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We’re willing to bet you’ve got plenty of signature products in your rotation, be it your go-to pair of blue jeans, your favorite Oxford shirt or your can’t-miss everyday watch. But what about a signature scent? Finding one of the best colognes for men might seem like a detail you can skip over, but having a scent that’s uniquely yours – one that improves your confidence, for good measure – is as important as building out a well-rounded wardrobe. These are the best men’s colognes we’re shopping (and sniffing) now. 

What are the best Colognes for Men?

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme

Versace Dylan Blue

  • Masculine
  • Strong
  • Versatile
Montblanc Explorer Perfume 1

Montblanc Explorer

  • Distinctive Bottle
  • Fall Ready
  • Bergamont and Sandalwood
Le Labo Rose 31

Le Labo Rose

  • Unique
  • Great All Year
  • Floral

Here are the Best Colognes for Men


Best Overall: C.O. Bigelow Elixir Black


CO Bigelow Elixir

The right cologne should be authoritative and recognizable without overpowering, it should smell classic but not stuffy, and it should be wearable with casual outfits as well as for more formal occasions. Luckily, C.O. Bigelow checks all the proper boxes with its refined Elixir Black scent, which you can wear to the office and then out to a date night without missing a beat. It’s described as “confident, exotic and rich,” and that sounds like one of the best men’s colognes to us. 

Best for Everyday Wear: Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne 1


Solid cologne can be tricky to try out at first, but once you’ve used solid cologne, you might never go back. It warms between your fingers and spreads easily across key scent points (like your neck and wrists), but what makes Duke Cannon’s Solid Cologne the best for everyday wear? The scent is long-lasting and rich, and it adjusts to your body over time, with a scent that doesn’t wear out. 

Best for Refined Occasions: Burberry Weekend Cologne

Burberry Weekend Cologne


There’s nothing quite like the understated elegance of wearing Burberry menswear, with an iconic heritage across the generations. What about adding a touch of that same refinement to your grooming routine? That’s where the aptly named Burberry Weekend Cologne comes into play, with woody, mossy and fragrant notes to complement fine tailoring and formal occasions. 

Best YSL Cologne for Men: YSL Eau De Toilette


YSL Eau De Toilette

Edgy yet refined menswear calls for a scent that matches accordingly, and the razor-sharp black jeans and suiting of Yves St. Laurent fit right in with the fashion house’s Eau De Toilette. Lavender, incense and germanium offer a bright, fresh and woody fragrance that’s delivered in a suitably stylish bottle. It’s a splurge cologne you can wear for plenty of nights on the town. 

Best Creed Cologne for Men: Creed Aventus Cologne

Creed Aventus Cologne


Once you really dive into the best colognes for men, you realize that some scents are certainly worth the hype, like Aventus from Creed. It’s one of the most notable colognes on the market in terms of name and price, but it backs up that pedigree with what the company calls a woody, fresh fragrance. Wear it on the daily or save it for special occasions, but know that it performs exactly as it should. 

Best Versace Cologne for Men: Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme


Sometimes, bold is a bit better when it comes to the best colognes for men, and Versace certainly knows this. The brand recently worked on stylish men’s sunglasses with NBA legend Dwayne Wade, and the distinctive scent of Dylan Blue Pour Homme would prove a perfect pairing with a new set of signature shades. It’s the Mediterranean-inspired scent that gives this cologne some serious pedigree and style. 

Best Fall Cologne: Montblanc Explorer Cologne

Montblanc Explorer Perfume 1


Just as you change up your wardrobe as the seasons shift, considering updating your scent accordingly. Montblanc is famed for its adventurous watches and handsome everyday carry pieces, the kind of gear you can wear into the woods for a glamping getaway or time at a mountain resort. And helpfully, the aptly named Explorer Cologne boasts plenty of fall-ready notes of sandalwood, bergamot and sage.

Best Summer Cologne: Tommy Bahama St. Barts Seascape

Tommy Bahama St. Barts Seascape


Tommy Bahama is nothing if not one of the best menswear brands to rock in the warm summer months, with breezy tropical shirts and linen trousers available in spades. The St. Barts Seascape scent channels that same energy, with notes of coastal moss and sage to capture the feeling of a warm sea breeze and balmy air. The brand says it features a “hint of golden hour,” and that’s a tough fragrance to top for summer. 

Best Winter Cologne: Reuzel Wood and Spice Cologne

Reuzel Wood and Spice Cologne 1


Cold weather calls for one of the best colognes for men, certainly, and one that fits right in with the weather of the season. Since you very well might be spending time in front of a fire at a cozy cabin, or enjoying a delicious dram of whiskey, switch up your cologne accordingly. The woodsy, spiced notes of this solid cologne play nicely with winter staples like a rugged shawl cardigan, and the tin is compact enough to bring on your holiday travels. 

Best Under $50: Every Man Jack Sandalwood Cologne

Every Man Jack Sandalwood Cologne


If you want to smell great and save a few bucks in the process, it’s ideal to search for the best cologne for men under $50. And if you’re a fan of the men’s grooming brand Every Man Jack, you’re in luck: Its signature scents, like sandalwood, carry through across the company’s entire product line, which makes for an outstanding cologne, too. There’s also a touch of vetiver for a versatile, rich scent. 

Best Smelling Cologne for Men: Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne


There’s a wide world of scents out there as you shop for the best men’s cologne, but there’s another level to that search, thanks to trusted fragrance companies like Jo Malone. Unique combinations abound with Jo Malone fragrances, including this rich, intense and yet uniquely smooth blend of wood sage and sea salt. It’s sharp enough to wear for special occasions, and just distinct enough for daily wear. 

Best Affordable Cologne for Men: Cremo No. 8 Spray Cologne

Cremo No. 8 Cologne


Cremo practically has the market cornered if you want a truly high-quality, A-to-Z men’s grooming approach, from the initial steps of your routine (shaving) to the finishing touch (this excellent spray cologne). The bourbon and oak fragrance is rugged and masculine, but it’s the sub-$30 price tag that really seals the deal with this scent as one of the best men’s colognes. Be sure to check out our review of Cremo if you are wondering about their other products and our opinion on their quality.

Best for a Woodsy Scent: Manscaped Persevere Cologne

Manscaped Persevere Cologne


Out of all the scents we guys tend to love, there’s something about the deep woods, be it wood smoke or the brisk, fresh air during a cabin vacation, that tends to feel, well, just simply right. And Manscaped captures that energy in a bottle perfectly, adding to an already-stellar array of grooming staples for the modern man. The bottle design is handsome, the scent is outstanding, and the sub-$50 price tag is unbeatable. 

Best Cologne for a Floral Scent: Le Labo Rose 31 Eau de Parfum

Le Labo Rose 31


Perhaps your search for the best cologne for men has you on the hunt for something with a touch more floral in the fragrance? Le Labo’s Eau de Parfum has a devoted following, with rose notes offset by touches of spice and cumin. It’s a wear-with-anything fragrance that’s almost as iconic as Le Labo’s signature label and packaging, and that’s never a bad pick to have in your grooming rotation. 

Best Roll on Cologne for Men: Crown Shaving Co. Roll-On Cologne

Crown Shaving Co. Roll On Cologne


While solid cologne often makes for a compact travel companion, there are times where you’re searching for something even more efficient and easy to use, particularly when on the go. The best roll on cologne for men is your answer here, with a compact design that still packs plenty of a punch in terms of elegant fragrance. The masculine fragrance is also Crown Shaving Co.’s signature blend. 

Mens Cologne FAQ’s

What Is the Best Cologne for Men?

There are plentiful options in the marketplace for men’s cologne, but we think one rises above the rest. With a sleek bottle design, a rich fragrance that’s nicely balanced, and a history of successful men’s grooming launches, the C.O. Bigelow Black Elixir Cologne is our pick for the best cologne for men (although we’ll let you be the judge on your end). 

What is the Best Solid Cologne?

Solid cologne is a category that’s sometimes overlooked in the marketplace, but we think there’s a clear winner in the category. Duke Cannon Solid Cologne is a fan favorite, with a wide range of richly crafted scents and a formula that warms and adjusts to your body as the day goes on. Plus, it’s easy to apply and reapply as needed. 

What is the Best Floral Cologne?

When it comes to floral cologne, we say less is more, so keep it subtle and high-quality. In that case, Le Labo’s Rose 31 Eau de Parfum is the best floral cologne, with notes of light rose interacting with spiced cumin and other rich fragrances. 

What is the Best Cologne Under $50?

It can be tough to shop for a premium cologne while also saving some hard-earned cash, but Every Man Jack (in our opinion) makes it easier than ever. Its Sandalwood Cologne is a strong, masculine scent that works well day in and day out, and it saves you money in the process. 

Which Cologne Is Best for Me? 

At The Guys List, we’re of the opinion that the best cologne for men is the one that best suits your lifestyle, whether you need a super-elegant scent to wear to plenty of tailored occasions, or whether you want a more rugged scent, like sandalwood, to wear for more casual outings. Spray cologne is most common on the market, but solid colognes are useful and easy to transport, too. Take stock of your lifestyle, and then match your scent accordingly. 

When Should I Use the Best Cologne for Men?

Think of cologne like any other step in your grooming routine, but apply it carefully – don’t overdo it in terms of spraying too much, but don’t apply too little. Use it when you need a refreshing jolt to cap off your #OOTD, especially when you’ll be in close proximity at a party or on a date. And use your favorite cologne any time you feel like giving your ensemble an added boost.



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