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While it’s vitally important to ensure your #OOTD is on point in terms of outerwear, shirting and extra layers, it’s really what’s skin-deep that counts the most. Or rather, the underwear and basics you depend on daily are more important than you might think. It comes down to fabric quality, performance and even style and self-expression, and MeUndies hits all three out of the park – let us show you the way with our MeUndies review here at The Guy’s List.

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5 Star Rating
Summary: MeUndies makes comfortable, stylish basics for men and women, from socks to T-shirts and swim wear.
  • Versatility: 4 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is MeUndies?

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MeUndies has been a game-changing brand in the world of men’s basics, proving that it’s possible (and necessary) for guys to upgrade from “tighty-whities” and low-quality underwear. The brand specializes in a wide range of comfortable, colorful underwear styles for men, from boxers to boxer briefs, with a focus on vibrant patterns and useful multi-packs.

They’re also a basics subscription service with membership options that provide useful discounts. And one of the more fun features about MeUndies is the option to pick up matching underwear and basic sets for both you and your partner, adding a little flair to your top drawer.. MeUndies is all about fun, inclusivity and performance fabrics made in accessible styles., The entire approach (as we found out) makes it easy for guys to understand why stylish underwear can also be supremely comfortable and (dare we say it) fun to wear.

MeUndies Product Reviews

MeUndies Undies Review

At the core of the MeUndies brand is, well its underwear. Unlike big-box brands that make underwear in straightforward colors, MeUndies is all about fun and personal expression, reflected in its wide range of patterns and styles. But the company also covers the basics, literally, offering timeless styles like boxers and boxer briefs that every guy can enjoy and look forward to wearing.

MeUndies Boxer Brief Review

MeUndies Boxer Briefs

Let the debate rage on, but you could make the case that boxer briefs are one of the more classic and more widely worn underwear styles for guys. And if you’re a company that’s diving into the world of underwear, this flagship style had better deliver in terms of performance and comfort. MeUndies boxer briefs definitely hit the mark, with a mid-thigh fit, a supportive design and soft.

MeUndies Long Boxer Review

MeUndies Longboxers Review

For those who prefer more coverage and even more support, the MeUndies Long Boxer Brief just might fit the bill quite nicely. All the hallmarks of this supportive, size-inclusive brand are still there, from ultra-soft stretch fabric ot playful colors and patterns. Where things get even better, though, is the use of a 9-inch inseam for added coverage, plus a helpful no-roll design and a useful fly feature. Why not add both styles to your top drawer?

MeUndies Thong Review

MeUndies Thong

MeUndies delivers options aplenty to suit every preference, including a streamlined thong. The front pouch should prove ultra-supportive, while the design is ideal for those who prefer a less intrusive underwear experience. The difference here, just like other standout pairs from MeUndies, is the use of sustainable MicroModal fabric for a soft touch that could take your underwear experience from good to simply great.

MeUndies Apparel Review

It makes sense that a company obsessed with finding the perfect fit for your top drawer in terms of the best men’s underwear would also want to take over the rest of your wardrobe (in a great way). Such is the case with MeUndies, which has expanded over the years into all manner of comfortable, cozy apparel.

These are pieces you can feel confident about wearing at home or around your partner, with options including everything from sleeveless T-shirts to soft pajamas and even everyday curved hem tees. Take a look as we cruise through our MeUndies review.

MeUndies T-Shirt Review

MeUndies Men's T-Shirt

Other than a stylish, soft pair of underwear, what’s an indispensable essential most guys wear every single day in some form? A classic T-shirt, and MeUndies has cracked the code. Options include versatile long-sleeve and everyday T-shirts made with flattering features like a curved hem. The brand also offers multiple fabric types, including its super-soft Modal cotton blend. Between your MeUndies briefs and a MeUndies T-shirt, your day is shaping up remarkably comfortable.

MeUndies Hoodies Review

MeUndies Men's Hoodie

If cozy style and comfort is the name of the game (which it certainly is during the winter months), then we’ve found in our MeUndies review that the brand even delivers when it comes to hooded sweatshirts. They’re so much more than just comfortable underwear, offering a bit of everything when it comes to hoodies. Those offerings include a versatile zip hoodie, a super-soft pullover hoodie, a classic French Terry cotton crewneck and even a sleeveless hoodie for training. Each is ultra-soft and sure to become a new loungewear favorite.

MeUndies Pants Review

MeUndies Men's Pants

Exceptionally comfortable underwear and T-shirts aren’t complete without the proper finishing touch, right? And your sweatpants and joggers just got a major upgrade in the form of MeUndies. Pair up your T-shirt and colorful briefs with some of the most easy-to-wear sweats on the market, with options running the gamut from lounge pants to Modal joggers. There’s also a French Terry jogger for the ultimate in comfort at home or on the go.

MeUndies Robes Review

MeUndies Robe

Whether it’s a brisk, frigid morning or a relaxing evening at home, it can be luxurious to slip into a comfortable robe – and MeUndies has you covered there, too. Its robes are the perfect complement to stretchy, soft underwear, T-shirts and loungewear, with unisex options available in the company’s trademark Modal fabric. It’s another approach that allows you to pair up with your partner – matching robes, underwear, T-shirts, you name it and MeUndies does it.

MeUndies Onesies Review

MeUndies Onesie

If you want to revel in unparalleled comfort and luxury, then MeUndies has all those bases covered, too. While it might seem a bit funny on the surface, a onesie is the ultimate form of at-home comfort and enjoyment, especially on particularly cold nights. MeUndies hits things out of the park with wearable colors and super-soft fabric – would you expect anything less from this standout brand? Plus, color and pattern options are next-level and remarkably fun.

MeUndies PJ’s Review

MeUndies Short Sleeve Pajamas

For as much as some guys might like to sleep in joggers, shorts or briefs, a good old-fashioned pair of pajamas is still a classically comfortable move. And MeUndies has taken the same care and attention to detail that makes its underwear so outstanding, and translated that into a supremely comfortable pair of pajamas. Again, color and pattern options abound, and it can even be fun to match up with your partner or find a pattern that shows off your personality. There are also short-sleeve options available for particularly hot evenings.

MeUndies Socks Review

Your underwear is an extension of your personality and style, ultimately – and hey, there’s a reason you tend to wear certain pairs on a date night or during Valentine’s Day versus an everyday pair – but what about your socks? Yes, your socks are just as important, a small detail that makes a big difference by adding personality, flair and classic style. A good sock drawer needs options that fit each and every category, and MeUndies socks deliver in fine form, as we found out in our MeUndies review.

MeUndies Crew Socks Review

MeUndies Me Quarter Socks

The crew sock is a reliable everyday workhorse, and you need a pair made to suit both everyday pursuits and other situations, like long days at work conferences or out in the field. While MeUndies crew socks aren’t quite athletic socks you’d wear to the gym, they’re highly comfortable, supportive and available in vivid colors and patterns – they can even be matched up with your underwear for an added dash of fun. How’s that for an addition to your basics drawer?

MeUndies Ankle Socks Review

MeUndies ankle socks

Ankle socks are a prime move if you prefer more coverage around your feet, or if you want a low-profile look with sneakers or boots that feature an ankle-length design. For instance: Picture rolled chinos perched above soft suede chukka boots – this is where ankle socks come into play for a timeless look. And MeUndies gives you a touch of performance with a compression sock design made to keep you highly comfortable on your feet all day long.

MeUndies Quarter Socks Review

MeUndies Me Quarter Socks

No sock drawer is complete without a variety of options, particularly in color and pattern – and in fit and design, of course. No two sock preferences are alike – one guy might prefer crew socks, one guy might prefer a more distinctive design like quarter socks. Luckily, MeUndies knocks it out of the park in both categories, with performance fabric offerings and a secure fit.

MeUndies No Show Socks Review

no show ankle sock

Whether wearing sneakers, loafers or dress shoes, no-show socks are often just the right move. They provide low-profile support and comfort, along with a no-slip design that keeps your feet in place without bunching. Plus, no-show socks, like these exceptional pairs from MeUndies, give you options in terms of style – whether with loafers, dress shoes or leather sneakers. Performance is also key, and these deliver softness and support.

MeUndies Activewear Review

If you’ve kept up with our MeUndies review, you’re certainly hip to the fact that MeUndies does just about everything a guy could want in terms of effortlessly versatile, comfortable style from head to toe. That includes everyday socks, patterned pairs of underwear for special occasions and yes, activewear. After all, any old pair of underwear just won’t quite do if the name of the game is intense training. Our MeUndies review found the brand went above and beyond making some of the best underwear for men.

MeUndies MoveMe Undies Review

MeUndies MoveMe Undies

The first thing you’ll notice about MeUndies’ MoveMe Undies is the fact that they’re even lighter and more comfortable than regular MeUndies briefs (which is certainly saying something). The key is the use of performance fabric – in this case, a blend of nylon, recycled nylon and elastane. And they’ve included helpful features like a hidden pocket for small supplies, plus a functional fly and stay-put design. The inseam also won’t ride up, a crucial feature for successful training.

MeUndies MoveMe Socks Review

MeUndies MoveMe Sock

If you’re going to go all-out with a pair of the best underwear for training and workouts, your socks should certainly follow suit. And while MeUndies knocks it out of the park with everyday pairs, its MoveMe socks are no slouch either in terms of fit, comfort and performance. They’re designed to offer support and cushioning while also remaining breathable and quick-drying. It’s an outstanding combination that reminds us why MeUndies makes some of the best basics on the market.

MeUndies Swim Review

MeUndies, as we said earlier in our MeUndies review, is on a mission to take over your entire closet, and that’s not a bad thing at all. That also includes swimwear, which makes perfect sense – the company knows how to get the perfect fit for your bottom half, from waistband to inseam and beyond. They’ve taken the same fit and fabric approach to swimwear, with colorful options for everyone (yourself very much included).

MeUndies Swim Trunks Review

MeUndies Swim Trunks

It pays off to have a classic pair of swim trunks in your rotation, one made with a flattering fit that shows off some thigh in a tasteful way. We can’t all be built like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale after all, and these MeUndies trunks are a tasteful happy medium. They’re sustainable as well as stylish, made with material repurposed from plastic bottles. And while neutral color options like classic Black are available, there are also some seriously fun, beach-ready patterns up for grabs.

MeUndies Board Shorts Review

MeUndies Boardshorts

Watersports bring with them the potential for all kinds of situations out on the water – you need to be prepared for anything, and that’s where boardshorts can come in especially handy. The longer cut is ideal for protection out on a surfboard or boogie board, for instance, but the style itself is classic and wearable for just about any guy. The quick-drying fabric is water-resistant, and they’re packed with useful features like side hand pockets and a hanging loop for securing your keys. Plus, they come in an array of cool colors – as if you’d expect anything less from MeUndies.

MeUndies Accessories Review

MeUndies puts plenty of thought and care into its colorful, next-level designs – that much is clear from our MeUndies review. And that same approach holds true with a helpful line of accessories to brighten your life and help you get a great night’s sleep (as you wear your MeUndies loungewear or PJs, of course). From a soft sleep mask to hair accessories to fun designs for the whole family (dog hoodies, anyone), MeUndies once again delivers.

MeUndies Sleep Mask Review

MeUndies Sleep Mask

MeUndies puts plenty of thought and care into its colorful, next-level designs – that much is clear from our MeUndies review. And that same approach holds true with a helpful line of accessories to brighten your life and help you get a great night’s sleep (as you wear your MeUndies loungewear or PJs, of course). From a soft sleep mask to hair accessories to fun designs for the whole family (dog hoodies, anyone), MeUndies once again delivers.

MeUndies Dog Hoodies Review

MeUndies Dog Hoodie

How’s this for something fun for the whole family? Yes, your furry friend deserves a little extra care, comfort and love – and this dog hoodie has a dash of all three in every stitch. Available in color options ranging from Classic to Bold to show off your dog’s personality, the hoodie uses MeUndies’ signature MicroModal fabric. It also wears easily thanks to a front zipper, and it comes complete with a pouch pocket, just like a human hoodie. Now, how fun is that??

MeUndies Buddy Bands Review

MeUndies Buddy Bands

Want an even more fun way to match with your pooch? Opt for a BuddyBand from MeUndies, which comes in a set that allows you to wear the same fun, eye-catching bandana as your dog. It’s an ingenious way to show your kinship with your dog. And of course, at the heart of it is MeUndies’ super-soft MicroModal fabric. Plus, the brand’s iconic range of colors and patterns allows you to show off in more ways than one, and we can nearly guarantee your pup will love it, too.

MeUndies Slippers Review

MeUndies Slippers

When we said that MeUndies was on a mission to take over your wardrobe from head-to-toe, we truly meant it. MeUndies loungewear and PJs are exceptionally comfortable, colorful and stylish to wear at home, but what about when you want to slide into something even warmer for your lower half? MeUndies has the perfect solution, offering both a hard-sole slipper and a plus slipper. It’s like a warm hug for your feet, with plenty of comfort at its very core.

MeUndies Scrunchies Review

MeUndies Scrunchie

Consider scrunchies from MeUndies the perfect way to gift your girlfriend or wife a little something fun – along with matching basics from the brand, of course. MeUndies makes it easy for everyone to show off their personality, with fun and vivid color options that accessorize with just the right amount of flair. Plus, these are a highly affordable accessory to add onto any order from MeUndies, especially if both you and your partner need a refresh for your top drawer.

MeUndies Headbands Review

MeUndies Headband

As if MeUndies didn’t do enough already, it’s come up with another accessory offering that’s the ultimate way to show off your spirit and personality. Like the brand’s scrunchies, consider picking up a headband or two as a fun added gift. These are also an affordable move that you can add as a supplement to your regular MeUndies order, with fun for everyone top of mind.

MeUndies Service Review

MeUndies puts almost as much attention into its customer service as the rest of its designs and its innovative product lineup. How so? Well, in addition to shopping options like customizable “Build Your Own” packs, they offer excellent savings to members through the MeUndies Membership Program, which provides monthly and quarterly packs, discounts and even more perks. The list grows from there.

MeUndies makes it easy to track your order status online, they feature a packed FAQ page for further assistance, and getting in touch with MeUndies is yet another major plus for its customer service. The brand is available via E-mail and live chat 24/7, and they also offer a texting service for questions. Returns are also available for a full refund for up to 45 days – how’s that for attention to detail? Plus, members get free standard shipping on orders, and all domestic non-member orders above $75 come with free shipping. From speedy processing to comfortable styles and plenty of member perks, MeUndies takes customer service very seriously.

MeUndies Customer Testimonials

There are some brands out there that make it tricky to find reviews or even offer feedback – not so with MeUndies. The brand has packed each product page with customer reviews, most of which point out hallmarks like ultra-soft fabric and a cozy, high-quality fit and feel. Many MeUndies customers also buy products for their partners, and think that the brand’s array of matching colors and patterns are fun, adorable and cute.

MeUndies customers especially love the brand’s classic boxer briefs, and its loungewear also receives rave reviews. Beyond that, the brand also offers shoppers the chance to ask questions in real-time on each page, offering valuable insight into the brand and its design processes.

MeUndies Positive Customer Service Review

MeUndies Customer Service Review Three

MeUndies Customer Service Review Two

MeUndies Pricing and Value

While some premium underwear brands are wildly expensive and charge upwards of $35 per pair, MeUndies are more fairly priced (for example, its boxer briefs cost $26 per pair). But when one considers the perks of membership – reduced pricing for boxer briefs down to $18 – the benefits of becoming a member are clear.

The chance to customize your own pack of men’s underwear is also a major bonus, offering savings of as much as 50 percent. Members also get free U.S. shipping on each order, making the brand even more competitive. While $26 still might seem a steep price to pay for boxer briefs, our MeUndies review shows that it’s worth the investment – and that it’s worth it to become a MeUndies member.

MeUndies Shipping & Delivery Review

It’s like we’ve said – MeUndies goes above and beyond in many ways, from ultra-soft fabric to super-fun designs to plenty of valuable customer input in its design processes. And as we noted earlier in our MeUndies review, seamless shipping and delivery is part of that approach MeUndies members get free U.S. shipping on all orders, while non-members can still get free shipping on orders over $75. The fact that the brand offers 45 days as a return window is also admirable, and they even make it easy to track deliveries online – especially useful if you can’t wait for your monthly MeUndies shipment. Above all else, returns are free as well, another useful feature that makes it easier than ever to shop MeUndies.

MeUndies FAQs

Is MeUndies worth the money?

In our book, MeUndies is definitely worth the money. Although pricier than pairs from big-box brands at major retailers, MeUndies uses premium fabric and quality colors, cuts and designs, and they offer savings for becoming a member.

Who is comparable to MeUndies?

There are plenty of brands that are comparable to MeUndies. MeUndies’ competitor brands include companies like SAXX, Tommy John, Mack Weldon, Bombas and Stance, each of whom specialize in high-quality basics.

Do MeUndies have a warranty?

MeUndies products do not have a warranty, but the brand accepts returns under certain conditions within 45 days. MeUndies also offers a 100 percent Satisfaction Guaranteed policy.

What’s so special about MeUndies?

MeUndies are a special brand for those wanting to upgrade their basics drawer. Customers love the super-soft Modal fabric, the wide range of colors and patterns, the ability to match basics with their partner, and the brand’s commitment to size-inclusive designs.

Do MeUndies run small?

Unlike some other brands, MeUndies do tend to run slightly small, according to online reviews of the brand. Consider inquiring with the brand directly if you need more info on sizing or fit options.

Where does MeUndies ship from?

MeUndies ship from the brand’s headquarters in San Diego. Standard shipping in the U.S. means most orders arrive within 2-7 business days.

What’s the difference between original and FeelFree MeUndies?

There are a few key differences between original and FeelFree MeUndies. Notably, FeelFree MeUndies removed its signature black elastic waistband for easier freedom of movement, a change made after customer feedback.

Brands Like MeUndies


Both SAXX and MeUndies take a fun, bold approach to underwear, offering styles that are both classic and more modern and streamlined. SAXX, however, only focuses on men’s underwear, unlike MeUndies’ men’s and women’s approach. Both brands prioritize colorful styles and fun, dashing patterns to add personality to your lower half. SAXX also focuses on a similar range of additional styles, including polos, hoodies, loungewear and long underwear.

SAXX notably touts features like its ultra-supportive BallPark Pouch, a major selling point. And SAXX underwear is more focused on performance and sporting features, with sections made for High Performance pieces. It also prioritizes its DropTemp Cooling technology, which, although similar to performance styles from MeUndies, has more in common with sport or workout underwear or briefs.

SAXX is ultimately focused for now on men’s underwear, and SAXX offers an underwear quiz that can help you find your perfect fit and style. Both SAXX and MeUndies are focused on comfort and quality, and either would be a worthy addition to your top drawer.

Mack Weldon

If ever you’ve done any research into the world of men’s underwear across the past decade-plus, perhaps you’ve come across Mack Weldon. The brand started out making some of the best boxers and boxer briefs on the market, with a focus on soft, proprietary fabrics and classic styles like the boxer brief. Today, the brand makes many of those same styles and uses proprietary fabrics like its 18-Hour Jersey fabric.

Unlike MeUndies, the brand focuses on innovative methods like infusing its underwear with silver in its fibers for anti-odor and anti-microbial performance. One key difference between MeUndies and Mack Weldon? NYC-based Mack Weldon goes far beyond underwear and loungewear, making outerwear, office pants, stretch pants and more.

Like MeUndies, the brand also makes cozy sweats, loungewear and super-soft T-shirts, but Mack Weldon has also expanded into comfy, flattering stretch buttondown shirts and even polos. Mack Weldon is a worthy rival to MeUndies, ultimately with more of a “complete wardrobe” approach.

Overall Impression of MeUndies

MeUndies is a defining brand on the market for the best men’s underwear for a number of reasons. The company definitely lives up to the type in terms of fun, flattering, vibrant styles for men and women – if you want to match up with your partner, there’s no better brand. They also offer size-inclusive options, a range of styles (from boxer briefs to thongs) and a full rotation of fun accessories – like dog hoodies and bandanas – that make it easy to appreciate the brand. For quality underwear – and for a helpful membership with discounts available – MeUndies delivers.

Conclusion, Is MeUndies Worth Buying?

In our book, it’s easy to say that MeUndies is worth buying. While the brand’s premium Modal underwear is more expensive than, say, a three-pack from the bargain bin, it’s supremely high-quality, inclusive and well-fitting. There are underwear styles to suit every taste, which is crucial in this day and age, and beyond that, the brand makes it more fun than ever to match with your partner.

While some pairs might be expensive at full price, that’s all the better reason to become a MeUndies member, savings and customization options included. MeUndies also offers an impressive array of complementary items, from T-shirts to loungewear. And its basics are its most well- known, but it’s worth trying out items like cozy joggers or fun matching pajamas.

The company’s colors and patterns might not be for everyone, but the selection is impressive and undoubtedly fun. And for those who want to shake things up with their partner or celebrate a special occasion with a matching set, MeUndies is the go-to brand. At the end of the day, that makes them worth splurging on from time to time – our MeUndies review found that once you try them, you might never go back.

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