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A great pair of light-wash jeans is an absolute wardrobe essential for every man. They pair great with a lot of different outfits from t-shirts to button-up shirts. There are tons of different brands that make light wash jeans in many different styles…but which are the most comfortable, hold their color, true to size, and will be able to be worn for years to come? I have done the research and selected what I believe are the best light-wash jeans options for men. The list below covers multiple styles and price ranges so you can find the best ripped light wash jeans or the best cheap light wash jeans and everything in between.

What are the best light-wash jeans for men?

Mugsy Grands Light Wash Jean

Best Overall: Mugsy Jeans Grands Light Blue Jeans

  • Soft Stretch Fabric
  • 3 Fit Types
  • Super Light Color
Hollister Mens Jeans

Best Cheap Light Wash Jeans: Hollister Slim Straight Jeans

  • True to Size Tapered Fit
  • Amazing Price
  • Flex Material
AG Everett Mens Light Wash Jeans

Best Premium Light Wash Jeans: AG Everett

  • Super Breathable and Flexable
  • Long Lasting Fabric
  • 93% Cotton Blend
Abercrombie and Fitch Light Wash Jeans

Best Light Wash Skinny Jeans: Abercromie and Fitch Skinny Jean

  • Ripped Jeans
  • Super Skinny Fit
  • Machine Washable
True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Best Working Mans Light Wash Jean: Levi’s 511’s

  • Durable Material
  • 99% Cotton
  • Narrow Throughout

Best Overall: Mugsy Jeans Grands Light Blue Jeans

  Mugsy Grands Light Wash Jean

If you’ve read some of our other blogs then you may have seen that Mugsy is consistently topping our list when it comes to anything denim-related. They are a modern men’s fashion brand that focuses on making the most comfortable and stylish jeans around, and the Grands are one of my favorite offerings from them. They do have a pair that is a bit lighter in color than the Grands that they fittingly call the “Lightest Blues” but the Grands are my favorite of all their light wash options. The Grands come in 3 fit options: Tapered Fit, Casual Fit, and their signature Mugsy Fit. I’m a big fan of the Mugsy Fit but I do want to try the Tapered Fit soon. If you like a baggier option or have bigger legs you might want to try the Casual Fit.

Like all Mugsy jeans, the Grands hold their color, fit me perfectly, and look fantastic. And most importantly they are tge most comfortable jeans you will ever wear, guaranteed. For what you are getting they are priced extremely well in my opinion. If you are truly not sure what to get I’m sure that blind buying these will not be something you regret. To learn more about the brand also be sure to check out our Mugsy Jeans review!

Best Cheap Light Wash Jeans: Hollister Slim Straight Jeans

Hollister Mens Jeans Although these jeans are not the fanciest on our list, for the price, I have yet to see a brand that can offer a better product at this price. For a mere $25 you get a well-fitting pair of jeans and a comfortable flex fabric, which although many brands are more comfortable, rivals some of the other mid-tier brands that sell their jeans for upwards of double the price of these. If you don’t wear jeans that often and just want them for the occasional rainy day or night out then these are a great choice.

Best Premium Light Wash Jeans: AG Everett

AG Everett Mens Light Wash Jeans If you’re looking for a quality pair of light-wash jeans from a premium brand then the Everett jeans from AG are worth considering. That being said, quality comes at a price of almost $250. These are without a doubt the most expensive jeans on this list coming in at more than double other premium brands like Mugsy on this list. I had to include them though because, as you might have thought, they spared no expense. Firstly, these jeans somehow manage to be slim-fitting, super breathable, soft, flexible, and durable all at the same time. They wear almost like sweatpants as opposed to jeans. Their color and fit last forever, which is great because I only have 1 or 2 pairs of their pants that I’ve had for years and break out only for special occasions. Although these tick every box when it comes to being a great pair of jeans, I only recommend getting them if money is no object or you want a pair of nice pants for special occasions that you will keep for years to come.  Careful though, once you wear them you will be addicted!

Best Light Wash Skinny Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch Skinny Jean

  Abercrombie and Fitch Light Wash Jeans For this selection I’m covering two popular jean styles at once, skinny jeans and ripped jeans. Although these two usually go hand and hand if you are looking for just light wash skinny jeans or ripped jeans A&F has options for you. As far as the ones I have listed in this article, I really like how the rips are right at the knee to give flexibility and style without overdoing it. Since they are a major brand if you aren’t happy they can always be returned in-store which is great. You can also shop them as a style on their site to find other clothes that will match these well if you do not enjoy putting your own outfits together. If you like the skinny jeans style definitely give these a try!

Best Working Mans Light Wash Jean: Levi’s 511’s

Levi's Light Wash Jeans Levi’s has been around for years and has styles to fit everyone. I am partial to their 511’s, unlike most of the others on our list these are not tapered, they are slim throughout the leg but their flex fabric allows for ample movement. They are made of a 99% cotton blend but manage to still be super durable, so they can be worn to a hard labor job and out on the town. These are great “do it all jeans” that I highly recommend checking out.

Men’s Light Wash Jeans FAQ’s

What is a light-wash jean?

Light-wash jeans are simply jeans that still have the signature blue color that jeans are known for but are a few shades lighter than typical medium-wash jeans and don’t quite fall into the bleached jeans category.

Are men’s light-wash jeans in style?

Yes, men’s light-wash jeans are always in style since they can be paired with nearly anything to make a great summer, spring, winter, or fall outfit. That being said fall is their peak season since they pair perfectly with flannels and the slightly colder weather.

Are light-wash jeans too casual?

Light jeans are much more casual than darker-wash jeans, although all jeans fall into the category of casual wear. They are great to wear daily or can be dressed up for casual dates or nights out other than that you will need to bump up a peg to chinos, check out our article on the best black chinos for men to get a start.

What color shirt goes with light-wash jeans?

Really any color will go well with light-wash jeans but I personally prefer more neutral colors like tan, black, or white. If you want to step it up you can through on a jean jacket or a black or olive green bomber.

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