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Sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory for guys who are looking to enhance their style and boost their confidence. However, a lot of guys lose or break their sunglasses easily so spending over $100 on sunglasses doesn’t make sense for guys like me. I’ve never been one to buy sunglasses for more than $100 because I know this will drain my bank account quickly. If you’re like me then you probably are here looking for some more affordable options and I’ve got a few great choices for you below, check our my top picks for the best sunglasses for guys under $100.

What are the best sunglasses for guys under $100?

Tomahawk Shades The Pack Leaders Sunglasses for Guys

Best Overall: The Pack Leaders by Tomahawk Shades

  • Stylish

  • Unique

  • Durable

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ONeill Harlyn Polarized Sunglasses for Guys

Best on Amazon: O’Neill Men’s Harlyn Polarized Sunglasses

  • Solid Price

  • Cool Lens Color

  • Lightweight 

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Tomahawk Shades Classic Sunglasses for Guys

Best Value: Tomahawk Shades Classic Sunglasses

  • Outstanding Price

  • Great Quality

  • Timeless Style

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SPY Optic Bewilder Round Sunglasses Color and Contrast Enhancing Lenses

Best Round Lens: SPY Optic Bewilder, Round Sunglasses

  • Color Enhancing Lenses 

  • Clear Frame

  • Mirrored Look

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Stonewalls Aviator Sunglasses for Guys

Best Aviator: Stonewalls by Tomahawk Shades

  • Clean Look

  • Polarized Lenses

  • Great Warranty

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Best Overall: The Pack Leaders

Tomahawk Shades The Pack Leaders Sunglasses for Guys

Tomahawk Shades is a brand that has been making waves over the last few years with high-quality, stylish, and cost-effective sunglasses perfect for everyday wear. The Pack Leaders are our personal favorite sunglasses for men under 100 dollars. Their timeless design can be worn with everything from a t-shirt and jeans to a formal suit. This style matched with a thicker set of frames and high-quality build makes them some of the most durable fashion-oriented sunglasses around. This is incredibly important to consider when looking for a staple pair of sunglasses that can be the center of your wardrobe for years to come in many different situations. This package is one that is unique to Tomahawk shades there are brands with more notable styles but you will certainly pay for it and anything more durable isn’t going to be very fashionable.

These top our list as the best overall pick by checking a lot of boxes but we understand that everyone’s taste is different. If you are looking for more of a wire frame pair of glasses or some wackier lens colors check out the rest of our list below. Although, it is worth noting that the pack leaders come in many different variations which are certainly worth a look. 

Best on Amazon: Harlyn Polarized Sunglasses

image 1

The Harlyn polarized sunglasses from O’Neill’s are a great option in a pinch. They are available on Amazon for only $59 dollars and still offer polarized lenses and a simple and versatile all-black frame. these sunglasses are one of our favorites for those who need sunglasses for a vacation or weekend getaway but don’t want to risk losing or damaging their staple pair of sunglasses. These are lightweight yet durable making them perfect for outdoor activity and feature a wild orange lens with a purple tint. These come in second on our list because they are great for the money and there is simply no risk for most people making them a great beater pair of sunglasses, something every guy needs.

It’s not all positive though. These sunglasses’ greatest stand-out feature also happens to be a drawback. The lens color is sure to be divisive and will certainly only be acceptable in casual or sporty situations. This may not be an issue depending on why you are purchasing, but if you are in need of a great everyday pair we suggest you look at some of our other options on this list.

Best Quality Sunglasses: The Classics

image 2

The Classics are just what the name would suggest a great pair of sunglasses with a timeless style that makes your presence known without being too bombastic. Tomahawk Shades appears to hear on our list again with another high-quality budget pair of sunglasses under $100. The Classic line offers great durability and a not-too-uncommon styling with its own spin. This makes them a great sleeper pick for those in need of a subtle design with a high-quality feel and affordable price. No matter what you doing the classics are a great way to add to your fit!

Although they are from the same brand as our top overall pick the Classics come in at number 3 since their design language is far more common in the sunglass niche. While this makes them a great budget pick we liked the more unique design of their pack leader line.

Best Round Sunglasses: Optic Bewilder

image 3

Two things we have not had on this list as of yet, a mirrored look is one and a round pair of sunglasses is the other. The Optic Bewilder pair of guys’ sunglasses from SPY cover both at once. The rounded frames feature a modern look that has been growing in popularity without sacrificing the traditional heritage of sunglass design. They feature mirrored and color-enhancing lenses perfect for any outdoor excursion. They also come in as the cheapest pair of sunglasses on our list at only $30. The clear frames and blue lenses make for a unique look that is suited for most weekend getaways.

While these sunglasses are great all around they do feel more at home at the beach or some other outdoor activity. How you wear them is up to you but they certainly do not cover the breadth of outfits that other options on this list do.

Best Aviator Sunglasses:

image 4

What sunglasses scream cool more than aviators? They have been a staple of men’s fashion ever since the late 80s. Aviators range across all prices but we’ve found the best aviator option under 100 dollars for you. The slate black look and polarized lenses on the Aviators from Tomahawk Shades keep the same iconic look using high-quality materials at a low price. Wireframes can be a worry if since they are more likely to get damaged or bent out of shape. The Aviator line from Tomahawk Shades comes with a fantastic warranty so you never have to worry about damage to your sunglasses. If you are looking for a good pair of wireframe aviators, there is no better option.

Sunglass FAQ’s

Why should I not spend more than $100 on sunglasses?

Spending more than $100 on sunglasses is not a good idea. Expensive sunglasses can easily be broken or lost. So if you spend $100+ on sunglasses that you lose or break twice per year that can add up quickly. You can find many affordable sunglasses for less than $100 that are just as stylish and durable.

What are the benefits of buying affordable sunglasses?

One of the biggest perks of purchasing affordable sunglasses you are able to buy multiple different styles that complement any outfit.

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