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The summer sun is high in the sky, your beach bag is packed and there’s one key final step before you hit the road: Throwing on a pair of the best men’s sunglasses. In fact, a pair of stylish shades is an essential any day of the week, be it on your commute, during a rooftop happy hour or during a coveted vacation or “Summer Friday.” Not just any old pair will do, though. 

Our Favorites

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer mens sunglasses

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

  • Sleek Design
  • Polarized
  • Fits Large Heads
Tomahawk Shades motivator mens sunglasses

Tomahawk Shades Motivators

  • Affordable
  • Great for Summer
  • Resiliant
Tomahawk Shades Trooper mens aviator sunglasses

Tomahawk Shades Troopers

  • Classic design
  • Great fit
  • Great price

Best Sunglass Brands for Men

That old pair of sunglasses you bought at the beach store last summer isn’t quite going to cut it anymore. Just as you take care to find the best fits and fashions across your wardrobe – from the office to the beach and back – the right pair of sunglasses shouldn’t be overlooked. There are plentiful styles out there designed to offer polarized protection that goes hand-in-hand with essential style points.  The even better news is, sharp shades can be had for affordable prices these days, all without cutting corners. Finding a new pair of the best sunglasses for men is as easy as a few quick clicks these days. And some brands even offer online guides to finding the right pair of sunglasses for your face. Either way, these are our favorite sunglass brands of the moment.

Man wearing Tomahawk Shades sunglasses

Tomahawk Shades

Can buying sunglasses be efficient, stylish, affordable and reliable? In the case of Tomahawk Shades, all of the above are certainly true. Tomahawk Shades was founded with a mission to craft small-batch eyewear featuring next-level quality, striking the right balance between sunglasses you can wear on the course or the trail, and sunglasses you can wear with a suit.  The result is a lineup of shades divided by class and category (for example, there’s the sporty Athletic Club and the retro Grasshopper Class, among many others). Even better is the best-in-class pricing and durable quality.  The brand is even approved and worn by Super Bowl Champion Chris Hogan and 2022 Maxim Hot 100 winner Paige Spiranac – it’s difficult to get better endorsements than that, if you ask us.

Man wearing glasses from glasses usa


Finding the right pair of sunglasses for daily life, beach wear and everything in between just got a lot easier, and that’s because GlassesUSA stocks and sells thousands of pairs from the world’s top brands and designers. That goes for everything from Oakley to Burberry and Tom Ford, with options to add things like prescription lenses. You can even pick up regular eyeglasses, but the real draw is the site’s wide variety of stellar, stylish shades for every occasion. Buying your first frame also unlocks a wildly popular 50 percent off coupon, while you’ve got easy access to everything from Ray-Ban aviators to retro Wayfarer frames, dressy designer shades and much more.

Man wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses


Arguably no discussion of the best sunglass brands for men is complete without mentioning Ray-Ban. The iconic American brand just seems to get better with age, with appearances on the likes of Tom Cruise in the OG Top Gun, along with a staggeringly high number of pop culture moments. There’s a reason the brand is so trusted among everyone from on-screen (and real-life) fighter pilots to stylish celebs to fashionable gents the world over. Ray-Ban sunglasses stand the test of time, offering reliability, classic looks and durable performance at agreeable prices. There’s nothing too ostentatious about them, and if you just want a pair of classic Aviators (more on those in a minute), then there’s hardly a better place to shop.

Persol mens sunglasses on a rock with the sky above


There’s a crowded marketplace as far as the best sunglasses for men are concerned, but there’s only one brand that was trusted for years by a style icon and real-life race car driver like Steve McQueen. The famed actor made Persol legendary throughout the 1960s, and today, the brand even makes a foldable style that’s an homage to his rugged, stylish and hard-working legacy. Persol sunglasses are certainly next-level in terms of design and price, but if a stylish splurge is in the cards this summer, there’s hardly a cooler brand to buy now. We know Mr. McQueen would approve.

Most Popular Sunglasses for Men

The classics are the classics for a reason, and that can certainly be said when it comes down to the best sunglasses for men. Popular frames, especially from a modern brand like Tomahawk or a long-running company like Ray-Ban, can work in multiple style situations and with multiple face shapes. And if you find a pair that’s affordably priced, durably made and readily available online, that’s all the better. The most popular sunglasses for men offer something for everyone – we can guarantee it. 

Tomahawk Shades Bishop Sunglasses

Tomahawk Shades Bishop Tortoise Classic Sunglasses

While black sunglasses are plenty sleek and stylish (just look back at a movie like Reservoir Dogs), tortoise shell sunglasses are equally timeless and eye-catching – pun intended. Here, the tortoise frames contrast nicely with bright blue lenses for a vibrant, summer-friendly combination. The key here is, these shades would stand out stylishly with nearly any #OOTD, any time of year. Put it this way: There’s a reason they’re a best-selling style at Tomahawk. 

Armani mens Sunglasses

Armani Exchange AX4093S

The Armani name is nearly second to none when it comes to sharp-as-can-be designer frames. This pair is bold yet understated, and perfectly dressy to wear with your favorite polo and stylish stretch chinos. They come in cool combinations like a crisp black, or a black option with contrasting blue lenses, and they’re just part of a wide range of Armani shades available at GlassesUSA.

Ottoto Stefano mens sunglasses

Ottoto Stefano Sunglasses

Get a little bit of throwback cool in your sunglasses rotation with this semi-rimless take featuring square lenses. The result is a pair of sunglasses that look like a classic Aviator, yet boast a slightly more streamlined take, and that means these shades will do especially well on a coastal vacation or a day at the beachside bar. Even better is the fact that they’re on sale for a stellar price at GlassesUSA, and that mix of stylish utility and affordability is one we can get behind. 

Ray-Ban Wayfarer mens sunglasses

Ray-Ban Wayfarer This certainly won’t be the last time you hear about Ray-Ban in our guide to the best sunglasses for men, and there’s plenty good reason for the brand’s ongoing popularity. As we talked about with the best sunglass brands for men in general, the company makes styles with enduring popularity across the globe, from the big screen and beyond. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is a casually cool style that wears as well with a groomsmen suit as it does with a T-shirt and chino shorts. Millions of people the world over love the style for its versatility. 

Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men

Looking for stylish sunglasses should go beyond just, well, style points. There are also functional features to keep in mind, like polarization. Polarization is the lens technology that fights back against strong UV rays – it seems plenty of the best sunglasses for men have polarization built in, but these are a few of the best pairs of polarized sunglasses on the market. Think of it like style and utility rolled into one.  Tomahawk Shades Dealbreakers mens sunglasses

Tomahawk Shades Dealbreakers

Bold, rugged and seriously cool: All are defining factors of the Tomahawk Shades Dealbreakers, which won’t in fact break the bank (they’re priced under $90). The smoky grey frames are a winning style move, but it’s the polarized lenses that serve up performance from the beach to the boardwalk and well beyond. Those lenses boast UV400 protection for the right mix of utility and good looks. 

Oakley Unstoppable mens sunglasses

Oakley Unstoppable

Polarized frames are useful in essentially every pair of stylish shades for men, but they prove remarkably helpful when undertaking sporting pursuits. From beach volleyball to cycling and even casual days lounging in a beach recliner, Oakley’s Unstoppable shades quite literally live up to their billing. They boast 100 percent UV protection in these gradient polarized lenses, plus a durable build and sporty look. They’re about as multi-functional as it gets, so don’t be afraid to load up your schedule of sunny-weather outdoor activities. 

Tomahawk Shades Wellspring men's sunglasses

Tomahawk Shades Wellsprings Sunglasses

Polarized technology is available in frames that are more classically designed, believe it or not. That is to say, while sporty frames are ideal for polarized lenses, a pair like the Wellsprings deliver that same sun protection in a design closely resembling an aviator-style frame.  Tortoise acetate offers up an ultra-cool mix of classic and modern style, as does the keyhole-style bridge design. When you want a pair of dressy yet useful shades to wear with an Oxford shirt or a polo and linen trousers this summer, opt for a new pair from Tomahawk Shades.

O'Neill mens sunglasses

O’Neill ONS-9009

O’Neill has a nice knack for merging the sporty and the stylish, with surf culture-inspiration and performance present throughout its product line. So, just as you can wear O’Neill boardshorts to the beach, you can wear O’Neill sunglasses in and out of the water. This pair, however, just happens to feature a touch of style points as well, with a silhouette that wouldn’t look out of place with a Hawaiian shirt and a cold beer in hand. Luckily, those polarized lenses have you ready for just about anything. 

Best Cheap Sunglasses for Men

When we talk about the best cheap sunglasses, we’re talking specifically about cheap sunglasses for men that still manage to check the right boxes in terms of style and hard-working durability. Yes, there are sunglasses to be had for cheap at your local gas station or in the checkout line at the beach store, but plenty of brands are making affordable pairs with standout quality in mind. Just as buying new sunglasses doesn’t have to mean spending an arm and a leg, it certainly doesn’t have to mean forgoing reliable performance altogether. You can get the best of both worlds here with our top picks for the best cheap sunglasses. Tomahawk Shades motivator mens sunglasses

Tomahawk Shades Motivators Sunglasses

Between the matte black frames and the contrasting “Sunset” (or orange) lenses, Tomahawk Shades nails the ideal mix of budget-friendly style and dependability. The Motivators are part of a handful of shades available from Tomahawk for under $40, so there are options aplenty if you get the urge to snag more than one pair from the athlete-approved brand. They also feature appealing details like a script logo on the left temple, and they could become a new pair of signature shades. 

Tifosi Swank men's Sunglasses

Tifosi Swank XL Sunglasses

It’s sometimes surprising what the best cheap sunglasses bring to the table, especially as far as Tifosi is concerned. The company was founded with an emphasis on sport sunglasses meant for cycling and running, but it’s since expanded into the lifestyle realm with durable, oversized shades like the Swank XL. The Blackout color option in particular is super-sleek, complete with scratch-resistant lenses and add-ons like a helpful eyewear strap. 

Knockaround mens usnglasses

Knockaround Fast Lanes Sport Polarized Sunglasses

Sporty sunglasses are often an essential for warm-weather pursuits, be that fishing, hiking, camping or trekking to a cabin (or a mix of all three). And if you can find a pair that can take a bit of a beating, that’s all the better – particularly for a super-affordable price. Knockaround rises to the occasion with an FDA-approved pair of impact-resistant lenses, complete with polarized lenses for sun protection. They also retail for under $30, a remarkably affordable price. 

Sunski Avila mens sunglasses

Sunski Avila Polarized Sunglasses

Tough design and classic style are two keys that go into every pair of Sunksi frames, as the brand bills these as both “lightweight and design-forward.” That’s great news for the modern man on the go, as this pair won’t prove too clunky for days on the go around town or casual poolside hangs. They’re made from super-light polycarbonate plastic resin frames, with 100 percent UV lens protection built right in. The circular look is sharp and versatile enough to dress up with a breezy polo or dress down with your favorite short-sleeve henley. 

Best Designer Sunglasses for Men

In any man’s search for the best sunglasses on the market, there comes a time when “leveling up,” so to speak, is of the essence. So, while any good collection of sunglasses needs affordable frames, it can sometimes be fun to opt for a very well-made, high-quality set of frames from a trusted designer. These frames go well beyond just the name on the pair in question, though. The best designer sunglasses are slightly more fashion-forward, and yet made with the best materials on the planet. Here are some designer sunglasses for men to invest in this season (and beyond). 

Costal del mar fantail mens sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses

When scouring the market for designer sunglasses, bear in mind that some designs are going to be slightly more bold than others, but no less wearable. Take the Fantail Sunglasses from Costa Del Mar. The design is square and immediately eye-catching (quite literally), yet still made using cool-as-can-be amber frames for a more classic finish. The brand’s signature logo adorns the left temple for an instantly recognizable touch, and it’s also worth noting you can get a discount with a special coupon at GlassesUSA.

Tom Ford Aviator mens sunglasses

Tom Ford TF0734-H Jet

Legendary American menswear designer Tom Ford knows a thing or two about what guys want in the most luxurious men’s fashion pieces on the planet. He does everything from denim and shirting to tuxedos for the likes of James Bond, after all. Bond has also worn Tom Ford sunglasses, and while these aren’t quite the pair worn by 007, they’re every bit as as investment-worthy. They’re a classic set of aviators, upgraded by Tom Ford himself. 

Burberry Carnaby mens sunglass frames

Burberry BE4337 Carnaby

If there’s any brand you can trust when it comes time to craft the best men’s designer sunglasses, it might just be Burberry. Sure, the brand is instantly appealing via its selection of iconic plaid accessories and menswear, but they’ve also put that same attention to detail into its eyewear line. The Carnaby has an almost geometric, square frame and lens shape, complete with grey lenses and handsome black frames. 

Prada mens sunglasses

Prada PS 10WS

The phrase “quiet luxury” is picking up some serious steam these days, with shows like Succession to thank for that. It’s the idea that pieces should stand out quietly and offer a sense of classic cool – they’re expensive when worn, and you can tell right away that they’re a cut above. That’s what these handsome Prada sunglasses offer, along with classic looks in spades. 

Best Aviator Sunglasses for Men

If we had to pick a style of sunglasses that looked great on every guy, it’d be aviator sunglasses. They’re a timeless classic first worn by pilots, so they’ve got a rugged appeal that’s still well-suited to daily wear (especially with a blazer, an Oxford shirt and chinos at a summer wedding). There’s a reason we mentioned Tom Cruise in Top Gun wearing the best aviator sunglasses: Has anyone ever looked cooler? Find your own pair to steal a little bit of that timeless style for yourself these days. 

Ray-Ban Aviators

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator

You could certainly argue that Ray-Ban brought the aviator to the masses, at least as far as cool, stylish movie stars are concerned. They’re still an eternally cool pair of men’s sunglasses, available in a variety of frame and lens combinations. The teardrop-shaped lenses suit plenty of different face shapes, and the design is timeless enough to last for seasons to come. 

Michael Kors Chelsea Aviator mens sunglasses

Michael Kors Chelsea Aviators

Fashion designer Michael Kors is a known fan of stylish eyewear, and he’s designed a pair of frames with a sort of “red carpet cool” top of mind. These oversized Aviators boast his signature lens logo on the left lens, with high-grade monel construction adding durability to the frames themselves. Plus, the bridge features  a doubled-up design for a city-ready sense of style. All that’s missing is a shirt and chinos from the Michael Kors brand to round out your #OOTD. 

Tomahawk Shades Trooper mens aviator sunglasses

Tomahawk Shades Troopers Sunglasses

Is there anything more classic than tough-as-nails stainless steel aviators in a sleek gunmetal color? Not quite, which is part of what makes this pair of stylish aviator sunglasses from Tomahawk Shades so impressive. They can be worn with classically rugged picks like a field jacket and blue jeans, or else with a short-sleeve henley and tailored swim trunks to the beach. That’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as affordable men’s shades from Tomahawk are concerned. 

Ottoto Theseus mens sunglasses

Ottoto Theseus Sunglasses

When it comes to the best aviator sunglasses, there are pairs that fit a more classic mold (like the Ray-Ban Aviator), and pairs that are a bit more unique, like the Theseus. These are more of what you might call a “pilot”-style aviator, with slightly more square lenses and frames. That doesn’t mean that they’re not aviator sunglasses, however. There’s an option out there to suit every taste and style, yet the gunmetal color is as cool and classic as you’re going to find when shopping for the best aviator sunglasses. 

Best Driving Sunglasses for Men

When gearing up to hit the road this summer, particularly with a marathon road trip in mind, your list of summer style essentials is no doubt lengthy. Sure, the right weekender bag and comfortable travel shoes and pants sit very near the top of the list. Yet, what’s on your face is also vitally important – the best driving sunglasses go the distance in matters of fashion and function. After all, they protect your eyes from the sun, offer better visibility and save your eyes from straining on days both sunny and partly cloudy. And yes, they still manage to look great all the same. These are the best pairs of driving sunglasses to wear now. 

Sunski Astra mens sunglasses

Sunski Astra Sunglasses

From its polarized lenses to the all-day comfort fit for which Sunksi is known, there’s plenty of road-ready appeal behind the Astra Sunglasses. The medium-size frame and lens design works well  with plenty of face shapes, and the frames themselves should prove lightweight and comfortable on your noggin for hours of hitting the open road. Plus, they’re durable enough to last and last,  thanks to a lightweight metal frame. 

Shinola Runwell mens sunglasses

Shinola Runwell Brownline Sunglasses

Shinola delivers plenty of stylish gear for the open road, from watches designed to handle road trips right on through to a handsome line of weekender bags. You can now add Shinola sunglasses to your packing list, as the Runwell Brownline mimics the popular Clubmaster silhouette. The end result is distinctly Shinola however, from the color scheme to the fact that it plays off the brand’s iconic Runwell Watch. 

Vallon Howlin mens sunglasses

Vallon Howlin’ Sunglasses

There’s more to consider than you might think as you shop for the best sunglasses for driving. Since you need clear vision on the open road, polarized lenses are essential and practically a requirement. Beyond that, a snug and secure yet comfortable fit is crucial, and Vallon delivers that goal with an optional headstrap. It also helps that these stylish sunglasses use a modern spin on the classic aviator design, all the better to take you from point A to point B without needing a change of frames. 

Vuarnet Legend mens sunglasses

Vuarnet Legend Valley Sunglasses

There’s more to consider than you might think as you shop for the best sunglasses for driving. Since you need clear vision on the open road, polarized lenses are essential and practically a requirement. Beyond that, a snug and secure yet comfortable fit is crucial, and Vallon delivers that goal with an optional headstrap. It also helps that these stylish sunglasses use a modern spin on the classic aviator design, all the better to take you from point A to point B without needing a change of frames. 

Best Prescription Sunglasses for Men

Protection from the sun is plenty crucial, but how best to get that critical coverage while still keeping your vision top-notch? It used to be that sunglasses and eyeglasses sat in separate realms, but these days, there’s quite the market for the best prescription sunglasses out there. The idea is simple: The same look and feel as your favorite classic frames, upgraded with the same prescription as your daily glasses. These are the best pairs of prescription shades to add to your rotation right now. 

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer mens sunglasses

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

You could argue that it’s never been easier to get a quality prescription in a stylish pair of frames than at GlassesUSA. That very well might sound like hyperbole, but it’s the truth, seeing as you can add those details to plenty of iconic frames via the online retailer. Here, Ray-Ban is giving you the option to add a prescription to its newly improved Wayfarer, which plays off the iconic 1950s style with modern materials and a crisp, timeless look. 

Oakley Holbrook mens sunglasses

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Oakley already has a laser-sharp focus on delivering high-performing eyewear, and that focus only gets better when you consider the fact that you can add a prescription to its rugged sunglasses. From running to watersports and hiking, crystal-clear vision is of the utmost importance, and customizing this pair takes them from good to great. Note the brand’s lightweight O-Matter frame and the contrasting, edgy blue lenses for ideal sight in especially sunny weather. 

Muse M Classic mens sunglasses

Muse M Classic Sunglasses

Just as you might want variety in your menswear wardrobe, variety in your eyewear rotation can be every bit as valuable. And while Muse offers up some styles in more straightforward colors, like an all-black pair of sunglasses, you might still find it a wise move to add your prescription to a pair of cool, vibrant flames. Customize your look with an all-blue pair of shades, and rest easy knowing that your vision remains intact, thanks to the quick option to add your Rx details online. 

Ottoto Magnus mens sunglasses

Ottoto Magnus Sunglasses

Getting a pair of high-quality frames at a sub-$100 price can be a tricky endeavor at times, particularly when a prescription set of lenses is concerned. Yet, that’s what Ottoto brings to the ballgame in a pair of iconic aviator shades boasting a modern twist. It’s always a wise move (in our book) to look for frames you can wear in plentiful style situations, from a day on the water to an evening rooftop happy hour. And since you’re able to add a prescription here, you’ll be seeing clearly from sunrise to sunset. 

Best Sunglasses for Round Face Men

It seems that some guys have no problem finding a pair of stellar, stylish shades in practically any shape. Yet for different face shapes, certain sunglasses styles just tend to look better. Take guys with a more round face shape: Sunglasses that boast a more square or rectangular profile are going to look better than sunglasses with a round lens or shape. It’s all about adding balance, and the best sunglasses for round face men can certainly help you do that. 

Maui Jim mens sunglasses

Maui Jim Wedges Polarized Sunglasses

Remember what we said about adding some structure and more square or rectangular lines to your profile as you shop for the best sunglasses for round face men? This pair, with its squared-off and geometric design, excels in that regard. The look is a play on the classic aviator, complete with a new take on the lens and frame shape. Yet, classic color options like amber frames help make them suitable for wardrobes of all sorts. 

RAEN Wiley mens sunglasses

RAEN Wiley Square Sunglasses

Keep in mind that the frame shape is the real key as you shop for a pair of the best sunglasses for men with round faces. And when it comes down to it, you might think that RAEN might have designed the Wiley with that very purpose in mind. The RAEN Wiley frames are expertly squared off and yet not too over-the-top, and you can even use the brand’s useful Home Try-On option to see how they look on your noggin. 

Oakley Latch Beta mens sunglasses

Oakley Latch Beta Sunglasses

Oakley technology is some of the finest on the planet as far as the best men’s sunglasses are concerned, from incredibly lightweight materials to durable designs and seriously cool looks in general. It all comes together in the Latch Sunglasses, which use square, clean lines on the interior of the lens as well as across the bridge and the temple. The end result is a pair of perfectly balanced sunglasses with long-lasting, rugged appeal for an active lifestyle. 

Electric Dude Aviator mens sunglasses

Electric Dude Aviator Sunglasses

As the brand itself says, these frames are suitably “suave” and “impossible to ignore,” and that’s very good news indeed as you shop for the best sunglasses for round face men. The aviator design gets a squared-off update in the brand’s hard-working grilamid material, which boasts lightweight construction yet long-lasting wearability. And the notch temple and lens design is highly useful for filling out a round face with style and functionality top of mind. 

Best Sunglasses for Bald Men

Just as with finding the best pair of sunglasses for guys with a round face, finding the right pair of sunglasses for bald men is an endeavor that requires some thought and care. The frame shape is what’s going to draw the most attention to your face, after all. While some guys look great in every type of frame, it seems that round or more oval frame shapes work best for guys with no hair. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though, and bald guys should shop carefully for stylish sunglasses – start with these key picks. 

Ray-Ban mens sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB3691

Recall what we said about Ray-Ban being a brand that stands the test of time? That certainly holds true if you go beyond the brand’s timeless Aviator styles, and that’s great news for bald guys in need of stylish new shades. The RB3691 features a medium frame and lens size to balance out heads with no hair, while the gold frames deliver some stylish contrast. 

Gap mens Sunglasses

Gap SGP007

In search of a look that’s reminiscent of timeless Persol sunglasses, all the while without breaking the bank? These handsome shades fit the bill nicely. Better still is the fact that they include iconic GAP detailing, but the real winning design detail here is the round frame shape. They’re well-suited for bald men, with all the cool of a pair of shades that Steve McQueen might wear. 

Huckberry Cruisers mens sunglasses

Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses

Huckberry is nothing if not committed to dependable, hard-working gear, from its waxed trucker jackets and Oxford shirts to its highly affordable line of sunglasses and accessories. Its sunglasses deliver standout style for under $40, a decision that’s very easy on your wallet. Beyond that, the round shape here is perfect for bald guys, while the range of cool color options is stylish and versatile for all casually rugged situations. 

Walden Woods mens sunglasses

Walden Eyewear Woods Sunglasses

If you’d like to stick with shopping at Huckberry while stepping things up in terms of price, turn to Huckberry’s latest stylish sunglass venture, the Walden Eyewear line. These retro-style circular frames are distinctive, retro-minded and yet still subtle enough to be worn by bald guys. Plus, they’re still priced at under $100, with a vintage keyhole nose bridge for an added throwback touch. Complement them with a Huckberry pocket tee and stretch chino shorts any day of the week. 

Beau Hayhoe, the fashion guy, is our expert in all things men's fashion and grooming. Over the years Beau has written for some of the largest men's magazines and gained a deep understanding of the best brands, styles, and products for guys. You can catch Beau on his social media listed on his author page or by reading the rest of his catalog here on The Guy's List.

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