference is that State & Liberty caters a little bit more to the athletic build whereas Mizzen + Main tries to cater to everyone offering both a trim and classic fit. Mizzen + Main also is a bit pricier so you may not be able to afford as many shirts as you would with State & Liberty.

Best Athletic Fit Dress Pants

Heathered Grey Athletic Fit Dress Pants by State & Liberty

Heathered Grey Athletic Fit Stretch Dress Pants by State & Liberty

I’ve always hated wearing dress pants. For so long companies have made dress pants that are restrictive and don’t allow you to even bend down and touch your toes. But these stretch-fit dress pants by State & Liberty are a total game changer. I always joke with people that I could run a marathon in these pants. That’s a bit of a stretch considering I probably couldn’t run more than a 5k ???? but if I could do it these pants wouldn’t hold me back. 

Commission Slim-Fit Dress Pants by Luluelemon

Commission Slim-Fit Dress Pants by Luluelemon

If you are looking for true athletic fit dress pants aka suit pants then State & Liberty is your best bet. However, if you are looking for a more casual pair of dress pants you can wear to work or less formal occassions then these slim fit pants by Lululemon are worht checking out. 

Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants by Bonobos

Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants by Bonobos

Every man needs a pair of khaki dress pants. Khaki dress pants are a classic that matches well with pretty much every color shirt and shoe combination you can think of. These stretch dress pants by Bonobos are a solid choice for dudes looking for a slightly more affordable pair that still provide an athletic stretch fit. With 97% cotton and 3% elastane they aren’t as stretchy as some other options but still should give you good comfort and a crisp look.

Best Athletic Fit Blazers

State & Liberty Athletic Fit Blazer in blue plaid colorway

Blue Plaid Athletic Fit Stretch Blazer by State & Liberty

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll make it pretty clear, State & Liberty is going to be on this list quite frequently. If you have an athletic body and want an off-the-rack suit that fits perfectly then this is the top choice. These are nice because you can size the blazer to fit tight but still be comfy because of the stretch fabric. The days of not being able to move in a blazer are over thanks to State & Liberty’s athletic fit blazers.

Hartley Cotton Stretch Light Blue Blazer close up image

Hartley Cotton Stretch Light Blue Blazer by Indochino

If you’re looking for a more affordable option Indochino has a quality stretch fit blazer. The light blue is a pretty nice hue for spring and summer weddings.

Best athletic fit blazer for winter, The Di Pray Textured Wool Waverly Jacket

The Di Pray Textured Wool Waverly Jacket

This deep green blazer is made with M<erino wool and is perfect for late fall or winter occasions. Altrhough it doens’t use performance fabrics merino wool is thermoregularting and pretty comfortbael.

Best Athletic Fit Suits

Navy Athletic Fit Stretch Suit by State & Liberty

Navy Athletic Fit Stretch Suit by State & Liberty

We already talked about State & Liberty’s game-changing pants and blazers so bring it all together by getting the full State & Liberty stretch-fit suit. Say goodbye to dry cleaning, ironing, and uncomfortable suits by making the move to get yourself a suit that you will truly love. Your confidence will soar when you are wearing this suit and getting tons of compliments on how good you look. 

Soho Flex Tech Suit by Sene Studio. Italian Blue color

Soho Flex Tech Suit by Sene Studio

Behind State & Liberty, Sene Studio is probably the next best option for a comfortable and professional-looking stretch-fit suit. Their FlexTech Suit utilizes four-way stretch Japanese fabrics that are machine washable. They also have a Perfect Fit Guarantee where they will alter your suit for free within a 30-day window to make sure it’s exactly to your liking. The Italian Blue color featured here is a bold yet refined look that will help you look sharp in numerous settings.

The Stretch Allen Suit by Proper Cloth. Light grey athletic fitting suit

The Stretch Allen Suit by Proper Cloth

If you are looking for an Italian-made suit then The Stretch Allen Suit by Bonobos is one of the top athletic fit options. This suit is made with 98% Merino Wool and 2% Elastane which allows for a good mix of breathability, comfort, and stretch. The sizing chart is pretty expansive for this suit. They have jacket sizing from 28 – 64 and allow for short, regular, and long length options as well as extra slim, slim, and classic fit options. The same thing can be said with the pants sizing, they have pretty much every size you can think of and offer 5 different fits including an athletic fit option. They also offer a perfect fit guarantee where they will pay for your local tailor alterations up to $125 with a picture of your receipt.

Best Athletic Fit T Shirts

Cuts Athletic Fit Curve Hem T Shirt

Cuts Athletic Fit Curve Hem T Shirt

Cuts is another very popular athletic fit clothing brand. Take a peak at their Instagram page and you’ll see some of the world’s greatest athletes like Patrick Mahomes, Steph Curry, and Joe Burrow rocking their gear. If you have top athletes like those guys wearing your stuff you must be doing something right, and Cuts definitely is. The curve hem t shirt is a premium tee that can be worn in almost any scenario from work to play. This t shirt comes in a classic fit and then the Cuts signature fit which is a more tapered look. I enjoy the signature fit because it’s a little more form-fitting for me as I like the tapered look around the body and waist.

Drop Cut BYLT Signature Athletic Fit T Shirt

Drop Cut BYLT Signature Athletic Fit T Shirt

A marroon t shirt is a staple for a proper wardrobe. It goes well with khaki, denim, balck and pretty mcuh anything. Marroon is a bold color that helps you stand out in the right way. The signature drop cut t shirt by BYLT is a quality athletic fitting tee. They use a combination of 67% polyester 28% clotton, and 5% spandex which makes for a really nice performancre blend. I thionk these shirts look sharp, fit great, and are a great value.


The Westport Black Short Sleeve Athletic Fit Crewneck T-Shirt by State & Liberty

Another t-shirt you need in your closet is a classic black tee. And of course, we had to go with our guys at State & Liberty for the perfect black athletic fit tee. These tees feature the signature State & Liberty fit made for v-shaped body types and have buttery soft performance fabrics keeping you cool and comfortable no matter the circumstance.s

Best Athletic Fit Shorts

State & Liberty Athletic Fit Shorts - Mid Khaki

Athletic Fit Shorts by State & Liberty

Whether you’re hitting the town with the boys, out on the golf course, or running errands khaki shorts are a great option. These stretch fit khaki shorts by State & Liberty are the best in the game. If you don’t skip leg day these are perfect for you as they’re designed with muscular thighs and glutes in mind. They have the signature State & Liberty stretch-fit fabric along with a quality button and zipper. They’re moisture-wicking and wrinkle resistant so they can be worn over and over again before you need to wash them.

7 inch Commuter Short by Rhone Iron color

7-inch Commuter Short by Rhone

Rhone is a very popular men’s athleisure brand that I am a big fan of. Their commuter shorts are definitely one of my favorite products from Rhone. The 7 inch inseam on these shorts is enough to show off the quads but not too short in my opinion. I like these shorts because they are very comfortable thanks to their Flex-Knit stretch fabric which has polyester in the composition. The iron color here works well with white and other light-colored tops. I definitely recommend trying these out for your next summer event.

Commission Classic-Fit Short 7" Warpstreme by Lululemon

Commission Classic-Fit Short 7″ Warpstreme by Lululemon

You really can’t go wrong with shorts from Lululemon. Similar to Rhone and State & Liberty, the Commission short by Lululemon uses a breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and sweat-wicking fabric which they call their Warpstreme fabric. These shorts have tons of great reviews. You won’t be disappointed with these shorts.

Best Athletic Fit Hoodies

Cloud Hoodie by Travis Mathew Tawny Port Color

Cloud Hoodie by Travis Mathew

Travis Mathew’s Cloud Hoodie is an extremely comfortable and well-fitting hoodie that will be your new favorite hoodie. Hoodies are definitely more of a casual piece of clothing but when you have a hoodie that looks this good and is made by a premium brand like Travis Mathew you can get away with wearing it out for date night and even some work functions. 

Hyperloop Hoodie by Cuts Sage Color

Hyperloop Hoodie by Cuts

I absolutely love the Hyperloop Hoodie from Cuts. Hoodies are becoming increasingly popular to wear more than just around the house or on a lazy Sunday. Hoodies are now a staple fashion item that goes great under a bomber jacket or just as a stand-alone piece. It’s because of brands like Cuts that offer their tapered Signature Fit that this trend is happening. And I’m all for it because the Cuts Hyperloop Hoodie is super soft and looks amazing in almost any setting.

Solid black athletic fit hoodie by State & Liberty

Athletic Fit Hoodie by State & Liberty

A classic black hoodie with jeans is always a winning outfit. The State & Liberty athletic fit hoodie is great because it has plenty of stretch but still keeps you warm in most environments. It’s not super thin but it’s definitely not a bulky hoodie. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Athletic Fit Clothing for Men

What’s the difference between Athletic fit clothing vs. Slim fit clothing?

Athletic fit clothing is designed specifically for men who have an athletic build whereas slim fit is built simply for men who are a little bit slimmer. Generally speaking, slim fit caters to a larger audience while athletic fit is made only for men who have athletic body types. A man with an athletic build can be described as muscular, fit, toned, etc. Guys who have an athletic build are typically at least moderately active and usually have broader shoulders, muscular biceps, and pecs. Additionally, someone who has an athletic build will have a narrow waist with big thighs and a muscular backside. Athletic fit clothing is built to allow space for muscles and is tapered so that the clothing still hugs the body in an appealing way. Slim-fit clothing is usually just built with less fabric for smaller and thinner guys but isn’t tapered or built to allow for muscles so it is restricting for athletic body types.

What’s the difference between Athletic fit vs. Modern fit?

As mentioned in the paragraph above, athletic fit clothing is tailored to fit muscular body types perfectly. Modern fit is similar to an athletic fit but not quite the same. I view modern fit as more of a relaxed slim fit than an athletic fit. I think the biggest difference is that athletic fit clothing is really tailored for athletic bodies while someone who doesn’t have a muscular build but isn’t overweight can still pull off a modern fit.

What should I look for in Athletic Fit Clothing?

When purchasing athletic fit clothing I think it’s important to look for companies that specialize in athletic fit clothing. Brands like State & Liberty, Cuts, and Mugsy Jeans pretty much built their business around this type of consumer so if you are a true athletic fit then you can’t go wrong with any of their products. Additionally, most of these companies will use materials like elastane, polyester, and spandex in their fabrics to allow for a four-way stretch and extreme comfort. If you see those materials in the products it’s likely they have good athletic-fit clothing.

What are Athletic Fit Jeans?

Athletic-fit jeans are jeans built for men with muscular legs. If you don’t skip leg day and have strong quads and glutes then you likely need athletic fit jeans. Athletic fit jeans offer a slim waist while giving more space around the thighs and a taper down the leg so that you are not restricted as you would be with slim fit or skinny fit jeans but still have a tailored fit. Athletic-fit jeans, like those at Mugsy, usually have stretchy fabrics woven into their denim to make the jeans less restrictive and more comfortable.

Where can I buy Athletic Fit Clothing?

You can buy athletic fit clothing both in-store and online. It seems that most of the new athletic fit clothing brands are primarily e-commerce driven but a lot of them have retail store locations as well. State & Liberty for example has around 20 store locations across the country. 

Joe Sanfilippo is one of our top shopping experts here at The Guy's List. Joe is a former athlete turned entrepreneur who has been covering men's fashion, supplements, fitness, sports, business, and a variety of other similar topics for the past 7 years. Check out Joe on Instagram @joe_sanfilippo

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