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Just like you, we put our pants on one leg at a time. But before you can get dressed and get out the door in style, you’ve got to have the right tools for the job, and there’s hardly a tool more useful than some of the best chinos for men. These pants are a step up from blue jeans but not as formal as suit trousers, and believe it or not, there’s a pair of chinos on the market for everyone – even bigger guys. Plenty of brands now specialize in the best chinos for big guys – pants made with plenty of stretch, comfort, and room to move. Think tailored, not baggy, and ready for the office or a stylish date night. The best chinos for big guys will change your pants rotation as you know it.

What are the best chinos for big guys?

Mugsy Stretch Chinos

Best Overall: Mugsty Stretch Chino Pants

  • Custom Stretch Material

  • Supreme Comfort

  • Great Fit

State and Liberty Stretch Tech Chinos

Best Athletic Fit Chinos: State and Liberty Stretch Tech Chinos

  • Athletic Fit

  • Breathable

  • Moisture Wicking

Devil Dog Dungarees Classic Chinos

Most Rugged Chinos for Big Guys: Devil-Dog Dungarees Chino Pants

  • Classic Fit

  • Nice Taper

  • Affordable Price

Everlane Athletic Performance Chinos

Best Modern Chinos for Big Guys: Everlane Athletic Performance Chinos

  • Simple Design

  • Classic Colors

  • Four Way Stretch

Dockers Ultimate Athletic Fit Chinos

Most Classic Chinos for Big Guys: Dockers Ultimate Athletic Fit Chinos

  • 360 Flex™

  • Comfortable Fit

  • Timeless Colors

Bonobos Athletic Fit Chinos

Best Versatile Chinos for Everyday Wear: Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos in Athletic Fit

  • Modern Style

  • Name Brand

  • Wild Color Options

Tommy Bahama Boracay Flat Front Chinos

Best Dress Chinos for Big Guys: Tommy Bahama Boracay Flat-Front Chinos

  • Dressy Look

  • Comfort Stretch

  • Versetile Style

Best Overall: Mugsy Stretch Chino Pants

Mugsy Stretch Chinos

Mugsy already makes some of the coolest, most comfortable jeans for men on the market, and they’ve now expanded to take over the rest of your closet, especially when it comes to chinos for big guys. With waist sizing up to 40 and beyond, plus a highly mobile four-way stretch chino fabric, it’s hard to pass up the appeal of adding some Mugsy chinos to your arsenal alongside the brand’s famed denim. 

Better still is the fact that classic colors like Army Green are available, as are fun seasonal prints. The fit is tailored but with room to move, making them ready for the office (with an Oxford shirt) or a casual weekend cocktail (with a denim jacket, fresh white tee and crisp sneakers).

Best Athletic Fit Chinos: State and Liberty Stretch Tech Chinos

State and Liberty Stretch Tech Chinos

State and Liberty’s founders started the brand with a rather simple, if admirable, goal: Find pants that worked for guys with their build (athletic thighs from years of sports and training). They also took aim at dress shirts for athletic guys, striking the perfect balance. 

That means proper space in the areas where you need it the most (like the thighs or seat of your pants, or your chest and shoulders), and then using colorful designs and modern fabric to get the stretch just right. The performance fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking (and they’re also unlined for maximum breathability). And for god measure, the stretch waistband and four-way stretch fabric design are cut to move with you and rest comfortably, from the office to a wedding dance floor.

Most Rugged Chinos for Big Guys: Devil-Dog Dungarees Chino Pants

Devil Dog Dungarees Classic Chinos

Devil-Dog has been making chinos and denim for decades the classic way – the chino is an all-American staple, after all, and it looks every bit as great now as it did when the company first launched in the late 1940s.

Today, the aptly named Rugged Tan colorway of Devil-Dog’s classic fit chinos delivers both a tailored look and room to move – the classic fit is neither too tight nor too relaxed, with a nice taper through the leg for a clean look. Plus, they’re priced affordably, made with 2 percent stretch and available in waist sizes up to 40.

Best Modern Chinos for Big Guys: Everlane Athletic Performance Chinos

Everlane Athletic Performance Chinos

Everlane has made its mission the daily dressing of modern guys on the go, with no hassle or questions asked. Its Uniform line of menswear, for example, is made to be mixed and match, from Oxford shirts to T-shirts, denim and helpfully modern, innovative performance chinos. Its Athletic Fit Chinos are some of the best chinos for big guys, boasting quick-drying four-way stretch fabric and plenty of room through the seat and thigh.

A range of classic colors offers something for every style, every day of the week.

Most Classic Chinos for Big Guys: Dockers Ultimate Athletic Fit Chinos

Dockers Ultimate Athletic Fit Chinos

Dockers has long made some of the most classic chinos out there for guys. Luckily, they’ve broadened the brand’s horizons even further recently with a range of athletic-fit styles expertly tailored for guys who both need more room in their pants and still want a clean, sharp look. The brand’s Smart 360 Flex™ stretch fabric really drives home the point that these are made to move with you, not work against you. 

The Flexible waistband is also a nice design feature that optimizes comfort rather than an overly snug fit. Take your pick from a range of timeless colors, plus waist sizes running up to 44.

Best Versatile Chinos for Everyday Wear: Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos in Athletic Fit

Bonobos Athletic Fit Chinos

When it comes to the best chinos for big guys, or even the best chinos period, turn towards a brand with more than a decade of expertise: That’d be Bonobos, founded on the idea that pants can provide comfort and mobility without sacrificing style. That led the brand to develop a special curved waistband that stays put and contours to your waist, and it also led the NYC company to come up with a roomy yet smartly designed Athletic fit. 

The Athletic fit (available in more than 10 colors) delivers both a tapered look below the knee – perfect for a sharp finish at the office or on a date – while also giving you plenty of room through the seat. They’re the most versatile chinos to wear day in and day out, so stock up on multiple pairs.

Best Dress Chinos for Big Guys: Tommy Bahama Boracay Flat-Front Chinos

Tommy Bahama Boracay Flat Front Chinos


Want the dressy look of a chino with the wearability and comfort of stretch jeans built right in? And want to get all of that versatile style in a way that works for your 9-to-5 grind as well as the weekend? Tommy Bahama’s crisp, classic chinos (made from an ultra-stretchy cotton blend) are just what your wardrobe needs, and they feature a versatile straight cut that’s tailored and not overly relaxed. 

Plus, they even come in a Big and Tall fit that delivers that same sense of style with a polished look, and the brand’s range of color options should suit every personal preference.

Chinos for Big Guys FAQ’s

Should big guys wear chinos?

We’re of the opinion that bigger guys can make just about any style work for them, especially in the right fit, fabric and color. Chinos are a polished, classic style choice that work well at the office in place of blue jeans, and they also nail the perfect date night or refined off-duty uniform when paired with a stretch blazer.They’re a versatile option to have in any style rotation.  If you ask us, big guys should definitely wear chinos – without a doubt. 

How should bigger guys style chinos?

Bigger guys should style chinos in a way that works for them, but above all else, think confident, crisp and cool. That could mean pairing tan chinos with a white Oxford shirt and navy blazer at the office, or it could mean swapping in a cardigan over that same Oxford shirt for a casual post-work date or happy hour.

 Chinos also work well with other menswear classics, like the white or grey T-shirt and a blue denim jacket. When styling chinos, think of how you style your favorite jeans, then step things up ever so slightly when the occasion calls for it. 

What types of shoes can big guys wear with chinos?

Chinos, much like classic blue jeans, are easily wearable for big guys with plenty of different shoe styles. But to us, the best chinos for big guys look great with other equally timeless styles, be they brown lace-up dress shoes or brown leather chukka boots. Some types of chinos can even be worn more casually with white canvas high-top sneakers (remember, classic is what counts!), but when in doubt, we think the best chinos for big guys pair well with footwear that’s both dressy enough for the office and slightly rugged (like brown leather chukka or lace-up boots). 

What are the best materials for chinos?

Today’s modern chinos toe the line between the future and the past. Chinos were once made nearly exclusively from thick cotton twill, but the best material for chinos today is more innovative: Chinos should still feature materials like cotton, but performance fabric blends like nylon and spandex, or nylon, spandex and polyester blended with cotton, are going to make the best chinos for big guys incredibly easy and comfortable to wear. 

The best chinos feature a hint of helpful stretch and a roomier fit, as opposed to overly thick, stiff fabric that doesn’t breathe well. 

How should I take care of my chinos?

Taking care of your new go-to chinos is crucial if you want to extend the life of such a useful daily style staple. Some chinos will provide specific instructions (for instance, machine-wash your chinos with like colors) – a good rule of thumb when caring for chinos is to wash as often as needed, properly following the instructions as laid out by the brand. 

If you build a rotation of multiple pairs of the best chinos for men, you’ll have options should a pair of pants get hit with a stain or a dash of dirt. Spot-clean as needed, but be sure to machine wash and hang dry (or dry on low heat!) as needed. 

What is the best place for big guys to buy chinos?

There’s an even bigger market than ever for the best chinos for big guys. While plenty of brands now develop chinos with athletic fit designs, we’re of the opinion that the best chino brands for bigger guys are ones that specialize specifically in pants (like Mugsy). 

A specialization in pants ensures quality fit, fabric, design and production, and from there, you can often shop that same brand to build out the rest of your wardrobe with casual T-shirts or buttondowns, for instance (as with State and Liberty’s athletic-fit dress shirts). 

The best place for big guys to buy chinos is often the one that suits your body type and personal style the best, but companies with a specialty in pants are pros in the category.

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