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When you start reaching for the finer things in life, like a pair of the best sunglasses for men, you tend to notice an instant difference right away. That goes for matters of confidence and personal style, and even swagger. And yes, the right pair of sunglasses can certainly deliver swagger. Just ask famed Italian eyewear brand Persol.

They’re one of the most iconic sunglasses and eyeglasses companies on the planet, with the sort of timeless style any guy can use, any day of the week. And that goes for any season since eye care and protection is crucial. Above all, Persol sunglasses have a storied history and sleek, dressy and equally rugged designs – perhaps that’s why style legends like Steven McQueen trusted the brand on and off-screen. Our Persol review takes a good, long look at what makes this company so special.

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5 Star Rating
Summary: Persol makes some of the most iconic, famed and versatile eyeglasses and sunglasses on the planet, with a particular emphasis on legendary shades.
  • Versatility: 4 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is Persol?

What is Persol Image

Persol was born more than 100 years ago with a clear vision for the future: Make some of the best eyewear on the planet, and do so using the finest materials. Today, these frames are made in Italy, using the same attention to detail that made them a favorite of guys like Steve McQueen. The brand is particularly known for its innovative, compact and easy-to-carry foldable sunglasses, which feature a distinctive keyhole bridge and oval lenses, to go along with premium materials. 

They were noticeably brought to life by McQueen in films like The Thomas Crown Affair, which helped bring the actor’s rugged-meets-refined, modern style to the masses. The brand makes far more than McQueen’s favorite 714 model today, but they’ve also released pairs in an homage to the legacy of the man himself.

They also deliver stylish, hip frames for men and women, and you can even add Persol frames to your optical collection when sunglasses aren’t quite enough. You’re paying for quality, luxury and legendary style, and our Persol review tells you why it’s all worth it.

Persol Product Reviews

Persol Sunglasses Review

If Persol is known for any one thing, it’d be sunglasses. Sunglasses that can work as seamlessly with a suit as they do with Steve McQueen’s treasured Harrington jacket, with a compact design and efficiency in spades. The fact that they’re stylish as heck doesn’t hurt to add to the wardrobe of any stylish, modern man, either.

Persol 714SM Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen Persols

It certainly wouldn’t be a Persol review without covering the sunglasses made famous by the actor and style icon, right? The 714SM does a handsome, elegant and yet functional job at carrying on its namesake signature style. For the ultimate nod to throwback fashion, opt for Terra Di Siena material and gradient blue lenses. You can rest easier knowing these sunglasses are truly a luxury piece, with made-in-Italy construction to prove it. They’re bound to become your new favorite sunglasses.

Persol PO3048S

Persol P03048S

Although best known for its circular eyewear favored by a certain famed actor, Persol makes a variety of bold, classic-meets-modern styles for the discerning man (like yourself). This particular model, especially in sleek transparent grey, is a change of pace if you prefer style that’s a touch edgier. The medium lens shape, all the same, isn’t too overwhelming or too large on most faces. And they’re a more affordable, yet no less premium, purchase compared to McQueen’s go-to frames.

Persol 649 Original

Persol 649

Before the iconic Mr. McQueen made them his essential frames of choice, Persol made the 649, which Persol says combines the “best design and technology” into an “unmistakable” flagship for the brand. It’s not hard to see why, with an understated, refined look that suits a variety of faces. The contrast between the lenses and the premium frame itself is another nice design detail. And best of all is the agreeable sub-$300 price for such quality.

Persol Prescription Sunglasses Review

Persol PO3269S

Persols 0PO3269S

One of the cooler parts about shopping a luxe Italian eyewear brand like Persol? The option to customize your frames, both in matters of engraving and in the all-important matter of prescription lenses. Wearing stylish shades shouldn’t mean compromising your vision, and Persol offers prescription options for a wide variety of its frames. With this particular model (and other Persol men’s eyeglasses), you get the same bold style you’d expect from the brand, with quality built right in.

Persol Accessories Review

No great pair of sunglasses is complete without the right supporting cast. That goes for a bit of everything, be it the cleaning supplies you use to keep your frames ship-shape or the case you use to transport your prized Persol sunglasses. Our Persol review keeps the hits rolling with the best men’s eyewear accessories.

Persol Cleaning Kit Review

Persol Cleaning Kit

You’ve already invested a lot into your glasses themselves, so why not go the extra mile and pick up the proper tools to keep them in top-notch condition? Persol’s Cleaning Kit cuts no corners, giving you everything you need to get the most out of your stylish sunglasses or eyeglasses. The kit includes a screwdriver to tighten any hinges, plus a microfiber cloth, a spray bottle and a useful carrying case. Persol has its frames covered from A-to-Z, and so should you.

Persol Strap Review

Persol Sunglass Strap

You might not be engaged in the same kind of feats of daring and action as Steve McQueen, but keeping track of your Persol frames should remain top of mind on the go. This newly introduced strap from Persol offers a streamlined, high-quality way to do so, and it’s a wonder they didn’t introduce the style until fairly recently. The strap comes in a rich dark tan color, and it also features the embossed Persol logo. Beyond that, it comes with its own carrying case when not in use. Talk about bang for your buck, right?

Persol Foldable Case Review

Pesol Sunglass Case

It’s like we’ve said before in our Persol review: No great pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses is complete without the right accessories. Persol goes above and beyond to get its luxurious Italian eyewear completely correct, and that effort deserves a special touch when you’re not wearing your frames. Enter this durable, compact yet useful foldable case, the perfect way to protect your Persol shades from damage and debris.

Persol Sunglass Clips Review

Persol Sunglass Clip

Sometimes, the right pair of eyeglasses, especially sharp-looking circular frames from Persol, can use an added boost. The century-plus-old eyewear maker allows you to get two for the price of one, so to speak, with this polarized sunglasses clip. They come in two classic, crisply designed colorways, featuring the same premium lenses technology as regular Persol sunglasses. They’ll amplify any set of circular eyeglasses, especially a compatible pair from Persol itself.

Persol Customer Service Review

It should come as no surprise that a company as famed and iconic as Persol keeps its customers top of mind. Shopping online with Persol is easy and seamless, with an easy-to-navigate Web page, contact system and order tracking set-up. They offer an in-depth FAQ section to help you find, track and care for your new favorite sunglasses. They even offer a virtual try-on program, plus a helpful “Buy Now, Pay Later” system to make the process even more seamless. 

Persol Makers, the company’s membership program, even offers exclusive benefits. It’s more than worth it to become a member and reap the full rewards of an exceptionally well-made pair of eyewear – and an exceptional brand as a whole.

Persol Customer Testimonials

Spend any time perusing the Cremo site (or the market for men’s grooming products in general), and you very well might come to realize that some brands are simply a cut above the rest across the board. That looks to be the case with plenty of Cremo reviews, which show customers who are more than satisfied with everything from the brand’s body wash to its shaving and hair care products.

Cremo Customer Review 4 Cremo Customer Review 1 Cremo Customer Review 2 Cremo Customer Review 3

Persol Pricing and Value

There are plenty of more affordable sunglasses brands on the market, but there’s only one Persol. At least, that’s what our experience with the brand tells us in our Persol review. The company delivers some of the best sunglasses for men on the market, with made-in-Italy construction – and its pricing often reflects that. They’re certainly not the most affordable men’s sunglasses on the market, but the quality and design is top-notch and second to none. If you’ve been hunting for the perfect pair of sunglasses, the kind that exude elegance and a touch of refined appeal, then Persol is the brand for you.

That being said, the brand is pricey at a glance, especially if you opt for a more exclusive model like the 714SM in a nod to Steve McQueen. Once you try on these frames though – and that goes for any pair, from eyeglasses to square shades – you’ll likely be amazed by a difference you can quite literally feel (and see). To us, that’s what makes them a standout value in this Persol review. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way.

Persol Shipping & Delivery Review

For sunglasses and eyeglasses that are so premium (and pricey), the brand does an efficient job at shipping out its products and allowing newfound fans (and diehards) to track orders. They look to deliver all orders within five business days, and provided you order from the proper country site (so, the U.S. site for United States orders), they also provide free shipping. It’s almost as if they’re catering directly to you with each order, rather than shipping out a large volume each day, and that’s precision and focus we admire at The Guy’s List. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Persol?

Why  is Persol so expensive?

Persol sunglasses are so expensive because of the premium materials used and the excellent Italian craftsmanship. These sunglasses often use exclusive designs, fabrication and production, and that makes all the difference in delivering some of the best eyewear on the market. 

What is special about Persol sunglasses?

Persol sunglasses are distinctive in terms of both style and quality. Its oval frames are one-of-a-kind, with legions of fans to back them up, and its frames have been trusted for decades by style icons and loyal fans alike, all owing to their made-in-Italy construction and design. 

Is Persol high quality?

For our money, Persol eyewear is extremely high-quality. The use of limited-edition materials and designs certainly makes them envy-inducing, no matter which pair you shop, and they offer a timeless sense of style that many have loved for years. 

Who wears Persols?

Persols are worn by modern style icons and tastemakers who value a refined sense of style. The brand is a favorite in Europe among consumers of all age ranges, especially men with an affinity for finely tailored clothing and a rugged, adventurous yet refined lifestyle (not unlike Mr. McQueen himself). 

Are Persol sunglasses cheaper in Italy?

It might surprise you to know that, in short, Persol sunglasses are cheaper in Italy. This is because it’s the brand’s home production base, and these world-class frames are available just about anywhere in the country itself. 

Who owns Persol sunglasses?

Persol is owned by Luxxotica, the world’s largest eyewear company and a conglomerate based in Italy. 

Brands Like Persol

Ray Ban

Among competitors of Persol, Ray-Ban is another that frequently rises to the occasion. Ray-Ban sunglasses have a distinct American heritage, especially its most classic styles like the Wayfarer, the Clubmaster and the Aviator. Ray-Ban sunglasses are a crucial part of American style heritage, unlike Persol’s Italian roots. Its aviator sunglasses are trusted by everyone from the President of the United States to Tom Cruise in two iconic Top Gun movies. And compared to Persol, Ray-Ban sunglasses are more affordable and slightly less dressy than the Italian brand’s circular frames. 

Maui Jim

If Persol eyewear represents European elegance and style, then Maui Jim represents a sense of more laidback, coastal cool. Its sunglasses and eyewear take their roots from the company’s name itself: These shades are often prized by beach-goers and lovers of the coastal life. Like Persol, they offer prescription options, including prescription sunglasses. And unlike Ray-Ban, most Maui Jim sunglasses are about as expensive, in some cases, as Persol frames. 

Overall Impression of Persol

Persol makes some of the most immediately recognizable, stylish eyewear on the planet. The company has a century’s worth of heritage to back up its quality and style in modern times. It’s also a nice bonus that the brand has been trusted by so many daredevils and fashion legends. The company frequently nods to that history with exclusive styles and covetable designs, all made from premium materials that lead to a higher price tag (which isn’t a bad thing here in our book at The Guy’s List.

Conclusion, Is Persol Worth Buying?

Persol is absolutely worth buying if you’re willing to invest in a pricer, more premium pair of men’s sunglasses. The brand is trusted the world over by modern style icons, particularly those who love Steve McQueen, and especially those who value a sense of laidback yet effortless cool. The company specializes in circular frames and foldable models that offer a bold look. 

And as a result, the company charges higher prices than its competitors, focused on Italian-made construction and a variety of classic designs. Our Persol review found that the brand doesn’t cut any corners in design or construction, which is to be applauded. And when you order a pair of Persol frames, you’re bound to get high-quality service and support all the way through. If you’re willing to invest in the best, you should be willing to invest in Persol eyeglasses or sunglasses.

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