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For as stressful as daily deadlines and the daily grind can be, there are some areas in a guy’s life that shouldn’t go overlooked – like skincare, for instance. But the world of men’s grooming can sometimes seem daunting and complicated (not to mention expensive). Tiege Hanley is on a mission to change those notions, and after checking out our Guy’s List review of Tiege Hanley, you’ll see that they’re an upstart skincare brand worth knowing. Find out more about your new favorite skincare brand, one made with guys in mind.

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Tiege Hanley
5 Star Rating
Summary: Tiege Hanley has simplified skincare routines for men and delivers good products that are priced affordably.
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Effectiveness: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is Tiege Hanley?

Tiege Hanley is a fast-growing men’s skincare brand founded by guys, for guys. The company found its Eureka moment when Kelley Thornton ran into some difficulties in the men’s skincare aisle at a department store. Those difficulties? Price, ease of use and accessibility. Thornton (who named the brand for one of his ancestors) set out with his team to provide a better, more effective grooming experience for guys.

Beyond that, they sought to develop a skincare brand tailored to meet the skincare needs of guys through customized skincare sets and solutions. 

Based around various levels and packaged routines to meet the skincare challenges of modern men, Tiege Hanley delivers effective, efficient solutions at fair prices – our review of Tiege Hanley at The Guy’s List found out as much. 

How does Tiege Hanley Work?

Tiege Hanley makes it seemingly easier than ever for guys to start their skincare journey. Chief among the Tiege Hanley approach? A skincare quiz that promises a customized solution for your individual needs, all in under 60 seconds. It starts off by covering your own skincare routine at the moment (even if you have none!), then delves into your favorite products, preferences and skincare concerns. A discount delivered via E-mail is a nice added bonus. 

And if you’re not interested in taking a quiz right from the jump, Tiege Hanley makes it surprisingly easy to shop online through its own skin care systems, as well as gift sets and bundles. Its systems focus on different levels and take an A-to-Z skincare approach, so you might say that Tiege Hanley offers something for everyone.

Tiege Hanley Product Reviews

Tiege Face Wash Review

Tiege Hanley Face Wash

A fresh, clean start to the day is an essential, as is a chance to wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and Tiege Hanley’s face wash is designed to do both with ease. It does everything from kill bacteria and clear your skin to decreasing shine and wetness via oil control. It’s also safe for sensitive skin types, and can also fight back against the effects of pollution, sweat and dirt. 

Tiege Scrub Review

Tiege Hanley Face Scrub

At times, a deeper clean is needed, and that’s where Tiege Hanley face scrub can work wonders for your mug. It can do a bit of everything, from evening out your skin tone to helping grow new skin cells. Best of all, it clears out and exfoliates your pores, removing dirt and grime in the process. And its cooling, refreshing sensation is a nice added bonus for a jolt of energy to start (or end) your day.

Tiege Hanley AM Moisturizer Review

Tiege Hanley AM Moisturizer

Men’s grooming isn’t quite a one-size-fits-all approach, as our Tiege Hanley review found out. In fact, the smallest details make the difference, like using a moisturizer to start your day off on the right foot. And not just any moisturizer — this Tiege Hanley option uses SPF 20 for added sun protection to start your day. Best of all, it’s formulated to use after you’ve washed your face with Tiege Hanley’s excellent face wash. 

Tiege Hanley PM Moisturizer Review

PM Moisturizer Tiege Hanley

After a hard day’s work (or a long night), round out your routine with a moisturizer that’s once again formulated to specifically treat your skin in the evening. It’s got plenty to love, from a formulation to boost skin elasticity to functionality made to target wrinkles. It’s an ideal tool that works while you sleep, an underrated element of a grooming routine that we certainly appreciate. 

Tiege Hanley Eye Cream Review

Tiege Hanley Eye Cream

There are certain steps in a guy’s skincare routine, like using a high-quality face wash or a nourishing moisturizer, that come to mind almost instantly. And yet, using an eye cream is sometimes overlooked. That’s not the case anymore with Tiege Hanley, and their formula targets elasticity and wrinkles at the same time. It also treats puffiness and dark circles, and does so in a compact design. It’s also more affordable than some of the best eye creams on the market, something we also appreciate at The Guy’s List. 

Tiege Hanley Super Serum Review

Tiege Hanley Super Serum

Our Tiege Hanley review found that there are more than a few secret weapons to keep handy in a skincare rotation, and that extends beyond even face moisturizer. Try out Tiege Hanley Super Serum, and experience an entirely new way to treat your skin. Unlike some other serums, it’s made to be used twice a day – and along the way, it will firm the skin and treat wrinkles with ease. It’s also nourishing and hydrating, all the while delivering softer skin.

Tiege Hanley Body Wash Review

Tiege Hanley Body Wash

One of the great things about Tiege Hanley is the fact that the brand goes beyond just caring for your face (and most of our favorite grooming brands seem to follow suit, another good sign). Tiege Hanley’s body wash is safe for sensitive skin, but beyond that, it’s easy to appreciate the company’s array of rich, masculine scents and a cleansing quality. Plus, it’s priced below $10, and if you subscribe, you get even further discounts. 

Tiege Hanley Retinol Stick Review

Tiege Hanley Retinol Stick

A guy’s toolkit should cover all the bases when it comes to the best grooming products. Moisturizer, eye cream and more certainly fit the bill, but as a guy ages, some extra tools can come in mighty handy. Retinol is one such treatment, with its ability to smooth wrinkles and fine lines while firming your skin. It’s even delivered here in an easy-to-use stick that’s also TSA-compliant. Keeping your skin at its best at home (and on the road) has never been easier. 

Tiege Hanley Customer Service Review

Tiege Hanley says right up front that it looks to “cut out all the BS associated with men’s skin care and that extends to our customer service.” Those are bold words indeed, but the brand backs it up with speedy customer service, including response times under an hour during business hours. They also provide a handy customer service contact form, but beyond that, Tiege Hanley delivers transparency. 

That includes an explainer page diving into the science behind Tiege Hanley, as well as detailed product information and ingredient lists for each product. Its quick customer skincare quiz also delivers effective, efficient results via E-mail. It’s also ideal that taking the quiz gives you a discount on your first order, while subscribing and saving is also another customer service benefit to using Tiege Hanley. 

Tiege Hanley Customer Testimonials

Pages upon pages of Tiege Hanley customer reviews speak to the brand’s effectiveness and its ease of use. Customers flocked to its face wash, serum and eye cream in particular, with most products garnering four or five-star reviews. Some customers noted that results arrived nearly right away, while others took longer to see results with certain products. When in doubt, consistency is key in a grooming routine, as we’ve found out at The Guy’s List. 

Tiege Hanley Customer Testimonial 3 Tiege Hanley Customer Testimonial 2 Tiege Hanley Customer Testimonial

Tiege Hanley Pricing and Value

Your medicine cabinet is prized territory, so it’s best to opt for the right blend of quality, quantity and fair pricing. Luckily for guys in the know (like yourself), Tiege Hanley prioritizes affordability in its offerings, with many items priced below $10 when you subscribe and save. Even typically more expensive products in the grooming industry, like retinol and eye cream, retail for lower-than-average prices. 

And the best part might be its Skin Care Systems and routines – a 30-day Essential Routine, for example, retails for just above $30 to start, a terrific value that gets better the more you use it (and the more you realize how effective these products happen to be). If it’s affordable skincare made for every skin type, from beginner to expert, consider Tiege Hanley. 

Tiege Hanley Shipping & Delivery Review

It’s no use having a great set of skincare products if it’s not easy or informative to buy those products – or to have them shipped to you, more importantly. Tiege Hanley offers a dedicated, detailed shipping FAQ page, a helpful part of its customer service. Tiege Hanley also ships to many international countries and is transparent about wait and arrival times, another added bonus. 

In the United States, orders ship out within 1-2 business days of an order being placed. Helpfully, packages arrive within 3-5 business days in the States, making it easier than ever to get great skincare quickly. And to make things flow even more smoothly for international customers, Tiege Hanley offers resources to subscribe to re-shipping services, all the better to get Tiege Hanley in countries where the brand doesn’t ship directly. 

Tiege Hanley FAQs

Is Tiege Hanley a good brand?

For its blend of quality, effectiveness and affordability, Tiege Hanley is a highly-touted, fast-growing skincare brand. Its dedicated focus on guys’ skin has paid huge dividends, especially considering its excellent Skin Care Systems and routines. 

Who owns Tiege Hanley?

Tiege Hanley is privately owned by its four founding partners.

Where can you buy Tiege Hanley?

Tiege Hanley is available online through its own Web site, as well as major retailers like Wal-Mart and Amazon, among others. 

Is Tiege Hanley good for acne?

In our experience, Tiege Hanley is a good skincare brand for acne. They deliver dedicated solutions focused solely on acne and delivering clearer skin, and its products are safe for everything from sensitive skin to oily skin. 

Does Tiege Hanley expire?

Tiege Hanley’s products have a recommended 2-year shelf life. Given their quality and reliability, you will almost surely need new offerings from Tiege Hanley before then. 

Does Tiege Hanley have discount codes or coupons?

Tiege Hanley does offer discount codes or coupons online, including a discount delivered via E-mail when you take the company’s skincare quiz. Tiege Hanley also offers discounts to recurring subscribers for individual products or its famed Skin Care Systems. 

How do you cancel Tiege Hanley?

Cancelling Tiege Hanley is as simple as managing your subscription online through your membership. View your Active Subscriptions and select options to cancel the respective subscription accordingly. 

Tiege Hanley vs. Competitors

Lumin vs Tiege Hanley  

Both Lumin and Tiege Hanley are on a mission to conquer the men’s grooming market, one subscription and customized skincare quiz at a time. Like Tiege Hanley, Lumin offers its customers a chance to answer questions for a personalized routine, but the difference here involves a free trial of select offerings. Lumin also boasts more specialized products, like a Dark Eye Color Corrector and even a Detox Power Bar. Unlike Tiege Hanley, Lumin products are pricier, including its $76 Class Act Bundle. Its packaging, however, is slightly larger, and similar to Tiege Hanley, they also offer bundles and subscription services. 

Tiege Hanley vs. Geologie

Geologie is one of Tiege Hanley’s main competitors, and another brand worth exploring in the men’s skincare space. They also offer a personalized skincare routine via a simple 60-second quiz, focused on the essentials like face wash, moisturizer and eye cream. Geologie’s routines are meant to be efficient and focus on fewer steps and products, while some routines at Tiege Hanley are slightly more involved. There’s a time and a place for both at The Guy’s List, but for affordability, Tiege Hanley takes the cake. 

Geologie also offers dedicated acne care products and solutions. Geologie’s prices tend to run higher than Tiege Hanley, but beyond that, the company also focuses on hair care solutions like shampoo and conditioner. Body care products, from body wash to natural deodorant, are part of the Geologie line. Note that its packaging is more colorful and vibrant than Tiege Hanley, and its prices are higher given the size of its packaging and some ingredients used. 

Overall Impression of Tiege Hanley

The world of men’s grooming is a crowded and complicated space, to be sure. Given where Tiege Hanley started – with a focus on making the grooming market less confusing for men – the brand has hit its mark and then some, with a solid rotation of useful products. They’ve covered specific ground that’s helpful for all guys, like an AM and PM moisturizer and a helpful retinol delivered in a useful stick. They’ve also run the gamut from deodorant to body wash, using a few rich, signature scents. And its subscription services and affordable pricing are ideal for any guy – that’s an impression worth remembering. 

Conclusion, Is Tiege Hanley Worth It?

One thing Tiege Hanley wanted to change? The expensive nature of men’s grooming products – and in that regard, Tiege Hanley is certainly worth it. Many of the brand’s offerings retail for well below market value yet offer as many as 30 days of supply, with easy subscription offerings and further discounts. Shipping is effective and also spans a wide swath of international countries. And Tiege Hanley delivers helpful info into its ingredients, processes and the science behind it. Best of all, Tiege Hanley seems to have been made with real guys in mind, an added benefit – a quick quiz, followed by an easy discount, is going to set you on your way to a better skincare routine with Tiege Hanley. Take it from us here at The Guy’s List. 

Beau Hayhoe, the fashion guy, is our expert in all things men's fashion and grooming. Over the years Beau has written for some of the largest men's magazines and gained a deep understanding of the best brands, styles, and products for guys. You can catch Beau on his social media listed on his author page or by reading the rest of his catalog here on The Guy's List.

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