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As we’re about to find out, the men’s grooming world seems more crowded these days than ever. Your time is limited, but perhaps you’ve heard about more than a few buzzworthy brands, like Cremo. Our Cremo review takes you inside this brand, started in California with a very small product line (try one product, shaving cream).

Now, Cremo produces beard care, body care and haircare products, from shampoo to pomade, plus beard oil, face wash and much more. Kickstart your next grooming upgrade with this Cremo review, and then get ready to revamp your routine.

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5 Star Rating
Summary: Cremo is a premium men’s grooming company modeled after barber shop-quality products fit for the modern gentlemen.
  • Versatility: 4 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

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What is Cremo?

Cremo Products Layered Out on Table

Cremo is a brand with an uncommon focus on high-quality men’s grooming, first and foremost. The idea behind Cremo is ingenious: They were founded with a focus on the barbershop experience, delivered to men from the comfort of their own home. That means each product, from its Hair and Beard Care to its line of shaving essentials, was designed with the input of haircare pros, all the while using barber grade ingredients.

Cremo boasts about two decades of experience in the men’s grooming arena (the company was founded in 2005), and they started with just one product: Shaving cream. As you’ll find in our Cremo review however, the company has evolved into a jack-of-all-trades brand to suit every modern man’s grooming needs.

Cremo Product Reviews

Cremo Shave Review

It makes perfect sense that Cremo would knock it out of the park when it comes to next-level products designed to deliver the closest shave possible. After all, that’s why the brand was founded nearly two decades ago and was even featured in our best grooming products for Men article.

Luckily, the Cremo shaving system isn’t too complicated or difficult to use: Its Barber Grade Razor works seamlessly with the company’s Classic Shaving Cream, while the Post Shave Balm rounds out the experience with comfort and a smooth finish in mind.

Barber Grade Razor Review

Cremo Barber Grade Razor

Cremo really means it when they say they’ve dialed in the Barber Grade experience, and its razor is a certainly a step up from what you might find at your average drugstore, making it one of my favorite inclusions in the list of best razors for men. The tortoise handle is a nice touch, yes, but it’s the five blades – complete with three layers of comfort coating – that provides a smooth, comfortable shave. Plus, it retails for under $20, and there’s also an option with a sleek silver handle.

Cremo Classic Shaving Cream Review

Cremo Shaving Cream

When you use a product as expertly crafted as Cremo’s shaving cream, you tend to notice the difference right away. For a highly affordable price, you’re getting a highly rated shaving cream that outperforms its more expensive competitors with ease. The key is a molecular formula that works hand in hand with water to provide a slick, streamlined shave with no cuts or irritation.

Cremo Post Shave Balm Review

Cremo Post-Shave Balm Bottle

It wouldn’t be a high-level shaving experience without the right ending to your morning or evening grooming routine. And although Cremo’s razor and shaving cream should minimize any abrasions, nicks or bumps, the right post shave balm can still deliver cooling relief. Ingredients like shea butter provide crucial relief and hydration to irritated skin, all with an invigorating finish in mind.

Cremo Beard Products Review

Taking care of a beard calls for a little extra attention to detail, whether you’re new to the world of facial hair, or you’ve been taming your beard for years. It can also require a touch of experimentation, all in the name of finding the right product that works for you.

Cremo gives you options, from a super-hydrating and deep-penetrating beard oil to a long-lasting beard balm ideal for shaping and styling. As always, the barber shop experience is easy to find with Cremo.

Cremo Beard Oil Review

Cremo Ceader Forest Beard Oil

Beard oil delivers a near-instant shot of soothing hydration for dry, itchy beards, and it works down right to the follicle to soothe the skin underneath, too. Argan and Jojoba oils deliver long-lasting softness, and Cremo worked with skincare professionals to find the perfect formula. It also works well on everything from stubble to full beards

Cremo Beard Serum Review

Cremo Palo Santo Beard Serum Bottle

Most companies tend to stick to either beard oil or beard balm, but not Cremo. Its Beard Serum is wildly innovative, designed to lock in moisture while softening coarse facial hair. The Palo Alto scent is bright and refreshing, while the formula absorbs fast and also delivers protective qualities for your prized facial hair. It also works to eliminate fuzz and frizz.

Cremo Beard Wash Review

Cremo Beard Wash Bottle

Cremo Beard Wash is easy to love, with especially as the first step in a high-quality beard care routine. Use this beard oil to jumpstart your routine, as the Wild Mint scent is fresh and invigorating. It eliminates harsh ingredients in other beard wash products, and provides a soft and soothing baseline from which you can add the brand’s top-notch beard balm, serum or oil.

Cremo Beard Balm Review

Cremo Beard Balm

If you’ve never tried a beard balm, Cremo’s excellent option is a terrific place to start. Beard balm works particularly well with full beards, taming unruly hair and helping you style your mane while also delivering long-lasting hydration. Ingredients like beeswax help lock in moisture, and the product also gives your beard a shiny, healthy look. 

Cremo Beard Cream Review

Cremo Beard and Scruff Cream

Cremo doesn’t cut corners when developing some of the best products for your beard, and that goes beyond just beard oil and balm (as our Cremo review already noted, of course). Its Beard Cream is formulated to soothe beard itch while softening facial hair of nearly any length. It’s best for scruff, stubble and full beards, but opt for the beard balm if your beard is of a slightly longer length.

Cremo Beard Softener Review

Cremo Beard Softener Bottle

Any guy on the go can use a beard product that targets multiple problem areas at once. Meet Cremo’s Beard Softener, which acts as both a moisturizer and conditioner for your beard in as little as 30 seconds. The scent, which Cremo calls “fresh and outdoorsy,” isn’t the only thing going for it, as the formula penetrates your hair follicles for the ultimate in soft, comfortable facial hair.

Cremo Beard Shears Review

Cremo Beard Shears

If you’re putting the utmost care into the products that go into your beard, you should be doing the same with the tools you use on said beard, right? Any beard of any length can use a quality, quick trim from time to time, whether you need to tame flyaways or take off some extra length as you shape it. Cremo’s Beard Shears give you everything you need, along with a handy comb and a handsome leather carrying case.

Cremo Hair Products Review

One of the best parts about discovering the world of new and improved men’s grooming is that the best men’s grooming brands often specialize in multiple categories. That makes it easier than ever to build a quality routine, from your beard to your skin care to the hair on top of your head, of course.

As with the rest of its lineup, Cremo looked to the pros to dial in a range of high-quality scents, outstandingly soft and soothing shampoo and conditioner products, and cool packaging that stands out nicely in your shower caddy. Consider adding the entire lineup to your bathroom.

Cremo Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Cremo Shampoo and Conditioner Bottle

Cremo just simplified your shower routine even further, all without sacrificing quality or high-quality design. Take this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. It’s a rich, lathering formula with a deep, masculine scent that only gets better as you work it through your hair. Better still is the fact that the formula leaves your hair feeling soft and refreshed.

Cremo Sculpting Cream Review

Cremo Sculpting Clay

Don’t leave anything to chance as you get ready for a big day at the office or freshen up for a date night: Your hair should be as on point as the rest of your #OOTD, and Cremo just gets that. Not every product gets the Crown’s seal of approval, but this sculpting cream works wonders for your ‘do. The hold is meant to be pliable but strong throughout the day, while it finishes off your look with a touch of natural, dressy matte shine.

Cremo Shine Pomade Review

Cremo Pomade

Some hairstyles, like the classic side part or the pompadour, tend to require a pomade made to stand up to those styles – something with a bit more shine and an old-school feel. Cremo’s Shine Pomade is just the ticket, made to offer both high hold and high shine, all day long. When you want to look your best, as when you suit up for a rooftop shindig or a wedding, opt for this timeless, old-school pomade.

Cremo Thickening Paste Review

Cremo Thickening Paste

Adding volume to your hair, while at the same time giving it a sense of style and control, is more efficient than ever with Cremo’s all-in-one thickening paste. It’s once again another Barber Grade innovation from the famed brand, and works well on short or fine hair to deliver volume and a sense of grip. It’s also built to last all day long.

Cremo Body Products Review

Remember what we said about the best men’s grooming brands acting as a one-stop shop for all the needs of your routine as a modern man? That holds true with Cremo body products, which offer a rich lather, a supremely clean feeling and the kind of scents any guy can appreciate.

The best part is, they offer up everything from a nourishing body bar to a body wash with a deep cleansing action, all the better to help you start and end your day feeling refreshed.

Cremo Body Wash Review

Cremo Body Wash Bottle

Once you’ve tried a high-quality body wash, there’s really no going back. Just as with its beard balm and beard oil, Cremo uses its same signature scent options, like Bourbon and Oak, to deliver an outstanding scent experience and a deep lather at the same time. The formula is also designed to moisturize as it cleans, all the better to 

Cremo Cologne Review

Cremo Vintage Suede Cologne

It should come as no shock that Cremo’s cologne is as precisely crafted as the rest of its Barber Grade lineup, with a focus on some of the best cologne scents for men. That’s likely an understatement, as the company’s lineup of spray cologne uses handsome scents like vanilla, spice and vintage suede to add a touch of refinement to any ensemble. Plus, these are often priced below $25 for the ultimate blend of quality and affordability.

Cremo Body Lotion Review

Cremo Body Lotion Bottle

The right grooming routine is all about tackling problems before they happen, as with using something like body lotion. Especially in the colder months, skin on your arms, back, shoulders, elbows and hands can take a serious beating. Yet, you can target the problem before it even starts with Cremo’s deeply nourishing body lotion, with a fast-absorbing, gel-based formula. The balanced finish is also non-greasy.

Cremo Body Bars Review

Cremo Body Bar

Now, not everyone is partial to using a body wash – some guys like an easy-to-use body bar, especially one that clears up and scrubs the skin in a soothing, refreshing way. That’s the formula that Cremo has nailed with its helpful line of body bars, which use innovative ingredients like lava rock to exfoliate the skin. Shea butter delivers crucial hydration, while outstanding scents like Bourbon and Oak are as good as it gets.

Cremo Hand Soap Review

Cremo Palo Santo Hand Soap Bottle

Every step along a guy’s skincare routine should be carefully considered, even the hand soap you use (and the hand soap your guests use, too). Some hand soaps dry out the skin, leaving it cracked and rough, but Cremo Hand Soap is meant to moisturize as it cleans. It’s the kind of two-for-one approach that’s made the brand famous, and the Palo Scent is also rich and pleasingly well-crafted.

Cremo Skin Care Products Review

As Cremo says, using the company’s lauded skin care products should result in you putting “your best face forward.” And not just any old face wash or facial scrub will do: Look for products made with all skin types in mind, products that cleanse and moisturize your face at the same time.

That’s what you’ll find with essentials like Cremo’s Face Wash or Face Scrub, and the company’s Moisturizer is another critical finishing touch that’ll leave your skin looking its very best all day (and all night) long.

Cremo Face Wash Review

Cremo Beard Wash Bottle

We can’t help but appreciate a brand that doesn’t rest on its laurels when it comes to crafting the best men’s skincare products. The coolest part about that just might be a beard wash you can also use to wash your face – when it seems like Cremo has thought of everything, they up the ante even further. This face wash is deeply nourishing and soothing to both your skin and your beard, and crisp scents like Wild Mint make it all the more impressive.

Cremo Face Scrub Review

Cremo Face Scrub Bottle

At the end of a long day, it’s not hard to feel like your face has really been put through the ringer: Dirt and grime can build up, and from time to time, a reset is required. That’s where an exfoliating face scrub should enter your routine, and Cremo’s is designed using an innovative formula involving crushed walnuts for maximum scrubbing potential. It also deep cleans without drying out the skin, another positive we can get behind.

Cremo Moisturizer Review

Cremo Brightning and Moisturizing Serum

For as much care as you put into your beard and the rest of your wardrobe (and grooming routine), it’s often all about the proper finishing touch. That’s where a moisturizing serum can certainly come into play, with the ability to soften your skin and deliver a bright, healthy glow. The key ingredient here is the use of both peptides and vitamin C to give your skin crucial, deep-dive nutrients. Plus, the gel formula is lightweight and non-greasy.

Cremo Lip Balm Review

Cremo Lip Balm

If your face is feeling dry, there’s a good chance your lips might be dry as well – fight dry lips at the source, before you even have to think about it, with lip balm. A lightweight, hydrating lip balm can work wonders in terms of appearance and softness, and Cremo’s is even built with SPF 25+ protection for an added layer in the heat. Plus, it’s an all-season essential you’ll find plenty useful all year long.

Cremo Charcoal Scrub Mask Review

Cremo Charcoal Face Scrub Mask Bottle

Building a grooming routine is all about giving yourself options – some days, you might want to use a quick-acting face and beard wash from Cremo, and other days, you might have time to dive into a more intensive deep clean process. You very well might want to use a deeply detoxifying scrub mask in that case, one you can also use as a quick and exfoliating scrub. Otherwise, let the mask dry to draw out skin impurities, and jumpstart your day feeling extremely refreshed.

Cremo Customer Service Review

It looks like Cremo takes its customer service as seriously as its grooming products, with plenty of ways to reach out to and interact with the brand. Its customer service extends to a helpful blog getting into the in’s and out’s of men’s skincare, yet another way for loyal fans to engage with the brand.

But the best part of any Cremo customer service review is the ease of access you receive: The brand is available to chat during business hours from Monday through Friday, mostly via phone but also via a handy online form. There’s even a mailing address listed on the site, another touch that shows Cremo is dedicated to customer service.

Signing up for E-mails from Cremo even gets you 15 percent off, so consider joining the company’s mailing list to stay in touch on all things Cremo. And we’d wager that if you ever have an issue with a Cremo product, the brand will be more than helpful when it comes to any questions or return inquiries.

Cremo Customer Testimonials

Spend any time perusing the Cremo site (or the market for men’s grooming products in general), and you very well might come to realize that some brands are simply a cut above the rest across the board. That looks to be the case with plenty of Cremo reviews, which show customers who are more than satisfied with everything from the brand’s body wash to its shaving and hair care products.

Cremo Customer Review 4 Cremo Customer Review 1 Cremo Customer Review 2 Cremo Customer Review 3

Cremo Pricing and Value

If there’s one thing that tends to stand out right away with Cremo, it’s how affordably priced the brand tends to be for what it’s offering. As you might have guessed by checking out Cremo review, most products are wildly affordable, as with sub-$25 cologne, sub-$10 shaving cream, and beard oils priced under $15.

Yet, they’re not cutting any corners in terms of ingredients, working with the pros to deliver nourishing, hydrating, stylish men’s grooming products across the board.

Cremo Shipping & Delivery Review

When stocking up on grooming essentials, it can feel a little too, well, easy to run into shipping costs that are slightly higher than expected. But in terms of delivery, Cremo solves that problem handily – spending more than $40 triggers free shipping, so if you buy a handy trio of beard products (say, beard oil, beard balm and a beard comb), you’re getting both a beard upgrade and free shipping. Deals like that are too tough to pass up. Beyond that deal, standard U.S. shipping is $5.99, another highly agreeable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cremo

Is Cremo a US Company?

Cremo is based in the U.S., with its headquarters in Laguna Beach, California. 

Who owns Cremo? What is the history of Cremo?

Cremo is also owned by Edgewell Brands, the parent company behind brands like Schick, but we think you’ll find the Cremo difference is apparent in terms of both scents, quality and versatility in its offerings. 

Cremo was founded in 2005 by Mike Boone and Kyle Schroeder with just one product – shaving cream – but has built a devout following from there, expanding its line to cover everything from skincare to beard care and even travel accessories for the well-groomed, modern man. 

Are Cremo products all natural?

Helpfully for guys who pay attention to what goes into their grooming routine, Cremo products are all-natural. It’s that quality that shines through in every single Cremo offering. 

Does Cremo have sulfates?

Cremo products are sulfate-free, which greatly helps reduce skin irritation and redness. That all-natural approach makes a big difference, whether you use Cremo body, hair or face products. 

Does Cremo dry out skin?

Since Cremo is made the all-natural way, without chemicals that would dry out your skin, Cremo doesn’t dry out your skin. Rather, it should hydrate deeply, especially its beard oil and face wash. 

Does Cremo have parabens?

Cremo products are free of parabens, further driving home the company’s commitment to quality and a precise grooming experience. That all-natural approach lends itself to softer, more supple skin and an enjoyable routine from A to Z. 

Where can I buy Cremo products?

Cremo products are available plenty of different places, from Cremo’s own Web site to retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target. To get the best, most reliable shipping and even discounts on shipping, plus access to a wide array of Cremo signature scents and items, we recommend buying through the brand itself.

Cremo vs. Competitors

Cremo  vs. Duke Cannnon

The competition is fierce among the men’s grooming market, and considering Cremo versus Duke Cannon is a choice you very well might find yourself considering. While Cremo is laser-focused on a Barber Grade experience, complete with premium packaging and amber-hued bottles, Duke Cannon takes a bit more of a rugged approach. Like Cremo, Duke Cannon offers products like beard oil and beard balm, but they also offer slightly different products, like Solid Cologne or Soap on a Rope. 

Duke Cannon also works with veterans and veterans organizations, often sending its products out into the field. If Cremo is the more refined experience and approach, then Duke Cannon is a bit more casual while covering many of the same bases. 

Cremo vs. Harry’s

Harry’s, like Cremo, started small in terms of product and focus, before gradually expanding over time. Harry’s is known chiefly for its shaving products, specifically its subscription bundles that offer efficient refills on its award-winning razors. 

And unlike Cremo, Harry’s tends to offer more bundles and more customization options , and you can even start your Harry’s journey with a customized, low-cost shaving set. Harry’s is about the ease of delivery and shaving refills, with other goodies like body wash and shampoo meant to sweeten the deal, but both emphasize stylish design and an easy ordering experience. 

Cremo vs. Goodfellow. Co.

How do the best men’s grooming brands separate themselves from the pack? In the case of Cremo, it might a wide array of refined scents and modern-meets-old-school packaging, and Goodfellow Co. is much the same. You’ll also find Goodfellow Co. at Target, where its prices are competitive compared to Cremo. 

While Goodfellow Co. offers plenty of excellent scents, the company doesn’t cover as much ground as Cremo, although its packaging is elegant and refined all the same. Goodfellow also offers everything from body wash to pomade to razors, all at agreeable prices. Given that Goodfellow is a relatively recent addition to the lineup at Target, we’d opt for a trusted brand like Cremo.

Overall Impression of Cremo

Cremo does plenty, and it does it all with about two decades of experience to back it up. While it started with a focus on shaving, the scope of its offerings now covers just about everything a guy could hope to want in his grooming routine, be it face wash or scrub, body wash, a high-quality shave, superior cologne or even smooth lip balm. Cremo seems to cover all the proper bases from A-to-Z, and they do it for low, low prices. 

Conclusion, Is Cremo Worth Buying?

If you’ve grown accustomed to your typical drugstore buys but want to try out a new brand, or if you’ve only tried one or two Cremo products and want to dive in further, Cremo is absolutely worth buying. The beauty of shopping Cremo is the brand’s unique scent system, which carries throughout its entire product line. Scents like Bourbon and Oak are reflected in everything from cologne to beard oil, making it easier than ever to hone in on one signature scent. 

What’s really impressive when it comes to Cremo is the emphasis on all-natural products designed to nourish and hydrate your skin, rather than dry it out. That can be said for its body wash and face wash, as well as its rich beard oil and beard balm. Cremo also offers an entire run of distinctive products you might not find all that many places. Take its Beard Serum or its Beard Cream, for instance. 

Cremo is an ideal men’s grooming brand if you want to branch out from the everyday – if trying a new beard cream or a rich body wash in a new scent is what you’re interested in, we can’t recommend Cremo enough. The company also offers products for sensitive skin. 

If you prefer buying your grooming products in a bundle, or if you prefer a customized approach to skincare that you might get by taking a quiz online, Cremo doesn’t quite offer that level of customization – be forewarned. All that being said, Cremo hits the nail on the head if you want an elevated grooming experience with all-day comfort, and all delivered at a remarkably low price.

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