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Having a pair of white chinos in the arsenal is a must for the summer. Ever since Michael Rubin started throwing his infamous 4th of July white party the trend had become increasingly popular. It seems that these types of parties are popping up everywhere and they’re usually at high-end places with a star-studded crowd so you have to be prepared with a fresh pair of white chino pants in case you get invited to one last minute.

But even if you aren’t trying to put together an all-white outfit, white chinos are pretty versatile as they can pair well with many different tops and give you a super clean and polished look. There is no better way to make a statement than by showing up to a date or party rocking some crisp white chinos. Finding the right pair can be tough though as you want to make sure they are comfortable and don’t look cheap. And most importantly it’s critical that they aren’t see-through. Lucky for you though we already did the research and found the 5 best white chino pants to keep you looking & feeling right all summer and beyond!

What are the best white chinos for men?

State and Liberty White Chinos

Best Overall: State and Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Tech Chino

  • Athletic Fit
  • 3/4 Lined for no Transparency
  • Doesn’t Show Sweat
Mugsy White Chinos

Best Stretch Fit White Chinos: Mugsy Stretch Chinos

  • Stretch Fit Material
  • Clean Look
  • Sizes for Everyone
Dockers Ultimate Slim Fit White Chinos

Best Budget Option: Dockers Ultimate White Chinos

  • Slim Fit
  • Great Price
  • Flexible Waistband
AG Everett White Chinos

Best Luxury White Chinos: AG Everett White Chinos

  • High End Fit
  • Relaxed Look
  • Blended Linen Fabric
True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Best Modern Chino: Bonobo Stretch Washed White Chinos

  • Taperd Fit
  • Brilliant White Color
  • Machine Washable

Best Overall: State and Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Tech Chino

State and Liberty White Chinos

I absolutely LOVE the athletic-fitting and stretchy white chinos by State & Liberty. These chinos are 3/4 lined to prevent transparency which is a feature that is key specifically for white chino pants. They are also built with State & Liberty’s signature tapered fit and stretch fabric that is designed for guys who want a really tailored type of fit. What I always love about State & Liberty products is you can get that close fit without having to worry about the pants being too tight because they are super stretchy which gives you amazing comfort. If I ever got the invite to Michael Rubin’s white party, there is no doubt that I’ll be rocking these bad boys in pictures with Tom Brady and Kim K.

Best Stretch Fit White Chinos: Mugsy Stretch Chinos

Mugsy White Chinos

I tried to find something that I didn’t like about Mugsy’s white chinos and it seems like an impossible task. These simply hit on all cylinders. Their stretch blend is one of the best on the market and they feel more like sweatpants than any pair of chinos I’ve ever tried. The fit, comfort, and style are among the best. These also have a little blue stitching inside that you can fold up for a pop of color on the cuff which is a unique nice touch. I highly recommend checking out Mugsy if you are on the fence about what pair of chinos to buy. 

Best Budget Option: Dockers Ultimate White Chinos

Dockers Ultimate Slim Fit White Chinos Dockers has been around for a while now and that experience benefits them. They are able to deliver an amazing pair of all-white chinos for a price of less than $60. These chinos feature an adjustable waistline so you always get the perfect fit. This is crucial since they are also slim fit and having a waist that’s too large with an inseam that hugs your thighs and calves will make your look seem out of proportion. I love these for outdoor events where I don’t want to risk ruining more expensive options or worry about matching them with a luxury top.

Best Luxury White Chinos: AG Everett White Chinos

AG Everett White Chinos Moving on from budget chinos, AGJeans is one of my favorite brands for a more boujee-looking pair of white chinos. These give luxury vibes with their baggy slim-straight fit. The Everett chinos are perfect for the summer and offer a laid-back sophisticated look that will have you feeling good and looking great. I’m sure these will garner some compliments for you. Personally, I’m more into athletic fit clothing so I prefer the tapered fit from brands like State & Liberty or Mugsy. But if you are looking for that high-end relaxed look then these are the white chinos for you!

Best Value Chino: Bonobos Stretch Washed White Chinos

Bonobo Stretch Washed White Chinos The Bonobos white chinos are a pretty great value chino if you ask me. Bonobos is a respected brand that makes quality products and they seem to deliver on most of the main features I look for in chinos at a solid price point with their $99 Stretch Washed Chino 2.0. These chinos are made with a 4 way stretch fabric and have 5 different fits to choose from including straight, slim, and athletic fit. While they might be at the bottom of our list don’t sleep on these guys right here.

Mens White Chinos FAQs

Can men wear white chinos?

Of course! White chinos not only can be worn by men but they are often times the ideal choice for summer get-togethers. It is important to choose a pair of chinos that aren’t see-through and fit well, but they are absolutely an essential item in every man’s wardrobe.

What to wear with white chinos?

There are tons of different white chino outfit combinations but I think my favorite way to wear white chinos is simply with a black t-shirt and a super clean pair of Nike dunks, Air Jordans, or New Republic Kurt sneakers. If you’re out on the water a nice linen button-down shirt and some loafers will do you well.

What not to wear with white chinos?

First off, if you are wearing white chinos you NEED to make sure they aren’t dirty or wrinkled. This look is all about being clean and crisp so you have to start there. But in terms of what not to wear, I probably wouldn’t wear formal dress shoes with white chinos. Outside of that, there aren’t too many restrictions. 

Why chinos are better than jeans?

I think chinos are just a little bit more formal than jeans. While I love jeans, I think chinos are better if you are trying to have a more sophisticated look.

Should I roll my chinos or not?

If you feel like rolling your chinos then go for it! For me when deciding to roll my chinos or not it kind of depends on the rest of the outfit and the occasion. If you are wearing a really nice pair of shoes you want to show off then rolling your chinos can help draw some extra attention to them. 

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