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A guy’s life takes him many different places: The gym, the office, happy hour, date night, trips abroad, treks down the trail, all around and back again. Naturally, the best men’s grooming products are a certified must-have, and that’s where Every Man Jack comes into play. This wildly popular brand hits on all the right things for today’s modern man: Quality, safe ingredients, rich, manly scents inspired by the great outdoors, and easy-to-use product systems for every step in your routine. Our Every Man Jack review shows you why this is a brand to shop ASAP.

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Every Man Jack
5 Star Rating
Summary: Every Man Jack is laser-focused on an A-to-Z approach to grooming, using naturally derived ingredients and rich, outdoor-inspired scents.
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Effectiveness: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is Every Man Jack?

Every Man Jack Soap with Ocean Rocky BackgroundEvery Man Jack Coastal Moss Items on Moss

Every Man Jack knows what guys want: A no-fuss, no-frills grooming routine, from deodorant to skincare, haircare and more, that keeps them looking great, smelling and good and moving through the world with confidence. And by using natural ingredients and focusing on some of the coolest scents on the market, Every Man Jack delivers a comprehensive grooming approach that first started more than 15 years ago in Marin County, California. 

Every Man Jack Product Reviews

Every Man Jack Deodorant ReviewEvery Man Jack deodorant

The right ingredients make the difference, and Every Man Jack knows this especially well when it comes to your deodorant. In addition to a satisfying range of scent options (like Cedarwood, our personal favorite), the California company focuses on naturally derived ingredients and an aluminum-free formula. Grab a bundle of your favorite scents to ensure you’re covered on the daily in your scent game.

Every Man Jack Body Wash Review

Every Man Jack Body Wash

The Every Man Jack approach to men’s grooming, as our Every Man Jack review found out, is different every step of the way, and that includes the lather you get from its high-quality range of body wash. They’ve used coconut-derived ingredients for a rich lather and unique deep clean. Natural ingredients are also at the core of its body wash formula. Plus, you get a ton of product at a low price, and 12 scents offer something for every preference.

Every Man Jack Cologne Review Every Man Jack Cologne

Can’t get enough of signature Every Man Jack scents like Cedarwood and more? The fan-favorite California grooming brand harnessed the refreshing magic of the great outdoors in a line of perfect everyday fragrances. Neither too rich nor too subtle, this is the sort of fragrance you can feel great reaching for as you prep for a date or add some subtle flair to an everyday weekend look. The same great scent, in fragrance form? Works perfectly for us.

Every Man Jack Shampoo Review

Every Man Jack Shampoo

Efficiency, even in your all-important grooming routine, is sometimes vital, and that holds true for the product that goes in your hair. Every Man Jack cuts out one step for the guy on the go by crafting a high-quality 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that sticks to its tried-and-true formula of naturally derived ingredients. Plus, impressive scents like Pacific Cypress really drives things home. Our Guy’s List review of Every Man Jack found that this two-for-one deal delivers instant hydration and stronger hair.

Every Man Jack Beard Oil Review

Every Man Jack Beard Oil

It’s like we’ve said before at The Guy’s List: Whether you’re new to the beard game or looking to manage a longstanding mane, beard oil is a must for hydration. New to the market as of fall 2023, Every Man Jack’s beard oil hits a rich, pleasantly woodsy scent that you’ll enjoy wearing (among other options. Better still is the hard-hitting hydration that cuts down on beard itchiness and “beard-ruff,” believe it or not. Every man (pun intended) can find a use for this beard oil, be it for scruff or a longer mane. 

Every Man Jack Beard Butter Review

Every Man Jack Beard Butter

Never tried beard butter or balm before? Allow Every Man Jack to lead the way. While a beard oil can prove excellent for deep hydration, beard butter can act as a complement, providing hydration as well as styling potential, especially for longer manes. Beard butter can control flyaway hairs, soften your scruff and style your beard however you might please. We also can’t get enough of hardy scents like Aged Bourbon for an attractive finish.

Every Man Jack Beard Kit Review

Every Man Jack Beard Bundle

It’s like we said earlier: When it comes to a guy’s grooming routine, efficiency is sometimes the name of the game. And Every Man Jack makes it easier than ever to amp up your beard in the best way possible. Its helpful beard kits target every step of the beard-growing, care and maintenance process, with the company’s signature scents and natural ingredients along for the ride. Choose from a starter bundle with beard oil, beard and face wash and beard butter, or go deeper with its premium Small Batch beard care offerings.

Every Man Jack Face Lotion Review

Every Man Jack Face Lotion + Daily Moisturizer

Don’t skimp on moisturizer or a quality face lotion. It’s a helpful tool whether or not your skin frequently feels dry, and the best face lotion (like this option from Every Man Jack) can round out your complexion and give your face “next level smoothness,” as one of our new favorite grooming brands notes. This moisturizer, with a gentle formula, is also fragrance-free, so take note. 

Every Man Jack Face Wash Review Every Man Jack Face Wash

If you’ve never heard of activated charcoal, now is as good a time as any to get hip to the wonders of this grooming ingredient. Activated charcoal removes impurities and clears up skin, making it perfect for a premium face wash. It’s helpful that, like other Every Man Jack products, it’s made with sustainable packaging, but it’s what’s inside that counts. And in this case, that’s a cleansing face wash that we’ve found makes a difference almost right away.

Every Man Jack Gift Set Review
Every Man Jack - Marvel Gift Set

There’s nothing quite like the gift of giving or receiving some of the best men’s grooming gear on the market, right? Every Man Jack fires on all cylinders, offering highly specific gift sets for body care, beard care, skin rejuvenation and more. Of course, Every Man Jack scents are a major part of the offering, with each set focusing on two scents. They even make fun gift sets focused on “Marvel” characters, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and more – talk about a welcome present to receive any time of year. 

Every Man Jack Customer Service Review

There’s lots to love about Every Man Jack, but true to its word, the brand stays authentic to its roots and is genuinely interested every step of the way. Its easily accessible Live Chat option is a great way to track an order status, get product questions answered or find out more about a certain gift set, scent or item. 

Order tracking online is easy and seamless. And a detailed FAQs page briefs you on what you need to know before you set out looking for a deep clean. They’re also highly transparent about product ingredients, the retailers they work with and the brand’s story, which focuses on the great outdoors (and getting clean after getting out there). 

Every Man Jack Customer Testimonials

Every Man Jack Customer Testimonial 1

Every Man Jack Customer Testimonial 2 Every Man Jack Customer Testimonial 3

Every Man Jack Pricing and Value

Spend any time looking around the wide array of men’s grooming products available, and it’s clear that some brands do things better than others. One of the things we especially love about Every Man Jack is its commitment to fair pricing. And that extends to the dollar sign itself on your new favorite beard oil or shampoo, as well as what you’re getting within. Every Man Jack delivers its body wash and refills in oversized packages, for instance, without the price getting out of control. 

When it comes to quality products and bang for your buck, it’s but one thing to love about Every Man Jack. You can also subscribe and save on bundles and individual products, delivering even further savings. Our Every Man Jack review found that if you want superb value, well, your want Every Man Jack. 

Every Man Jack Shipping & Delivery Review

First things first, note that Every Man Jack, at least from its own Web site, only ships to the US and Canada. The great thing is, the popular grooming brand works with retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart to get its products in your hands and in your medicine cabinet. Its orders process within 1-2 business days, and arrive via standard shipping in 5-10 business days, although expedited shipping options are available. 

Every Man Jack also accepts returns within 30 days of purchase, but note that orders can’t be canceled once placed. A bonus with Every Man Jack: Shopping with the trusted grooming brand frequently can unlock rewards and earn points, while subscribing and saving provides major benefits in terms of savings and easy delivery. While Every Man Jack’s shipping options are fairly standard, the product within is next-level, our Guy’s List review found. 

Every Man Jack FAQs 

Is Every Man Jack a good brand?

Every Man Jack is a premier men’s grooming brand known for its affordable grooming lineup – from hair to skincare, body care, fragrance and more – with a focus on natural ingredients and fair prices. In our book, Every Man Jack is a great grooming brand for guys to shop. 

Who owns Every Man Jack?

Every Man Jack is owned by The Carlyle Group, who bought a majority stake from founder Ritch Viola in 2020. 

Is Every Man Jack natural?

Every Man Jack uses natural and naturally derived ingredients throughout its product lineup. 

Is Every Man Jack deodorant safe?

Every Man Jack deodorant is safe and uses an effective, natural formula that’s free from aluminum. 

Where to buy Every Man Jack?

Every Man Jack can be bought online through its Web site, along with major retailers like Wal-Mart, Amazon and Target. 

Does Every Man Jack deodorant work?

Every Man Jack deodorant, with its natural, aluminum-free formula, has been proven effective and uses 24-hour protection and clean, effective scents. The brand also offers a combination deodorant and anti-perspirant. 

Is Every Man Jack healthy?

Every Man Jack, with its use of naturally derived ingredients, is a healthy grooming brand for men compared to some of its competitors. 

What is the best Every Man Jack scent?

The best Every Man Jack scent, among dozens, is up for debate. Fans and customers love scents like Cedarwood and Aged Bourbon, but fresh scents like Pacific Cypress are also a hit. 

Every Man Jack vs. Competitors

Every Man Jack vs Dr. Squatch

Both Every Man Jack and Dr. Squatch are looking to corner the market in the men’s grooming world using natural ingredients and rich, masculine scents. Dr. Squatch is moreso known for its body bars, made with textured ingredients for a refreshing deep clean. Dr. Squatch also focuses on natural deodorant and products like body and face lotion. 

The brand also offers helpful bundles, but it’s worth noting that Dr. Squatch focuses less on products like beard oil and more on products like cologne, deodorant and bar soap. Similar to Every Man Jack, the company partners with fan-favorite TV shows and media series like “Game Of Thrones,” and is also available via Amazon. Both companies are also similar in price, but certain Dr. Squatch products come at a higher cost. 

Every Man Jack vs Duke Cannon

Every Man Jack and Duke Cannon both draw lines in the sand in the men’s grooming world, focused on everything from body wash to beard oil, face lotion and more. Duke Cannon uses similar scents like bourbon and woodlands-inspired scents, and is known for products like its “Big Ass Brick of Soap.” Duke Cannon also works with veterans to test and produce its products, and donates to charitable veterans efforts. 

Unlike Every Man Jack, Duke Cannon makes a wildly popular solid cologne, as well as spray fragrance. Duke Cannon also features scents inspired by the coast, and uses rugged packaging like old-school amber apothecary bottles for some items. Across the board, Duke Cannon products also tend to be more expensive than Every Man Jack, but using bundle and subscription services makes things less costly for the dedicated grooming guru. 

Overall Impression of Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack does things quite unlike plenty of other grooming brands out there. While lots of the best men’s grooming brands use outdoor-inspired scents, Every Man Jack was founded in an outdoors-minded area of California, drawing inspiration from nature itself and the daily pursuits of the active guy. 

Its natural ingredients have long been a fan favorite, and while its deodorant and body wash were popular early on, newer products like Small Batch Beard Oil target other stylish guys with grooming needs. Rich scents and helpful touches like aluminum-free deodorant are also useful, while the use of bundles for gifts and a reward service for subscribing deliver helpful customer incentives. Plus, customer reviews show a range of high-performing grooming products that smell great and deliver even better looks. 

Conclusion, Is Every Man Jack Worth It?

When we at The Guy’s List look at a bit of everything from a grooming brand, from pricing to quality, to sustainable packaging and natural ingredients, we like the look of what we see (and try) from Every Man Jack. The brand uses excellent natural processes to craft its entire lineup, and then ups the ante with high-quality scents inspired by the great outdoors. These are all delivered in eco-friendly packaging at effective shipping rates, while customers tend to deliver standout reviews. And from beard care to face lotion and fun “Marvel” gift sets, we think Every Man Jack delivers something for just about, well, every guy. Our Every Man Jack review says that, yes, Every Man Jack is a brand worth shopping and trying on for size. 

Beau Hayhoe, the fashion guy, is our expert in all things men's fashion and grooming. Over the years Beau has written for some of the largest men's magazines and gained a deep understanding of the best brands, styles, and products for guys. You can catch Beau on his social media listed on his author page or by reading the rest of his catalog here on The Guy's List.

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