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Everyone knows that food powers your body, but for those on a diet or taking care of their general health, it can be hard to find healthy snack foods that will satiate your hunger and fuel your workout. Luckily, we have consulted with our experts and they have given us some tips for the best possible snacks for healthy snack seekers. If you have your diet and workouts down pat, then these snacks can be a healthy way to curb cravings and fuel your day! Check out our favorite healthy snacks for guys below.

What are the best healthy snacks for men?


Paleovalley Meat Sticks

  • Satiating

  • Grass Fed

  • Easy Transport

HU Chocolate Covered Nuts Variety Pack

HU Hunks Variety Pack

  • Great for keto

  • Healthy Fats


  • Quick Calories



Gimmie Roasted Seaweed Snacks

  • Quick Sodium


  • Multiple Flavor Options

  • Long Lasting


1st Phorm Power Bar

  • Whole Food Protein

  • Gluten-Free

  • High Protein

True All Day Knit Golf Cleats

Chomps Meat Sticks

  • Multiple Meat Options

  • Zero Sugar

  • Lots of Flavors


Kion Energy Bar

  • Chocolate Flavor

  • Won’t Melt Easily


  • Natural Ingredients

LMNT Electrolyte Mix

LMNT Electrolyte Mix

  • Quick Energy

  • Balanced Electrolyte Mix

  • Vegan Friendly


HU Dark Chocolate Bars

  • Vegan Friendly

  • No Soy/Sunflower Lecithin

  • No Palm Oil

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Paleovalley Superfood Bars

  • Gluten-Free

  • Great Flavor

  • Nutrient Dense

Paleovalley Grass Fed Beef Stick

one of the best healthy snacks for men, Palleovalley beef sticks

It can be hard to find a high-protein, low-fat, satiating, and portable snack that will fuel your day, but these grass-fed beef sticks from Paleovalley certainly fit the bill for most people’s diets. Made with organic spices and packed with probiotics each of these sticks is a boost to your metabolism and will eliminate your hunger with high-quality red meat protein. If you are a hiker or camper these are an especially good way to bring a high-quality, meat-based protein source on the go, that you can rely on to stay fresh.

HU Hunks Variety Pack

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HU Hunks is a great option for those who have a sweeter disposition. They are vegan and paleo friendly and are bound to scratch that indulgent itch that comes with any diet. They are packed with healthy fats and made with all-natural ingredients HU even goes out of its way to avoid the use of soy lecithin, sunflower lecithin, palm oil, etc. This makes them a great option for those following a keto diet and who are looking for a quick satiating snack. We recommend the variety pack to start with and find your favorite flavor, once you’ve done that just keep that flavor stocked in your pantry and you’re all set!

Gimme Roasted Seaweed


Next on our list is a great option for runners, cross-fitters, and anybody who really works up a sweat during their workout. When we sweat one of the most lost electrolytes is sodium. This is fine for most people and will be regained through typical meals but for those really pushing the limit and themselves these delicious Gimme roasted seaweed snacks can be a great way to fuel themselves during their exercise. They come in many different flavors and can be stored for long time periods in many conditions making them a great on-the-go treat.

1st Phorm Power Bar



These power bars from 1st form are packed with protein and made with whole-food ingredients. For those looking for a sweeter way to get some quick additional protein in their diet, these are a great option. We have linked the chocolate mint cookie flavor but any flavor will do so pick the one that fits your taste. In addition, each bar is gluten-free making them great for those with strict dieting requirements.

Chomps Meat Sticks


There is no healthy protein source than high-quality, grass-fed, all-natural meat and that’s exactly what Chomps specializes in. They offer zero-sugar meat sticks made out of beef, turkey, or venison in all sorts of flavors. They store well for long periods of time and taste fantastic making them great for hikers or campers. They are also pure protein making them a very macro friendly for every popular diet out there. These are one of our favorites on the list and are certainly worth a look.

Kion Energy Bars


Kion’s energy bars are specifically designed to be a sweet, healthy, and temperature-stable treat to fuel your day. This is one of the most versatile options on our list. they can fit with most diets since they are made with all-natural ingredients and contain 11 grams of protein in each bar. Their sweet taste makes them a great healthy dessert snack you could even add them to a bit of ice cream for a healthy topping if your macros allow for it. On top of that, this is another one on our list that is great for travelers. Kion has specifically designed this bar to be stable in multiple environments, so if you want a stable protein source that isn’t a stick of meat look no further.

LMNT Electrolyte Mix



Another great option for those looking to improve their workouts and resupply their electrolytes is this drink mix from LMNT. They have a science-backed mix of electrolytes to help you best fuel your performance. They are incredibly low-calorie and are vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly with no added sugars or gluten. They taste fantastic and a great to take on the go. They come in 8 different flavors plus a chocolate medley that includes chocolate caramel, chocolate salt, and mint chocolate, all of which can be enjoyed hot for an outside-the-gym healthy sweet treat!

HU Chocolate Bar


HU pops up on our list again for no reason other than their ability to create great tasting all natural chocolate snacks. These are a great option for those on a keto diet with flavors like cashew butter and almond butter and we have linked the dark chocolate bars which carry significantly more health benefits as opposed to milk chocolate, although they offer those as well with the same all-natural ingredients. Since every flavor offered truly tastes great we recommend getting the variety pack for this HU product as well and then rebuying what you like, though if you feel you want to just double down and buy a full pack of a flavor you think sounds good we won’t blame you and you can’t go wrong.

Paleovally Superfood Bar

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Superfoods have gained massive popularity in recent years for their low-calorie nutrient-packed properties. Superfoods can be a great addition to any diet but can be hard to fit in in a quick and tasty way. Luckily Paleovalley has solved this problem with their gluten-free superfood bars. They come in multiple flavors and are packed with nutrients from all types of superfoods. Check them out for a quick, on-the-go way to add these powerful nutrient sources to your diet!

Healthy Snack FAQ’s

What Snacks are Healthy?

This depends on the individual diet but as a general rule snacks that are high in protein are made with natural ingredients and have slow-digesting carbs, would be considered healthy. Many of the items on our list have all three of these benefits!

Why is Protein Important?

Protein uses the most energy for the body to digest and will keep you fuller longer which makes it essential for snacks meant to be eaten on a diet.

What Should be Avoided When Snacking?

Fast-digesting carbs and harmful ingredients like certain artificial sweeteners and such should be avoided when looking for healthy snacks. 

Why are Snacks Important?

Snacking is an inevitable practice for even those on the most strict diet. For this reason it is important to make sure you stock your pantry with healthy treats that will maintain your calories and macros even when you need a quick bite.

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