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There’s nothing like building out a wardrobe filled with rugged gear you can really depend on, the kind of gear that stands the test of time – and looks classically cool while doing it. Carhartt is one such brand, with well over a century of history making tough, durable workwear. That’s not all, though: They’ve experienced a resurgence in recent years, as stylish guys look to add a touch of throwback cool to their wardrobe.

The brand is also celebrity-approved, with the likes of A$AP Rocky wearing plenty of Carhartt in recent years. They’re based in Michigan, so you know the brand is reliable and made for tough weather. And beyond that, they’ve got a range of affordable styles every guy can use.

5 Star Rating
Summary: Carhartt makes reliable, rugged workwear, coats, jackets, shirts and work pants – and much more.
  • Design: 4 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is Carhartt?

Man on bike wearing Carhartt clothing.

Carhartt is a pioneering workwear brand founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt. The company remains family-owned, with headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. The brand specializes in rugged workwear, like coats and jackets made from its signature, sturdy cotton canvas fabric. The brand also specializes in cozy beanie caps, thick T-shirts and tough work pants. 

The company developed to make overalls for railroad workers, and added mills and factory locations everywhere from San Francisco to South Carolina and Georgia. The company’s iconic Carhartt Chore Coat is a staple of the brand that also remains largely unchanged dating back to the 1910s. The brand is a workwear staple also loved by stylish celebs and hard-working guys everywhere.

Carhartt Product Reviews

Carhartt T-Shirt Review

Carhartt T Shirt

Our Carhartt review will dive into the basics of this incomparable brand, the sort of brand that allows you to meet the day head on. They’ve developed a full-body approach, including Carhartt T-shirts made with hard-working materials. Carhartt T-shirts come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every body type, from its Relaxed Fit to Loose Fit T-shirts.

The company also does a bit of everything when it comes to T-shirts, making options in short-sleeve, long-sleeve and performance varieties. Most of its T-shirts are made with thick, sturdy cotton for durability, which also makes them an excellent layering choice beneath Carhartt jackets or hooded sweatshirts. Many of its T-shirts feature the signature Carhartt logo on a chest pocket, which also proves useful for storing everyday carry essentials.

Carhartt also makes henleys (which can be buttoned up or down for easy ventilation), and graphic tees that are adorned with the Carhartt logo in an oversized fashion. These T-shirts are also sturdy and made to last, and its fit options really help Carhartt tees go the distance. They offer Big and Tall sizes up to 4XL, as well as regular sizes up to 5XL, often with dozens of color options. Carhartt T-shirts are also wildly affordable, often retailing for well under $30 when on sale – that means you can secure a Carhartt T-shirt for every day of the week.

Carhartt Outerwear Review

Charhartt Utility Jacket

If Carhartt is known for any one thing, it’s a wide range of incredibly hard-wearing outerwear. Carhartt outerwear is some of the toughest on the planet, with a history of standing up to harsh Michigan winter. It’s an ideal jacket of choice for job sites, as most of Carhartt’s jackets are made with its trademark duck canvas fabric.

Carhartt ranks its jackets with ratings from Warm all the way up to Extreme Warm, with the brand’s signature Carhartt Brown colorway standing out on job sites and in the field, all the way across the globe. There’s a Carhartt jacket for everyone, from hooded and insulated jackets to jackets made from its nylon and elastane Super Dux fabric blend.

Some classic Carhartt jackets are either unlined or lined in flannel, and the company also makes reliable outerwear that’s been insulated with a quilted lining. One excellent thing about Carhartt outerwear, as with most of the brand’s product line, is the range of fit options that can be easily layered, including Relaxed fits and sizes up to 4XL.

The Carhartt Chore Coat is also a legendary piece with a history of performance and quality, complete with hard-wearing patch pockets finished with rivets. It also offers this style with a warm blanket lining, and of course, the piece comes in Carhartt’s instantly recognizable Carhartt Brown colorway.

The next time you need a jacket with plenty of pockets, a warm hood, a rugged canvas exterior and a warm interior, Carhartt outerwear more than has you covered. In fact, our Carhartt review is confident enough to say that these are some of the best workwear jackets on the market.

Carhartt Pants Review

Carhartt Pants

Carhartt just keeps the hits coming with durable gear you can wear to any job site, in practically any conditions. Carhartt pants are just as strong yet supple as Carhartt jackets and T-shirts, and the brand is best known for its Classic Utility Pants. These pants feature helpful details like tool loops and large pockets for your everyday carry. They’re also made from the same signature duck canvas fabric, which has been washed for softness.

And yet, that fabric – also found throughout its Double-Front Work Pants – should prove extremely strong and abrasion-resistant. Even the back pockets on Carhartt pants have been reinforced for extreme durability, while most of its pants feature a roomy fit throughout the thigh and seat, all the better to move around a job site or tackle tough tasks in tight spaces.

The brand also makes jeans in a variety of washes and colors, including classic dark blue, faded blue and light wash jeans. Like other pairs of Carhartt pants, the brand offers fits ranging from Loose Fit to Relaxed and even a Slim Tapered option. All of these jeans feature a classic five-pocket design, while other Carhartt work pants boast additional pockets for tools.

However you choose to wear them – either as a casual denim jean or as a rough-and-tumble canvas work pant – Carhartt pants are built to go the distance.

Carhartt Hoodies Review

Carhartt Hoodie

It’s tough to narrow down any Carhartt review to just one standout item, as the brand’s legacy of performance dates back more than 100 years and features some iconic designs. The humble hooded sweatshirt is as useful a piece as any for casual style situations and for brisk mornings on the job where you Carhartt jacket could use even more warmth (the brand’s Michigan roots come to mind).

Carhartt hoodies feature helpful details like an oversized hood, a front pocket with a larger-than-average size, and snug ribbed cuffs for a secure fit. Carhartt even makes zip-up hoodies, which provide more mobility than a standard front-pouch hood, but either should deliver excellent warmth and comfort. They offer hoodies in a range of weights, including (arguably) its most popular, its Heavyweight option (our personal preference from our Carhartt review at The Guys’ List).

Carhartt even makes a hoodie with Rain Defender durable water repellent technology for increased performance when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Like other Carhartt apparel, its hoodies are made with a thick cotton-blend fabric, and Carhartt’s best-selling hoodies often have the Carhartt patch logo on the chest or the front hoodie pocket itself. For extreme warmth that comes in an array of iconic colors, turn towards a Carhartt hoodie.

Carhartt Overalls Review

Carhartt Overalls

It’s like we said earlier: It’s tough to narrow down any one company to just one item, especially a brand with a heritage like Carhartt. While its Chore Coat is an iconic piece, overalls were what helped put the brand on the map. Its overalls and coveralls are made much the same way today, at least in terms of the finished design, with useful fits including Relaxed and Loose fit for ease of movement all the way through your to-do list.

The brand makes its overalls out of that same duck canvas material, which stands up to scuffs and abrasions with ease. The best part about Carhartt overalls is the fact that they’re packed with ultra-handy features, from a front bib pocket (occasionally with a zipper for secure storage) to side pockets on its denim overalls.

That’s right: Carhartt makes denim overalls in addition to canvas overalls, and they also offer an insulated option for when you need even more warmth. Like we said before, Carhartt’s home base of Michigan has proven an ideal testing ground for the functionality of these overalls. That legacy continues through to this day, and you can wear Carhartt overalls with confidence.

Carhartt Accessories Review

Carhartt Backpack

The perfect topper to a work-ready fit featuring Carhartt’s canvas pants and a canvas chore coat? The equally iconic and recognizable Carhartt beanie, worn by the likes of Eminem in Detroit-based movie Eight Mile and about as wearable as it gets when it comes to the best winter beanies.

Of course, Carhartt features a range of other useful accessories fit for job sites, cold weather or a combination of both. Carhartt makes everything from sturdy thermals to rugged wallets, plus cotton-blend socks and even stylish, go-anywhere backpacks. They’ve also expanded their lineup of beanie caps to go beyond Carhartt Brown into eye-catching colors like camo, but it’s the OG beanie cap (available for under $20) that’s really the star of Carhartt’s accessories lineup.

Carhartt goes so far as to make a tough-as-nails tool bag to transport those job site must-haves. And if you simply can’t get enough of the famed Michigan workwear brand from head to toe, you can top off your #OOTD – for work or play – with a Carhartt trucker cap. The best part is, these pieces are incredibly well-made and fairly priced.

Carhartt Boots Review

Carhartt Boots

Among all the products Carhartt makes that are geared toward helping you tackle your to-do list, Carhartt boots are a prime finishing touch. You can truly build your next workwear outfit or factory-focused look from the ground up with safety and utility in mind, as Carhartt’s boots lineup features dependable details like steel-toe safety designs.

Its boots, which come in options like a wedge-sole moc-toe boot or an easy-on Chelsea boot/sneaker hybrid, are built atop sturdy soles for maximum grip. Carhartt also makes work sneakers that often lace up above the ankle, which our Carhartt review has found to be a nice alternative to ultra-heavy boots.

Carhartt’s boot designs are reliable and often with waterproof leather and added stitching at key stress points. And while the brand’s main focus is work boots, you can wear its moc toe, contrast-stitched boots to outdoor pursuits like bonfires or tailgates without missing a beat. Wherever you need to go and whatever awaits on your to-do list, we’ve found that Carhartt boots can help get you there.

Carhartt Customer Service Review

Carhartt stands by its products as much today as it did when the company launched more than a century ago. They really do put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, offering in-store repairs, plus plenty of helpful repairs that set the company apart. They can patch old Carhartt jackets, repair zippers and replace buttons and snaps – and that’s just one facet of what elevates Carhartt customer service.

The company offers a loyalty program for frequent buyers, all the while providing discounts to certain certified professionals (like nurses or tradesman). Again, this elevates Carhartt’s customer service from the rest, as does the fact that they’ve got an easy-to-use contact page and a phone number for quick customer service. They also provide free ground shipping on all U.S. orders $49 and up, and they accept Carhartt returns for products purchased online.

Carhartt Customer Testimonials

Carhartt is all about standing up to its promise to deliver the best, most unbeatable gear on the planet, and that’s very likely the reason that so many customers keep coming back to the Dearborn, Mich. brand time and time again. Customer reviews note the hard-wearing, hard-working nature of its products, from its chore coats to its T-shirts and work pants. Carhartt customers also appreciate the longevity of the Carhartt line, with items that can be passed down through generations.

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Carhartt Pricing and Value

Carhartt caters to plenty of different industries, from tradesmen and craftsmen to service industry workers, the construction industry and more. It should come as no surprise that the brand has done its best to keep its prices fairly low, as best seen in its sub-$20 beanie caps and its T-shirts, which often retail for under $30.

Its jackets, although priced between $150 and $200 most of the time, offer excellent durability and rugged appeal, and the same can be said of its long-lasting work pants, which retail for under $70. Considering the fact that many Carhartt products can be worn season after season, year after year, with Carhartt repair services available, it’s safe to say the legendary workwear brand offers exceptional value. That being said, some have reported that Carhartt jackets are expensive, yet when you consider the cost-per-wear or the utility you get out of said jacket, value remains, at the very least, above average (in our opinion).

Carhartt Shipping & Delivery Review

One of the biggest things to love about shopping for Carhartt gear? The brand offers free shipping on orders above $49, with shipping rates topping out at $25 for Next Day shipping in the contiguous 48 U.S. states. Other Carhartt policies make it fairly easy to fill out a form for online returns.

The brand accepts returns within 180 days, as long as the tags remain attached, another helpful policy in terms of the time frame for returns.

Frequently Asked Questions about Carhartt

Do Carhartt Pants Shrink?

As long as you follow proper washing instructions, Carhartt pants shouldn’t shrink. They can be machine washed on warm and put to tumble dry on a medium setting, or they can be spot-cleaned and then hung up to dry. But as long as you heed the brand’s care instructions, Carhartt pants shouldn’t shrink. 

Why is Everyone Wearing Carhartt Now?

Carhartt has experienced a resurgence in popularity, thanks to celebrity fans like Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, to name but a few. Retro style trends are all the rage, as Carhartt workwear was worn by skaters and creatives decades ago. Now, stylish guys everywhere are craving both the authenticity and timeless style of workwear, making Carhartt a reliable choice for plenty of daily pursuits. 

Why is Carhartt so Expensive?

Carhartt is so expensive for a few key reasons: Its jackets are made of tough, high-quality duck canvas, a trademark of the brand and a hard-working material. Its coats are also built to last for years, driving up the price tag. Add in extra features like riveted pockets or an insulated or lined jacket, and materials costs go up, driving up the cost of said jacket. 

Is Carhartt Made in the USA?

Carhartt is made in both the U.S.A. and Mexico. Carhartt specifically crafts its “Made in the USA” line in America, which also features a number of iconic designs from the brand. 

How can I Tell if my Carhartt is Real?

Real Carhartt gear is sold largely online at Carhartt’s own Web site and in Carhartt stores and retailers. Beware of knock-off Carhartt pieces, which might alter the logo placement, use inferior materials or use cheaply made fabrics and finishes. The logo will also feature an intersection between the “C” and the “T” in the brand’s name. 

How to Wear a Carhartt Beanie?

A Carhartt beanie can be worn several ways, as it’s a perfectly functional winter hat and a style signifier. Wear your Carhartt beanie in a color like Carhartt Brown, and pair it with a chambray shirt and blue jeans for a classic workwear look. For other style situations, consider pairing your Carhartt beanie with a flannel shirt and henley for a cold-weather bonfire or a casual evening out at your go-to dive bar. Carhartt beanies can also be worn with a Carhartt chore coat for a truly rugged look. 

How to Wash a Carhartt Jacket?

It’s easier than you might think when it comes to how to wash a Carhartt jacket. Simply wash your jacket on warm without bleach, and tumble dry on a medium setting. Carhartt jackets can also be spot cleaned with soap and water as needed. 

Do Carhartt Shirts Shrink?

If washed correctly according to the tag on the inside of the garment, Carhartt shirts do not shrink. Specifically, some Carhartt shirts are pre-shrunk to avoid any potential future shrinkage if proper washing instructions aren’t followed. 

How to Break in a Carhartt Jacket?

The best way to break in a Carhartt jacket is through plenty of frequent wear. The more you wear your Carhartt jacket, the more supple the washed canvas fabric will become, molding to your body and moving with you over time. Once you’ve worn your jacket frequently, washing it following the proper instructions will help soften the jacket, helping with the break-in process. 

Do Carhartt Hoodies Shrink?

Carhartt hoodies do not shrink if properly washed and cared for according to garment instructions. Carhartt hoodies should be washed cold without bleach, and then tumbled dry on the medium setting.

Carhartt vs. Competitors

Carhartt vs. North Face

It should come as no shock that there are plenty of Carhartt competitors on the market, especially where made-for-anything workwear is concerned. The North Face has a similarly iconic heritage as Carhartt, with gear made for real-life explorers facing extreme conditions. The North Face, like Carhartt, still makes many of its most iconic styles today, like its puffer quilted Nuptse Jacket. Unlike Carhartt, The North Face tends to focus more on outdoorsmen, climbers and those facing extreme alpine conditions.

The North Face uses much more technical materials in its outerwear, vests and shirts than Carhartt, lending itself to a higher price tag. The North Face also focuses more on sporting performance than traditional workwear, while Carhartt gear is exceptionally well-suited for job sites and factories.

Carhartt vs. Dickies

Among other Carhartt competitors on the market, Dickies might be the one most tend to think of, as the company is an all-American brand with heritage and history. Dickies celebrated 100 years in 1922, and was founded in Texas with a focus on work shirts and jackets, not unlike Carhartt’s Michigan roots.

Dickies makes styles that are well-known for their hard-working design and heritage appeal (like its famed Eisenhower Jacket), and like Carhartt, Dickies also helped support U.S. war production efforts. In modern times, Dickies makes pieces, like jackets and work pants, from its own proprietary stretch canvas fabric, and most Dickies items function in much the same way as Carhartt. The brand also focuses on both affordability and high-quality, long-lasting pieces that can be worn for years to come.

Overall Impression of Carhartt

Carhartt is a brand that sits at the intersection of modern functionality and style. It’s got a legion of celebrity admirers and fans, as well as current stylish guys everywhere, but it’s a brand that’s never forgotten its roots. From its sturdy chore coats to its tough-as-can-be work pants and made-to-last T-shirts, Carhartt makes rugged, hard-working gear that can stand up to just about anything. It still makes some of its items in the U.S.A, and guarantees that quality across the entire line – that’s a major benefit if you’ve been searching for a Carhartt review to point you in the right direction.

Conclusion, Is Carhartt Worth It?

While some might debate the prices of Carhartt jackets, there’s no question that Carhartt is worth it if you want a heritage brand making some of the best workwear on the market. Carhartt offers up reliably designed pieces for plenty of pursuits, from days on the job site to home improvement projects. Its jackets are sturdy and rugged, with useful details throughout, and the same can be said of its work pants.

For more casual wear and for hotter climates, it even makes comfortable T-shirts made to move with you, and pieces like its famous Carhartt Knit Beanie are both a standout value and a surefire style move. Carhartt prioritizes a wide range of fits and a lasting quality guarantee, and its discounts for tradesmen and women, plus its loyalty program, show that it really cares about repeat customers. Carhartt gear is well-reviewed, well-made and fairly priced, and this Carhartt review is a positive one you can hang your hat on this season (and the next one, and the next one… and so on!).

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